sappheiroswill the "install (auto-resize)" option at ubuntu desktop ad64 test cases in Eoan Daily find the hard drive space i've set aside, leave my win10 installation alone, and use that space set aside for the install, like a standard release would?04:48
sappheirosaugh, this looks like more work than i can handle ...04:49
guivercsappheiros, I would suggest 'try ubuntu' first; ensure it works correctly (I'd also use the 'check disc for defects' before installing too; to ensure write-to-media & download were flawless)04:50
sappheirosguiverc i meant which file to download from that website that had the 5.2 kernel ...04:51
guivercsorry best if you answer so anyone can respond; I can only sometimes respond.. the 19.10 installer is identical as far I know, but I always use 'something-else' and have it install the way i want over the other options..  04:59
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gimpnixonHi Everyone, I am sent here from #ubuntu with my question. I am running 19.10 on two seperate systems. Basically the same install. The issue comes with when I apt install wine-stable on my desktop it pulls in the wine-stable v3.0 package. when i apt nistall wine-stable on my laptop it trys to pull in also wine v4.0.2-1 wine64 v4.0.2-1 ontop of wine-stable v3. This comes into conflict with one another 20:37
gimpnixonand where as on the desktop I am able to run some applications via wine just fine on my laptop trying to run the same application I get core dumps and "illegal 32 bit" calls followed by crashes, amoung other issues while trying to install applications with wine as well, like when it ask me to insert a disk, on the laptop with both wine-stable and wine and wine64 installed the disk select will disapear 20:37
gimpnixonand on the desktop with just wine-stable this does not happen. I am confused why one computer will not just install the stable version and was wondering if there is a way i can ask it to only install wine-stable v3 and not wine v4.0.2-1 ontop of it.20:37
gimpnixon this is a pastie of the pull request from apt https://pastebin.com/KShBsL4q on the problomatic laptop20:38
gimpnixonThank you20:39

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