cmaloneygood am11:45
jrwrengood morning. what is new and awesome in the world of ubuntu today?12:14
wolfgerUbuntu still exists? :-D  Oh, right, that's the channel I'm in, isn't it?13:12
cmaloneyFunnily I think we no longer have any current Canonical Employees in the channel today13:13
cmaloneyI sent a note to Rick asking if everything was OK, but I suspect it went to spam (I don't have DKIM set up on my mailserver)13:13
* cmaloney remembers the glory days when we had a bunch13:14
cmaloneyah well.13:16
jrwrenrick left canonical?13:17
jrwreni must have forgotten!13:18
cmaloneyHe's not in channel13:19
cmaloneyThat's what I was referring to13:19
jrwrenoh! lol.13:21
jrwreni guess now is a good time to talk about how terrible canonical is doing then eh?13:22
cmaloneyI'm sure something will pan out at some point13:22
cmaloneyMaybe it'll be Wayland. :)13:22
cmaloneyMaybe it'll be Ubuntu Touch13:23
jrwreni don't think it will be either of those things.13:23
cmaloneyI think those are already dead. :)13:23
jrwrenwayland is alive and kicking. Mir is dead13:24
cmaloneyOh, right. Mir was the canonical also-ran13:24
jrwreni'd have thought it is something on the server & enterprise side, but i'm never right about what succeeds in that space13:25
cmaloneyI'm sure snapd will be awesome when nobody is maintaining those packages anymore13:25
cmaloneyand when .deb packages are more recent than snapd packages13:25
cmaloneyMe either13:25
cmaloneyAll I know is that it'll be more convoluted than anything I can come up with, but there will be good reasons for it13:26
jrwrenugh, snapd... so bad.13:31
jrwrenif I were rich, I'd hire an intern college student to write a snap to deb re-packager, because that really wouldn't be that difficult.13:31
cmaloneyThing is it does solve a problem but it does so in a really silly way13:35
cmaloneyand unless someone actively supports those packages then they're going to be even worse bitrot than normal channels13:36
cmaloneyI had someone pop in from Canonical asking me about snapd for tootstream, and then made a package (likely for some GSoC project). That was two years ago. I haven't heard anything since.13:38
rick_hyay it works13:42
rick_hhowdy party people13:42
cmaloneyrick_h: Welcome back!!! :)13:42
jrwrenwelcome back rick.13:44
jrwrenwe talked about you behind your back. don't check the logs. :p13:44
rick_hmeh, I can't even stay connected13:44
cmaloneyNow we have to be nice to Canonical again.13:44
rick_hhow am I going to check logs ;P13:44
cmaloneyubuntulog2 might have some13:44
cmaloneythough I think that's been broken for a while now13:44
rick_hlol "says the guy in ubuntu-us-mi channel"13:44
cmaloneyHah, apparently it hasn't caught up. :)13:46
mrgoodcatubuntulog2 electric boogaloo14:49
* mrgoodcat spies googleusercontent.com14:50
mrgoodcatrick_h confirmed google bot14:50
rick_hmrgoodcat:  ? I'm a bot now?14:50
mrgoodcatrick_h (~ubuntu@ has joined #ubuntu-us-mi14:51
mrgoodcat                                       ^14:51
rick_hoooh, fun14:51
jayisI have applied to every job I am remotely qualified for at Canonical but they said no :(14:52
jrwrenjayis: :(14:53
rick_hjayis:  sorry, any direct feedback on what folks find you could do better with?14:53
jayisno lol, most of them were rejected at the resume review phase14:54
jayisI even used Ubuntu font14:54
mrgoodcatit is a nice font14:54
jayisyeah, I actually use it normally anyways14:54
cmaloneyShould have used DejaVu instead. :)14:54
cmaloney(I like the Ubuntu fonts)14:55
jayisis there a IExpectFailure font14:55
mrgoodcatalways a bummer to get rejections with no feedback14:55
jrwrenuse an expensive adobe font14:55
rick_hhah, I can honestly say the font has never become part of hiring criteria but good default to run with14:55
cmaloneyI've applied a few times. I figured they just got a pool of talent that appealed more than my LaTeX font-resume. :)14:55
rick_hjayis:  do you always supply a cover letter?14:56
jayisrick_h: I do14:56
rick_hjayis:  good stuff, always a good call to have a nice cover letter to get some eyeball attention14:56
jayisi really did all the stuff you're supposed to do to show you care, contacted recruiter14:56
rick_hjayis:  well if there's a particular app you've applied to I can always tap the person on the shoulder if I can tell who the hiring manager is14:56
rick_hjayis:  but I can't see other folks applicants so can't look and provide any direct advice unfortunately14:57
rick_hjayis:  but I will say it's tough and only getting tougher to be honest. There's been a big push over the last two years at upping our hiring game14:57
* cmaloney mumbles something about hiring not being the issue. :)14:58
jayiscool, I will hold off hammering their postings for a while and just try and get more experience14:58
jayiscmaloney: yeah a lot of online resources said to contact the HR recruiter people to show you're really interested14:58
rick_hjayis:  yea, basically folks are looking for a solid 5yr ish of high level experience, degree, and as much interesting visible demonstration of skill (OSS/etc) as possible14:58
jayisjeez, yeah I am not there14:59
mrgoodcati graduated college less than a year ago so still got a way to go lol14:59
mrgoodcati'm transitioning onto an OSS team though in my company :)14:59
jayisCS degree from Wayne State, 2 years software engineer at Ford, and not I am at a place in Livonia called WorkForce Software as a "Cloud Operations Engineer"14:59
mrgoodcatgoing to be working on open telemetry14:59
cmaloneymrgoodcat: nice!14:59
rick_hmrgoodcat:  cool stuff15:00
mrgoodcati'm pretty excited. nothing is official yet but it is a really good opportunity for me15:00
rick_hjayis:  yea that's a good start. Ford isn't really thought of as living on the newer edge of fun stuff so you'll really have to describe how that work is interesting and shows understanding modern distributed systems and the like15:00
jayisrick_h: yeah it's a shitshow almost everywhere15:01
cmaloneyYeah, Ford is one of the leading-edge of the trailing edge of technology in automotive15:01
jrwrenjayis: why do you want to work for Canonical?15:01
rick_hhave to be aware of those perceptions and be ready to battle them head on to get past it15:01
jayisI left to escape the 401k salary trap that Ford is15:01
rick_hsorry, /me feels like my help is "do a ton of work" but just sharing my insider insight a little bit15:01
jayisjrwren: I have used Ubuntu for so long and just want a job I can learn and grow in but live in metro Detroit15:02
jrwrenjayis: there are lots of places in SEMI where you can do that. Why Canonical?15:03
cmaloneyIt's OK to say " Because I think it's cool"15:03
jayisI haven't gotten the impression there are many places in SEMI with those opportunities, honestly15:04
jrwrenoh wow, thankfully that has not been my experience.15:04
cmaloneyAnn Arbor has a boat-ton of tech companies15:04
rick_hYea, I felt like detroit has some up and coming stuff.15:04
jayisright, that's an hour back and forth a day for me15:04
jrwrenyeah, I guess being in Ann Arbor for 15yrs has spoiled me.15:04
cmaloneyand a few that have filtered into the rest of the area15:04
jayisI was actually in AA with Ford15:04
rick_hthough it's honestly a feeling off a couple of data points of folks I knew15:04
jrwrenjayis: the Ford office here in AA where they do all teh agile stuff? You left that? too much scrum kool-aide for ya?15:05
cmaloneyjayis: Do you attend any meetings in the area?15:05
cmaloneyGod, Scrum can eat something unpleasant15:05
jrwrenDid I post here about our first A2 Go meeting tomorrow night?15:05
jayisjrwren: yep, it's one of the hardest places to get to in Ford, and honestly they had more engineers than they needed15:06
jayiscmaloney: nah, I have been to MUG more than a few times and stuff though15:06
cmaloneyMUG is a good start but you might want to explore some of the developer groups in the area15:07
cmaloneyat the very least you can make some connections with people who might know more about the types of places you're interested in15:07
jayisI agree15:07
jayisI can definitely improve in the Detroit networking department15:07
jayisappreciate all your perspectives15:08
cmaloneynp. We've been there. I spent too long in automotive and while it was good for a formative career it really is its own beast15:08
cmaloneykind of like working for the govt.15:08
rick_hyea, I got my first big break by knowing someone at MUG15:08
rick_hit's one of those things that the more you network/go to things the better position you're in for sure15:09
cmaloney(comparing notes with folks who have worked in govt.)15:09
rick_houch, it's not that bad is it?15:09
rick_hat least we're more fun?15:09
cmaloneyautomotive has its own downsides15:09
jrwrenmaybe you are so good that you've outgrown the SEMI opportunities. I mean, I just assumed you still have a lot to "learn and grow" but maybe you are already 20X develop who knows all programming langauges adn tools and can cloud native everything and the only places you can grow and learn more is at a FAANG. Are you ready to move to a coast?15:10
cmaloneyusually trailing-end tech, lack of understanding of the issues, etc.15:10
cmaloneyjrwren: Way to tickle my imposter symdrome while I work on trying to get a damn Django template to behave. ;)15:10
jrwrendepends on the gvement work? does University work count as government work? :)15:10
rick_hjrwren:  lol15:11
cmaloneySChools are their own beasts15:11
cmaloneyI don't consider schools govt. work, even though they're extremly political15:11
rick_hmeh, they're kissing cousins for sure15:11
cmaloneyyou can find some enlightened folks in schools15:11
cmaloneyOh, definitely related15:11
cmaloneyYou can suffer in academia as well as govt. or automotive.15:12
_stink_haha, suffering is the theme.15:12
_stink_i like it15:12
jrwrenlife is suffering. The end of suffering is when you remove your greed, ignorance, attachements and desire.15:13
rick_hhmmm, removing desire seems problematic15:14
cmaloneyNah, you just figure out which desires are the good ones15:14
cmaloneyand then go with that15:14
jrwrenit is fundamental buddhism, half a billion people can't be wrong, can they? :)15:15
jayisjrwren: was the 20X dev thing a joke?15:23
jrwrenjayis: no? i mean, maybe? I don't know you at all, so for all I know your next learning and growing steps really might be beyond what most locales can provide.15:25
jrwrendepending on what it is that you want to learn and grow.15:25
jayisusually when I have heard that term used it was sarcasm, got it15:25
cmaloneyAlso because we're now looking for 20x developers because 10x are boring15:25
jayislol right15:26
jrwrenso the 20x thing was a joke, yes, but the point of the message, not at all. The point is: are you looking for something that exists at all?15:27
jayisI just wanna work with OSS to solve interesting problems. In fact, I am sure it exists in SEMI. I should ammend my statement earlier about SEMI not having these jobs. I am sure we do. Just not necessarily on indeed.com and through my connections so far.15:30
cmaloneyThat's why meeting other developers is so important15:30
cmaloneythose jobs don't tend to show up on job boards15:30
cmaloneyalso, check out stackoverflow jobs.15:30
jayisI will15:31
cmaloneyThere are some remote job opportunities on there.15:31
jrwrenso... nearly all of java and .net are open source now. By definition any java or .NET job with interesting problems would be one who "work with OSS to solve intresting problems" :)15:32
jayishaha yeah it was vague, I know15:32
cmaloneyjrwren: You are evil.15:33
jrwrenam I?15:34
jrwrenJava and .NET solve a lot of very interesting problems... don't they?15:34
jayisI applied for a job once to use embedded Linux to monitor underground water movement15:36
jayisthe idea was to drill deep holes and place pipes to get water to drain faster in areas that don't have good drainage15:38
jayisthat's my bar for interested OSS work lol15:38
jrwrenso... 15yrs ago remote-X basically died :(16:38
jrwrenand nothing has worked as well for remote apps since. :(16:39
cmaloneyI still use remote X apps at home16:39
cmaloneythey mostly work, save for video games16:39
cmaloneythemes don't work, but that's to be expected16:40
jrwrenthey got rid of LBX extension and nothing worked as well for me since.16:43
rick_hjrwren:  what apps were you looking to run remote like that?16:50
jrwrenpretty much everything except the shell/desktop env whatever you call it.16:52
jrwrenso... browser, email, IM.16:52
jrwrenI guess not anything audio.16:52
jrwrenI used to do it all the time, then the upgrade, and nothing worked. It was the end of an era.16:52
rick_hyea, just curious what the gap was any more. I know it's been a long time since I had a use for it and hadn't thought about it for a long time tbh16:53
cmaloneyWeird. I haven't had the same issues as recent as Ubuntu 18.0417:19
mrgoodcatjayis: are you currently looking for a new job?17:51
mrgoodcator just applying places and seeing what comes up?17:51
jayismrgoodcat: I am18:22
jrwrenanyone know devicemapper and stripe cache size? apparently the old md-N means of setting it in /sys/block is gone. changed somewhere along the way from 2.6.X to 5.0.X20:51
jrwrenI just made a RAID5 volume and it is very slow at writes. All of the tuning guides I find are for old enough kernels that they are wrong.20:52
jrwren /proc/mdstat is empty in modern linux using dm instead of md.21:04
cmaloneyWonder why that changed21:05
jrwren!!! I think this is what I need: https://www.reox.at/blog/posts/set_stripe_cache_on_lvm_raid/21:21
jrwrennot so much newer linux being my problem as using LVM instead of md.21:21
jrwrenmuch better. YAY!21:25
cmaloneyYeah, that's what I was going to suggest, but deferred to you knowing better. :)21:29

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