kinghathostnamectl set-hostname <new_hostname> isnt permanent?00:04
leftyfbanalogical: changing permission on a system file to edit it is the wrong way to do whatever it is you are doing00:07
leftyfbkinghat: what version of ubuntu?00:08
leftyfbkinghat: server or desktop?00:08
leftyfbkinghat: https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-change-hostname-on-ubuntu-18-04/00:08
kinghatya im reading that right now00:09
leftyfbkinghat: the simple way is to just remove cloud-init00:10
kinghatwhat does that do?00:10
leftyfbkinghat: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CloudInit00:10
leftyfbfirst result on google for "ubuntu cloud-init"00:10
kinghati meant removing it00:12
leftyfbkinghat: prevents cloud-init from controlling your hostname00:13
gimmelHi all, I'm trying to mount an NTFS partition. 'fdisk -l' lists it as /dev/sda1, however ls /dev/ only shows 'sda', it doesn't show the partition, and so equally ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/ntfs fails saying /dev/sda1 doesn't exist. Where am I going wrong?00:17
leftyfbgimmel: plug the drive into a Windows machine and run chkdsk /f /r , then reboot TWICE00:20
gimmelleftyfb: thanks - I was wondering if it was the hiberfil. I might try the ntfsfix route first. A Windows machine is hard to find around here.00:22
leftyfbgimmel: no00:22
leftyfbdon't bother with mtfsfix00:22
leftyfbgimmel: your only solution is to run those checks from within Windows TWICE.00:23
gimmelleftyfb: dang. Oh well, I was mounting it out of curiousity. I'll just wipe it ready for use as native *nix storage. Thanks for your help.00:24
kinghatleftyfb: do i still need to set the hostname in /etc/hosts after i disabled cloud-init?00:25
kinghatnot really sure whats going on in this file. looks different than the article: https://paste.debian.net/hidden/a727992e/00:26
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amosbirdshould I use apt or apt-get?02:05
Bashing-omamosbird: Apt :) https://mvogt.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/apt-1-0/ ; https://itsfoss.com/apt-vs-apt-get-difference/ .02:14
amosbirdubuntu disco is 18 04?02:29
daxdisco is 19.04. 18.04 is bionic02:29
EoNIs there any risk to shrink the partition of a windows 10 drive on a work provided laptop? i want to install ubuntu on a separate partition and use it as a media server.03:05
EoNWindows is terrible garbage.03:05
EoNor should i just use ubuntu on a vm and do it that way?03:08
HyperTablesrisk of what? bricking the laptop? your employer finding out you have a separate linux installation?03:08
WaVYes there are risks. Multiple pages on Google state that it is recommended that you back-up your data due to potential loss. Plus, depending on how strict your jobs IT policies are, you may get in trouble at work.03:08
EoNHyperTables: both i guess03:08
EoNit is a second laptop - which im not using anymore. but i just want to play it safe.  i guess i could put it on a vm and do it that way. the problem is windows does its rubbish software updates, and they have their garbage monitoring software on windows etc03:09
WaVOf course they do. It's their laptop, hehe.03:09
pi0in ubuntu when you enable full disk encryption, the screen that prompts you to enter your password to get passed the FDE is plymouth?03:09
pi0i want to get change the color of the default purple, to black or image03:10
EoNthat work monitoring software can't see anything that happens on an encrypted ubuntu vm - no traffic or anything, right? if i vpn from it and torrent and do all kinds of stuff, they wont know anything?03:10
EoNprobably on oracle vm virtualbox03:11
sappheirosCan you help me get my hp envy 15" laptop working? :(  I disabled Secure Boot, but trying to boot from the USB, after selecting "Try Ubuntu without installing", I get only a black screen.03:15
Bashing-om!nomodeset | sappheiros03:17
ubottusappheiros: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:17
sappheirosI was just checking https://askubuntu.com/questions/832163/black-screen-when-loading-ubuntu-live-usb -- thanks for this link instead.03:17
EoNi wonder how much i could get a really cheap computer - laptop or small desktop to act as a media server?  as cheap as possible. although would need SSD. are there any recommendations?03:18
Bashing-omsappheiros: :) Nvidia graphics ? Then, might have better results when the proprietary graphic's driver is installed.03:19
sappheirosIt's Radeon Vega Graphics, AMD.03:20
sappheirosThe screenshots in the explanation you gave me are missing: Instead I see blue question mark boxes, Bashing-om03:20
sappheirosat https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132&s=a134a44d22e3dfd4a277ba7f8870896f&p=10069997#post1006999703:20
Bashing-omsappheiros: Odd for AMD to fail.03:21
sappheirosSo I don't see instructions to follow to enable the nomodeset option.03:21
sappheirosThis hp envy is touchscreen, if that helps clarify my situation.03:22
sappheirosIs someone able to update the !nomodeset command to a link that has all its images and content up-to-date?03:23
sappheiroshttps://askubuntu.com/a/832173 seems to be it ... I will try again.03:24
Bashing-omsappheiros: ^^ the thread you posted opens fime for me - with the appropriate "nomdeset"  instructions,03:24
sappheirosIs it simply replacing 'quiet splash' with 'nomodeset' after pressing 'e' at that GRUB boot menu?03:26
sappheirosThen ctrl+x to continue booting?03:26
Bashing-omsappheiros: Not for the installer.03:26
Bashing-omsappheiros: At the purple splash screen (stick figure keyboard emblems at bottom of screen) -> hit any key ->03:27
Bashing-omLanguage screen -> escape key to accept the default ->03:27
sappheirosWell then, would you please replied the images or screenshots of them for me from one of those file-sharing sites?03:27
Bashing-omBooting options screen -> F6 key (other options) -> arrow down to the preset option(s) space or enter to accept and then the escape key to exit;03:27
sappheirosIs 'purple splash screen' the screen that has the menu where you can select 'try ubuntu without installing'?03:29
sappheirosat that screen I pressed 'e', which would be 'any key', and it took me to a setparams page, not a language screen03:29
pi0anyone here know how to use plymouth theme?03:30
Bashing-omsappheiros: No, you want to get to grub's boot options - not the boot menu.03:30
fribplease help me I have NO sound on my laptop except for when I click "Test Speakers"03:30
sappheirosWell, I just did as https://askubuntu.com/a/832173 and it's still a black screen. Could the touchscreen capability be the problem? How do I get to this 'purple splash screen'? What does it look like?03:31
Bashing-omsappheiros: There is a difference between the installer options and the installed operating system options.03:32
sappheirosI am at (the UEFI's?) Startup Menu (hp's Startup Menu?): I have System Information, System Diagnostics, Boot Device Options, BIOS Setup, and System Recovery, or ENTER to continue startup. I select F9 boot device options to proceed to select the USB to boot from, right?03:34
Bashing-omsappheiros: Right - you want to boot the USB as the installer.03:35
sappheirosOkay, then ...03:36
sappheirosnow I have a blue boot manager showing OS Boot Manager(UEFI), USB Hard Drive(UEFI), and Boot From EFI File. I pick the middle USB Hard Drive to boot from my USB stick, of course, right?03:36
sappheiros*the middle USB Hard Drive(UEFI) option, I mean03:37
sappheirosarrow key down to it, then ENTER to select ... I'm presuming this is of course obvious to select, to begin the booting from USB process ...03:37
Bashing-omsappheiros: That looks sane to me too.03:37
sappheirosAUGH it only gave me like five seconds at the GRUB menu before automatically selecting the 'try without installing' option ... gotta hard off and do again. i was reading the text at the bottom of the screen that seemed perhaps to corroborate your instruction ...03:38
sappheirosi'd like that to _not_ automatically proceed, to require the user to choose ... ...03:38
sappheiros!@#$ hp is "preparing bitlocker recovery" -- i didn't tap 'escape' soon enough this time apparently03:39
sappheirosokay, tapping the down arrow made some text go away but I've still got "Press enter to boot the selected OS, 'e' to edit the commands before booting or 'c' for a command-line. ESC to return previous menu.03:40
sappheirosAre you saying I should ESC to the previous menu rather than 'e' to edit the commands?03:41
Sven_vBsappheiros, the text that went away probably was the countdown info.03:41
sappheiros(I'm at the screen: GNU GRUB version 2.02)03:41
sappheirosSven_vB yeah i hope so; would make sense03:41
Bashing-omsappheiros: I have not had much experience with UEFI , But as soon as the firmware (uefi) screen clears spam the escape ky . the next screen you want to see is the language selection screen.03:41
sappheirosokay, i hit escape and it took me to "grub>", the text at the top reading "Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions."03:42
sappheirosso apparently ESC at the GNU GRUB version 2.02 window enters a grub> command prompt, and hence is not the 'purple splash page' ...03:43
sappheirosPossible commands are: ...... a lot. ._.03:43
sappheiros. [ acpi ... zfsinfo zfskey03:43
sappheirosi guess i'll enter 'reboot' and try agan03:44
sappheirosSven_vB you were correct, it said something like "The currently selected option will begin automatically in: 4s" before I tapped the down arrow this time.03:45
Bashing-omsappheiros: Legs are cramping up - I must get up and walk them off:(03:45
sappheiros:(  Get well soon! Jog instead of walk so you can return sooner and helpu meeeee <303:45
* sappheiros should also exercise more.03:46
sappheirosHere's the text I've got: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PqkmgtQ2g4/03:48
sappheiroshttps://askubuntu.com/a/832173 says I need to replace the text 'quiet splash' with 'nomodeset', but when I tried that I got a black screen still ... ... unless I accidentally typed 'nosetmode' ...03:48
sappheirosI guess I'll try again?03:48
sappheiros:(  I proceeded to boot with ctrl+x instead of F10 this time, and still a black screen.03:50
sappheirosSo Secure Boot disabled and 'nomodeset' replacing 'quiet splash' i still can't get it to work.03:50
fribI dont know if someone is playing a trick on me or what03:52
fribFor the past week I've had no audio except for the speaker test03:52
fribNow the speaker test doesn't work and the only audio I have is the little pops when I change the volume03:52
sappheirosAre these instructions correct for UEFI systems? https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-create-a-usb-stick-on-windows#303:53
sappheirosTarget system "BIOS (or UEFI-CSM)"03:53
Bashing-omsappheiros: Past couple of days I have been working outdoors in extreme heat - cooling down now, As to your issue: indications are that you are booting an installed operating system, not the installer .03:53
sappheiros... I followed that tutorial I just linked to create the USB ...03:53
sappheirosI think I see your point. So how do I ... hmm ...03:54
kinghatanyone know how to do iperf3 but for a long time?03:54
kinghator an amount transferred?03:55
sappheirosI'm in hp's BIOS Setup Utility now to see if I can make USB the first to check for booting ...03:55
sappheirosah I think I found it03:55
sappheirosUEFI Boot Order is currently OS Boot Manager, then USB Flash Drive ... perhaps if I reverse this order it will boot *from* the USB instead of loading the OS as you say?03:56
Bashing-omsappheiros: :) .. yup .. you want the liveUSB as the 1st option.03:57
sappheiroswell, that took me straight to this GNU GRUB version 2.02 now ...03:57
sappheirosI mean, after I saved & restarted exiting the BIOS menu03:57
sappheirosonce again deleting 'quiet splash' to type 'nomodeset' ...03:58
sappheirosthen F10 to boot ...03:58
sappheirosstill a black screen :(03:58
* sappheiros checks https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/46201/discussion-between-peter-daily-and-l-d-james03:59
sappheirosseems a different issue, as legacy mode is disabled for this 'hp envy' laptop; it was using UEFi and I used the default rufus instructions ...04:00
sappheiros(to generate the bootable USB)04:00
sappheiros(from amd64 iso) ... Bashing-om could you show me those images from the instructions, or is there something else I can do? ...04:01
|Anthony|hello all! i'm having issued with getting my dell laptop to resume from suspend. i've tried to follow several how to guides with no success. can someone point me in the right direction04:01
sappheiros|Anthony| try searching askubuntu for dell d620 resume from suspend04:02
sappheirosnot sure if i had that issue though but i might have asked about it04:03
Bashing-omsappheiros: I am not fathoming why you still seem to be booting the installed system - reboot, with the liveUSB as 1st boot priority, and as soon as the bios splach screen appears hit a key - what now do you see ?04:04
sappheirosI don't see a bios splash screen: As soon as I power on, after a second or two of black the USB stick flashes its LED and I'm taken to the GNU GRUB menu.04:05
sappheirosIt looks like it's booted from the USB stick to me: That GNU GRUB menu is what I saw from the lubuntu USB when I was trying it with another laptop (the dell d620 actually).04:06
sappheirosI'm thinking the touch capability is causing that black screen, preventing the graphics from loading ... Is that possible? ...04:08
sappheiroslike, a different driver expected for touch screens vs non-touch screens?04:08
funspacemy ubuntu dell desktop got freezed as soon as i login just only mouse cursor is showing and if i CTRL+ALT+F1 entering in to shell prompot and working04:09
funspacekindly help me how can i fix it04:09
|Anthony|sappheiros what you referred to was an unanswered question04:09
|Anthony|sooo... solidarity?04:09
sappheiros|Anthony| lol i guess ... sorry04:11
guiverc|Anthony|, you haven't told us what you are running; boot the same 'live' image on multiple desktops/laptops, I've found the way they 'wake' from suspend differs between makes/models, eg. some wake with any key, some wake only with power button - but you've provided little detail04:16
guivercsappheiros, did you use the 'check disc for defects' option on your 'live' system to ensure you write-to-install-media (plus download) were flawless?  I'd suggest using it always04:17
sappheirosguiverc just selected it at your suggestion and it's another black screen.04:18
sappheirosI'm checking https://askubuntu.com/questions/1162746/why-wont-my-hp-envy-x360-laptop-with-ryzen-7-3700u-boot-ubuntu-live-cd now.04:19
guivercdo the test on another box; if it's black there - I'd suspect a bad-write (or bad download unless you verified that before write-to-media)04:19
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guivercsappheiros, what OS are you talking about?  (esp. release)04:19
sappheirosi'm trying to install the 18.04.3 LTS amd64 just downloaded from the ubuntu.com page yesterday04:20
sappheiroslooks like i found the page describing my problem.04:20
Bashing-omsappheiros: I do routinely boot a lot of different liveDVDs - all of then have the ability to boot up to that boot options screen - If you do not see a language selection screen then we are not on the right path.04:20
sappheirosBashing-om: https://askubuntu.com/a/1163672/88348604:20
sappheirosi think i have to quit and go to bed now. -_-   it really seems like God doesn't want me to be working with computers04:21
sappheirosthey usually go wrong for me, even when i follow instructions ...04:21
sappheirosdoes everyone _constantly_ encounter bugs?04:21
lotuspsychjesappheiros: are you on a ryzen system? whats going on?04:22
sappheirosAMD Ryzen 7 sticker on my hp envy laptop.04:22
Bashing-omsappheiros: We will still be here when you are ready to resume. Computers are so literal - it is their way or no way :P04:22
sappheirosi want to try this page's instructions04:22
Bashing-omsappheiros: 5700 graphic's card ? there is a work-a-round !04:23
sappheirosholy !@#$ this looks like i have to be an IT guy ... ... well, it's ... AMD Integrated SoC chipset, Rota code name, AMD Radeon(TM) RX Vega 10 Graphics04:25
guivercsappheiros, just an idea, maybe try 18.04.2; - i recall a recent askubu question which was resolved with an older install followed by release-upgrade to latest once installed...04:25
sappheirosis this "Vega 10" a "5700" graphics card?04:26
sappheirosguiverc is that available from the downloads page?04:29
sappheirosof ubuntu.com?04:29
funspacei am using version Versions 16.0404:29
sappheiroswell, i got my crappy glitchy win10 working again04:30
sappheirosi guess i can go to bed satisfied that i only lost sleep and inconvenienced people getting accidentally locked in a building ...04:31
sappheirosnot sure of my next step, actually04:31
guivercsappheiros, http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.2/  (i use my local mirror so some mirrors still have it)04:31
funspaceLinux version 4.15.0-60-generic (buildd@lcy01-amd64-024) (gcc version 5.4.0 20160609 (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10)) #67~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Aug 26 08:57:33 UTC 2019 (Ubuntu 4.15.0-60.67~16.04.1-generic 4.15.18)04:33
|Anthony|guiverc thanks for the reply. i didn't want to just info-dump. i'm willing to provide any relevant info needed to nail down this issue04:37
|Anthony|i'm about to try to suspend via pm-suspend04:37
Bashing-omsappheiros: Hummm : https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=297917 reading now and so far indictes you need the 5.2 version kernel for vega10 graphics.04:38
sappheiroswhat is 'the 5.2 version kernel'?04:39
guiverc(if Bashing-om is correct; try 19.10)04:39
sappheirosinstead of 18.04.2, 19.10?04:40
sappheiroswould 19.04 work?04:41
sappheirosor i should wait until next month???04:41
guiverc|Anthony|, is best if you provide all info (ideallly a single long line), and people will respond as they are able.  patience is required as people here do other things (are volunteers)04:41
sappheirosi was trying to be rid of this terrible win10 os :(04:41
guivercsappheiros, 19.04 uses 5.0, 19.10 can be tried using "try ubuntu" (or flavor), download daily iso, write to thumb-drive & try it (try before installing in docuemntation)04:41
sappheirosi just clicked 19.04 and got immediately a download link04:41
Bashing-omsappheiros: 19.10 daily has the 5.2 kernel. But that release is in development - expect bugs !04:43
guivercsappheiros, if you want to give 19.10 a sping (ie. download & try it) http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/404/builds  -- note 19.10 being development is off-topic in this room, you need to use #ubuntu+104:43
guivercI suggested 19.10 as it contains the 5.2 kernel; and was an easy way to test what Bashing-om found/suggested04:44
sappheirosLOL bugs 4 life04:45
sappheirossurely ubuntu's bugs are better than win10's bugs ...04:45
sappheirosisn't 19.10 to be released next month?04:46
sappheirosis there a date set?04:46
guiverchttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/EoanErmine/ReleaseSchedule says oct-17  (I'm runnign it now though)04:47
sappheirosshould i select 'Install (auto-resize)' for the typical install case? i mean, i've already used windows' disk partition to set aside space04:47
sappheiroserm, one moment, i will ask in #ubuntu+104:47
daxoctober 17th04:49
Bashing-omsappheiros: I also have 19.10 - solid as a rock with no issues ; daily updades require a lot of bandwidth.04:51
sappheirosis 19.04 not going to solve my problem?04:51
sappheirosi absolutely need 19.10 to overcome this black screen ryzen 7 problem?04:51
sappheiros(i'm burning a 19.04 USB; in a few minutes i'll find out i guess)04:51
aumhow do I get flash plugin working on firefox 69, in ubuntu 18?05:48
Mr_Cyclopstry > sudo apt install flashplugin-installer05:49
aumMr_Cyclops -- that was about the 5th or 6th thing I have tried, but to no avail05:59
fiteris there a way to repair grub without CD or usb?06:26
fiterI have updated to ubuntu 19.04 and now not able to boot ,failed boot detection06:27
mheathaum, after installing flashplugin-installer , see here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/flash-blocklists . Note that flash is a big security risk, officially deprecated in Firefox, and support is slated to be completely removed in standard firefox releases in 2020.06:28
mheathfiter, if you're not getting to any GRUB prompt, you'll need some kind of media to boot from. There's no way to repair things without booting the computer. (Well, I suppose you could move the hard drive to another system, but I doubt that helps you much)06:30
fitermheath i am getting a grub prompt,if i go to advaced options it cleans, check etc06:31
fiterbut does not load even in recovery06:32
ztane18.04.3 and gnome desktop, seems to be gdm-wayland-session? but X running, I intermittently seem to lose the "tray icons" for apps like telegram and slack06:34
ztaneany idea?06:34
ztanethey're sometimes there, sometimes not...06:34
ztaneeven if I do nothing06:34
aummheath the security issues of flash are not lost on me - I would not be touching it with a barge pole, except that my current role requires me to use a management portal that's implemented in Flash widgets, and is due to be replaced in 6-9 months06:35
aumthe other issue is that I have no idea where to put libflashplayer.so so that Firefox 69 can pick it up06:37
mheathaum, if you install via apt-get it puts it in the right place for you.06:38
aummheath I've installed both adobe-flashplugin and flashplugin-installer, but in firefox, about:plugins shows nothing06:38
mheathfiter, does the prompt say grub> or grub rescue> ?06:39
ztanehttps://askubuntu.com/a/1033801/87630 this one seem to have worked06:39
mheathaum, firefox 69? try about:addons and go to the Plugins tab.06:40
ztaneaum: did you really restart06:40
aummheath, it only shows OpenH264 Video Codec06:40
ztaneabout:plugins does show     Path: /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so06:40
aumztane I restarted firefox06:40
ztanelike killall -9 firefox restarted it ;)06:41
aumztane ps aux|grep -i firefox shows nothing06:41
ztanealso you'd wanna check that your firefox is "for Ubuntu canonical"06:42
ztanein about06:42
aumztane it says Firefox Quantum 69.0 (64-bit)06:42
ztaneand below that?06:42
ztaneabout dialog says "Firefox Quantum -- 69.0 (64-bit) Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu canonical - 1.0" for me06:43
aumFirefox is up to date Firefox is designed by Mozilla, a global community working together to keep the web open, public and accessible to all.Want to help? Make a donation or get involved. Licensing information End-User Rights Privacy Policy06:43
ztanemaybe if you've got a custom install then it doesn't drop in the place06:43
mheathaum, http://kb.mozillazine.org/Determining_plugin_directory_on_Linux06:43
ztanejust my 0.02 cents06:44
aummheath, I copied to 3 of those locations, plugin now present, thans for help :)06:47
mheathaum, no problem :)06:48
magic_ninja_workis there an irc channel for the ubuntu graphics ppa? I want to check on the status of 43506:55
magic_ninja_workfor 19.04 that is06:55
fitermheath can you tell how to open grub>06:56
fitermay be i could be able to do so06:56
magic_ninja_workfiter, you mean the grub config? Not sure. Try /etc/grub/grub.cfg06:59
magic_ninja_worklet me look06:59
fitermagic_ninja_work during boot07:01
magic_ninja_workoh, you just press e when you select the entry to edit the entry07:02
magic_ninja_workthen you can change the boot parameters with an emacs-like editor to add/remove stuff. If you are having issues try removing the "quiet" option. That will give you a more verbose boot.07:02
ChiLLabiSfiter: /etc/default/grub and after you edit the file do a : sudo update-grub07:16
lotuspsychjeChiLLabiS: did you get response on your bug yet?07:20
ChiLLabiSYeah but it wasn't helpfull.. And now i've forgotten what the dude in #ubuntu-kernel write07:21
lotuspsychjeChiLLabiS:  ChiLLabiS, the buggy version is 5.0.0-27, the fix is in -proposed and at version 5.0.0-28; at least according to the bug07:22
ChiLLabiSYeah but i can't install that kernel.. or don't know how to rather07:22
lotuspsychjeChiLLabiS: i think its when you enable proposed repo, then sudo apt update07:23
ChiLLabiSAslong as it will be released next update i'm happy.. Just dont remove it from source07:23
lotuspsychjeChiLLabiS: still they need someone to test it, to make sure it gets solved/confirmed07:24
ChiLLabiSi did activate the proposed repo and tryed but it didn't fix anything07:24
IndustrialHi. I have some keyboard scripts I like to run on login. These use `synclient`. xinput lists only a wayland mouse and no synaptics properties.07:24
lotuspsychjeChiLLabiS: but are you sure that activated kernel -28?07:24
ChiLLabiSThat i didn't. just did and update and upgrade07:24
Industrialrunning synclient tells me that the synaptics driver is not loaded. It is installed. What do I do to enable the synaptics driver?07:24
IndustrialWhat I want to fix is: my touchpad right mouse button is now left clicking07:26
Industrialand also maybe disable the touchpad while typing.07:26
IndustrialCan I do this without synaptics?07:26
lotuspsychjeChiLLabiS: after apt update, maybe you can apt-cache search the kernel and install?07:28
ChiLLabiSOkay will try that later07:28
lotuspsychjecool, good luck ChiLLabiS07:28
ChiLLabiSThank you07:29
fiterChiLLabiS pressing e while boot I have07:35
fiteropened grub menu07:35
fiterit shows set params ubuntu07:35
fiternow how can i update grub?07:36
ChiLLabiSDunno really. I just edit grub inside GNOME07:39
EriC^^fiter: what are you trying to do07:39
ChiLLabiSI'm a newb xD07:39
fiterEriC^^ i am not able to load, grub failed07:42
fiterboot detection so i wanna recover grub07:42
EriC^^what happens when you turn on the pc now07:44
fiterEriC^^ ubuntu dot keep on moving again and07:46
EriC^^did you try pressing esc?07:46
fiterEriC^^ let me chekx07:46
fiterEriC^^ nothing happens it comes to the menu07:48
EriC^^what menu?07:48
fiterubuntu , adavanced , windows etc or grub07:48
EriC^^i meant pressing esc when the dots appear07:48
fiteroh i was doing it on start, let me do it07:49
fiterEriC^^ now loaded wow ,07:50
fiterwhy is that?07:50
EriC^^try "cat /var/log/syslog | nc termbin.com 9999"07:51
EriC^^paste the link here07:51
fiterEriC^^ now i will log in from that machine07:52
fiterso meet you with output.of.this command07:52
fiterEriC^^ its here https://termbin.com/q1id107:55
EriC^^fiter: next time it happens, try pressing esc and you should see the log of the boot, see if it mentions what it's doing08:01
EriC^^fiter: if that doesnt have any clues you could try adding more logging to the grub kernel line, and or boot a live usb and take a look at the syslog to see the very last boot08:02
fiterEriC^^ but when I tried to load using recovery mode without the esc then I was seeing the line failed grub detection08:03
fiterIs there a way to check whether the issue is with grub or not?08:03
ducasseor make sure persistent logging is enabled and check the last log with journalctl08:04
fiterducasse how to check last log with journalctl?08:05
ducassejournalctl -b -108:06
EriC^^fiter: i dont think it's grub related, if you get grub then you're probably good, grub-wise08:06
fiterEriC^^ thanks for the help for now its very nice for me to have a fine working system looks very nice08:09
ducassefiter: but make sure /var/log/journal exists before rebootimg08:09
EriC^^great no problem fiter08:09
EriC^^fiter: if you want the persistent logging of boots as ducasse mentioned , do these steps https://askubuntu.com/questions/765315/how-to-find-previous-boot-log-after-ubuntu-16-04-restarts08:09
fiterEriC^^ ok08:10
ducassein 18.04 and up it should be on by default08:11
fiterducasse it 19.0408:11
EriC^^ah really ducasse ?08:12
ducassethen you don't need to turn it on08:12
EriC^^fiter: try "journalctl -b -2"08:12
ducasseEriC^^: really :)08:12
EriC^^that's nice :)08:12
fiterEriC^^ https://termbin.com/cqwz08:13
fitercan you see my messages?08:15
fitermy connection was dropped but know there is not issue thats great08:15
EriC^^this seems kinda interesting "ammar-Latitude-E6540 gnome-shell[1365]: Failed to create backend: No GPUs found with udev"08:15
fiterits dual mode with windows installed08:16
EriC^^seems after that it proceeded to shut down08:16
fiterEriC^^ is there something that needs to be fixed?08:16
EriC^^fiter: i wonder if that msg is in all or no08:17
EriC^^fiter: hit me with "LANG=C journalctl -b -0 | nc termbin.com 9999" for a quick check08:17
EriC^^that would be the current boot, that's working08:17
EriC^^fiter: seems that error might come up if nomodeset is set, which is what recovery mode usually boots with, so that might be why its there08:19
EriC^^yeah, the kernel line has "bef0-1d006d9b57d0 ro recovery nomodeset" so that boot attempt was from recovery mode08:20
EriC^^fiter: the boot attempt right before the current one, was it normal or from recovery mode?08:21
ws2k3got a weird issue on a ubuntu 18.04 machine. dnsmasq suddenly is not resolving anymore. but ichange my resolve.conf instead of to the dns server i want. then it works just fine. so how could debug dnsmasq/ systemd-resolve --status08:34
vltws2k3: Just to rule stuff out: It's resolv.conf08:46
fiterEriC^^ so the issue is due to nomodeset?09:11
EriC^^fiter: that particular one yeah, i dunno if the other boots were using nomodeset09:14
fiterEriC^^ how this can be fixed?09:15
EriC^^fiter: run the commands above to see a boot that failed that didnt use nomodeset09:17
sleepymariohello. i'm setting up a vm with nextcloud and am wondering if anyone knows how much GB that approximately is (snap or no snap).09:18
fiterEriC^^ this one ? journalctl -b -2|nc termbin.com 9999?09:18
tomreynsleepymario: the size the OS will take (probably around 5 GB), plus the size that nextcloud and dependencies will take (probably around 1 GB), plus the size you want to have available for nextcloud storage, plus the size you want to have remain available (e.g. to keep file systems fast, swap etc.)09:21
sleepymariotomreyn: okay, sounds good. thanks for your help :)09:23
sleepymariotomreyn: oh 1 more question: how much RAM would be wise?09:24
sleepymariototally forgot about that09:24
sleepymariotomreyn: nevermind, found it.09:25
EriC^^fiter: no09:25
EriC^^fiter: "LANG=C journalctl -b -1 | nc termbin.com 9999"09:25
EriC^^fiter: that's also a recovery run09:30
EriC^^fiter: perhaps with -b 3?09:31
EriC^^you want it not to say "ro recovery nomodeset" at the top09:31
fiterEriC^^ where?09:31
EriC^^in the 3rd line09:32
fiterso EriC^^ the issue was previously ubuntu 18.04 was loaded with recovery mode and in recovery mode I updated to 19.04 so you will find recovery modes09:33
EriC^^fiter: i dont think so09:36
fiterEriC^^ ok09:36
EriC^^fiter: type "grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg"09:37
EriC^^and cat /etc/default/grub09:37
EriC^^fiter: sorry, "cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg /etc/default/grub | nc termbin.com 9999"09:37
fiterEriC^^ only last one?09:38
fiterEriC^^  no output09:44
EriC^^fiter: what does "cat /proc/cmdline" give?09:50
fiterEriC^^ BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.0.0-27-generic root=UUID=98240c5d-abcd-47f1-bef0-1d006d9b57d0 ro quiet splash vt.handoff=109:51
EriC^^fiter: ok, so you're not using recovery or nomodeset right now09:56
fiterEriC^^ ok what to do then?09:56
EriC^^fiter: as i said try various boot logs til you find one without nomodeset that had a problem while booting so you can troubleshoot it10:04
EriC^^journalctl -b -4 -5 -6...etc10:04
CoolerXare the cuda 10 drivers available for this machine? https://bpaste.net/raw/8vUA10:33
CoolerXI am getting errors trying to use the latest tensorflow 1.1410:33
CoolerXInternalError: cudaGetDevice() failed. Status: CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version10:33
CoolerXseems tensorflow requires cuda 10 drivers10:33
OerHeksCoolerX, what GPU exactly?10:35
OerHeksi read: the NVIDIA driver needed for CUDA 10.0 is version 410 or greater, you have 390?10:35
CoolerXOerHeks, it is in the paste10:36
OerHeksno, i see no gpu details, just "GeForce GTX TIT".. titan X?10:37
CoolerXGPU 0: GeForce GTX TITAN X (UUID: GPU-ae5dc3aa-e829-3a4a-569f-8503a95ec695)10:37
CoolerXGPU 1: GeForce GTX TITAN X (UUID: GPU-db240fda-2ac6-32a6-55a6-2e8a634b8a9d)10:37
CoolerXOerHeks, I contacted the server admin and he said that the official repos don't have cuda 10 drivers10:38
CoolerXcuda 10 drivers are available from 3rd party repos and he doesn't want to use 3rd party stuff10:38
OerHekswell, we have an official driver ppa; https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa10:39
CoolerXThis PPA is currently in testing, you should be experienced with packaging before you dive in here:10:40
CoolerXOerHeks, seems to be in testing, does it have the latest drivers?10:41
CoolerXyou said I need 410 or higher for cuda 10?10:41
OerHekselse no, standard repos do not give 410 https://launchpad.net/nvidia-drivers-ubuntu/+packages10:41
CoolerX CUDA 10.0 is the first CUDA release with official support for Ubuntu 18.04.10:42
CoolerXthat's from here https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/hpc/How-To-Install-CUDA-10-together-with-9-2-on-Ubuntu-18-04-with-support-for-NVIDIA-20XX-Turing-GPUs-1236/10:42
CoolerXSo ubuntu is supported? where are the drivers then?10:43
OerHeksdownload the cuda package from nvidia? and install the 410+ driver from driver ppa10:44
CoolerXall these contradicting reports make it hard to understand what the situation is10:44
OerHekstoons of guides, https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/hpc/How-To-Install-CUDA-10-together-with-9-2-on-Ubuntu-18-04-with-support-for-NVIDIA-20XX-Turing-GPUs-1236/10:44
CoolerXOerHeks, that guide is not about installing drivers10:46
CoolerXoh wait maybe it is10:46
CoolerXThis will pull down and install all of the CUDA 10 packages along with dependencies AND the 410 NVIDIA display driver.10:46
CoolerXOerHeks, so is that not officially supported?10:48
CoolerXIs that considered 3rd party?10:49
OerHeksnot sure, it is the driver ppa official supported by the community10:50
OerHeksone could file a bugreport against the ppa packages, 3rd party is out of our hands10:50
CoolerXOerHeks, but it is the official driver released by the hardware vendor10:54
CoolerXhow is that 3rd party? wouldn't the ubuntu ppa be 3rd party since it is not managed by the hardware vendor10:55
OerHeksreal 3rd party would be the .run file from the nvidia stire10:58
OerHekswe offer prebuild debs10:58
OerHeksthose .run files give no upgrade routine, so you need to check them manually10:58
CoolerXOerHeks, what?11:00
CoolerXOerHeks, https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads?target_os=Linux&target_arch=x86_64&target_distro=Ubuntu&target_version=180411:00
CoolerXthey provide deb as well11:01
OerHeksthe driver, no the toolkit > https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/150803/en-us11:02
CoolerXOerHeks, that deb includes everything, driver and toolkit11:03
thyriaenHi, i just installed my Rx5700XT, with the newest Kernel 5.3 rc8 and Mesa 19.2 - however my graphics card is not being reccognized correctly https://hastebin.com/alifojizav.sql12:10
thyriaen I basically got the same versions of kernel and mesa as https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=rx-5700-july&num=1 where it got detected correctly12:10
OerHeksthyriaen, elementary is not ubuntu, join #elementary for support?12:11
BluesKajhowdy all12:20
coz_BluesKaj, hey guy ")12:20
BluesKajhi coz_12:21
coz_BluesKaj,  it "appears" we are the only 2 awake ")12:21
wadadliWhat's the kernel param to boot into the ramdisk?13:10
EriC^^wadadli: you mean you want a live usb to put everything into RAM?13:20
Sven_vBa 3rd party build script will provide an ISO image created by grub-mkrescue. it will contain 4 partitions. the 2nd will contain some FAT FS (12, 16 or 32) and the 3rd will contain a HFS+ FS. how can I adjust the file system labels for those?13:34
Sven_vBdo I need to mount the iso as a loop device, then install fat and hfs equivalents of e2label?13:35
Sven_vBor might there be an easier way?13:35
Sven_vBmaybe even one that doesn't need root privileges?13:35
Sven_vB(on a side node, if you're in a similar scenario and want to adjust partition labels, gdisk can do it.)13:37
Sven_vBoh right the ISO will have a GPT as its partition table.13:37
Sven_vBin case that matters13:38
EriC^^Sven_vB: yes iso loop and partprobe13:41
EriC^^Sven_vB: np13:45
thyriaenHiho, i just installed Ubuntu 19.04 with mx Rx5700 XT and the graphics card does not get detected my glxinfo output is: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jWg64dqjq7/13:52
fengwayI have windows now and going to install windows beside it. I run live USB make partition for windows and run usb with windows iso and done?13:55
fengwayi meant to say, i have ubuntu now*13:56
thyriaenfengway, not sure what you mean by "live usb make partiiton ... and done " but its important to install windows last, so you are on a good track13:57
EriC^^fengway: yes sir, as always backup important stuff13:57
EriC^^fengway: didn't you ask this yesterday?13:57
thyriaenHiho, i just installed Ubuntu 19.04 with mx Rx5700 XT and the graphics card does not get detected my glxinfo output is: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jWg64dqjq7/13:57
fengwayEriC^^ Yea, just want to make sure so i don't screw anything up13:57
fengwayEriC^^ Do I need to do something special to make live windows usb or just put windows iso on usb?13:58
EriC^^fengway: you need to create a fat32 partition, and copy the contents of the iso (not the iso file) there13:58
fengwayAnd when I make partition for windows i restart and i will get option to boot that partition or something?13:59
thyriaenfengway, yes, or select the usb partition to boot from in your bios13:59
fengwayoh i see thanks14:00
fengwaywhat do you mean by contects of the iso and not the iso file? How do I do that?14:00
EriC^^fengway: right click the iso of windows and mount it then copy the contents14:00
fengwayoh cool14:01
fengwayi don't see any option to mount it when i right click iso file14:01
EriC^^its called archiver mount or so for me14:03
EriC^^what happens if you double click it14:03
fengwaynothing happens when i click that14:03
fengwaynothing on double click either14:05
EriC^^fengway: right click open with> ?14:06
EriC^^fengway: i think it's supposed to show in the filemanager as a mounted fs if you double click on it14:06
fengwayoh right, it's only showing a txt file14:07
EriC^^doesnt seem right14:07
EriC^^fengway: what's the iso's filename?14:07
OerHeks<fengway> I have windows now and going to install windows beside it.  ???14:08
fengwayEriC^^ Win10_1903_V1_English_x64.iso14:10
Sven_vBis there a tool for changing the file system label (not GPT partition name) of a HFS+ partition? https://serverfault.com/questions/361474/ says parted could do it but I can't find a command for that in man parted.14:10
fengwayOerHeks I meant to say I have Ubunt*14:11
fengwayi just can't write today...14:11
fengwaystresssed out14:11
EriC^^fengway: ok, type "sudo losetup -f Win10..........iso" while you're in the dir of the iso14:11
EriC^^fengway: then type "lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999"14:11
fengwayEriC^^ Done14:12
OerHeksSven_vB, i find none14:13
thyriaenI just fresh installed Ubuntu 19.04 and my Rx5700XT is not being deteced, can someone help me out ?14:13
OerHeksso, do that action from mac osx?14:13
fengwayi clicked on it again and a notification showed up and i clicked on it and i see the files now EriC^^14:13
OerHeksthyriaen, again: elementary is not ubuntu, join #elementary for support?14:13
fengwaythe one on file manager only shows the .txt file14:13
thyriaenOerHeks, i am on Ubuntu 19.04 now14:14
lotuspsychjethyriaen: please pastebin: uname -a && lsb_release -a && sudo lshw -C video14:15
fengwayEriC^^ I formatted USB to FAT and now it's gone, how can I put content of ISO there if UBUNTU can't read FAT?14:15
EriC^^fengway: it can read fat14:15
EriC^^fengway: type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"14:16
fengwayEriC^^ Error: /dev/mapper/nvme0n1p3_crypt: unrecognised disk labelhttps://termbin.com/uh6214:16
lotuspsychjethyriaen: sudo lshw -C video didnt show14:16
thyriaenlotuspsychje, ah im sorry, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GRGBfHzWn2/14:17
EriC^^fengway: type 'sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt'14:17
EriC^^fengway: the 15gb one is the usb right14:17
lotuspsychjethyriaen: ok your card isnt recognized, did you add any external ppa's to your system?14:18
fengwaythe 64gb is for windows iso14:18
EriC^^fengway: oh ok14:18
EriC^^fengway: yeah the filesystem doesnt exist now14:18
fengwayhow do you know the one is 15gb?14:19
EriC^^fengway: type 'sudo gdisk /dev/sdb'14:19
thyriaenlotuspsychje, yea - i had this state before and i tried adding the oibaf ppa - should i purge that and resend the info ?14:19
EriC^^fengway: it says so at the top14:19
lotuspsychjethyriaen: we dont support external ppa's, we reccomend to use vanilla sources.list to keep ubuntu running nicely14:19
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | thyriaen14:20
ubottuthyriaen: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html14:20
fengwayoh i see14:20
thyriaenlotuspsychje, okay, i will revert to the original14:20
fengwaywhat do i do after i type that EriC^^?14:20
EriC^^fengway: press "o" to create a new partition table14:20
fengwayEriC^^ are you sure, it's giving warning abour overlapping or something14:21
EriC^^fengway: any pastes would be nice14:21
fengwayEriC^^ https://pastebin.com/0jq62P8f14:21
thyriaenlotuspsychje, i purged the ppa - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/m9YS6vSZvV/14:21
EriC^^fengway: you're sure you typed in /dev/sdb right?14:22
fengwayops, i have gdisk in front, don't know why14:22
EriC^^no i mean14:22
EriC^^gdisk /dev/sdb14:22
EriC^^ok, press continue14:23
lotuspsychjethyriaen: did you reboot?14:23
fengwayEriC^^ enter is continue?14:23
thyriaenlotuspsychje, nope - hang on14:23
EriC^^fengway: i guess, you should reach a menu14:24
EriC^^then press "o" there14:24
fengwayEriC^^ This option deletes all partitions and creates a new protective MBR.Should I do that?14:25
EriC^^press 'w'14:25
EriC^^actually wait14:25
EriC^^press 'n'14:25
OerHeksRX 5700 XT needs amdgpou 19.30 ?? https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/amd-radeon-5700-series/amd-radeon-rx-5700-series/amd-radeon-rx-5700-xt14:25
thyriaenlotuspsychje, i reran it just to be safe - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qnXStwznC3/14:25
fengwayEriC^^ Partition number (1-128, default 1):14:26
EriC^^fengway: keep it blank press enter for default14:26
lotuspsychjethyriaen: pastebin your dmesg please14:26
fengwayEriC^^ chose everything as default14:26
OerHeksoibaf ppa is needed here, i guess14:27
EriC^^fengway: yeah14:27
EriC^^fengway: when it asks for type, put in "ef00"14:27
thyriaenlotuspsychje, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/khGk3Vn3Fz/14:27
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: his card was unclaimed also with oibaf14:27
fengwayEriC^^ https://pastebin.com/WfzPwxxT14:28
EriC^^fengway: it's ok14:28
EriC^^fengway: after it's created the partition14:28
EriC^^press "t" to change the type to ef0014:29
fengwayEriC^^ What now, it's still not showing up14:32
EriC^^fengway: press 'w' to write the partition table14:32
EriC^^fengway: type 'sudo partprobe /dev/sdb'14:33
thyriaenlotuspsychje, any advice or direction i should go now for help ?14:33
lotuspsychjethyriaen OerHeks https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2019/07/09/the-current-state-of-amd-ryzen-3000-cpus-and-radeon-rx-5700-gpus-on-linux/14:33
lotuspsychjethyriaen: work in progress, you might wanna try older kernels14:34
Sven_vBso I used a hex disk editor to replace my HFS+ partition's original filesystem label "ISOIMAGE" with "cooldoge", replugged the thumb drive, restarted gparted, but it still shows ISOIMAGE as the label, while grep confirms that there is no "ISOIMAGE" anywhere on the entire thumbdrive. what's wrong?14:34
thyriaenlotuspsychje, older ones ? ( i am on 5.0 )14:34
fengwayEriC^^ done14:34
OerHeksback to 18.04.3 ..14:35
thyriaenlotuspsychje, his setup was exactly 5.3 mesa 19.3 - on 19.0414:35
thyriaenlotuspsychje, https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=rx-5700-july&num=114:35
EriC^^fengway: type 'sudo mkfs.fat /dev/sdb1'14:37
lotuspsychjethyriaen: this looks also interesting: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=242579914:37
OerHekstoo new hardware, just be patient..14:38
fengwayEriC^^ done14:38
EriC^^fengway: ok you should be able to mount it now14:38
EriC^^fengway: mount it and copy the contents of the iso there14:38
thyriaenlotuspsychje, oh thanks, i didnt know that thread and it seems really up to date - ill give that a read14:38
Sven_vBoh interesting. in /dev/disk/by-label/ there's now ISOIMAGE _and_ cooldoge.14:38
fengwayEriC^^ Pulled usb out and in still not showing up14:39
EriC^^fengway: try "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"14:40
fengwayEriC^^ https://termbin.com/vsyn14:41
EriC^^fengway: looks good14:41
EriC^^type "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt:14:41
EriC^^type "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt"14:41
fengwaystill not showing up, should i replug it? EriC^^14:42
EriC^^fengway: no, run the mount command.14:42
fengwayi did and it doesn't show up on left side on file manager EriC^^14:43
EriC^^fengway: that's ok14:43
EriC^^fengway: it should be mounted at /mnt14:43
fengwayEriC^^ So how do i copy over the files then?14:43
iffraffHello, I'm having trouble installing radeontop, I believe I need libdrm the launchpad sight lists three different files to download, I'm not sure which I need14:44
EriC^^fengway: type "sudo -H nautilus"14:45
EriC^^fengway: browse over to the windows files, copy them, paste them in "/mnt"14:45
=== jhutchins_wk1 is now known as jhutchins_wk
fengwayEriC^^ how do i find /mnt?14:46
fengwayEriC^^ Oh it's the folder on root14:46
OerHeksiffraff, are you installing packages manually? it asks for libdrm2 (>= 2.4.3)  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/amd64/radeontop/1.0-114:46
OerHeksiffraff, so if you want to build it, you need those 3 packages together, but why, as it is available in launchpad14:47
EriC^^brb fengway14:47
iffraffOerHeks: yes, thanks, I just don't understand the launchpad page.  I see a bunch of info but nothing about a ppa repository to add or a way to install.  could you explain how it works please? I know it's a noob question14:48
fengwayEriC^^ I will try this out and report back, thanks so much for the help14:48
ghydraI was following https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/install-and-configure-samba#3 to create a samba share on ubuntu. if I check the service, `service smbd status` it says its running, but if I nmap the server I don’t see the port open and I can’t connect to the share.14:49
lotuspsychje!info radeontop | iffraff14:49
ubottuiffraff: radeontop (source: radeontop): Utility to show Radeon GPU utilization. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.0-1 (bionic), package size 19 kB, installed size 63 kB14:49
OerHeksiffraff, you looked at the source page, that is all. just install: apt install radeontop14:49
OerHeks!info radeontop14:50
iffraffOerHeks: when I try that it says it can't find that package14:50
iffraffit just worked.  wtf.  Ok well, so that I at least learn somethhing, if it shows up in launchpad, does that mean it's available via apt?14:51
fengwayEriC^^ Or not, just tell me when you're back14:51
lotuspsychjeiffraff: if you need software on ubuntu, always search apt first14:51
iffraffI swear I tried sudo apt install libdrm as well and it said that one didn't exist either14:51
doug16kiffraff, maybe that was before you did `apt update`14:52
iffrafflotuspsychje:  apt api is kind of unintuitive, how do you search it?  like apt-cache or soemthing?14:52
doug16kif you are way behind it can error out when the thing exists14:52
OerHeksiffraff, it is called libdrm214:52
OerHeks!info libdrm214:52
ubottulibdrm2 (source: libdrm): Userspace interface to kernel DRM services -- runtime. In component main, is standard. Version 2.4.97-1ubuntu1~18.04.1 (bionic), package size 33 kB, installed size 118 kB14:52
lotuspsychjeiffraff: apt-cache search foo14:52
mgedminapt search foo should work nowadays14:53
mgedminvery old versions of ubuntu only had apt-cache search14:53
iffraffok, cool. thanks folks good info.  I'd like to say I had not run update in a while but I have.  So I must have just done something rediculous.  but it works now.  Thank you.14:53
leftyfbmgedmin: apt-cache search still works14:54
mgedminbut it's more typing ;)14:54
iffraffI guess while I have your ear, the real issue is that I installed an egpu on my laptop with a radeon rx 580 and now my mouse is acting strange and my keyboard is hanging.14:54
iffraffI'm trying to figure out what's going on.  I guess I should mention I did a fresh ubuntu 18.04 install.  maybe I need logitech drivers, but I can't seem to find any on line14:55
giacohello. How can I change main display <> secondary display order in lxde ?14:55
giacoI want my taskbar to be on the other display14:56
doug16kkeyboards are practically guaranteed to just work, for obvious reasons, no need for special driver unless it has some fancy lighting thing or other non-standard thing, and even then, only playing with colours won't work14:56
iffraffno nothing fancy, just wireless.  So that's why I was thinking maybe the gpu was maxing out or something.14:57
iffraffTo confound things, my laptop has intell onboard gpu and nvidia gpu as well. I don't know if maybe the system is confused as to which one it should use?14:57
doug16kiffraff, I have a laptop like that, just works for me in ubuntu14:58
iffraffor maybe there's a problem with the thunderport throughput14:58
iffraffdoug16k: so I have added an egpu, with amd radeon rx 580.  so it has three gpus noe14:59
doug16kit's called "optimus" for "nvidia's gpu + intel cpu integrated gpu" thing14:59
doug16kin that case you are always using the intel gpu - the nvidia gpu just writes the framebuffer to RAM with DMA and the intel gpu always drives the monitor output15:00
iffraffdoug16k: but what about the amd radeon?15:01
doug16knote that what I am describing is a laptop thing. on a desktop, it probably won't apply. do you mean you have an intel cpu with HDxxxx graphics and you have two PCIe GPU cards plugged in? if so, forget what I said about optimus15:02
iffraffno, I have a laptop with intel onboard gpu, some nvidia gpu ( both inside ) and I added an external enclosure that takes a pcie video card and connects via thunderport15:03
iffraffin the external thing I installed an amd radeon rx 58015:03
iffraffnow it's deisplaying two external 4k monitors.  but the mouse is acting kind of funny, and the system hangs for a couple seconds every so often15:04
iffraffthe standard sys monitor shows everything nice and low, so I'm thinking it has to do with the gpus15:05
iffraffperhaps I need some special settings for my new graphics card? a xorg.conf or whatever that file is called?15:06
deanc[l]Greetings. I am using terminal to ssh to a remote host, and on that host i am using tmux. I would like to highlight some text and copy it to the clipboard. On OSX i have to hold alt to do that, this doesn't work on ubuntu15:12
doug16kiffraff, ah, sorry I have no idea about external gpus via thunderbolt, haven't touched that yet15:13
mgedmindeanc[l]: try holding shift15:13
deanc[l]mgedmin: that did something, now how do i paste :p15:14
Habbiemgedmin, oh! thank you for that15:14
Habbiedeanc[l], ctrl-shift-c for copy on gnome-terminal, ctrl-shift-v for paste15:15
deanc[l]Habbie: holding shift and dragging selction didnt work15:15
deanc[l]something else is still o the clipboard from befeore15:15
doug16kin theory thunderbolt shouldn't need to much special handling, since thunderbolt is almost just an external pcie + displayport standard15:15
iffraffdo you, or anyone know much about xorg.conf?  I don't have one of these files, and I wonder given that I have 3 gpus if I need one15:16
doug16kiffraff, in settings / devices / screen display, do you see three monitors?15:17
doug16ker, do you see all your monitors?15:17
mgedmindeanc[l]: it's shift-drag to select, ctrl+shift+c to copy15:18
mgedmin(alternatively it's shift-drag to select, middle-mouse to paste what's been selected, but you need to turn middle click paste on somewhere in the settings)15:18
iffraffdoug16k: yes I do. they all appear correctly in the gui15:18
mgedmin(also alternatively shift-right click will show the terminal menu where you can select copy/paste)15:19
mgedmin(and fwiw shift is needed only when the currently running terminal program wants to handle mouse events by itself)15:19
fengwayEriC^^ back?15:20
doug16kiffraff, in a terminal, run `dmesg`, do you see any complaints about failures or timeouts or anything near/at the end? I'd run `dmesg | less` and comb through it seeing if it complains about anything related to your thunderbolt or gpus15:20
iffraffok, I"ll try now15:21
EriC^^fengway: hey, yeah15:21
fengwayEriC^^ so putting the files on mnt folder is correct?15:22
fengwaywhich was under "filesysten root"15:23
iffraffdoug16k: I keep seeing a call trace and the first line is nvkm_bar_flush+0x1f/0x30 [nouveau] .  nouveau I believe is the open source dirver for nvidia.  I see that it's stalled and or timeout15:27
iffraffmakes me think it's trying to use the nvidia card at the same time it's using teh amd card15:27
TograI'd like to increase mouse sensitivity beyond the max given by the slider in settings, is there a way to do this? googling around I found a number of ways to do so, generally with xinput or xset, but these didn't seem to do anything. is adding a config file for the mouse under xorg.d a way to do it? or is this not supported? the display is a large, high-dpi TV, so the normal sensitivity slider would likely be15:29
Tografine with a normal display but not this one :<15:29
OerHeksTogra, gnome-tweak tool gives more options15:32
OerHeks!info gnome-tweak-tool15:32
ubottugnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweaks): adjust advanced settings for GNOME - transitional package. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.28.1-1 (bionic), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB15:32
OerHeksi think acceleration profile is what you want, on hidpi15:33
doug16kiffraff, I suggest you run "Software & Updates", go to the additional drivers tab, and select the nvidia-driver-xxx (xxx is probably 430 right now)15:34
doug16kno guarantees, never tried that with multiple gpus but it should work (famous last words)15:34
iffraffBut I don't want nvidia to run, I want only the amd to run15:34
iffraffis there a command to show which gpu is running, which drivers are running etc?15:35
doug16kI'd rather have non-screwing-up driver on the nvidia though, it could be screwing up xorg somehow when those errors happen15:36
doug16kit's a miracle nouveau works at all imho15:37
iffraffI see, but can't I just tell ubuntu not to use that gpu at all?15:38
doug16kyou can probably blacklist the nouveau driver15:38
iffraffhow would I do that?  I've heard of it but never done it15:39
doug16kiffraff, `sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf` and in there add a line that says: blacklist nouveau15:40
doug16kyou can verify that "nouveau" is correct by doing `sudo lsmod | grep nouveau`. whatever name comes up there is the name to blacklist15:41
iffraffnice, thx15:41
iffraffdo I need to reboot?15:43
doug16kmost likely. if you are feeling ambitious you can try `sudo modprobe -r nouveau` to do it without reboot.15:44
doug16kxorg probably won't like you15:44
mgedminI would expect an error saying the module is in use15:45
deanc[l]thanks mgedmin works :)15:45
deanc[l]I was trying to research earlier a suitable wireless usb-adaptor that works out the box on 19.04. I couldn't find any consistent information on this15:46
iffraffdoug16k: ok, thanks when I can't take it any more I'll reboot.  thanks for the help15:46
TograOerHeks ok cool, thanks, I'll check that out15:47
becoolif i do an in-place upgrade of ubuntu from 16 to 18 will it also upgrade all the applications such as redis, nginx, php, etc. to the latest version in the ubuntu 18 repo?15:51
becoolalso, is there a quick command to upgrade from ubuntu 16 to 18 via the command line?15:53
doug16kiffraff, you might want to add this line to that blacklist file you created too: options nouveau modeset=015:57
doug16kand run: sudo update-initramfs -u15:57
iffraffdoug16k: ok what does the update do?15:58
doug16krebuilds the "initial ramdisk", which is a ram-disk that holds all the modules the kernel needs very early on (such as the modules it uses to even access the hard disk, etc)15:59
mgedminbecool: yes, and the command-line upgrade command is sudo do-release-upgrade15:59
doug16kconceptually like a zip file that has all the files it needs super early in boot16:00
iffraffok, but omg my mouse is killing me,  whenever I click it enters highlight mode, it's killing me. there's got to be something I can do about that16:00
EriC^^iffraff: did you try to remove the module and reload it?16:01
EriC^^sudo modprobe -r psmouse && sudo modprobe psmouse16:01
iffraffEriC^^: I'll try that now, if you don't see for hours something has gone wrong :)16:02
CoolerXcan someone help me troubleshoot this?16:02
doug16kCoolerX, probably16:03
iffraffEriC^^: well it didn't kill me but it didn't do anything for my mouse highlighing problem :(16:03
doug16kit's polite not to ask to ask in irc, just blurt our your issue/question :)16:03
doug16kblurt out*16:04
iffraffdoug16k: did I do that ?16:05
doug16kI meant coolerx16:05
GrandPa-GI am setting up a simple back process to a usb external drive. Other than the home folders, what would be best to save. I can easily reload OS and proably all applications. I have apache and mysql (already have db save).16:05
iffraff ah, I never know when I have f'd up the protocal16:06
GrandPa-GBTW:It is a server, no desktop16:07
CoolerXso this is the server info https://termbin.com/i4hl16:07
CoolerXI am trying to use tensorflow but I get an error16:07
CoolerXInternalError: cudaGetDevice() failed. Status: CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version16:08
CoolerXI checked the versions to see that they are compatible before installing https://www.tensorflow.org/install/source#tested_build_configurations16:08
doug16kCoolerX, sounds like your gpu driver is too old, of course16:08
CoolerXtensorflow_gpu-, 3.3-3.6GCC 4.8Bazel 0.15.07916:08
CoolerXas you can see tensorflow-gpu 1.12.0 is compatible with cuda 916:09
CoolerXwhich is the one reported by nvcc16:09
kur1janyone else have issues with krb5p and NFS locking up and never finishing never giving prompt back to the user?16:09
CoolerXCuda compilation tools, release 9.0, V9.0.17616:09
CoolerXSo everything should be working16:09
CoolerXDoes anyone have any idea what is wrong?16:09
kur1jCoolerX: nvidia-smi16:10
kur1jpaste the driver version16:10
doug16kCoolerX, I have found that I need nvidia-cuda-toolkit for gpu compute even though technically I shouldn't, try installing that package16:11
doug16kblender gpu raytracer needs it, for example16:12
doug16kand folding@home if I remember correctly16:12
CoolerXkur1j, I already pasted that info16:14
CoolerX<CoolerX> so this is the server info https://termbin.com/i4hl16:14
kur1jCoolerX: sorry my works proxy blocks it16:14
CoolerXblocks termbin.com ?16:15
CoolerXdoug16k, well I am not the admin on the server16:15
CoolerXdoug16k, I am confused why it doesn't work when it says it is compatible on the tensorflow website16:16
CoolerXkur1j, can you see this? https://bpaste.net/raw/6ldg16:16
kur1jCoolerX: I assume you just get the error when you go into python and try to import tesnforflow?16:17
CoolerXthese are the packages I have installed in the conda environment https://bpaste.net/raw/8R7C16:18
CoolerXkur1j, no16:18
becoolthanks mgedmin16:18
becoolmgedmin: is there a way to roll everything back if something goes wrong or an application upgrade breaks an application due to incompatibility?16:19
becoolbesides backups16:19
CoolerXkur1j, https://imgur.com/ungxSFc16:20
kur1jCoolerX: modinfo /usr/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.ko | grep ^version16:23
CoolerXmodinfo: ERROR: Module /usr/lib/modules/4.15.0-60-generic/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.ko not found.16:24
CoolerXkur1j, ^16:25
kur1jhow about "modinfo nvidia | grep version"16:28
kur1jCoolerX: ^16:28
CoolerXkur1j, version:        390.11616:29
CoolerXsrcversion:     C89BBAE72CC15D42E12DA3F16:29
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
kur1jCoolerX: what version of cudnn do you have?16:34
StoOkerHi there, I was wondering if there is more information on the Rpi4. Just got my Pi4 and I want to install Ubuntu on it16:35
CoolerXkur1j, oh I have cudnn 516:36
kur1jtry upgrading that to cudnn 7?16:37
kur1ji don't _think_ it would cause this16:37
CoolerXkur1j, https://bpaste.net/raw/MXNv16:37
kur1jbut TF in my experience has always been particular about everything related to CUDA16:37
kur1jyeah cudnn 7 is needed for TF 1.1216:38
CoolerXkur1j, well I have talked to the server admin about this16:39
CoolerXhe said he will try installing tomorrow if people aren't using the server16:39
CoolerXthanks for the help16:39
kur1jyup np good luck16:39
StoOkerHi there, I was wondering if there is more information on the Rpi4? Just got my Pi4 and I want to install Ubuntu on it16:47
leftyfbStoOker: what information exactly?16:48
BarnabasDKanyone here have problems running gdm + gnome-shell 18.04 with the nvidia drivers?16:59
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: wich chipset and driver version do you have?16:59
BarnabasDKthe closed source nvidia drivers I sould say17:00
BarnabasDKgdm works17:00
BarnabasDKafter some tweaking17:00
BarnabasDKhw wise17:00
BarnabasDKseems to land me at "the purple screen"17:01
BarnabasDKmouse pointer works17:02
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: can you check nvidia-smi please17:02
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:02
BarnabasDKyeah I could but right now I am on intel - so need to just fix that17:03
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: try what OerHeks suggested17:04
BarnabasDKsmi out https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mrRYfRS9wV/17:12
BarnabasDKlet me just say that I can easily use gdm -> llvm17:12
BarnabasDKfor some strange reason not gnome-shell17:12
BarnabasDKor gdm->lubuntu I suppose17:13
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: sudo lshw -C video && uname -a && lsb_release -a17:14
BarnabasDKnow in lubuntu with the nvidia drivers17:15
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: seems like its loaded?17:16
BarnabasDKit is17:16
BarnabasDKsince its now lubuntu17:16
becoolwhat is the quality of the nvidia drivers in comparison to the ones for windows?17:16
lotuspsychje!ot | becool17:16
ubottubecool: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:16
BarnabasDKhave been around the block a few times with linux and gpu drivers - no expert though17:16
BarnabasDKso - they work when gdm starts lubuntu - not gnome shell17:17
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: what are you saying, login to gnome driver unloads?17:17
OerHeksbecool, put that poll on askubuntu.com :-D17:17
BarnabasDKgnome shell hangs in the login at the purple screen17:17
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: what is your base system, lubuntu or ubuntu-desktop?17:18
becoolOerHeks: it's definitely something that should be evaluated17:18
BarnabasDKadded lubuntu to be able to do anything17:18
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: ok, weird, does: ubuntu-drivers list show other driver versions?17:18
BarnabasDKand - it works with intel17:19
BarnabasDKno problems17:19
BarnabasDKT440 Lenovo17:19
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: your card is an optimus, so after install of the nvidia driver you should be able to switch between intel vs nvidia17:19
BarnabasDKi am - but not with gnome-shell17:21
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: should be indepedent of your DE17:21
BarnabasDKas I said it works perfectly with lubuntu17:21
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: yes, but lubuntu works a bit different graphics-wise17:22
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: did you try a reboot yet to login to gnome?17:22
BarnabasDKI know - almtost no hw acc17:22
BarnabasDKmany times17:22
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: did you check: ubuntu-drivers list17:22
BarnabasDKgives me17:23
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: how about you try a switch to 390 for example17:23
geniiBarnabasDK: You should use a pastebin instead and just post the link here for us, so the bot won't mute you for spamming17:24
ioriaBarnabasDK, you know how to set a kernel parameter in grub   ?17:24
BarnabasDKyeah - I work with linux - not the gpu layer and such17:25
ioriaBarnabasDK, try 'nvidia-drm.modeset=1' and login in Xorg not Wayland17:25
BarnabasDKso custom.conf in gdm set to xwayland = no17:26
BarnabasDKor whatever17:26
ioriano need for that so far17:27
ioriajust select the xorg session from gdm17:27
BarnabasDKok .. letme try17:27
ioriabut be sure to correctly set the parameter in grub17:27
BarnabasDKas I said i am no spring chicken17:28
OerHeksnot tried nomodeset?17:28
BarnabasDKnomodeset = black screen17:28
lotuspsychjehard to believe17:28
BarnabasDKwell the next lappie I buy will be with an Intel cpu only .. problem solved ..17:29
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: ubuntu works like a charm with nvidia optimus17:30
|Anthony|Hello all! I've been trying to figure out a resume from suspend/hibernate issue and am still coming up empty. Here's a kern log of the suspend procedure17:30
|Anthony|let me know if there is any additional info needed to diagnose17:31
lotuspsychje|Anthony|: kernel version and ubuntu version is a nice start17:31
BarnabasDKlotuspsychje, if you say so - any additional info? maybe it is just the particular T440 I am on and the level of bios flash it has - who knows17:32
BarnabasDKsoon no more dock station and then thunderbolt17:32
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: usually black screens workaround is nomodeset, then install the nvidia driver, reboot and solved17:32
BarnabasDKnot a black screen17:32
lotuspsychjeBarnabasDK: just make sure what ioria adviced, you are not logging into wayland17:33
BarnabasDKyou did not read correctly17:33
BarnabasDKpurple screen - where X loads and the mouse works17:33
OerHeksdock station  .. is this where the issues come from?17:33
BarnabasDKgnome-shell never loads17:33
StoOkerIf there is a version working on the Rpi4 already17:33
becoolis the best way to upgrade the kernel for ubuntu to use 'do-release-upgrade' or to upgrade to the latest linux kernel separately? the latter would seem risky for a number of reasons17:33
BarnabasDKdoes not work out of the dock either17:33
lotuspsychje!arm | StoOker17:33
ubottuStoOker: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.17:33
BarnabasDKexcept on intel17:33
ioriaBarnabasDK, paste  cat /proc/cmdline17:33
OerHeksStoOker, no, waiting is for ubuntu mate to release ..17:34
lotuspsychje!uptodate | becool17:34
ubottubecool: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.17:34
StoOkerHmm bummer17:34
OerHeksif you have the 1gb, run a server on it?17:34
StoOkerI got the 4gb, and i wanna run a desktop version on it so i can use it as a mini pc17:35
StoOkerBut i'm not satisfied with raspbian..17:35
BarnabasDKanyways - I am getting to the point where I will just replace the problem with new hw17:36
BarnabasDKI think my lappie is one of the first that supported the daisy chaining of monitors17:36
ioriaBarnabasDK, please, remove those and try nvidia-drm.modeset=117:36
BarnabasDKI will17:36
LantoraxStoOker: https://archlinuxarm.org/platforms/armv6/raspberry-pi#installation17:38
opvhi everyone. i just do-release-upgraded a 16.04 to 18.04 and it won't boot anymore. it seems to hang when loading the gnome display manager17:38
opvi have booted from a live cd and can access the filesystem, but do not know what to do17:38
BarnabasDKnouveau.modeset=0 ?17:39
opvi would be very thankful if you could guide me17:39
ioriaopv, can you boot in Recovery mode ?17:40
opvcan't get a grub prompt, it immediately starts booting the os ioria17:41
ioriaopv, use shift or esc ?17:41
ninjahIs it possible to turn of the update notifications in Ubuntu?17:42
opvcan boot in recovery mode17:42
opvtry repair broken packages i assume17:42
ioriaopv, try it17:43
opvnope. fscked17:45
opvi get all OK's, including where it hangs (started gdm)17:46
opvthough that line is gettting mixed up with other, previous ones17:46
becoollotuspsychje: stop referring all of my questions to the bot, they are not specific or helpful17:46
ioriaopv, enable 'networking' and then 'root shell'17:46
lotuspsychjebecool: how about you tell us your end goal first..what are you trying to do?17:47
becoolupgrading the kernel17:47
opvioria: got the root shell17:47
lotuspsychjebecool: you mean upgrading your system?17:47
ioriaopv, uname -r17:48
becoollotuspsychje: no, the linux kernel17:48
lotuspsychjebecool: wich kernel are you on now and wich kernel are you going to?17:49
ioriaopv, do you get connectivity ?17:49
ioriaopv, ping google.com17:49
opvdidn't automatically do dhcp17:50
opvran dhclient, have connec17:50
becoollotuspsychje: not sure right now, i'm just planning. wondering if the best way to upgrade the linux kernel in ubuntu is to run some native upgrade tool oor to build a new kernel from the latest sources17:50
ioriaopv, apt update17:50
opvwow... apparently the job's not finished17:50
opvlet's upgrade those missing 1136 packages then17:51
deanc[l]somehow on my screen there is a change background, display settings and settings prompt in the bottom right on top of every other window17:51
deanc[l]how can i make it disappear17:51
lotuspsychjebecool: so you are blaming me for trying to help you, but you dont know wich kernel you have?17:51
ioriaopv, apt full-upgrade17:51
opvioria: i assume i can do a full-upgrade right away, no? or should i rather do upgrade, then full-upgrade17:51
ioriaopv, apt full-upgrade17:51
lotuspsychjedeanc[l]: can you screenshot please17:52
becoollotuspsychje: it doesn't matter, it's the process i'm asking about17:52
opvioria: can't apparently. have broken dependencies which prevent apt from going forward17:52
lotuspsychjebecool: for volunteers to be able to help you its adviced you are on the computer that has issues17:53
ioriaopv, apt --fix-broken install17:53
deanc[l]lotuspsychje: ive no idea how to take a screenshot, but it's the right click prompt from right clicking on desktop, but only displaying 3 of the options17:53
lotuspsychjebecool: if not, you can join #ubuntu-discuss to 'wonder' about the process17:53
deanc[l]lotuspsychje: if i right click on the desktop again, it moves the permanent right click dialog with all the rigth options, and then as soon as i move the mouse away it collapses down to 3 and sits on top of all windows17:54
opvcan't. must run dpkg --configure -a before apt does anything, but that doesn't change anything17:54
opvdpkg doesn't fix the missing config due to broken dependencies17:54
opv& apt refuses to do dependencies bc of dpkg17:55
ioriaopv, we need to see those errors ....17:55
ioriaopv, maybe better to boot a livecd17:55
opvdifficult, the errors scroll by, and then it jumps back to the recovery menu17:55
opvi saw xwayland apparently is unconfigured17:55
ioriaopv, boot the  live17:56
opvdoes it have to be an ubuntu live17:56
deanc[l]lotuspsychje: https://imgur.com/a/sV4pIpx17:56
opvfsck... don't have one here17:56
ioriaopv, apt --fix-broken install  | nc term.com 999917:57
ioriaopv, apt --fix-broken install  | nc termbin.com 999917:57
opvsec pls17:57
lotuspsychjedeanc[l]: try xkill to kill the window17:58
deanc[l]lotuspsychje: which window :P17:59
lotuspsychjedeanc[l]: the desktop background options you wanna get rid of?17:59
ghydraI’ve tried to instrall nfs-kernel-server 9 times on ubuntu 18.04.3, I always get a missing dependency for NFSD. I’ve gone through all the posts about this issue using google. It Is Broken. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nfs-utils/+bug/1590799 https://askubuntu.com/questions/1113470/org-freedesktop-policykit1-was-not-provided-by-any-service-files17:59
ghydrahttps://www.mail-archive.com/search?l=ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com&q=subject:%22%5C%5BBug+1590799%5C%5D+Re%5C%3A+nfs%5C-kernel%5C-server+does+not+start+because+of+dependency+failure%22&o=newest&f=1 none of the solution presented in any of these sites worked.17:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1590799 in nfs-utils (Ubuntu Zesty) "nfs-kernel-server does not start because of dependency failure" [Medium,Fix released]17:59
lotuspsychje!pm | becool17:59
ubottubecool: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.17:59
opvioria: i posted to termbin but didn't get an url back. works as designed?18:00
rootkeaHello! I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.1 and facing a very weird issue. Some of the symptoms are 1. When I open any application the cursor control immediately jumps at the end of the screen e.g. If I have opened Firefox then sites like reddit, youtube will start scrolling continuously on their own, If I have opened nautilus then it'll select the last directory/file automatically (even if I click on some other file it'll immediately jump to the said last file)18:00
becoolwhat's the best way to upgrade to the latest kernel on ubuntu 18?18:00
dclotuspsychje: it's not a window though, and it managed to kill my terminal :P18:00
tomreynrootkea: install all the pending updates, reboot, and come back if the issues prevail.18:00
becoolbuild the kernel from source or is there a native binary for upgrading just the kernel specifically?18:01
=== dc is now known as deanc
ioriaopv, cd /home/$USER18:01
tomreynbecool: why do you need to run a higher version kernel?18:01
ioriaopv, $USER = your user18:01
ioriaopv, pwd18:02
opvthe regular one, not root i assume18:02
becooltomreyn: are there security fixes in higher kernel versions?18:02
ioriaopv, pwd18:02
opvi'm in the right directory, no worries :D18:02
plytrobecool: you can update the kernel with just apt18:02
plytrono reason to build from source18:02
ioriaopv, apt --fix-broken install  > mylog18:03
becoolplytro: thanks. what's the syntax for upgrading the kernel with apt?18:03
plytrowhat is the goal with your planned kernel upgrade, just an upgrade?18:03
tomreynbecool: there are updated kernels which receive backported security patches.18:03
lotuspsychjebecool: its the factoid i already forwarded to you, you didnt want to accept18:03
OerHeksthat would be !hwe18:03
tomreynbecool: and there are kernel upgrades, if you really need a higher kernel version18:03
becoolyeah, just an upgrade. want to be running the latest as long as it won't break anything18:03
plytrobecool - https://phoenixnap.com/kb/how-to-update-kernel-ubuntu18:03
opvioria: https://termbin.com/xd1118:03
OerHekslotuspsychje, +118:03
becoolto take advantage of the best drivers, etc.18:03
ioriaopv, is that all ?18:04
becoolplytro: cool thanks, that was userful advice18:04
OerHeksplytro, that ukuu is not supported here, do you help him out?18:04
plytroapt full-upgrade will get you the latest kernel18:04
ioriaopv, dpkg --configure -a > mylog18:04
opvthat suggested dpkg command doesn't change things18:04
opvcause of the dependency issues18:05
plytroOerHeks: define ukuu18:05
becooldoes ubuntu 18 only support a certain number of kernel versions?18:05
lotuspsychjedeanc: did you try a reboot?18:05
OerHeksplytro, read your own url18:05
becooli want to make sure the release supports whatever i upgrade to18:05
deanclotuspsychje: that would be the nuclear option :p18:05
deanclotuspsychje: im certain a reboot will fix, but ofc i'd like to avoid that18:06
OerHeksukuu gives mainline kernels, those are just for testing18:06
ghydranfs + ubuntu 18 = does not work.18:06
lotuspsychjedeanc: affraid to reboot on ubuntu-desktop?18:06
plytroOerHeks: it says run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:06
deanclotuspsychje: i just dont want to have to rebuild my tmux session18:06
ioriaopv,   cat /etc/apt/sources.list   | nc termbin.com 999918:06
plytroOerHeks: you went all the way to the Option C18:07
makr8100on 16.04 I had a failed drive and a failing drive, replaced both and replicated, but bootloader didn't install18:07
makr8100grub-install outputs "The file /boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly."18:07
makr8100any ideas?  googling seems to have all sorts of scattered info and nothing really specific18:08
OerHeksplytro, so might the person who reads this blog..18:08
plytromaybe they can learn something18:08
lotuspsychjeplytro: we reccomend linking mostly ubuntu factoids & official wiki's here as much as possible18:09
becoolturns out the safest way to upgrade the kernel in ubuntu is 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'18:09
ioriaopv,   ls  /etc/apt/sources.list.d   | nc termbin.com 999918:09
plytrobecool: which updates everything to the latest18:09
plytroall pacakges18:09
plytrokernel included18:09
tomreynthe latest versions available within your ubuntu release / your configured apt sources.18:09
opvioria: apt only looks at *.list files, right?18:09
becoolwhile ensuring all dependencies are included as well18:10
becooldoes apt full-upgrade upgrade everything as well?18:10
ioriaopv,   do you have ppa's installed ?18:10
plytrowell more correctly stated - everything installed an managed from an apt repo18:10
opvioria: i have a couple of additional repos, namely kxstudio, teamviewer, and vivaldi18:10
opvmost of them are duplicates, with .save and .distUpgrade18:11
opvthough they still have *.list files too. hence my asking18:11
opvlooking at them shows everything is commented out18:12
opv(cat *.list | grep -v \#)18:12
ioriaopv,   yep,  cat /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log | nc termbin.com 999918:13
becoolplytro: looks like we've covered a couple different commands that can be used to upgrade the kernel. is there any pro/con to using 'do-release-upgrade' instead of the other commands?18:13
opvioria: don't have a main.log, only main.log.partial. assume you want that one?18:13
becoolhard to tell which command is best to use without understanding the details18:13
plytrobecool: have you looked at any docs?18:13
plytroapt and do-release upgarde are very different18:14
becoolstill reading18:14
ioriaopv,   ok, that18:14
OerHeksbecool, time to do some reading. why would we copy paste here??18:14
tomreynbecool: you could read some of the documentationyou've been pointed to, then you could better grasp the fundamental differences in these tools.18:14
plytroand do-release-upgarde may not do anything depending on your settings18:14
becoolreading docs now18:14
becoolplytro: ah, good to know18:14
plytroi'm sitting over here with a dumb problem that I just live with in xubuntu18:14
plytrowhen I connect to a monitor at a higher resolution the task bar at the bottom is included in window maximum size when I maximize a window. When I go back to a lower resolution it no longer counts the bottom of my maximized windows hide behind it18:15
opvioria: i have two folders in there, date and timestamp show the upgrade time. want the first one or the newer one?18:16
opvfirst one has main.log, later one also has apt logs18:16
becoolis there a way to flush the old kernel from GRUB after a kernel upgrade?18:16
plytroyeah but it doesn't matter if it's there18:17
tomreynbecool: how much documentation have you been reading during those 2 minutes before you asked the next question?18:17
ioriaopv,   paste main.log18:17
opvioria: in chronological order, ax7e and gx2z18:18
becoolplytro: i don't want anyone to ever "accidentally" choose it18:18
becoolmulti-user system with a lot of room for people to make the wrong choice at boot18:18
opvsecond one also has apt, apt-term and history18:18
ioriaopv,   ok...  ll /var/lib/dpkg/   | nc termbin.com 99918:19
ioriaopv,   ok...  ll /var/lib/dpkg/   | nc termbin.com 999918:19
plytrobut if you run apt-get autoremove it will dump your old kernels from the system and as a side affect, grub18:20
becoolah, gotcha. thanks18:20
opvioria: yk5f18:20
ioriaopv,   mv /var/lib/dpkg/status    /var/lib/dpkg/status.back18:21
opvthen retry dpkg config all?18:22
ioriaopv,  touch  /var/lib/dpkg/status18:22
ioriaopv,  apt update18:22
opv"all packages up to date"18:23
tomreynplytro: if you were just stating that the grub* packages or grub boot code get removed when you "sudo apt autoremove", then i'd disagree. but i may have misunderstood.18:23
ioriaopv,  apt clean18:23
plytrodump your old kernels from the system and as a side affect, from grub as well18:24
ioriaopv,  apt full-upgrade18:24
plytrocorrected verbiage18:24
becoolukuu seems like a pretty cool util for upgrading/removing a kernel18:24
plytronever used it18:24
opvioria: must run dpkg config all first18:24
ioriaopv,  ok18:24
tomreynplytro: thanks for clarifying.18:24
opvrun that, get r67218:24
becoolit's gui based, i haven't used a gui in years18:25
lotuspsychje!discuss | becool18:26
ubottubecool: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!18:26
ioriaopv,   ls ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/ | grep friendly   | nc termbin.com 999918:27
ioriaopv,    ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/ | grep friendly   | nc termbin.com 999918:27
opvlist, md5sums, postinst, postrm, preinst, prerm18:28
ioriaopv,    dpkg -l systemd-sysv18:29
opvnot installed. i assume you wanted to grep for it18:29
iorianot installed ? weird18:30
opvdpkg -l | grep does not yield results18:30
opvthough i've found this:18:30
Flexmani have problems with the sound card of an Asus E200H, this has a cx2072x which does not seem to work with Linux out of the box18:31
ioriaopv,    that is an 'important' package ... i don'tget why is not installed ...18:31
opvcan i purge friendly and try again? seems it's the only package that's still making problems18:32
opvdon't have to have a curses gui as long as have shell18:32
ioriaopv,    probably dpkg will error (we'll need to purge the config files); but try  dpkg -P friendly-recovery18:33
tomreynFlexman: see comment 113 https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=115531#c11318:34
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 115531 in Sound(ALSA) "Missing codec driver cx2072x, add support for it" [Blocking,New]18:34
opvseems to me like it's hanging. shouldn't be taking this long18:35
Flexmanubottu: but this problem is known since 2016, so i guess it won't be fixed soon. Is there anything I can do about now?18:35
opvthough no errors or anything. just stuck at removal18:35
plytroFlexman: ubotu is a bot18:36
ioriaopv, wait a bit and then kill it18:36
opvwow... can't even kill it. no ctrl+c18:36
OerHeksFlexman,  a fix, and it seems that kernel 5.3 will have a fix https://github.com/heikomat/linux/tree/cx2072x/cx2072x_fixes_and_manual18:36
opvi'd have to ctrl alt del or something18:37
plytrothe link says it will appear in 5.3 which is in RC8 state as of yesterday and then the time to drop into an ubuntu package18:37
tomreyn!mainline | Flexman: You could try a mainline kernel (and a 5.3 release candidate there)18:37
ubottuFlexman: You could try a mainline kernel (and a 5.3 release candidate there): The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds18:37
ioriaopv, nope, run ps -A | nc termbin.com 999918:37
EriC^^opv: try to type "xkill" in another terminal, then click on the dpkg window18:37
ioriaEriC^^, is in Recovery mode18:38
opvdon't have another tty18:38
opvcannot run anything, cannot ctrl+c18:38
FlexmanOerHeks: Kernel is Kernel is 5.0.0-27-generic, I'm using Lubuntu. So how can i switch to 5.3 there?18:38
opvhave to hard-reset18:38
ioriaopv, yep, sy about that18:38
EriC^^opv: try "ctrl+z"18:38
tomreynFlexman: ...or you could build your own kernel or use the pre-built ones at https://askubuntu.com/questions/1001071/how-to-build-the-driver-for-cx2072x-codec18:38
EriC^^that should background it, then type kill %118:38
EriC^^opv: ^18:38
EriC^^yikes, try ctrl+alt+del to restart18:38
tomreynFlexman: neither of these options are supported here, i'm afraid.18:39
opvthough the kernel doesn't seem to be hanging, i still get a light on numlock18:39
opvyeah, ctrlaltdel it took18:39
Flexmantomreyn: ok, so there is no solution for Lubuntu yet?18:39
ioriaopv, reboot, shift, grub , advanced , enable network, root shell18:39
opvyes, back in root shell18:39
ioriaopv,   dpkg -l | grep friengly-recovery18:40
opvi could dpkg config all now18:40
opvpackage is marked with pF18:40
tomreynFlexman: i would think there is no support for this codec in any ubuntu release (or flavour) at this time.18:40
ioriaopv,  change to your home18:41
opvapt full-upgrade says -f install to correct deps. go for it i assume18:41
vijuHello ioria, could you help me with a problem? I cannot logout. It brings me back to the same desktop I logged in. A few weeks ago, somebody said there's a problem with my bashrc but I couldn't find and fix it.18:41
ioriaopv,  cd /home/myuser18:41
tomreynFlexman: that's not a shortcoming of ubuntu, though, but of the hardware manufacturer, not (or not properly) supporting linux, though.18:41
opvwhat next18:41
ghydranfs does not work on ubuntu 18. i’m literally using python3 simple http server to share files instead. Wow, broken. smh18:41
ioriaopv,  mkdir  friend18:41
opvgo on18:42
ioriaopv,  mv mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/friendly-recovery*  /home/myuser/friend18:42
ioriaopv,  mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/friendly-recovery*  /home/myuser/friend18:42
EriC^^viju: i can try helping, you mean when you press logout on the icon, it logs out then immediately back in the desktop?18:42
ioriaopv,  apt purge friendly-recovery18:42
Flexmantomreyn: as usual. :( but it seems there is some driver you can build into your kernel.18:42
ioriaopv,  apt update18:43
opvall up to date18:43
vijuEriC^^, the taskbar goes away for sometime and they come back, with some dialog box that asks me to enter keyring password18:43
ioriaopv,  apt full-upgrade18:43
opvinstalling packages18:44
opvfriendly is not one of them18:44
ioriano prb (for now)18:44
vijuEriC^^, yes, forgot to answer that part.18:44
opvbut libc, libgcc, systemd and some other rather important ones18:44
Flexmantomreyn: thank you, i'll check what i can do there.18:44
tomreynFlexman: at some point, ubuntu 18.04 LTS will ship a kernel version via linux-generic-hwe-18.04-edge18:44
Flexmantomreyn: that means?18:45
tomreynFlexman: that you could then install this package and benefit from the newly introduced support in linux 5.318:45
tomreyna bit earlier than that, the latest ubuntu (non LTS) release should have a 5.3 kernel and thus support it.18:45
Flexmanah ok, so with 5.3 it should work18:45
ioriaopv be right back in 10 min18:45
EriC^^viju: what happens if you try to log out from a terminal? try "sudo login <your username>" type the password, then type "exit"18:45
opvioria: done. try reboot? or other things to do first18:45
Flexmanwill that be installable on lubuntu too?18:45
ioriaopv wait ...18:46
tomreynFlexman: that's what the comment on the bug report i pointed you to states anyways.18:46
ioriaopv  dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999918:46
vijuEriC^^, it prints logout18:47
Flexmanaaah i got it, thats great!18:47
opvno matches18:47
Flexmantomreyn: how is the releation with ubuntu and lubuntu? can i update to this kernal later in lubuntu too?18:47
ioriaopv    run  'dpkg -l | grep linux-image '18:48
EriC^^viju: alright, try 'ps aux | grep -E "gdm|lightdm" | nc termbin.com 9999' and paste the link here18:48
tomreynFlexman: yes, kernels and the package archives are shared amongst all official ubuntu flavours.18:48
tomreyn!flavor | Flexman18:48
ubottuFlexman: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours18:48
Ploppzin a docker image, I run `sudo apt-get update` followed by `sudo apt-get install -y aws-cli` but it says `E: Unable to locate package aws-cli`18:49
vijuEriC^^, https://termbin.com/1xvmp18:49
opvioria: no matches. in fact the only matches for 'linux' are libselinux1 and util-linux18:49
Flexmantomreyn: ok great, so there will be a solution soon. :)18:49
EriC^^viju: that's the problem, you have numerous session childs18:49
ioriaopv    we have a problem .... be right back in 10 min18:49
Flexmanthis sounds like 5.3 is not officially relesed yet?18:50
tomreynFlexman: to complete the previous statement: sometimes flavors may add extra package archives.18:50
vijuEriC^^, what can be done to fix?18:50
EriC^^viju: i wonder what happens if you do "kill 2516" and "kill 2517" , if you have any work you need saved, save it before trying though in case it logs out by itself18:50
tomreynFlexman: right, linux 5.3 is not released, yet. it is curreently in release candidate (rc) state: https://www.kernel.org/18:50
Flexmanok thank you18:51
EriC^^viju: i found this thread on the problem https://askubuntu.com/questions/1058015/unable-to-end-session-log-out-using-lightdm-16-0418:51
EriC^^viju: seems one guy removed some pam related packages, the other guy opt'd to switch to gdm18:51
Aavar_Whenever I am using a external monitor (hdmi) with my laptop (intel graphics) I get these weird artifacts in dark areas on the display. Blinking green pixels... Have anyone experienced that?18:52
EriC^^viju: did you try killing the 2 sessions manually, just to see what happens?18:53
vijuI thought I would give uninstallation of the package a try18:54
vijuDo you think I should try killing the process first?18:54
EriC^^nah if you have kwallet stuff installed might as well i guess18:54
Ploppznever mind it's actually `awscli`..18:55
=== Aavar_ is now known as Aavar
ioriaopv    ls /boot | nc termbin.com 999918:57
vijuEriC^^, that didn't work. Should I kill the process now?18:58
EriC^^viju: maybe you need to restart completely before it will help18:59
vijuwill do18:59
opvioria: wb. 42qy18:59
ioriaopv  not good ....   df -h  | nc termbin.com 999919:00
opvstill got room19:01
opvit has to have a kernel, it's recovery-booting after all... where's the issue exactly?19:01
ioriaopv  cat /etc/fstab  | nc termbin.com 999919:02
|Anthony|anyone know if/when this fix will be included for us plebs https://cgit.freedesktop.org/drm/drm/commit/?h=drm-fixes&id=72cda9bb5e219aea0f2f62f56ae05198c59022a719:02
|Anthony|failing that, where do i get the info to apply the patch myself19:02
|Anthony|it's been so long since i've done any linuxing19:03
ioriaopv  apt-cache policy linux-generic   | nc termbin.com 999919:03
|Anthony|or git even19:03
ioriaopv  apt install --reinstall  linux-generic19:04
opvrunning. with lots of dependencies19:04
AavarDid samba change the location of smb.conf in a resent release?19:04
vijuHey EriC^^ logout worked this time. Thanks for your help!!!19:06
EriC^^viju: great! no problem19:06
tomreynAavar: we only support the samba releases packaged for (and when used on) ubuntu here. if there are changes across ubuntu release upgrades which affect system services, you should finddocumentation on it on the release notes for the release you're upgrading to.19:07
tomreyn!releasenotes | Aavar19:08
ubottuAavar: For release notes of a given Ubuntu release, please refer to the 'Docs' column on the 'List of releases' table at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases19:08
Aavartomreyn: I was thinking about the package for 18.04. That being said, I can read the release notes :)19:09
opvioria: finished. with warnings that /etc/ld.so.conf.d/linux image can't be found19:09
Ben64Aavar: still in the normal place on my 18.04 system19:09
AavarBen64: Where is that? /etc/samba/smb.conf?19:10
AavarBen64: weird... mine is missing for some reason. I'll reinstall the package :)19:11
ioriaopv  apt-cache policy  apt    | nc termbin.com 999919:11
opvis installed, 1.6.11 from bionic19:11
ioriaopv  apt-cache policy  systemd-sysv    | nc termbin.com 999919:12
opvnot installed19:12
ioriaopv  apt install --reinstall  systemd-sysv19:12
opvdependency prob of python3-dbus, python3 not configured19:13
AavarBen64: thank you :)19:14
opvalso ldconfig keeps throwing the warning about not finding the linux-gnu_EGL and GL.conf in ld.so.conf.d19:14
ioriai have a bad feeling about that19:14
ioriaopv  apt install --reinstall  python3 python3-dbus19:16
opvinternal error, no file name for python3:amd6419:16
opvwhich is weird, cause i can find it in apt-cache19:17
ioriaopv  dpkg --configure -a19:17
AavarI accidentally added i386 as an arcitecture to my server and would like to remove it. I tried sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386, but it gave me this error: dpkg: error: cannot remove architecture 'i386' currently in use by the database19:17
opvioria: termbin.com/bt4d19:18
tomreynAavar: -add-architecture would add, not remove it, the error message you quotes does not seem to match the command you state you hae run19:18
Aavartomreyn: sorry, wrong paste. I ran "remove-architecture19:19
tomreynAavar: generally, to remove a secondary architecture, uninstall all packages of this architecture first.19:19
Aavartomreyn: Figures :) THank you19:19
tomreyndpkg -l *:i38619:20
ioriaopv  apt --fix-broken install19:22
opvsame result19:22
opvi'm a saaaaad panda19:23
sarnoldopv: is 8iho0 a password that you need to change somewhere? (if so hopefully to a better password)19:24
opvsarnold: no no, termbin.com/8hio019:25
ioriame too19:25
sarnoldI get a 404 there19:25
opvyeah, cause i typoed the full url19:26
opviho not hio19:26
opvbe honest with me... it's fscked, right19:27
ioriaopv  dpkg -l | grep python3     | nc termbin.com 999919:27
gimpnixonhi everyone19:28
sarnoldhi gimpnixon19:29
gimpnixonI had a quick question about an app i have installed. On my desktop computer i have wine-stable installed. that is it. no other wine packages. and on my laptop when i try to install wine-stable it trys to bring in 1G of packages and every other wine/wine32/wine64 package with wine-stable. both computers are running 19.10. what could cause one computer to only draw in stable. wine v 3,0 and the other one19:31
gimpnixontry to draw in wine-stable. v3.0 with wine64 and wine and wine 32 v 4.02-1 ?? the reason i'm tryign to do this i a program i use works on the desktop on wine-stable v 3 and not on laptop with the same wine install command because it draws in wine v 4.02-119:31
sarnoldgimpnixon: perhaps one machine has apt configured to bring in Recommended packages automatically, and the other one may be configured to not bring in Recommended packages automatically19:32
gimpnixonsarnold that is a good idea, but on the laptop which trys to bring in a ton of stuff there are actually more Recommended packages that  I could choose to bring in, so i'm not sure if this is entirely the case. where can i look to check the configureation at if I may ask?19:33
sarnoldgimpnixon: $ apt-config dump | grep Recommends19:34
sarnoldAPT::Install-Recommends "1";19:34
sarnoldit's harder to describe *where* it can be set, and what to look for, but this command is very convenient to see what the status *is* :)19:35
gimpnixonyeah mine says 1, is this mean it is trying to pull in other stuff. let me check the desktop real quick for grep recommends19:35
sarnoldyes, this means apt will install a bunch of other packages that might or might not be helpful19:35
gimpnixonthe desktop is also set to 1.19:36
ioriaopv  try again apt install --reinstall python319:36
sarnoldhmm, then perhaps you've just selected other packages to install at some point19:36
gimpnixonhow can i change this to 0 for to test if it helps the laptop install only wine-stable?19:36
sarnoldit's easy to change it once, eg apt install --no-install-recommends wine-stable  (I think that's it..)19:36
dbuggerI have a weird issue. My audio sometimes goes silent, and I need to change it (by software) a couple times, to hear it again. Like for instance, I have to set the volume from 20 to 60%, so I can hear it again... Why could this be??19:37
opvioria: internal error, no file name for python319:37
ioriaopv  apt-cache policy python3     | nc termbin.com 999919:37
gimpnixonthis is much better, yes. but I think my issue is that it is installing both a wine 4.0.2-1 and ontop of it wine-stable v3.019:38
opvsays is installed, 3.6.7-1~18.0419:38
ioriai wanna see it , please19:38
gimpnixonsarnold, with the command you recommended i pass it is only trying to bring in 230MB instead of upwarsd to 1G and it is only saying to install libwine libvkd3dl wine wine-stable and wine6419:39
gimpnixonwhere wine64 and wine, are both versions 4.0.2-1 and wine-stable is v3.019:40
ioriaopv  apt purge python3-gi19:40
opvdone. with the previous dpkg config issue19:41
opvalso offers autoremoval of some packages. do it?19:41
ioriaopv  can you paste them ?19:41
opvfor you, anything19:42
gimpnixonsarnold, but this behavior is not present on my desktop system, only my laptop.19:43
gimpnixonBasically the same install process on each, i try to keep them simular for maintainability19:43
=== argusbr is now known as argus
sarnoldgimpnixon: so.. my usual next step in trying to figure out why something was brought in, is to try to delete the thing in question and see what apt complains about :) apt purge .. the unwanted package and see if apt complains?19:44
=== argus is now known as Guest52205
ioriaopv  dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq python319:45
gimpnixonsarnold, All wine has been already purged from my laptop system. I am not willing to recreate this process on the desktop unfortunatally just in case because i have a working system over there at the moment.19:45
sarnoldgimpnixon: heh, makes sense19:45
opvioria: cannot bc python3-dbus19:45
ioriaopv  dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq python3 python3-dbus19:46
ioriaopv  dpkg -l | grep  python3     | nc termbin.com 999919:47
ioriaopv  apr install --reinstall python3 python3-dbus19:47
gimpnixonthe thing is that on my laptop the application in question was complaining about illegal 32 bit process, and core dumping. this has not been replicatable with wine-stable on the desktop, only in wine 4.0.2-1 on the laptop. but i'm getting no choice at all to only install wine-stable. without it pulling also v 4.0.2-1. I'm reluctant to install from ppa as i have a really clean system with only apt19:48
opvinternal error, no file name for python319:49
gimpnixonis there a way to flag packages for to not be installed? I'm reading some of the apt informations online and i'm not seeing much in the way of to flag packages19:49
sarnoldopv: waaaah? can you pastebin the whole thing?19:50
opvyes, immediately. i tried to recreate the issue to get a passte19:50
opvit's a bit tricky with stdout, stderr, and apt still wanting me to press Y19:50
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opvthen i try again, and it throws that error i mentioned, no file name19:51
NegativeFlareopv: have you tried apt clean. then installing it?19:52
* NegativeFlare hopes he's reading this right19:52
opvsame error19:52
opvno file name for python2:amd6419:52
newdimensionThere was a new update for Python on apt. Where can I read about the changes in the update? It's not a Python update as far as I know. I'm thinking it's an update to the ubuntu specific one?19:53
OerHeks!info python3.619:53
ubottupython3.6 (source: python3.6): Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.6). In component main, is important. Version 3.6.8-1~18.04.2 (bionic), package size 196 kB, installed size 326 kB19:53
OerHeksthis should be installed already19:54
sarnoldopv: I can't see "no file name" anywhere in that paste, is that the correct one?19:54
opvsarnold: that's the original error. when i run the command again i get that no file name error. sec19:54
newdimensionOerHeks: The update was python3.7:amd64 (3.7.3-2, 3.7.3-2ubuntu0.1)19:55
newdimensionI'm trying to find out what 3.7.3-2 is. Python versions go 3.7.3 then 3.7.419:55
ioriaopv  apt-cache policy  systemd     | nc termbin.com 999919:55
OerHekshttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python3.7 current versions19:56
tomreynnewdimension: apt changelog python3.719:56
ioriaopv  i'am giving up19:58
hggdhnewdimension: probably https://usn.ubuntu.com/4127-1/19:58
opvioria: it's ok... that's 2 hours you've been debugging this19:58
ioriaprobably a bug , not sure19:59
opvi'm very thankful for your very gracious help19:59
ioriano prob19:59
newdimensiontomreynm hggdh: Thanks!19:59
newdimensionI was never clear on this: who released this, the Ubuntu team or the Python team?19:59
opvtime to save some files then...19:59
opvshame, the install was really customized and everything, had a lot of work put into there20:00
EriC^^opv: what's the problem?20:00
hggdhnewdimension: I would expect this to have been an embargo-ed security fix (meaning prolly fixed by upstream, and with a coodinated release)20:00
opvEriC^^: do-release-upgrade bugged out, now very much fscked state. i'm sure ioria can elaborate on the issue20:00
ioriaEriC^^, basically, broken packages20:00
sarnoldopv: cripes, this is ugly :(20:00
opvcause all i see is package fsckery20:00
EriC^^opv: hmm20:01
sarnoldit probably can be salvaged, but whether or not it's worth the effort vs a new install..20:01
newdimensionhggdh: I see, how did you the link? Where does apt changelog pull data from?20:01
opvdepends... the install had a lot of customization, tweaks for audio, etc20:01
ioriaEriC^^, http://termbin.com/otem20:01
opvit'd be pretty painful to recreate all that20:01
newdimension*how did you find the link20:02
hggdhnewdimension: (1) I subscribed to Ubuntu security announcements; (2) it pulls it from the source package changelog20:02
hggdhnewdimension: also, new security fixes are published in the security pocket. So, when you do a (full-)upgrade, you will see some packages been downloaded from security.ubuntu.com20:04
EriC^^opv: you could save a list of all the programs you have, and have them autoinstall after you clean install, and also backup your home dir, it would have any user configs and program configs/customizations20:04
hggdhnewdimension: also, you can always run apt-cache policy <package name>20:04
opvEriC^^: if this is really the end of the line, yeah. backup homedir, reinstall from scratch20:05
opvthough it'll be a debian. at least i'm familiar with that20:05
newdimensionhggdh: What does apt-cache policy return? I see package repository (?) links20:06
newdimensionAlso, am I missing it or is changelog not part of the man for apt20:06
hggdhnewdimension: it shows which repository the installed package came from, and newer versions20:08
hggdhnewdimension: changelog is not part of the manual pages. You usually can get it (for installed packages off /usr/share/doc/<package name>20:08
tomreynnewdimension: if apt doesn't know what to do with a command it actually passes it to apt-get, i think. and apt-get has a "changelog" command20:09
opvwell... this is the end of the road20:09
opvthank you again for your help everyone20:09
newdimensiontomreyn: I guess that's what's happening. man apt-get does mention changelog20:09
hggdhopv: I am late, and apologise if already done. But have you tried https://askubuntu.com/questions/167784/how-to-resolve-e-internal-error-when-using-apt-get-remove20:09
tomreynnewdimension: and those downloads come from http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/20:10
opvthat's allright hggdh20:10
opvthe problem unfortunately is a lot deeper20:10
opvioria sacrificed 2 hours of lifetime on this20:11
opvwell... back to browsing with a phone for the near future20:11
opvgood night everyone20:11
opvand thank you again20:11
newdimensionOne last tangent from me: man pages are organized in sections with numbers e.g. (1) User commands. However, I don't see sections when I do man printf. Where are they?20:12
tomreynman printf will display PRINTF(1)20:14
tomreynnewdimension: ^ and under "SEE ALSO" refers to section 3, i.e. "man 3 printf"20:15
rootkeaHello! I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.3 and facing a very weird issue. Some of the symptoms are 1. When I open any application the cursor control immediately jumps at the end of the screen e.g. If I have opened Firefox then sites like reddit, youtube will start scrolling continuously on their own, If I have opened nautilus then it'll select the last directory/file automatically (even if I click on some other file it'll immediately jump to the said last file)20:15
gimpnixonSorry but got disconnect, I was still wondering if there was a way to tell apt to only install one package for example wine-stable v3.0 because when i apt install wine-stable. it also brings in wine v4.0.2-1 and wine64 v4.0.2-1 which i believe is causeing some conflict in mys system20:16
newdimensiontomreyn: How would one know how many sections there? See also would refer to what's relecant, and would not be exhaustive. Or would it ?20:16
newdimension*sections there are20:16
sarnoldrootkea: feels likely to be a stuck key somewhere; try hitting all of the pageup / pagedown, shift, control, alt, end, home, etc keys20:16
CarlFKwhat/where do I get origin? (i think  - I'm trying to build mainline kernal (to see if a patch applies) and it errors on ifeq ("$(origin V)", "command line")  ... origin: command not found20:17
rootkeasarnold, On terminal it prints ^[[F continuously. Though all the keys of my keypad are visibly not pressed maybe some key has some mechanical fault. May I know what key emits ^[[F20:19
sarnoldgimpnixon: can you pastebin the whole apt-get install -s wine-stable output? I don't see on my own system anything that looks like it'd be a wine 4, but I don't know what I'm looking for..20:19
EriC^^rootkea: if you can run "xev" it might show what's being pressed20:19
CarlFKrootkea: unplug your keyboard - if it fixes it, 'good' - if not, we know it isn't a stuck key20:21
gimpnixonsarnold, https://pastebin.com/KShBsL4q , in this paste bin you will see that only of wine-stable 3.0 it is tryign to bring in higer versions of wine ontop. this behaviour is not present on my desktop computer and I have only the wine-stable package installed with nothing else20:21
rootkeaEriC^^, Thanks. ^[[F is for End key. But End key on my laptop is in perfectly non-pressed condition. Also I should mention that this repeatedly pressed End key behavior only comes after some time.20:22
bfighello, i'm running ubuntu 18 and I'm having a vertical shearing issue. I am using one of my display sideways, and I'd like to know how to do two things: 1) reconfigure/reset buffer memory (they seem to resize themselves and generate weird glitches between each other), and enable double buffering on the window manager to avoid vertical shearing20:22
rootkeaCallek, It's a laptop and sadly I don't have an USB keyboard at hand right now.20:22
gimpnixonsarnold, on the desktop I do not have wine32 or wine or wine64 packages installed they never were installed or asked to be installed when i installed wine-stable20:22
rootkeaOops sorry!20:23
Callekno worry20:23
rootkeaCarlFK, ^20:23
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sarnoldgimpnixon: are you intentionally running the devel release eoan? that's pretty unusual (but thank you for beta testing things :)20:24
CarlFKrootkea: rats. I sometimes have problems where 'something' thinks a key is pressed, like tab, and so focus wizzes around.  pressing and releasing each of my shift/alt/ctrl keys eventually fixes it.  pretty sure it is software and not a physical key20:25
rootkeaCarlFK, Is there a way to disable the key programatically? Some tool I can use to just disable it altogether?20:26
OerHekssarnold, if eoan is on both machines.. good spot20:26
gimpnixonsarnold, Yes this is intentional, I am running v19.10 on both systems. I enjoy seeing the devel branches develope. sometimes I run into small issues but it is fun to work around them20:26
ubottuEoan Ermine is the codename for Ubuntu 19.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+120:26
rootkeaCarlFK, But this End key behavior is also observed during grub list so may be it's in fact hardware?20:27
gimpnixonsarnold, although this has been an unusual quark, but I honestly do not think that it is the devel branch fault about wine.20:27
OerHeksbugs and support for alpha releses is concentrated in 1 channel, gimpnixon20:28
gimpnixonOne thing I did think is that i am running different sources for each system, but the sources should be almost identicle as they are both offical ubuntu and sources shoudl not inperticularly effect what apt trys to pull down20:28
rootkeaCarlFK, May be my next course of action should be to use USB keyboard and see if it fixes the issue...20:29
gimpnixonsarnold shoudl i move to #ubuntu+1 ? or is that jsut an automated message?20:30
gimpnixonOerHeks, oh, ok.20:30
bfighello, i'm running ubuntu 18 and I'm having a vertical shearing issue. I am using one of my display sideways, and I'd like to know how to do two things: 1) reconfigure/reset buffer memory (they seem to resize themselves and generate weird glitches between each other), and enable double buffering on the window manager to avoid vertical shearing20:30
sarnoldgimpnixon: it's worth a try, folks in there are more likley to know the lay of the land :)20:30
gimpnixonalright. thank you guys for taking a look.20:31
sarnoldgimpnixon: I know neither wine well, nor follow devel closely, hehe20:31
CarlFKrootkea: somewhere I have a file that maps my 5 key to 'r' because my r key started to go.  but I got a new keyboard and undid that and can't find a trace of how I did it.   usb keybard is an easy test20:31
rootkeaCarlFK, https://superuser.com/questions/775785/how-to-disable-a-keyboard-key-in-linux-ubuntu looks promising!20:33
kur1janyone have any suggestions/ideas on why I would be getting this https://gist.github.com/vaskokj/96fc2ad530f7bde1dcac304fe52d730820:41
Lantoraxkur1j: it looks like an nfs crash, but that's as far as my knowledge goes20:48
rootkeaCarlFK, xmodmap -e 'keycode 115 = NoSymbol' disabled the End key and fixed the issue for me!20:48
CarlFKrootkea:  yay!!  xmodmap sounds like what I used..20:48
CarlFKrootkea: yep - bashrc # xmodmap -e "keycode  14 = r"20:49
rootkeaCarlFK, As for the grub I'll have to stick with my current strategy of keeping up arrow pressed (to go to first entry) and then pressing Enter20:49
CarlFKrootkea: check ebay and such for a new/used keyboard20:50
rootkeaCarlFK, That's the plan. Disabling End key is just a workaround till I get the new keypad for my laptop. Thanks for your help! :)20:51
gimpnixonin #ubuntu+1 not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. unfortunatally20:51
merpnderpI'm wanting to set up an Ubuntu server I can remote into to do graphical work on. What are the options for creating remote sessions on Ubuntu? I'll be running things like Blender, GIMP and Godot.21:01
sarnoldI only ever used ssh -X but some folks like vnc21:09
merpnderpsarnold: looks like xrdp is a pretty solid solution.21:11
merpnderpI'm just wondering if it is fast enough to stream video content.21:12
merpnderpAt work I remoted into a work machine and fired up a Godot project and ran it, and I couldn't detect any lag in the rendered game.21:12
merpnderpI just don't know if xrdp will be as fast as the microsoft rdp serve.r21:13
OerHeksno, speed and detail will be disappointing21:14
sarnoldman I can't imagine streaming video21:16
sarnoldI have to admit I've never tried :)21:16
sarnoldI just assumed it would be pretty dissapointing21:16
merpnderpGoogle's Stadia is apparently going to stream video fast enough to play FPS's over the network.21:18
sarnoldI can't wait to see how well it works out21:23
sarnoldanbox is doing the same thing..21:23
tomreynnewdimension: if you run "man man" you'll see a list of section that (may) exist21:23
doug16kpeople aren't too worried about the framerate, the concern is for latency21:23
doug16khard to believe it will be low enough for fps21:23
newdimensiontomreyn: So people just try and see if the section they're interested in exists?21:23
merpnderpI just ran a Godot demo on my work machine that I'm remoted into, and it was a moving ocean scene that my work laptop could only do at 26FPS, and I'm pretty sure it was getting streamed to my laptop at around 26fps. The box was moving in the waves fairly smoothly and felt like 26fps wouldn't be too far off.21:25
tomreynnewdimension: you can guess the section (e.g. 5 for configuration files) or you can run man against a command or package name without providing a section, and see what gives. see "man man" to understand how sections are searched by default.21:27
newdimensionok, thank you21:28
tomreyn-> MANSECT21:28
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/21:29
doug16kyou more mouse to shoot noob that just engaged you, delay sending packet to server, server is running other games, you eventually get cpu quantum, game render queued in gpu command queue behind 10 other people's games, gpu eventually gets your render done, gpu commands compress your video stream, video encoding eventually queued on their network card, data eventually gets onto network, your machine receives video data, queues commands21:30
doug16kto render it on your desktop. now it is ages since you aimed at the noob21:30
doug16keven if at 60 or more fps21:30
doug16knot to mention getting ill because there is a noticible delay between you aiming left and right and the screen changing. gotta see that latency low enough not to be sick. I don't see how. not suitable for first person shooter (fps)21:34
tomreyni have a feeling this (stadia, FPS when streaming video) chat would be better had in #ubuntu-offtopic21:34
doug16kya your'e right. Im done :D21:34
merpnderptomreyn: well it kind of is on topic as I'm trying to figure out the best Ubuntu remote desktop server, but xrdp appears to be a good choice, but yeah, it meandered offtopic quickly. Sorry.21:35
doug16kmerpnderp, locally, on a LAN, remoting a machine running one game, it isn't nearly as bad of a problem as I described21:39
merpnderpdoug16k: I'll have to see what Ubuntu's default config is for xrdp, but it looks like the protocol can scale up to 60fps, which for a 1080p resolution I'm guessing is something like a 40Mb stream......doable.21:40
merpnderpOh, looks like that's only 20Mbps21:41
ryugunsQuick question21:46
ryugunsI'm about to compress a whole bunch of files, but I need to preserve the "date created" and "date last modified" metadata21:47
ryugunsWhat would be the best compression format to use?21:47
ryugunsI know this isn't strictly Ubuntu related, but it's the most relevant channel I could've thought of21:47
sarnoldryuguns: can you specify what exactly you're trying to do? very few unix-ish filesystems store a file *create* time21:53
ryugunssarnold: Yes, my mistake, in my mind, I swapped it out for "accessed" and "modified"21:54
ryugunsI'm guessing Ext4 doesn't store creation times?21:54
ryugunsI am trying to store ~15Gb of files (mostly images/videos) in an archive for later use21:55
banisterfiendhi all, is it possible to use awk to extract the data from specific named colomns rather than the column number? i.e the first line in the output determines the name of the column, so i want to be able to say (pseudo code): awk 'colomn_name="NetIf"{print $data}'. or some such21:56
banisterfiendalternatiely another tool other than awk?21:56
ryugunsThe files are from a FAT SD card from a phone, I'd like to keep those files info, including those times21:56
sarnoldext4 *might* be able to do the create time, but I'm not sure what userland utilities can read it back out again :) statx(2) syscall can read it, and ext4(5) suggests it sets aside space *to* store it, but doesn't say outright that it does store it..21:56
sarnoldryuguns: depending upon what you're doing with it, it might be easier to use dd to grab an image of the SD card and store that as a single blob21:57
ryugunssarnold: What tools would you recommend for doing this?21:58
ryugunsIs it better than just putting them in an archive?21:58
sarnoldryuguns: well, it depends a bit why you're doing it21:59
sarnoldryuguns: I really like the dd of the SD card because it *is* the filesystem, as is, in one blob, and it's a short simple line to store it exactly as it was on the card -- which is nice if you want to put it back, or always intend to send the whole thing to someone else as a block, etc..22:00
ryugunssarnold: My goal is just upgrading the SD card in my Android phone, I will be transferring the files to the new SD card ~120gb from the old ~15gb one22:02
sarnoldryuguns: cool cool :)22:02
catbadger my / filesystem is locking down to read only on a production server, i'm just getting the runaround from IBM22:02
sarnoldcatbadger: check dmesg, are there fs errors or block dewvice errors?22:03
ryugunssarnold: Admittedly, I don't know much about different file systems, which is why I'm hesitant to store it as a blob22:03
sarnoldryuguns: so... my suggestion: use dd to make a copy of your card, then you can stick the card on the shelf for safe keeping :) use dd to write the image to the *new* card (be careful that you use it to write your card, not your hard drive..) ; then use a tool like http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man1/fatresize.1.html to resize the filesystem on the new card, and see how well it worked22:05
sarnoldryuguns: if it worked, success and happyness yay :) if it didn't, well, you';ve still got the sd card, you've still got the image on your machine22:05
ryugunssarnold, great. Thanks for the help22:07
catbadgerIBM server22:07
catbadgersarnold. checking now22:07
catbadgersarnold blk_update_request: I/O error, dev xvda, sector 262952022:08
sarnoldcatbadger: interesting; is xvda a 'virtual' device in a cloud computing environment? do you have access to the servers that host that storage?22:10
catbadgersort of22:14
sarnoldI guess it's possible that it could also be networking problems between the storage machines and the compute machine22:14
catbadgerit's a problem. their support is useless. i'd never put a new client on IBM22:19
catbadgerthey passed the buck on me for 6 hours telling me to do various things, and when they shut down for the day, i'm sitting here going "well fml, my client couldn't make money today and that's my fault"22:19
tomreynif the virtualization host runs linux, and it uses storages connected via sata, sas or usb, you can run smartctl -x against its storages.22:22
catbadgerI can only access virtual servers, not the host. it's hosted at IBM22:23
tomreynpass the i/O errors to their support then22:24
catbadgeri did. they are closed.22:25
tomreynunfortunate :-/ but this is most likely not an ubuntu support issue.22:26
catbadgerthank you22:28
sarnoldcatbadger: wait, this isn't *your* cloud but IBM's cloud??22:32
catbadgerthat is good. I can explain to my million-dollar client that it's not the small development company's fault, but the billion-dollar cor22:32
sarnoldcatbadger: you really ought to be able to find someone who can help nail down why ou're getting IO errors to your storage. that's not cool.22:32
catbadgeri called. the chat was down, but i got a guy at the callcenter22:35
catbadgerthanks for the help guys22:37
sarnoldoh good good, that's more like it :)22:38
catbadgerwidepread issue22:52
catbadgeryou nailed it. thanks again22:52
xaviergmailHi, I'm running an Ubuntu server and I'm getting into some semi complex firewall rules. I've been using ufw so far but I want something a bit easier to manage. I've used OPNSense on another box for a while and like it a lot23:08
xaviergmailI don't want to install an X server and use SSH X forwarding because that seems a bit overkill23:08
sarnoldI've heard good things about the ferm iptables frontend23:08
MilijusI dont seem to understand what is the DEVICE field in lsof output. Anybody have a simple explenation what those devices are and what the values mean23:40
flogHow do i set a different keyboard layout? I did not find the layout when installing ubuntu but it is installed and I can change to it by setxkbmap se dvorak_a5.23:53
joshumaxDoes anyone have a relatively unmodified install of Ubuntu 18.04 willing to confirm a bug with notification sounds?23:54
Tograso, I've got a hi-dpi display, and the mouse sensitivity doesn't move around it very fast, even with sensitivity turned up to max and the adaptive accel profile selected in gnome tweaks. I tried setting AccelSpeed in 40-libinput and using xset, but both had no effect. is there any way to get higher sensitivity?23:54
sarnoldTogra: mouse or touch-pad? I think I found touchpad had different controls than mouse23:56
Tograit's a touchpad, but it shows up using libinuput "pointer" in syslog23:56
Togramight be a touchpad masquerading as a mouse, or not, but I tried AccelSpeed 1.0 in both sections of the config file23:57
sarnoldah :(23:57

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