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Spass[m]k3dar7: it was discussed some time ago, I think most of the team is against that idea10:16
Spass[m]I think even my suggested additional shortcut to the Whisker Menu (Super+Space) was voted out unfortunately10:18
Unit193I mean, one can pretty easily set it up, no need to make it default..11:05
Spasspersonally I now think that XCAPE is not a good solution for the issue and it shouldn't be included by default because of it's "hacky" nature, for example it makes "Super" key change it's behaviour system-wide, so even when you are in the VirtualBox VM window for example11:15
SpassI was +1 for XCAPE before, but now I think that simple Super+Space (in addition to the current Ctrl+Esc) is a better way to do it11:17
Spassbut like Unit said, not a major thing11:18
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