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lubot<tsimonq2> And that's a ban04:04
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-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL3b60b4281976: Add bar code on top on per partition settings] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL3b60b428197617:44
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lubot<HMollerCl> @The_LoudSpeaker just started a vm I have that previously have the shortcut issue and now I didn't need to reatrart panel nor runner18:15
lubot<HMollerCl> have you done something? could you check?18:15
lubot<HMollerCl> I'll be on vacations so couldn't hel until 25.18:15
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALf0da5f2b5a32: Add partition type field] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALf0da5f2b5a3218:42
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Didn't change anything. Was busy. I will have a look on a fresh install when I get time.18:46
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T21: Our xscreensaver theme is too old] The_LoudSpeaker (Raman Sarda) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T21#231819:21
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T21: Our xscreensaver theme is too old] The_LoudSpeaker (Raman Sarda) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T21#231919:23
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> for rART, I just clone the repo, make changes, check if it buids, then arc diff?19:28
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> ^ @tsimonq2 wxl19:29
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> I actually didn't understand the instructions in its readme.19:29
wxl@The_LoudSpeaker (re GRUB theme right?) yes but again remember you're defining a new binary package within the source packages, so you should build the binary and install the deb and make sure it actually works. otherwise, yes.19:40
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> aaaghh! internet gone. I was in the middle of cloning the repo and downloading the iso.19:40
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @wxl [<wxl> @The_LoudSpeaker (re GRUB theme right?) yes but again remember you're defi …], Will check tomorrow. Thanks!19:41
wxlalso you might want to test that theory about using images19:42
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Also, I just ran a vm, which was a week old I think. ran a full upgrade. no change in my case. will check on a real machine tomorrow.19:42
wxli don't think it's necessarily true19:42
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @wxl [<wxl> also you might want to test that theory about using images], resources?19:42
wxlreport back and then maybe we can make a collective decision19:42
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @wxl [<wxl> i don't think it's necessarily true], Yeah. I also have doubts.19:42
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @wxl [<wxl> report back and then maybe we can make a collective decision], ack.19:42
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> good night.19:43
wxli think i'll make a poll here once we have that info19:43
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> noted.19:44
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> how do I measure it tho?19:44
wxlthere's an option in xscreensaver to watch frame rates and such. you could also monitor cpu/memory usage with top and there's another thing for gpu19:44
wxlunfortunately with the gpus they tend to be specific to the gpu, e.g. radeontop, nvidia-smi, intel_gpu_top19:47
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALd542bb98762c: Add size field to kde_partionimanger] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALd542bb98762c19:50
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL14b14de084fa: Add Avialbe space field] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL14b14de084fa20:09
lubot<lynorian> sadly21:33
wxlwhat i don't understand is how the likes of e.g. conky tend to be agnostic about it21:36
wxlperhaps the level of detail is more limited. this is not a subject i've looked extensively into21:36

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