rbasakmysql-router (from src:mysql-8.0) ships /usr/bin/mysql-router which needs some shared objects08:50
rbasakThey don't need to be shared objects because nothing except /usr/bin/mysql-router loads them. I'm not sure I'd call them plugins either.08:50
rbasaklibmysqlrouter.so.1 is one of them. But it's strictly internal.08:50
rbasakI stuffed them inside /usr/lib/mysql-router/ to try to keep them away from public use.08:51
rbasakDo you think that's acceptable, or should packaging go further?08:51
Skuggen^ we want to clean this up upstream, but I have no clear idea of how long it would take08:52
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dokoseb128, xnox: the mismatches graph for duplicity changed, lockfile now a direct dependency of duplicty after my lockfile upload. I think the python2.7 dependency comes from the missing ppc64el build12:40
xnoxdoko:  ah12:41
seb128ah, good, we just need someone to sort that one out then12:41
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ahasenackbryce: did you trigger php-horde-text-filter already?16:29
ahasenackI think we need it in two places: itself, and under php-deaults16:29
rbasakcpaelzer: around still? About bug 184087216:49
ubottubug 1840872 in The Ubuntu-power-systems project "ISST-LTE:KVM:Ubuntu1804:BostonLC:boslcp3g5: libvirt fails to check for duplicate address in hotplug xml and causes the guest to go to shutoff state" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184087216:49
rbasak"causes the guest to go to shutoff state" sounds like an SRU is justified assuming it's the wrong behaviour16:49
rbasakBut that doesn't seem to be in your test case?16:49
rbasakShould we be verifying that in the failure case the guest is stopped and in the expected case the guest is still running?16:50
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ahasenackwhen a package has no debian/tests directory, but its control file declares "Testsuite: autopkgtest-pkg-ruby", what exactly is run?18:18
* ahasenack reads https://salsa.debian.org/ci-team/autopkgtest/raw/master/doc/README.package-tests.rst in the meantime18:19
bryceahasenack, yep I've triggered it for itself, will be keeping an eye out.  I wonder if php-defaults will then clear automatically or will need another trigger but we'll see.18:20
ahasenackI see, autodep818:20
ahasenackbryce: if that gets green, it should migrate, unless there are issues in update_output.txt18:21
cpaelzerrbasak: the guest isn't "shut off"19:27
cpaelzerit is bad behavior19:27
cpaelzerand it could in the long run cause issues which might kill and therby shut it off19:27
cpaelzerbut the testcase description is the short term test (without waiting for later issues) and fine vor the verification19:27
cpaelzerrbasak: I have that on my list to verify already19:28
cpaelzerI sometimes just hope that the reporters would actually care19:28
rbasakcpaelzer: what abou the user impact for SRU policy justification?19:32
bryceahasenack, you probably already saw but the php-horde-text-filter test case failure persisted through the re-triggered runs22:16
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Unit193Odd_Bloke: Howdy!  Re: LP 1840483, there won't be a new release in time for Eoan, but there's been a few commits you could grab if you feel a fix is important.23:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1840483 in barrier (Ubuntu) "barriers leaks memory when clients with duplicate names attempt to connect" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184048323:09

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