rick_hmrgoodcat:  you're not still looking for a bike right?18:54
mrgoodcati'm not actively looking, but if something comes up i always have some mild interest18:55
mrgoodcattrying not to spend too much since my wedding is in like 3 weeks18:55
rick_hmrgoodcat:  I got my wife a full squish for her birthday this week and I started ordering some parts to take back over her chameleon and figured I'd check18:55
rick_hmrgoodcat:  yea, understand that18:55
mrgoodcatyea not looking for ht. trying to go full sus18:56
rick_hI'm going to put my fox 34 I took off my mojo3 on there18:58
rick_hbut then realized...doh now I need a boost front wheel18:58
rick_hoh, and a 6 bolt brake rotor...doh18:58
rick_hsuddently the fork upgrade that didn't cost me anything has me ordering 250 in parts lol18:58
mrgoodcatyea it seems like when you step up to a certain quality range, you end up with a lot of incompatibilities with low end19:44

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