xubuntu54wHowdy folks. I have recently recovered a laptop that was in storage for many years. It is a Toshiba Satellite mod# p745-s4102. It currently is running xubuntu 14.04. Still works like a champ but os is out of date and no longer supported. I have made ready an iso image of xubuntu 18.04 and backed up all data. My problem is as follows. I simply00:22
xubuntu54wcannot get to to boot menu for some reason. I have searched internet and various forums and have tried all of the solutions that I Have read about. I have tried holding down or repeatable key presses right at power up for all of the following keys. f1 f2 f3 and so on all the way through f12. I have tied the same thing with c key. Also with the00:22
xubuntu54wshift key. Pressing the esc key does get me to gnu grub 2.02 and gives me the option to boot into xubuntu 14.04, advanced options and 2 memory test. After choosing advanced options I am given the choice of clicking on generic or recovery mode. Recovery mode does not appear to  have options that would take me to the boot menu. Also being that I am00:22
xubuntu54wby no means an advanced user, I don't know what most of those options are or how to use them. This is my first ever post on any kind of forum or chat as I have always found answers by reading the manual or searching for other people with a similar issue. I was apparently able to install xubuntu on this machine before and I don't why I cant get to a00:22
xubuntu54wboot menu. I have done this countless times with various distros and hardware. Completely stumped. I do understand that this may not be a xubuntu problem but any help here would be appreciated. If there is more info that I can provide, please ask. Thanks in advance.00:22
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sm0ruxWHat have I done now? When I try to run the terminal emulator I get an error message saying "Failed to run child process" because "file or directory is missing".05:26
well_laid_lawnsm0rux:  does it say which file or directory ?05:30
sm0ruxNo. The Swedish box is like https://allg.one/ABkK05:33
well_laid_lawnthe easiest way around it is to install another terminal emulator05:36
well_laid_lawnand use that to reconfigure the package for the xfce4-terminal05:36
well_laid_lawnsm0rux:  ↑05:37
sm0ruxwell_laid_lawn: You mean something like "sudo apt purge --autoremove xfce4-terminal" and then "sudo apt install xfce4-terminal"?05:39
well_laid_lawnsm0rux:  I'd try   dpkg-reconfigure   first05:40
sm0ruxI ran "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xfce4-terminal" without success...05:43
sm0ruxStill can't open a terminal05:43
Unit193Did you remove exo-utils?05:44
sm0ruxUnit193: Not as far as I know :)05:44
Unit193Check if it's installed?05:44
Unit193Let's put this another way: Did you open 'software center' and remove 'mail'?05:45
sm0ruxUnit193: exo-utils is installed05:46
Unit193OK, good.05:46
sm0ruxI tried to reinstall xfce4-terminal. Still the same problem. Will look into this tonight.05:54
sm0ruxThanks a lot so far05:54
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pentuxHi, I'm a xubuntu user for 10 years. And I always had the same issue. When the laptop is lock and I want to unlock it and put the password I cannot. Sometimes appears a black screen with a lock icon and a text like `You will be redirected in a moment`. Sometimes is true and I'm redirected and everything is fine. But sometimes it doesn't happen and08:53
pentuxI'm stuck in this screen.08:53
pentuxAnother times instead of this black screen with the lock icon, is a simple black screen. My solution is move to another tty and return to tty7 and sometimes appears the password screen, sometimes no and I'm stuck another time. The solution... reboot.08:54
pentuxIs there any solution for that? I know that is a known bug, but maybe there is another tricky thing that I can do to avoid the reboot? Thank you :)08:55
gnrppentux: Did you try maybe another screenocker?09:18
gnrpmaybe using gnome-screensaver will pull in a lot of garbage, but might solve the issue?09:18
Unit193xfce4-screensaver / xscreensaver tend to have less deps.  With xscreensaver I noticed sometimes on initial 'resume' the dialog doesn't show, esc and move the mouse to make it appear.09:23
pentuxYes, is an option. But the issue that I'm saying is there for years. This should be fixed or xubuntu should use by default another package. There are open issues since 2017 with the same issue. For example this one, where you can find some workarounds. https://github.com/the-cavalry/light-locker/issues/138#issuecomment-50226330710:03
SpassI'm so glad to see light-locker go, I saw sooo many user reports about issues with a blank screen after suspend10:49
Spass#1 issue in bionic probably10:51
pentuxThanks, good news11:25
xubuntu71wI have an xubuntu on an IBM Think Pad.12:29
xubuntu71wIt is on a page with several files, each file when hovered over, shows a popup  which says "Type: inode/12:35
xubuntu71w"Type: inode/directory type Size: 4.1 KB  Last modified: 2018-10-23 at  05:52:51 AM "  Actually the last modified date is different for each file.  The Home file is 2019-04-07 at 02:25:43 AM"12:45
xubuntu71wAny ideas how I can get this to work?  The file icon has a red X on each file and for some reason they are all the same size.12:48
gnrpcould we not have a bot which automatically greets everyone joining with a PM that he should wait for some time before leaving?14:33
gnrpI mean, the general concept "Don'T ask to ask and then hang around for a while" seems unknown to 99% of web irc users14:33
sm0ruxUnit193: Now at home again. Remove of xfce4-terminal, remove of the files in ~/.config/xfce4/termina and installation again of xfce4-terminal - now my laptop is back in business :)15:00
sm0ruxThanks a lot for your comments this morning ^^15:00
xubuntu60wHi! I received a free desktop dell but it has xubuntu on it and I want windows, what can I do?20:50
n-iCekeep xubuntu20:53
n-iCedon't do mistakes20:53
* n-iCe laughs20:53
n-iCexubuntu60w: you need to get a Windows CD and install it.20:53
n-iCexubuntu60w: https://www.microsoft.com/es-mx/software-download/windows10ISO20:54
n-iCeno problem20:54
n-iCeyou can burn it in a usb media to boot it up20:54
n-iCeyou can use etcher in linux to do that20:54

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