blackboxswrharper: https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/5007:40
andreinhello everyone, i have the following network_data.json: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/fYPE11ed/13:20
andreinthe problem is, cloud-init doesn't configure my bond+vlan on first boot. however, using `cloud-init devel net-convert -p /mnt/config/openstack/latest/network_data.json -k network_data.json -d / -D centos -O sysconfig` the network configuration is applied correctly13:21
andreinthe one thing that stands out in cloud-init.log (https://seashells.io/p/pS8KbbuB) is `Applying network configuration from fallback bringup=True: {'version': 1, 'config': [{'subnets': [{'type': 'dhcp'}], 'type': 'physical', 'name': 'enp130s0f0', 'mac_address': '0c:c4:7a:1e:63:8e'}]}`13:22
smoserandrein: cloud-init is not finding your config drive.14:58
smoserit is falling back to datasourcenone14:58
smosernot sure why, but some configuration is telling it that its datasource_list is just (i think) None15:00
smoserpossibly ds-identify did that... notsure.15:00
smoseryou can post a 'cloud-init collect-logs' tarball somewhere it will contain a lot more info15:00
andreinsmoser: it's complaining that it can't read `/run/cloud-init/result.json`. looks like a broken symlink15:14
andreini've ran cloud-init clean / clound-init init multiple times here, maybe i did something wrong at some point?15:16
andreinis cloud-init supposed to read it's config drive directly from /mnt/config? how can it not find my config drive, it's right there :)15:17
smoserandrein: can you just touch /run/cloud-init/result.json and then rujn it ?15:21
smoserits supposed to be a symlink into /var/lib/cloud i think. but not much matter here.15:22
smoseri'd like to see what that collect-logs says.15:22
andreinI've noticed cloud-init status says it's still running, although I don't see any processes matching cloud15:24
smoserif you want, you can let me in and i can poke a round a bit. if thats possible.15:25
smoserwhere did you get this image?15:25
andreinthat's going to be complicated, unfortunately. but we can arrange a skype call or something and I can show you around if that's ok with you15:26
andreinkolla-ansible built it for me usind dib15:26
smoserwell, try to get collect-logs to run15:28
andreini just got it running, gotta configure networking and i'll send it off15:29
smoseror, in liue of that, i guess if you collect15:29
smoser /var/lib/cloud/15:29
smoser  /run/cloud-init15:29
smoser /etc/cloud15:30
smoser systemctl list-units | grep cloud15:30
andreinis there something like paste.openstack.org for tarballs?15:31
smoseryou can base64 encode15:33
smoserandrein: make sense ?15:34
andreinsmoser: sent you the link in private15:35
smooth_messis bugs where i submit a feature request?20:11
smooth_messthere is a small chance that (in aws) attaching a volume to an instance will cause cloud-int "fs_setup" to fail; so a missing feature would be that there is no "wait" or "retry" functionality. So, to get around it, adding to 'bootcmd' the following: counter=0; while [ ! -b /dev/xvdf ]; do counter=$((counter+1)); printf "%s not found, tried %ds out of 300\n" "/dev/xvdf" $counter; if [ $counter -ge 300 ]; then printf "Did not find20:12
smooth_mess%s" "/dev/xvdf"; exit 1; else sleep 1; fi; done20:12
smosersmooth_mess: yes, submit a bug20:29

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