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rick_hcrodriguez:  if it hung there please make sure your client can reach the VM that came up and ssh to that VM and check the cloud-init logs on how it got along.06:54
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hpidcockwallyworld: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1064314:13
pmatuliscrodriguez, did you fix the bootstrap issue?14:55
crodriguezno. It's probably an issue in the dns of my vms vs the host, but even once I make sure my dns works on the vm, the script stays hanging. I'm trying to find the reaktime logs from that step..14:56
crodriguezpmatulis: I see that this function in juju's code has a ProgressWirter pointed to ctx.GetStderr(), but I can't find where this may be stored14:59
crodrigueznvm I think it just means that it'll print out only errors15:01
pmatuliscrodriguez, maybe if you describe your env. where is juju client and what cloud type?15:05
crodriguezpmatulis: I'm trying to bootstrap an openstack controller from a cloud I deployed with the fce tool. I can access my vms, they have dns and internet access. Just being able to find the bootstrap detailed logs would help a lot. the --debug command doesn't explicit what is blocking15:12
pmatuliscrodriguez, you can try passing --keep-broken and then inspect the instance15:21
pmatulis(if you can)15:22
pmatulisdefault behaviour of juju is to destroy the instance if it cannot be reached15:22
danboidWhen I'm creating a new juju controller, can I get it to use a different LXD (notwork) profile?15:26
danboidChanging the controller profile after doesn't seem to work15:26
danboidMaybe I'll just have to edit the default LXD profile to meet my requiements?15:27
manadartdanboid: Changing the default profile is the way to do it currently.15:30
danboidmanadart, OK thanks15:30
danboidWhen running juju bootstrap, what does15:35
danboidERROR no addresses match15:35
danboidI've found a couple of bug reports indicating juju bootstrap doesn't work well if you are not using lxdbr015:45
danboidI need to use a macvlan profile15:45
danboidThe other option is creating the controller using lxdbr0 but then what do I need to modify within the controller container to chabe the addresses?15:47
danboidI would change it to use my macvlan profile after creating it15:48
danboidI've already tried doing this but it didn't update the controller address15:48
danboidI suppose the other option would be to not use LXD at all right?15:53
danboidHow do I juju bootstrap to 'bare metal'?15:53
danboidIs that an option?15:54
danboidApparently macvlan doesn't work with juju https://discourse.jujucharms.com/t/manual-network-setup-for-lxd-clustering/26115:58
danboidI've never been able to access containers using an lxdbr0 bridge from outside of the LXD host, which ids what I need to do15:59
danboidand its why I was trying macvlan as that does enable external hosts to communicate16:00
danboidAm I missing something with lxdbr0?16:00
danboidmanadart, I think you've answered my question here https://discourse.jujucharms.com/t/manual-network-setup-for-lxd-clustering/26116:09
danboidThat brigge config is anything but obvious so it seems like that should be covered / linked to in the juju docs. before / o the same page as controller bootstrapping, presuming it works16:12
danboid* before / on16:12
danboidThe default lxdbr0 is only going to be useful to those who have all their juju containers running on the one host, it seems16:14
kelvinliuwallyworld: +1 plz https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/pull/547.  thanks!16:47
danboidI've tried following that guide but when lxd init asks if I'd like to use an existing bridge or interface it doesn't accept br0 nor the interface name16:47
danboidI was trying to input br0 when the answe was yes :)16:49
danboidTime to go home I think :)16:49

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