IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Plasma 5.17 beta out later. I will try to build it for ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta08:43
BluesKajHi folks11:47
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> https://dot.kde.org/2019/09/19/plasma-517-beta-out-testing16:12
genii5.18 LTS is scheduled for Feb 11, is the plan to ship Kubuntu 20.04 with it as default?16:34
RikMillsgenii: yep16:34
geniiExcellent, thanks16:34
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> hi all, why is my setting doesn't show the "Night Color" or i missed look ?17:00
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> No idea here. I can't run wayland17:01
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> at the changelog say it on X1117:02
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Oh. yeah. not sure then17:02
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> and i didnt login to wayland quite long time since my gdm3 doesn't show plasma with wayland option even though i installed the plasma-workspace-wayland17:03
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> @RikMills, so you also doesn't have the "Night Color" in Settings ?17:03
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> I haven't built 5.17 beta yet17:04
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> and I don't run kci. so can't test17:04
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> https://kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.16.90.php17:05
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> 5.16.9 == 5.17 beta or 5.16.9 != 5.17 beta ?17:05
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> or maybe i understood the version wrongly :(17:06
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> ?17:10
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> looks right. I have not tested yet so can't say more17:12
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> @RikMills, means 5.16.9 is 5.17 beta ?17:14
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> yes17:15
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> @RikMills, then i need to until you tested it :)17:17
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> or anyone else have tested ?17:17
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> sorry my bad .. just now when i wrote the message ... i haven't fully update staging-plasma packaging to 5.16.920:09
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> its more c00l compare to gnome .. it detect our location 💪🏻👍🏻20:10
valorieRikMills: can you give us the word when the beta is in the PPA and ready to test?20:44
valorieI can tweet about it20:44
valorieonce I add the ppa, discover reports an update available, but don't want to get it until it's ready20:46
RikMillsvalorie: I just very quickly upgraded a Eoan and disco+backports from the staging ppa, and plasma seems to start and work ok on a quick test20:51
valorieso is the backports ppa ready to test?20:52
RikMillsvalorie: beta ppa! there are a few non x86 builds to finish before I can ppa copy20:52
valoriethank you so much for your quick work20:53
RikMillswhen all is in the beta ppa, I will ping :)20:53
RikMillsnp :D20:53
RikMillsto be clear, the beta is going in ppa:kubuntu-ppa-beta20:58
RikMillsEoan already has the minimum frameworks 5.62.- required, so that ppa is enough20:59
RikMillsOn disco, that beta ppa + the backports ppa must be used21:00
RikMillsNo support, but problem reports welcome21:03
RikMillsIf the beta breaks your system "You get to keep both halves" ;)21:04
valorieand there is always ppa-purge21:04
RikMillsvalorie: plasm-workspace tar fix means a slight delay21:36
valorieI've noticed a bit of back and forth in #plasma, which is normal at deadlines21:37
RikMillshuury up and build arm* things, damn you21:59
RikMillsvalorie: I think we are good for the beat22:30
RikMillsany issues, I'll have to sort in the morning22:30
valoriein a min I'll start the upgrade22:30
RikMillsgood night ZZZzzz...22:30
valoriethanks again; sleep well!22:30
valorieso far, so good on the beta \o/22:51

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