tomreynif you search your previous log at https://termbin.com/itcx for "Comm: iwd" you'll see that the iwlwifi issue was due to IWD, though 00:10
tomreynthose ACPI memory region conflicts can cause resume issues.00:11
tomreynor i suspect this can be so. i've seen them on other systems which had suspend issues.00:12
tomreynso maybe not "cause", but an indication00:12
tomreynthis should be an issue with a graphics chipset:00:13
tomreynACPI Warning: \_SB.PCI0.PEG3.VID._DSM: Argument #4 type mismatch - Found [Buffer], ACPI requires [Package] (20190703/nsarguments-59)00:13
tomreynACPI: \_SB_.PCI0.PEG3.VID_: failed to evaluate _DSM00:13
tomreynthis is about intel ME, i think:00:14
tomreynmei mei::55213584-9a29-4916-badf-0fb7ed682aeb:01: Could not read FW version00:14
tomreynmei mei::55213584-9a29-4916-badf-0fb7ed682aeb:01: FW version command failed -500:15
tomreynhttps://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html may help to work around suspend / ACPI issues. but the fact that it worked for you before the 5.3 upgrade and doesn't work now rather sounds like a regression.00:17
tomreyntoe_head2001: ^00:17
toe_head2001I'll try that out.00:25
toe_head2001The acpi_osi change made no difference00:31
tomreynif you followed the instructions on this page you'd usually do multiple reboots.00:32
tomreynwith different values set00:32
toe_head2001Yeah, I just used the one that made the most sense for this computer: "Windows 2009". I can try "Windows 2006", but the other ones are much older.00:37
tomreyni'd say focus on better logging, not missing what's reported (use a serial console if possible) and other options then https://askubuntu.com/questions/16239/how-to-debug-suspend00:42
tomreynand i'd recommend using systemd, not one of the other options such as uswsusp, pm-utils00:45
guivercsimple question: ubuntu 19.10 live; right-clicking for menu - what package is handling the menu that should appear  (it's not appearing where expected near my cursor, often on wrong display..)01:37
guivercgnome-shell I take it... can't imagine it's new bug, searching..01:39
lotuspsychjekarlthane did you talk to lordcirth_ yet?15:27
lordcirth_lotuspsychje, we did, neither of us found the ISO we were looking for.15:28
lotuspsychjeyou think its not pushed yet till final?15:28
lordcirth_I suspect it won't make it into 19.10, though it's possible. I think the hope is to merge into 20.04 before freeze.15:29
lordcirth_But who knows15:29
lotuspsychjehow was that package called again?15:31
lordcirth_What package? We were looking for the ISO with ZFS support in the installer. I'm not sure if it is a separate package or what.15:32
tomreyndid you check the desktop teams' trello?15:52
tomreynhttps://trello.com/b/uEut6bfN/ubuntu-desktop-1910-cycle (from #ubuntu-desktop channel topic)15:53
tomreynlordcirth_: looks like you need to use (syslinux) boot parameter "use_zfs" to enable (allow for) the selection of "experimental zfs" on the installer.16:13
lordcirth_tomreyn, I didn't know it existed! Thanks!16:20
lordcirth_karlthane, ^16:20
tomreyni guess it won't be in subiquity, though. https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/subiquity/pull/34616:26
lordcirth_tomreyn, I added 'use_zfs' to the boot string, before the '---'. I don't see ZFS. does it need to be after the '---'?16:43
lordcirth_I tried after, that didn't work either.16:51
lordcirth_Is eoan-desktop-amd64.iso the wrong ISO?16:52
OerHeksEOAN should be right, daily build?16:52
lordcirth_I zsynced http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/eoan-desktop-amd64.iso just now, yeah16:55
tomreynlordcirth_: that'd be the right image, i'd say, and it'd have to be before the three dashes (anything after those is added to the installed systems' /etc/default/grub). but as you may have noticed on the trello, the integration into syslinux is not yet done, so i assume the boot parameter may not be implemented, yet.17:28
lordcirth_Ah, ok17:28
tomreyni.e. "Experimental features option in isolinux" https://github.com/orgs/ubuntu/projects/1#card-2211821817:29
tomreynin my interpretation, jibels' code at https://git.launchpad.net/~jibel/ubiquity/+git/ubiquity/log/?h=zfs_install has been filed as a merge request against the main ubiquity:master repository / branch and is currently pending review https://code.launchpad.net/~jibel/ubiquity/+git/ubiquity/+merge/37269017:34

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