lotuspsychjegood morning02:08
marcoagpintonext month's 19.10!!!!!!!!!!05:52
marcoagpintoI can hardly wait05:52
lordievaderGood morning06:31
marcoagpintolordievader: morning!06:41
marcoagpintoI have been up since 4am working on the GB speller06:41
marcoagpintoit is a hard job but someone has to do it06:42
ducassegood morning06:54
marcoagpintohey hey06:55
BluesKajHi folks11:47
marcoagpintoBluesKaj!!! Hello!!!11:59
marcoagpintoit is the cola demon here11:59
BluesKajHi marcoagpinto, yes I'm aware of that12:01
akemlenovoHey BluesKaj, marcoagpinto.12:04
marcoagpintoakemlenovo!!!! :)12:04
BluesKajhi akemlenovo12:05
marcoagpintothe weekend is soon and I am becoming stressed already12:06
marcoagpintoI have been stressed for months, so no big news12:06
BluesKajtoo much cola !12:07
pragmaticenigmaI will never understand why people still think you can just willy nilly remove services on boot to speed up a system... 45 seconds... oh noes... I can't wait a whole 45 seconds for my machine to boot, i might like get distracted by a newspaper or go for a walk12:48
pragmaticenigma /sarcasm12:48
EoflaOEHello everyone and marcoagpinto12:49
marcoagpintoEoflaOE!!!! Hello!12:49
EoflaOEHello! How are you marcoagpinto?12:49
marcoagpintostressed... and you?12:50
EoflaOEDoing fine12:50
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: Any news about the GB speller, and others?12:52
marcoagpintoyes, I have been adding words since 4am12:52
marcoagpintothen, I decided to commit the daily changes to GitHub12:53
EoflaOENice. I will check the repo.12:53
marcoagpinto"7 hours ago"12:53
marcoagpintoohhhhhh... 7 hours ago? I can't remember how many it was12:53
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: Nice folder scheme. I hope that all spelling checkers will use yours. If I got time, I will look to improve it.12:56
marcoagpintoit is already in LibreOffice, so Ubuntu uses it12:56
marcoagpintoat least if the language pack is installed12:57
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: OK.12:58
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marcoagpintohttps://i.imgur.com/IkgnM0b.png <- the 2018 oldest wordlist is still being viewed massively... people want to know if I am cheating13:11
marcoagpintothis month statistics13:14
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: Nice. By the way what software did you use to get statistics so I can do the same for my KS project?13:15
marcoagpintoEoflaOE: I don't use software... it appears in the options of the host provider13:16
marcoagpintoI just click "view statistics" or whatever13:16
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: OK, and what host provider?13:17
marcoagpintonext to "upload files" or so13:17
EoflaOEHave you seen the new Ubuntu wallpaper?13:18
marcoagpintoyes? last week or two weeks ago?13:19
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: Last week approximately.13:20
EoflaOEAnd hello pizzaiolo13:21
marcoagpintohello pizzaiolo13:21
pizzaiolomarcoagpinto interesting project!13:21
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: And what are your thoughts about this new wallpaper? I might put the white and black version of the wallpaper on my blog background, because text are gray, but I will have to save it as draft first to see if the text colors would make reading hard or not.13:22
marcoagpintoEoflaOE: could you tell me the url again?13:23
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: https://eofla.wordpress.com/13:24
marcoagpintoEoflaOE: it looks very good, but grey text is hard to see... can't you make the text black?13:24
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: Using the current theme, no. Also, only some premium themes have text color changing feature.13:27
marcoagpintosorry to hear that13:29
marcoagpintoregarding the English spellers, I only commit them to Gerrit every six months (for each new LibreOffice upgrade), so I will only commit them on 1-NOV for LibreOffice 6.4 to be released in January13:30
marcoagpintothey means that people are always outdated, except if they download and install the .oxt manually13:30
marcoagpintoit seems that backporting the spellers give too much trouble :(13:31
marcoagpintothat is what I was told13:31
marcoagpintothey mean=this means*13:31
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: OK. Nice.13:34
marcoagpintowhat this means is that if you upgrade to LibreOffice 6.4 in January you will have Nov'2019 version :(13:35
marcoagpinto6 months outdated13:35
marcoagpintowrong calculations?13:36
marcoagpintoonly 2 months outdated?13:36
marcoagpintoNov, Dec, Jan13:36
marcoagpintomy brain is all toasted...13:36
marcoagpintoI can't think properly13:37
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: OK. Do you know there are PowerPoint operating systems (a slideshow that represents the design and concept of the OS)?13:39
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: They use "Go to next slide after" feature, macros, shapes, images, and everything. In the end, this is just a presentation that runs like an OS.13:41
marcoagpintoto my thesis defence, I will have the powerpoint file plus a PDF with them13:42
marcoagpintoin case the room's Office damages the formating13:42
marcoagpintolike it happened in the Military Academy in 201213:43
marcoagpintoI had a normal powerpoint file (not .x) and it got all damaged13:43
marcoagpintoso, at home I printed to PDF and used the PDF13:43
marcoagpintoI didn't risk to create a .x13:43
marcoagpintobut now the slides are 16:9 and I have made some tests and there is a lot of blank space in each page13:44
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: Yes. Sadly, PowerPoint OS's are the lowest priority of mine, because I don't work on them oftenly.13:45
marcoagpintoahhh.. they let me go to the room before the defence.. two or so days before... so I noticed the formating was all damaged13:45
marcoagpintoI will place a PDF with the PhD after the defence too13:47
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: I am going to the bathroom and go back and look at the PDF file.13:47
marcoagpintoEoflaOE: oki13:47
marcoagpintoI am going to rest a bit soon... just waiting for mum to exit the bathroom13:48
marcoagpintoshe takes two hours in the bathroom :p13:48
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: Well-designed. This design reminds me of old things. However, the content is in Spanish.14:00
marcoagpintoEoflaOE: in Portuguese, you mean14:03
marcoagpintobut the PhD slides will be in English14:03
EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: OK. Thanks for correcting me, though.14:04
marcoagpintoBuaaaaaaaaaaaa... the PhD slides look so good... I just wish I finish the course to make them public14:15
EoflaOEI hope that you finish everything.14:18
marcoagpintonap time... bbl... take care everyone14:47
akem__Bon appetite :)14:48
EoflaOETake care marcoagpinto14:48
lotuspsychjeanyone ordered lubuntu trolls?15:26
lordcirth_lotuspsychje, ?15:26
lotuspsychjelordcirth_: dollarwoman repeating xubuntu vs lubuntu polls all day now :p15:27
EoflaOESo many trolls these days lotuspsychje.15:27
lordcirth_I don't think it's a troll, just flailing.15:27
lotuspsychjeEoflaOE: sure is15:27
OerHeksrunning ubuntu on a doorstopper?15:28
lordcirth_Yup. ESL, little technical knowledge, ancient hardware. Fairly common profile for flailing about.15:30
OerHeksso sad if that old machine catches fire..15:31
EoflaOEI have my old machine that survived from years, but the hard drive will fail after ~3 years15:48
pizzaioloi'm on my second battery on my xps 1316:00
pizzaiolofirst one expanded after about 2.5 years16:00
daftykinssounds like bad luck16:01
pizzaiolodaftykins i think it might be more than that, there's a couple of reported cases16:01
daftykinsthat doesn't make any sense, because there'd be a lot sold versus 'a couple' gone wrong :)16:02
akemhpMy old Thinkpad hinge broke on the plastic part it's screwed on, they are not so solid in fact...17:35
akemhpThey look sturdy, but in thoses places where it's very important it's not so good.17:43
akemhpAnyway i'll get another one, same model soon i think.17:43
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marcoagpintoStairway to heaven!!!! The greatest song in the world!!!18:55
daftykinshmm that happened on a client's son's Ideapad, which are definitely cheap versus thinkpads... plastic mounted onto metal19:09
daftykinsi found a cheap case online and fixed it up, but he seems to have given up on the machine now19:09
daftykinsvery disappointing19:09
akemhpdaftykins, yeah it sucks, since everything else is working on the machine. Might look for a case, but it's an old machine, and the plastic is not very time proof apparently.19:12
daftykinsshould be pretty cheap, that's the good thing about thinkpads... tonnes of spares around19:24
akemhpYeah, it's about 15 euros.19:47
JanCI've had many laptops where a screen hinge broke20:44
JanCthat didn't happen with laptops from 20-30 years ago, so it's not an impossible engineering problem...20:45
akemhpCheap materials...weak attaches :/20:46
JanCit's not necessarily cheap materials, but maybe trying to make laptops lighter & thinner...20:47
akemhpYeah, that too.20:47
jeremybham fisted owners20:47
akemhpTHey want it as thin as possible.20:47
JanCyou know, the "my laptop is 0.5mm thinner & 50g lighter than yours" stuff20:48
JanCI'd rather have it 0.5mm thicker & 100g heavier if it would actually survive more than 2 years  :)20:49
jeremybwith a built in parachute20:50
JanCno need for that; 1990s laptops didn't have that either20:50
jeremybThey could at least have a handle on them20:51
JanCI've only seen handles on some 1970s & 1980s laptops  :)20:51
jeremybThose big old things20:52
JanCbut those were suitcase-sized20:52
jeremybspare tires on cars are smaller than what they were20:52
daftykinsthink i'm just gentle with my equipment20:52
JanCit's amazing that Xerox sold laptops with ethernet and a GUI OS in the 1970s though...20:54
JanCeven if they sold them at $1mln or something like that  :-)20:54
JanC(I think they sold less than 10)20:56
TJ-someone give me a bug to fix! anything has got to be easier than having to read 140 pages on how setup and run a degree-level apprenticeship programme :s22:10
jeremybrtl8812au-dkms with the messed up dkms/Makefile22:10
TJ-is that in the archive?22:10
TJ-I've got 3 alternatives here :)22:12
jeremybTJ-: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rtl8812au/+bug/182089722:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 1820897 in rtl8812au (Ubuntu) "USB wifi adapter module does not work after version update" [Undecided,New]22:12
jeremybLink that fixes both https://launchpadlibrarian.net/330175838/rtl8812au-
TJ-looks like the offered patch is intended to fix it but the user hasn't come back to confirm it solves the issue.22:18
TJ-I don't know why there isn't an autopkgtest for all DKMS to flag/reject poorly written Makefiles22:18
jeremybTJ-: I just used the dkms.conf part of that before it was written, back in 2016 and it fixed the issue22:21
jeremyb-MAKE="'make' all"22:21
jeremyb+MAKE="'make' all KVER=$kernelver"22:21
TJ-That just needs the kernel team poking I think22:21
jeremybThe new module without the fix would always have the old kernel listed in the vermagic for the new kernel22:22
TJ-well not necessarily, it'd have the *running* kernel. Only changing dkms.conf in that rtl example shouldn't alter that since the Makefile is doing a simple expansion :=  not a conditional :? -- conditional assignment only applies if the variable isn't already defined22:28
jeremybTJ-: I can just report what my results were.  The package as is if I updated a kernel from 4.15.0-35 to 4.15.0-36 the rtl8812au module in /lib/modules/4.15.0-36-generic would have vermagic 4.15.0-35-generic22:35
TJ-I realise that, what I'm getting at is that only changing dkms.conf shouldn't "fix" it since that only sets KVER... which in Makefile when it does "KVER  := $(shell uname -r)" (simple assignment) replaces what was set in dms.conf by the running kernel version. dkms.conf change needs the "KVER  ?= $(shell uname -r)" in Makefile which is the conditional assignment (only if KVER wasn't set on the 'make'22:40
TJ-command line)22:40
jeremybTJ-: It confuses me as I made dkms packaged prior to Ubuntu 16.04 that worked without a lot of this and it seems to be needed now.22:46
TJ-I think it may be due to changes in DKMS' plumbing22:49
jeremybSome major changes22:49
jeremybTJ-: I see you are active in #ubuntu right now, so I will leave for now22:51
TJ-I see a couple of patches that might be implicated, 0013 and 001622:53

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