manadarthumbolt: Canonical devs were at an engineering sprint last week. Most will have had Monday off.03:53
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stickupkidCR anyone https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1065110:31
stickupkidthis was left over from last weeks sprint duties...10:32
achilleasastickupkid: looking10:32
stickupkidachilleasa, tbh thumper did 99% of this, i just moved it to develop code10:33
achilleasastickupkid: done10:56
stickupkidachilleasa, ty10:57
stickupkidachilleasa, agree with comment, I'll add that next time.10:58
stickupkidmanadart, we can't use mocks folder in state, as it causes a import cycle :(15:10
stickupkidmanadart, any idea where we can put them, other that in the root of state15:10
stickupkidmanadart, maybe migration-mocks?15:10
manadartstickupkid: Yeah, you can only use a mocks directory if the tests are in an external package.15:10
stickupkidmanadart, yeah, it's annoying15:11
manadartFor internal, just create a ..._mock_test.go file.15:11
nammn_destickupkid achilleasa or manadart any of guys still have in mind what "costs" means under "environs/instances/instancetype.go", are those the costs to order this machine?17:12
rick_hnammn_de:  yea, in order of preference17:14
rick_hnammn_de:  e.g. find the lowest cost instance that meets the users constraint requirements17:14
rick_h"--constraints mem=32g" - so what's the cheapest machine that has 32gb of ram17:15
nammn_derick_h: great, i would use that as the 2. constraint for sorting. E.g. sort by type (a1,a2...) and (cost)17:15
rick_hnammn_de:  I don't think so because that'll lead to inter mixing?17:15
rick_hnammn_de:  e.g. a t3 and a c3 might be closer to cost? or do you mean just they should sort that way from large, xl, 2xl?17:16
rick_hnammn_de:  hmm, now that I say that out loud you're probably right17:16
rick_hignore me...17:16
bdxbdxhappy tuesday18:47
bdxbdxtrying to help my guys get to the bottom of an issue18:47
bdxbdxwe are trying to deploy machines in our maas, everything goes smooth until the target machine tries to download the agent binaries from the controller18:49
bdxbdxwhen machine with ip tries to download the agent binaries during the final post boot initialization we see https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WXcpQwjVkd/ in the controller logs18:50
bdxbdxon the ipmi viewer/console to the maas box we see the machine trying to download the tools from the controller and failing https://imgur.com/a/M58xHAq18:51
bdxbdxanyone see this before?18:52
bdxbdxour thoughts are that it may be a time skew between the controller and the maas node18:53
bdxbdxgoing to do some digging18:53
rick_hbdxbdx:  hmm, looking19:11
rick_hbdxbdx:  yea, make sure that the clocks are good or you won't be able to do secure coms19:11
rick_hbdxbdx:  hmm, though this "ctrmg6 already saved" doesn't look right19:12
bdxbdxI feel like a newb today ... so I have another interesting scenario20:24
bdxbdxthis morning, I was added to a "manual" juju controller that has the multi-cloud feature flag enabled20:26
bdxbdxthe manual controller has a maas cloud defined20:26
bdxbdxI register my user and have access to the models that the admin have granted me access to20:27
bdxbdx2 problems arise here that I'm unsure how to solve20:27
bdxbdxwell maybe 1 main issue - I can't add maas credentials to the controller20:30
thumperbdxbdx: what happens when you try to add a maas credential?20:33
bdxbdxso thats the second issue20:33
bdxbdxthumper: I can't add the maas cloud because juju doesn't see one from my local client20:34
bdxbdxsorry, let me see if I can phrase this correctly20:34
thumperthis is an area that is getting some love for 2.720:35
thumperit is a bit weird right now20:35
thumperyou need to add the maas cloud and credential locally before you can add to the controller I think20:35
bdxbdxthe only way my local client can see the maas cloud is like so https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DyMtvJ5BJZ/20:36
bdxbdxwith the --controller flag20:36
rick_hbdxbdx:  yea, so things "upload" from the client to the controller so best to get the client setup first20:36
bdxbdxrick_h: do I need to add the pdl-maas-cloud shown in `juju clouds --controller dc--00` to my local config first ?20:38
rick_hbdxbdx:  you'll need that cloud locally so you can add a credential for it :(20:38
rick_hbdxbdx:  otherwise you can't add the credential20:38
bdxbdxtotally, I think thats what I'm hitting20:39
bdxbdxadding the cloud to my local client config allowed me to add a credential, which allowed me to create a model20:42
bdxbdxI don't know why that was a trying experience ... seems straight forward and logical saying it out loud20:43
rick_hbdxbdx:  well it's not ideal as thumper mentions. If the cloud lives on the controller you shoulnd't need to worry about the local setup as well20:44
rick_hbut it's not "that" crazy  currently :P20:45
bdxbdxtotally, thanks all20:45
rick_hnp, did the clock sync help and get you past the earlier issue?20:45
bdxbdxI can curl the tools from the controller from any other box ... just not a maas deployed node20:46
rick_hnetworking in/out of the maas network?20:46
rick_his there a bridge/router on the edge there?20:46
bdxbdxnetworking is all legit20:46
bdxbdxyeah we have verified the network details in and out of and around the nodes20:46
bdxbdxsince the juju agent isn't making it20:47
* rick_h has to run the boy to horseback but if you find something let me know or file a bug if you think it's borked20:47
bdxbdxI think my only way into one of the boxes is to get in by way of my maas user ssh key20:47
rick_hyea, you can setup ssh keys in maas that get put onto the machines for you when you provision20:48
bdxbdxjust about to deploy a node that should get my ssh key via my user now that I have created a model with my own maas user creds20:48
bdxbdxthe juju controller and the maas node that is failing to curl the tools are in sync21:01
thumperbdxbdx: the juju controller can't get the tools?21:02
thumperor the node brought up can't get them from the controller?21:02
bdxbdxthumper: the latter21:03
thumperbdxbdx: can you ssh to the node?21:03
bdxbdxyeah, I'm in it now21:03
bdxbdx^ tried curling them manually and it seems to timeout21:03
thumperfirewall somewhere?21:04
bdxbdxbut I can curl them from another node right next to the node that can't curl them, same ip range, same switch21:05
thumperthat is weird21:05
bdxbdxand from my local box over vpn, everywhere else I try to curl them from it works21:05
bdxbdxyeah ...21:05
thumperI'm sorry, but I have no idea21:06
thumpermismatched MTU?21:06
thumperthat is one of the few things I know that can screw up some networking21:06
bdxbdxthe bridge on the host has 1500 mtu ... the bridge the juju controller container is behind21:09
bdxbdxI bet thats it21:10
bdxbdxeverything else has 900021:10
thumperwow, my one bit of networking knowledge seems helpful21:11
bdxbdxthumper: that was it - just awesome! thanks!21:34
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thumperbdxbdx: yay22:01
ec0it's always MTUs22:55
ec0everything is always MTUs22:55

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