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babbustamanAre there any way of connecting outlook/onedrive account in the same easy way as google account? (through system settings - online accounts)05:35
valoriebabbustaman: not that I know of, but now that gdrive is done, surely someone could write a plugin for onedrive05:57
valorienice idea05:57
valorieyou might advocate for that with the dolphin devels either in their channel or mail list05:57
valoriehmmm, or just in #kde-devel05:58
valoriedoesn't seem to be a dolphin chan05:58
babbustamank. thanks. will do.06:02
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RobnerI have been searching the web and the repository via apt, but had no success07:07
Robneris there any open source "wireframe" software for Linux?07:08
RobnerI must show a design idea for a website to somebody07:08
deknos-Mi saw one promoted on hacker news/ycombinator07:08
deknos-Mbut i do not know the name07:08
Robnerdeknos-M, thank you - it's a starting point07:09
Robnerdeknos-M, I will add these terms to my google search07:09
lordievaderGood morning07:27
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vidal72-Mhi, on kubuntu bionic clicking on *.desktop launcher file shows launch feedback icon for a while but then stops with no action. Launching apps from menu works. Any ideas?11:36
user|24890Hi, I have just installed kubuntu on my laptop, but i have an issue with the animations, they are laggy and make my laptop look like it has come from 199512:18
user|24890whenever i move my mouse of select a new window, xorg goes to 90% cpu usage for a few seconds12:19
diogenes_user|24890, what graphics do you have?12:21
user|24890Nvidia 105012:22
user|24890I tried fiddling a bit with the drivers but none really made a difference12:23
diogenes_user|24890, run: glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"12:25
diogenes_paste here the result.12:25
user|24890OpenGL renderer string: llvmpipe (LLVM 8.0, 256 bits)12:27
user|24890it's a single line12:27
diogenes_user|24890, that's bad and that's why you're getting lag.12:28
diogenes_user|24890, what kind of manipulations you did that you managed to break your gpu drivers?12:29
user|24890absolutely none, it's a fresh install12:29
diogenes_how new is the pc?12:29
BluesKajHi folks12:29
user|24890the laptop is 2 years old (I'm on dual boot and windows works perfectly)12:29
diogenes_user|24890, pastebin the output of: inxi -G12:30
diogenes_but not here.12:30
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:30
diogenes_user|24890, and how you said you did "absolutey" nothing if you did something, you did try to install the nvidia driver and it failed.12:34
user|24890I don't remember doing that, though i did check the install drivers on install12:35
diogenes_it won't install the nvidia driver simply by checking a tickbox, in any case, i'd recommend to either purge the nvidia driver completely and if the pc boots fine, then we gonna see what we do further, if not, then re-installation.12:37
user|24890Okay ! Thanks12:37
user|24890i'll try that12:37
BluesKajuser|24890, is this an O?ptimus hybrid gpu laoptop12:40
ubottuUbuntu uses nvidia-prime to support optimus videocards.12:42
user|24890Absolutely no clue. It's an MSI gl62M, so i'm gonna go with a no12:48
diogenes_it is an optimus.12:54
KarestoOkay (i'm the user|xx890)12:55
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CrellHi folks. Screen issue with 19.04. My computer is up and running, but when I plug it into an external monitor (USBC dock), I see only the background on both displays. The apps are still running and if I  undock it again I get everything back on the laptop screen, but nothing is showing up on either display when docked.12:57
CrellI cannot open settings, either, as that opens wherever the other windows are hiding so I cannot use it while docked.  I've not had anything like this happen in a very long time.  Any idea what to do with it?12:58
CrellEven the task bar is not showing, as it's presumably on another location off-screen.12:58
aceoflove21hello all/ admin14:10
aceoflove21can i ask my kubuntu 19.4 problems here ?14:11
Sean99997Hey there. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place. I’m need of a little help.14:57
Sean99997Can anyone shine some light on my machine and help me get back into login?14:58
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KarestoHi ! I'm back with more issues. Since my old install didn't work, i reinstalled it with different settings without drivers. And it's worse, kubuntu fails booting and shuts down if i do not boot in nomodeset, and if i do, i get the unable to bind to codec message. Any solutions ?16:52
diogenes_Karesto, boot with nomodeset and install the driver.16:55
KarestoI cannot boot with nomodeset as it just stops on the unable to bind codec message16:56
diogenes_Karesto, if you said it's a new install it means the live iso booted ok?16:57
KarestoWell i just installed it but i cannot boot it17:01
diogenes_so the live iso booted ok?17:02
KarestoI can install from it but not run it (gets stuck)17:03
diogenes_when you booted from usb, did you get to the desktop? you seen the wallpapper, the menu, the icons?17:06
KarestoYes. No icons on the desktop, just the popup for the install17:07
KarestoAnd the wallpaper of course17:07
diogenes_that means the open source driver works well with your hardware. Did you pick to install 3rd party software during the installation?17:10
diogenes_did you preserve your /home directory from the previous installation?17:12
Karesto(I did pick up the full version with apps and stuff)17:13
KarestoNo. Erased everything on the partition17:13
diogenes_did you pick to update while installing?17:14
KarestoI can try to reinstall without17:15
diogenes_well my theory is the update is the cause of your troubles because, if an iso boots fine from usb and you install it offline without any addons, then it will boot fine as well from your hdd.17:16
KarestoIt still has the issue when i try the "try kubuntu" button it does end up stuck on a loading screen (kubuntu with 4 dots under it)17:18
diogenes_that's what i was asking about.17:19
diogenes_in that case it indeed has issues with your hardware.17:19
KarestoIt did happen to me before when installing the 18.0417:20
diogenes_what version you tried?17:20
KarestoRight now it's the 19.0417:20
KarestoBut on the 18.04 one i managed to boot when i use the nomodeset option17:20
diogenes_so nomodeset doesn't help in 19.04?17:21
KarestoIt gives me this issue17:23
KarestohdaudioC0D2: Unable to bind the codec17:23
KarestoThat i am unable to solve17:23
IrcsomeBot<zparihar> Proud of the Kubuntu Team for Releasing KDE Plasma 5.12.9 soo fast!!!17:23
diogenes_Karesto, is that the last line it hangs on?17:24
KarestoI ve waited about 15 mins17:24
diogenes_Karesto, try to boot without nomodeset, replace it with acpi=off17:26
KarestoOkay i ll do17:28
denza242Does KDE Connect require the versions to match?17:29
denza242i've been having trouble with it for a while17:30
denza242mainly that it won't connect17:30
KarestoIt does boot. Mousepad doesn't work but i guess it's a driver issue. Do i try to install nvidia ?17:34
KarestoIt seems smoother than before (even if it takes a bit of time to boot)17:35
diogenes_Karesto, first of all open driver manager and see what drivers are recommended.17:35
KarestoWhat s the command line for it17:37
diogenes_it's in the menu (should be), type driver.17:38
KarestoNvidia driver metapackage from nvidia driver 390.17:40
KarestoSame but from 41i17:40
Karesto418* (recommended)17:40
KarestoUsing X.org server17:40
diogenes_get the recommended one.17:40
KarestoAnd then ?17:41
diogenes_did it install?17:42
diogenes_select and hit apply.17:42
diogenes_it will install it.17:42
KarestoIt didn t say anything about install but i did hit apply and ok17:43
diogenes_Karesto, click ok and look for nvidia-settings in the menu.17:53
diogenes_is the blue line done?17:53
KarestoNvidia settings is an empy white box17:54
diogenes_the blue line is showing you the installation progress.17:54
KarestoWhat blue line ?that bottom line is just to scroll17:54
diogenes_did you scroll to the bottom?17:55
KarestoI ll screen again to be sure17:55
diogenes_ok now reboot and boot normally without nomodeset and without acpi=off, also it would be better if you shutdown and then start it again.17:56
KarestoThere we go17:57
diogenes_ok shutdown, boot normally.17:58
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KarestoKubuntu logo appears for a few seconds then a black screen18:02
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diogenes_Karesto, nothing more?18:03
KarestoI tried removing the nomodeset in grub (it was automatically there so i had my doubts) and now it seems like it booted !18:05
diogenes_Karesto, ok now run: cat /etc/default/grub18:05
diogenes_find GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, see if nomodeset is there.18:06
KarestoIt is18:07
diogenes_run: sudo nano /etc/default/grub18:07
diogenes_remove nomodeset, hit ctrl+o, press enter, hit ctrl+x18:07
KarestoDone !18:07
diogenes_now run: cat /etc/default/grub18:08
diogenes_and paste here the entire line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT....18:08
diogenes_or a screenshot.18:08
KarestoGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = "quiet splash"18:09
diogenes_now run: sudo update-grub18:09
diogenes_now reboot again and it should boot fine, after reboot come back and we gonna check a few things.18:10
KarestoYep. Working fine so far18:14
diogenes_run: glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"18:14
diogenes_paste here what you get.18:14
KarestoI'm back on laptop now18:15
Karestowhat was the line ?18:15
diogenes_<diogenes_> run: glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"18:16
KarestoOpenGL renderer string: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/PCIe/SSE218:16
diogenes_cool, now you are oficially fine.18:17
KarestoYay ! Thanks a lot18:20
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