lubot<ctisme> is there any alternative for trickled?01:18
lubot<ctisme> #for bandwidth limit for apps command line interface https://ubuntuportal.com/2012/01/how-i-manage-bandwidth-using-trickle-on-ubuntu.html01:23
lubot<ctisme> (Photo, 407x76) https://i.imgur.com/2mGpk4N.jpg01:46
lubot<ctisme> anyone have this error01:46
cdbcpuHi, I am new to Linux and am confused on installing Lubuntu via USB, the only option I have is for 'manual partitioning'04:59
cdbcpuI am afraid if I remove the windows partitions I will mess up the boot process05:00
cdbcpuhowever I would like to replace windows entirely with lubuntu05:00
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TheRockPenguinI have a problem with USB ports on my laptop. The laptop does not identify any USB storage devices though a USB mouse works without any issue.09:00
TheRockPenguinI have a Dell Inspiron 11 352009:00
TheRockPenguin4gb ram, 500gb HDD, i309:01
TheRockPenguinThe same USB storage devices work on my windows laptop and another Linux machine IBM Thinkpad with 1gb ram and 80gb HDD09:03
TheRockPenguinDo I need to reinstall lubuntu??09:03
TheRockPenguinI am using lubuntu 16.04.3 LTS09:04
TheRockPenguinThis happened probably after dist upgrade from 16.02 LTS09:04
TheRockPenguinThe logs do not show anything09:05
The_LoudSpeakerTheRockPenguin: 16.04.3 is a bt outdated.11:13
The_LoudSpeakerI suggest using 19.0411:13
guivercTheRockPenguin, there was no 2016-February release of Lubuntu; and Lubuntu 16.04 is EOL (Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity has 5 years, flavors all have 3 years of support)11:13
The_LoudSpeakerguiverc: I think the user got it from .net website11:14
The_LoudSpeakerTheRockPenguin: where did you download the iso from?11:14
TheRockPenguinAFAIK it was the official website redirected from Ubuntu download website11:36
TheRockPenguinI will try latest version of lubuntu11:37
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suncokret_hello, will Lubuntu back to LXDE in future? :)14:44
kc2bezsuncokret_: No. LXDE development is nearly non-existent upstream. Some of the bugs are not even being addressed.15:05
suncokret_so we can use Lubuntu 18.04 in next years, and after that we can go to some distro with LXDE or to Xubuntum because XFCE is lighter than LXQt? :)15:11
The_LoudSpeakerOR you could shift to next version of lubuntu with LXQT. suncokret_15:16
kc2bezLXQt is still very light. I think the latest version is pretty much on par with XFCE. Especially if you disable some of the autostart things like qlipper.15:17
The_LoudSpeakerbut xfce uses gtk apps and that is not at all light when compared to qt5 apps which lxqt uses.15:21
suncokret_then i plan to use Lubuntu 18.04 in future... i still  use Lubuntu 14.04 on this computer and it work great15:21
The_LoudSpeaker18.04 also uses lxde. plus it's not supported now.15:22
The_LoudSpeaker19.04 should be your choice.15:23
The_LoudSpeakerwhat are the specs of your system btw?15:23
suncokret_18.04 is LTS and have support till 202115:23
The_LoudSpeakeroops! 18.04 IS supported. will be unsupported soon15:24
suncokret_18.04 will have longer support than 19.04 :)15:24
The_LoudSpeaker19.04 is LXQT15:25
suncokret_i don't like LXQt, i want LXDE :)15:25
The_LoudSpeakersooner or later you will have to leave lxde. so.. ;)15:25
The_LoudSpeakeralso you get new features and various improvements if you don't stick to LTS branches.15:27
The_LoudSpeakerbut it's totally upto you. your choice.15:27
suncokret_if i use 14.04 today, then i can use 18.04 in next five years, i don't need support :)15:28
suncokret_even 14.04 have all what i need15:28
suncokret_The_LoudSpeaker, and you use 19.04?15:30
The_LoudSpeakeryet to release.15:30
The_LoudSpeakerbeta coming out tomorrow15:30
suncokret_it is not important to me to have every new version, it is important to have stable OS which have all what i need :)15:34
The_LoudSpeakereach one to it's own. :)15:35
TheRockPenguinI agree. I am looking for a stable OS for my daily use15:35
suncokret_i planed to install 16.04, but 14.04 works great so i dint change it, now i hope i will install 18.04 :)15:35
suncokret_i am lazy to install new version, i hope i will install 18.04 this days15:36
suncokret_and if i install 18.04 i will also keep saved images from 14.04, it is really great15:37
The_LoudSpeakerI do have a stable system also which i gets updated every 6 months for new release. LTS versions are veerrryyyy stable but don't have nice improvements. updating every 6 months is not a very big deal for me so.15:38
The_LoudSpeakerTheRockPenguin: nonLTS versions are also pretty stable only you can use them if you like.15:39
The_LoudSpeaker^ insert a full stop after "only"15:40
suncokret_when i install 18.04, i will keep norton ghost images of installed and configured Lubuntu 14.04, until i see that 1804 works great as 14.04 :)15:46
suncokret_TheRockPenguin, and which version of Lubuntu you use?15:50
TheRockPenguinLubuntu 16.04 LTS15:55
TheRockPenguinIt is EOL. So looking for alternative.15:56
TheRockPenguinI have a Dell Inspiron 11 3520 laptop. i3, 4gb ram, 500gb HDD, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port15:57
suncokret_i go now, thank you for info's, advices and kind chat, have nice day :)16:02
The_LoudSpeakerTheRockPenguin: you can try 19.0417:32
The_LoudSpeakeror 18.04 if you are okay with a bit outdated but more stable system17:33
The_LoudSpeakeredit: wait for a few days, try 19.1017:33
TheRockPenguinCorrection: lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS19:02
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