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* sarashina Sorry for leaving a while due to Internet disconnection00:25
Mekelyhello i am still having issues with installing ubuntu00:27
Mekelyi get to grub2.02 and it wont install00:27
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deltabMekely: there's a number of reasons why that might be, so you should say what happens when you try, in particular what messages you see00:38
deltabhowever I won't be able to help you with that now. Good luck!00:38
Mekelyok that is fine, i have been trying to solve this issue all day it seems like and the return is extremely vauge00:39
BaronKrauseAnyone know how to enable autologin on 18.04.03 LTS? It worked on 18.04.02, but with .03 it is just ignored, ive even reinstalled 3 times testing it.00:40
deltabBaronKrause: checked the changelog/release notes to see what was changed?00:41
BaronKrausenot yet, the settings to set autologin are still there as usual though00:42
Mekelyhello so i have a screen shot of my current partitions im wondering if this will properly install grub01:19
akemhpMekely, You're installing it on an SD card?<01:22
Mekelytechnically yes01:22
Mekelyits my onboard storage on a 2/1 laptop tablet01:23
akemhpI see. But why do you keep that fat32 partition?01:23
Mekelyhmm its for ueif01:26
Mekelyat least that is what the guy on youtube said01:26
Mekelyi was following this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HckJ8UYRw3801:27
naribiaI've burned ubuntu 19.04 to my 8gb flash drive01:31
naribiatrying to install it on my new dell xps 1501:31
akemhpMekely, What machine is it?01:31
Mekelyoh im trying this with ubuntu 18.04 lts01:31
Mekelyits a acer spin 1 2 in 1 tablet laptop01:31
naribiait says "you need at least 8.6gb, you only have 7.7"01:31
akemhpNormaly mount point for root is just "/", not "/target"01:31
ironpillowhi all, I have two ethernet interfaces. One is the built in NIC and other is usb-to-ethernet module. They are both connected to two separate networks. A ( and B ( Both receive dhcp from the appropriate dhcp server. But when I ping or curl from interface B - all the traffic is going out via interface A. I tried adding two routing tables: https://gist.github.com/ironpillow/6fd941f379879ff2ce19102b51155a26. Any advice01:32
naribiadoes this mean it is not detecting the laptop HD ? thanks for any help01:32
akemhpMekely, Looks like this machine has lots of problem to boot Ubuntu and Linux distributions in general.01:35
Mekelyyeah akemhp is there anyway i can get it to install if not i will just continue using a usb01:36
Mekelyat this point i would be fine with a cli install01:36
Mekelynaribia: i have more then 8gb on the machine01:39
naribiamekely: you do? im talking about my machine. It should be 512 GB, I think ubuntu setup is not able to see it01:40
Mekelyoh ok, i thought you were talking about my machine01:41
akemhpMekely, Check in the bios you should be able to disable UEFI. Then boot USB install, remove everything when partitionning, and add first an ext4, with mounpoint "/" (not "/target") and 2nd partition as swap like you did, then continue the install.01:42
Mekely@hackatheos_  the `grub-efi-amd64-signed` package failed to install into / target/. without the grub boot loader, the installed system will not boot this is what i get when it tries to install grub201:42
akemhpMekely, But from what i read the owners was only able to get Manjaro Linux running, but it was 1 year ago.01:42
Mekelyhmm i updated to a recent firmware but is manjaro debain based?01:43
Mekelyi need a debain based machine01:43
akemhpIt's based on Arch Linux.01:43
Mekelywait its arch based01:43
Mekelythat will also work01:43
hackatheos_Kali linux is very nice01:43
Mekelyyes that was what i was origonally going to install01:43
akemhpMekely, Then i suggest try this one maybe.01:44
Mekelyif its arch based i can also get the same programs i need01:44
Mekelyinstalling manjaro01:48
Mekelythanks guys01:48
pepperheadSo installing Ubuntu on a poweredge with 16 drives, should I just RAID6 the lot and install on one drive?02:59
pepperheadInstalling Ubuntu on a poweredge with 16 drives, should I just RAID6 the lot and install on one drive?03:18
Ascavasaionpepperhead, You need to be patient until someone with an answer reads it and answers.03:19
wjlafranceHey everyone, just wanted to let you know I got Arch Linux installed on ZFS alongside an existing Ubuntu install. I had to create an archiso with zfs support built in as there's not enough room in the liveboot environment to install it there, plus now I have a USB stick with ZFS support baked in. It took me about 3 days to get set up. It was insanely frustrating and the most fun I've had with a computer in a while.03:28
Bashing-omwjlafrance: \o/ Glad ya got it fingered out -you did say you would :) .. thanks for the update !03:31
wjlafranceI'm sorry, I meant to paste that in #archlinux rather than #ubuntu. But thanks for your help as well Bashing-om :)03:32
Bashing-omwjlafrance: Still good to know that it all workie now :P03:34
pepperheadTBH I struggle with the freebsd vs Linux for the ZFS. ZFS is REALLY nice, but Ubuntu/Canonical really shines for DevOps right now. Congrats on the ZFS win. Arch is a feat in itself.03:37
ryuoWouldn't this be better in #ubuntu-offtopic?03:38
pepperheadNegative. It directly involves Ubuntu coixistence and extensions.03:39
ryuoyet FreeBSD and arch have nothing to do with ubuntu support.03:41
pepperheadZFS does03:41
pepperheadAs it migrates into the Ubuntu world03:41
tatertotsthere are plenty of ZFS howtos and youtube videos03:41
ryuoyet this isn't a place to discuss the merits of technology.03:42
pepperheadA user posted an Ubuntu success story, very relavant03:42
pepperheadNobody asked for ZFS help03:42
ryuowhich is primarily what this channel is for. support questons.03:43
pepperheadAnd success stories from help recieved here03:43
ryuoevidently you're not going to listen, so be it.03:43
pepperheadSomeone deserved that Kudo03:43
wjlafranceI actually had Ubuntu running from ZFS for a while now and it was very nice. Not super easy to set up but worth it in the long run. But I see someone doesn't want to hear about it here so I'll be quiet.03:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:46
wjlafranceExcept to say I'm glad it's officially supported in ubuntu+1.03:46
lotuspsychjenot in this channel wjlafrance pepperhead03:47
lotuspsychjeonly ubuntu support issues like volunteers have pointed out already03:47
pepperheadWell congrats wjlafrance. I am off. As someone noted, there are many how-tos and videos out there, making this group is irrelevant.03:57
mojtabaHello, I have changed my HDD (encrypted home), and now when I connect it through USB, my system does not recognize it. Do you know what should I do?04:01
mojtabaDo you know how can I mount the encrypted disk?04:08
mojtabaPrevious OS was on the disk.04:08
guivercmojtaba, what release & flavor are you using?  I've only had to boot usb, enter file manager (pcmanfm-qt; thunar) and go to partition - i'm asked for password, if I enter it i can see files.. your issue sounds more like disk isn't recognized (not related to encryption)04:17
mojtabaPreviously it was Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on HDD, now it is 18.04 LTS on SSD.04:18
mojtabaIt shows it now, but I cannot mount it.04:19
mojtabaIt took long time to recognize it.04:19
punk2gHi All - very new to this and hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Just starting to learn through standing up a few VM's for testing purposes. Currently trying to setup an OpenVPN sever and struggling to get two Ubuntu 18.04 instances to be able to talk to each other via SSH. I've followed a few guides for this but seem to hit the same roadblock even if I disable the firewall04:19
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Gallomimiadoes anyone know a tool i can use to visualize the allocation of my logical volumes? VisualLVM just hangs..04:23
guivercmojtaba, i'd not used encryption in 16.04, but had to add a package to get 18.04 to recognize my encrypted /home (created in 17.10); it maybe ecryptfs-utils but I'm unsure sorry04:25
Gallomimiamojtaba i thought cryptsetup was standard on most OS04:40
Gallomimiacan you describe your problem more? i've bashed my head against plenty of cryptFS problems. i'm trying to deal with LVM inside an encrypted container right now. i need a bit of visual output. but the tool i used to use no longer works04:42
Gallomimiato unlock the disk, use this: cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/path/to/device/or/partition nameofvolumeinside04:43
Gallomimiaas root, usually04:43
pantatocan someone tell me why ubuntu puts folders and configs in non-default paths?04:52
Gallomimiaseems to me it's in a state of transition between the old way, and the new way04:53
nikolamUh, I managed to set lxd/lxc and virt. machine is running, I created lxb1 bridge interface on during that and virt. machine takes IP dynamically.05:53
nikolamBut I lost all other communication over the physical LAN adapter that is taking
nikolamShould bridge interface be ultimatively in another IP range then LAN? I was under impression virt. machine can take it's role in the real world05:54
nikolamall communication is bridged over, bridge adapter that is accessible only form the host machine..05:55
nikolamAlso is this fully outdated or what https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing06:03
nikolaminternet connection sharing also didn't work when set as "shared to other computers" on LAN adapter.06:09
nikolamonce I deleted bridge on LAN, LAN started working06:15
tatertotsnikolam: have you observed that the internet followed the bridge?06:18
nikolamhi tatertots , local LAN communication was routed through the bridge, and that stopped lan communication06:19
tatertotsnikolam: vm still has lan communication? confirmed via pings?06:20
nikolamtatertots, I also deleted vm. Yes it had communication between host machine and vm , but not to outside world06:21
nikolamMaybe because dnsmasq was started also on bridge and it was in the same Ip range as other LAN06:30
ws2k3im trying to find out why a upstart service is not starting after boot. when i start it manualy it works just fine. there is also no .log file in /var/log/upstart07:25
FalcHello. On 18.04, does anyone know of a way to do either "sudo -i" or "sudo -s" without loading root's bash profile?07:45
EriC^^Falc: i think sudo -s doesnt them07:47
EriC^^*load them07:48
FalcI tried and it does...07:49
EriC^^Falc: what did you try? i tried adding echo bla to bashrc and profile it loaded neither07:49
FalcI mean, I would 100% agree with you according to the documentation...07:49
FalcSome of my colleagues have given root a specific prompt which I dislike, so my main goal is to not load that. Both sudo -s and sudo -i changed it07:50
EriC^^Falc: hmm, do you know where they added the prompt?07:51
Falcgood question07:51
EriC^^Falc: maybe try to get the prompt using "echo $PS1" and grep for part of it in /root and /etc ?07:52
Falcpretty sure it's coming from /root/.bashrc07:54
EriC^^Falc: simple test, try "sudo mv /root/.bashrc{,.backup}"07:55
Falcwhoa... I'd never seen that {..} syntax before. If nothing else, you tought me something07:56
FalcEriC^^: and yes, that's the source07:57
EriC^^Falc: i wonder why it's using it for you and not for me, maybe we can strace the process?07:59
FalcEriC^^: (fwiw, sudo -s keeps me in my current location while sudo -i puts me in /root)08:00
EriC^^Falc: same for me08:02
EriC^^Falc: is there a "/etc/sudo.conf" file?08:06
FalcEriC^^: no08:06
EriC^^Falc: i kind of wonder what happens if you do "sudo -s /bin/sh"08:08
FalcEriC^^: very basic prompt08:08
FalcEriC^^: did an strace, but nothing much came out...08:10
EriC^^Falc: hmm08:15
EriC^^Falc: maybe somebody in ##linux might know more about the matter08:20
FalcEriC^^: thanks anywa08:20
EriC^^Falc: no problem08:20
EriC^^Falc: do you have any alias or function of sudo by any chance? try "type sudo"08:23
Falcsudo is hashed (/usr/bin/sudo)08:23
FalcEriC^^: sudo /bin/bash --rcfile /home/ldt/.bashrc  <= not quite the solution I was hoping, but it works, so *shrug*08:26
ws2k3im trying to find out why a upstart service is not starting after boot. when i start it manualy it works just fine. there is also no .log file in /var/log/upstart anyone an idea on how to debug?08:27
deadbitIs screen still supported under 18.0408:41
deadbitI see the list of sources for it in the repository but i'm having trouble starting it under the current session in terminal.08:42
mendihi friends ubuntu doesn't let me install on my gtx 1070ti08:42
mendisize unavailable is the only error08:42
deadbitmendi what do you mean?08:42
mendiwindows 10 works fine08:42
mendino display output08:43
mendiim using 18.04 from the website08:43
deadbitbut what drivers have you uploaded for it? theres an option when installing ubuntu to use 3rd party drivers08:43
deadbitthat's the release of ubuntu version but not the version of drivers for your hardware08:43
mendithe install tool doesnt work08:43
mendithe install tool doesnt output anything on the screen08:43
deadbitwhich install tool? mendi08:44
mendiit shows ubuntu logo, says size unavailable before that and then all output gone, monitor says no signal08:44
mendiinstall tool from usb08:44
mendithat i made with windows dd08:44
mendimade with LiLi before that same issue08:45
mendiswitched usbs even08:45
deadbitmendi so youre saying your installing using a usb/dd ubuntu installer?08:46
deadbitfastest and easiest way ive tried is rufus with iso. not gpt/dd08:46
mendiofficial iso, written with dd on gpt08:47
deadbityou can try a uefi/gpt installer from rufus as well; should work08:47
deadbittry rufus08:47
mendii think ill still have to use the intel graphics for install then get the non-free drivers but im afraid they wont work08:49
deadbityeah you might. but add the switch (check the box) for 3rd party drivers08:50
deadbitplay on linux should have some support regarding the drivers for the gtx107008:50
deadbiti don't game on pc much these days so i've lost some insight to it.08:50
rishavHey I have seen that my battery drain faster in ubuntu or any linux than it was on Windows.. Does anyone have any suggestion for this..08:51
mendiill use it for cuda so output to display not that important but still kind of strange08:51
deadbitrishav usually some driver08:53
mendirufus doesnt detect devices even though i have 1 ntfs 1 ext4 or whatever dd wrote08:53
deadbitor have you checked the PS states for your machine under linux?08:53
deadbitrufus does detect, there's a checkbox for show all partitions i think or show all hdds08:54
mendioh wtf08:54
deadbitif it's a usb device; you should be able to detect it and write to it as a gpt/dd installation for ubuntu using whatever iso you downloaded.08:54
mendiwhy would they not enable that by default08:54
deadbitnot sure.08:54
rishavdeadbit, my laptop is lenovo ideapad 320. in the lenovo support they provide only drivers for windows OS. Now how will I get driver for linux08:56
ws2k3im trying to find out why a upstart service is not starting after boot. when i start it manualy it works just fine. there is also no .log file in /var/log/upstart anyone an idea on how to debug?08:56
deadbitrishav i'm sure there are drivers out there... have you looked at the forums.08:57
deadbitthere is a full and rich community of developers that work for free to help develop a HAL/compatible for ubuntu08:58
deadbityou might have to port over drivers from a different distribution or look one level up under debian for them.08:58
deadbitbut i'm sure they're there08:59
rishavdeadbit, I didn't get much help in the forums. they all said that companies provide windows specific drivers, that's why windows is able to save power however linux/ubuntu is not able to do that08:59
lotuspsychjews2k3: wich ubuntu version are you still using?09:00
ws2k3lotuspsychje: 14.0409:02
lotuspsychjews2k3: are you paying for ESM support?09:02
ws2k3lotuspsychje: else it woudent be upstart =)09:02
lotuspsychjews2k3: then 14.04 is end of life for you, we cannot support it anymore here09:03
mendiI still have 14.04 on a CD09:04
ws2k3had this discussion maby times before here and its a bit tiring but allright. does the fact that 14.04 is EOL change anything about upstart?09:04
mendiback when ubuntu looked fresh in gnome209:04
lotuspsychjemendi: please only ubuntu support questions here09:04
lotuspsychjews2k3: feel free to discuss about it in #ubuntu-discuss09:05
mendiubuntu 18.04 runs on gnome and not unity right?09:05
ws2k3yeah exacly. another anser that is totaly unrelated to my question. which brings me back at my point. what is a good way to debug upstart?09:06
ws2k3i already tryed the methods described here https://blog.thesparktree.com/debugging-upstart-jobs-on-ubuntu-1404 but didnt found anything09:06
lotuspsychjews2k3: we cannot support your ubuntu version, its reccomended you install a supported version from the topic09:06
ws2k3lotuspsychje: ok. maby someone else has something usefull to say :)09:07
mendi ^09:07
ws2k3thats the fun of irc. thats not up to you =)09:07
mendilet the guy use centuries old software if he wants to09:08
lotuspsychje!chat | mendi09:08
ubottumendi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:08
ws2k3so yeah. anyone any idea's?09:09
deadbiti'm trying to get screen to work so i can keep my buffers/logs but i cant even get weechat to keep the damn servers in it's add-list.09:10
deadbitoi vey. why did i come back to computing?!09:10
deadbiti should have stayed in gaming and braindead.09:10
lotuspsychjedeadbit: please stay ontopic09:10
deadbitdoes ubuntu lts 18.04 support screen?09:11
lotuspsychje!info screen | deadbit yes09:11
ubottudeadbit yes: screen (source: screen): terminal multiplexer with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.6.2-1ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 554 kB, installed size 1023 kB09:11
ws2k3deadbit: yes apt-get install screen09:11
deadbityeah i tried that and found it in the repositories but it doesn't start09:11
ws2k3deadbit:  what happens you type screen and hit enter?09:12
ws2k3oh and fyi lotuspsychje screen also works realy Great on ubuntu 14.04 a miracle isnt it? :D09:13
mendideadbit my ubuntu installer now hangs the bios and nothing will boot until I unplug it really funny09:14
deadbiti used to use screen on debian 809:15
deadbiti wanna say.09:15
deadbityou have to do screen -R for a new session09:15
deadbitbut i peters out on me.09:15
deadbitnothing happens is what i mean ws2k309:15
ws2k3deadbit: show us. pastebin ur output09:16
deadbitps aux | grep -i weechat09:16
deadbitdoes give me the pid so i can try to start a new screen with that09:16
deadbiti got it.09:17
deadbitws2k3 thanx09:20
deadbiti forgot to see if it was just clearing the buffer first. screen -r shows the available screens.09:21
humpledthought that would be screen -ls09:22
mendiisnt there a netinstall version of ubuntu09:23
mendifor 18.0409:23
ws2k3mendi:  why go with ubuntu?09:23
deadbitws2k3 imgur.com/a/ulVGnql09:26
mendithe cuda version that i want is compiled for 18.04 ws2k3 don't know of it will work on debian 909:26
deadbitprobably because it has the most UXUI friendly environment that doesn't require an in depth knowledge for make-install09:26
deadbitor compiling your own kernel09:27
ws2k3deadbit: https://imgur.com/a/ulVGnql is not a valid link09:27
deadbitmendi what about debian 809:27
ws2k3deadbit: proberly debian 10 is a better idea09:27
lotuspsychjestop that ws2k309:28
lotuspsychjews2k3: you are in the ubuntu support channel, please dont reccomend another Os09:28
deadbittry https ws2k309:28
ws2k3deadbit:  i did09:29
ws2k3https://imgur.com/a/ulVGnql not a valid link09:29
deadbitoh well09:29
mendiso ubuntu doesnt have netinstall right?09:29
deadbittake my word for it.09:29
deadbitit screen works fine09:29
deadbiti just have to brush up on commands09:29
mendicould install debian then upgrade to ubuntu09:30
mendi100 iq09:30
ws2k3mendi: yeah good idea09:30
deadbitor any kubuntu variant09:30
AscavasaionSo I installed Lubuntu on a machine.  I then swapped the monitor and it refuses to display anything.  Monitor has blue light, so it is getting signal, and it displays POST on boot.  Any idea why it is not autodetectecting the new monitor and working?09:30
deadbitsorry *ubuntu variant09:30
ws2k3mendi: https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/bt-cd/debian-10.1.0-amd64-netinst.iso.torrent there you go09:30
exportAscavasaion: probably because xrandr09:31
mendithx dont ban him hes just helping me install ubuntu09:31
lotuspsychje!ops | ws2k3 deadbit mendi disturbing, trolling, debian reccomends, offtopic09:31
ubottuws2k3 deadbit mendi disturbing, trolling, debian reccomends, offtopic: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax09:31
deadbitws2k3 yes Debian 10 would be a better choice but if the cuda he's trying has been around for a while, odds are debian 8 has stable support for it09:32
Ascavasaionexport, but it does not even show the boot up images and log in screen.  POST and then black for the rest of the boot.09:32
deadbitws2k3 wow you triggered someone on irc?09:33
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:33
ws2k3deadbit:  no lotuspsychje did09:33
DalekSecmendi: Netinst for Ubuntu, sure.09:33
deadbit#ubuntu and IRC as a proxy/extension has changed a LOT!!!09:33
DalekSecws2k3: Please keep the Debian support in #debian though.09:33
exportAscavasaion: are you running only one gpu?09:33
Ascavasaionexport, YEs09:33
ws2k3DalekSec:  i will. at the same time it would be very nice is lotuspsychje can stop being a little child09:33
deadbit^ agree09:34
exportAscavasaion: i presume when bios exists, it will simply pass off to the kernel, and the kernel goes from there, usually if a card works on one system it works on the other, if only one, try to disable onboard if using external09:34
ws2k3DalekSec deadbit its very simple. he already chose to screw me a several times. so he deserved some payback.09:34
deadbithey did come to ubuntu and unfortunately its not working for him. an alternative solution is not another OS. it's the grandaddy OS and framework/foundation for this one.09:34
Ascavasaionexport, I am using the onboard.09:35
deadbitubuntu is only an additional layer built UPON debian.09:35
deadbitso logic dictates that we are still essentially offering topic related information.09:35
DalekSecws2k3: This isn't really te channel for that, though.09:35
ws2k3DalekSec: agree09:35
deadbitit'd be like talking about a tree and referring to it's root system as a completely separate organism.09:35
ws2k3DalekSec:  but it had to be done. but i agree with you09:36
DalekSecdeadbit: No, #ubuntu is for Ubuntu and official flavors.  If Ubuntu doesn't work for him, that's understandable to note that something else will, but with further queries on the subject in the appropriate channel.09:36
deadbitthat's reasonable09:37
mendibut ubuntu installer really doesnt recognize 1070ti09:37
deadbitso mendi in so many words they're saying "fuck off and try something else" that they won't help you with here09:37
DalekSecmendi: The mini.iso (what Debian calls netinst) uses the debian-installer last I knew.09:37
deadbitmendi try #linux09:37
exportdeadbit: also debian is far different from ubuntu from a literal standpoint, it's necessary to have different support channel.s09:37
mendithanks DalekSec ill try it09:38
exportAscavasaion: maybe poke around in bios an see if you can get anything disbabled.09:38
DalekSecmendi: I have no idea if that'll help with your specific issue, but it might be worth a shot?09:38
deadbitexport i don't disagree with that perspective. completely understood.09:38
Ascavasaionexport, Okay, will do.  Just perplexed how ti worked until I changed the monitor.09:39
exportAscavasaion: could possibly need to tinker with refresh rates and stuff, a new monitor can be weird nonethless maybe even get a live usb and see what happens to determine the defaults.09:39
deadbitwell ascavasaion did you try to restart it?09:40
deadbiti'm being serious. daemon could have hung.09:40
exportthat is also fair...09:40
deadbitgrep your processes to see if one is blitzed.09:40
Ascavasaionexport, I would use a live USB if the moitor stayed on beyond flashing a second or so of POST09:48
Ascavasaiondeadbit, Numerous times09:48
AscavasaionI allowed it to boot all the way to the login screen, I could not see anything with the blank monitor... and left it to go into power saving, monitor light went orange after a few minutes.  I then his ESC and the computer flashed the Lubuntu login screen for a second and then went blank again.  The monitor light remained blue.09:49
AscavasaionI have tried different cables too.09:49
exportAscavasaion: so did you try using xrandr from a brand new booted system?09:50
deadbitno that seems like it can't get the refresh/dimensions right09:50
exportjust google xrandr and i'm sure you can fidn soemthing that can get it right09:50
deadbitif it's flashing the splash screen and does work during post09:50
deadbitthen it is pushing/pulling mib info09:50
Ascavasaionexport, Cannot use xrandr if there is nothing displayed after a second of POST.09:50
deadbitbut once it changes the ps for the monitor, maybe it's the driver you are using for your video card or graphics card settings.09:51
deadbitdrop them to the most ugliest basic settings09:51
Ascavasaiondeadbit, IT does not show the whole POST, it flashes that initial screen with CPU etc stuff (very quickly so cannot be sure what it shows, and then goes blank.09:51
exportAscavasaion: not even on one monitor?09:51
deadbitthen if it doesn't show all POST info; try #hardware09:51
Ascavasaionexport, I am only using one monitor, it is not a dual monitor set up.09:51
deadbitat that point it's based on MIB and not installation09:52
deadbitand that's hardware related.09:52
deadbitunless you have a diff monitor Ascavasaion and that monitor works09:52
Ascavasaiondeadbit, Think I will have to09:52
Ascavasaiondeadbit, It works with other monitors... but they are being used on other computers.09:52
AscavasaionLEt me try the monitor giving the issues on this machine09:53
deadbitAscavasaion: complete post?09:53
deadbityeah try that... use the troublesome monitor on this current session09:53
ws2k3im trying to find out why a upstart service is not starting after boot. when i start it manualy it works just fine. there is also no .log file in /var/log/upstart anyone an idea on how to debug?09:54
nailykHello. In my company we are looking for a new distribution with support. Looking at buy.ubuntu it seems only the 14.04 is avaiable. Is there any new ubuntu version with corporate support please ?09:56
Ascavasaiondeadbit, I am chatting to you using this as the third monitor on my laptop.10:00
lotuspsychje!esm | nailyk10:01
ubottunailyk: Canonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.10:01
nailykthanks lotuspsychje ;)10:02
ws2k3lol :)10:03
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ws2k3im trying to find out why a upstart service is not starting after boot. when i start it manualy it works just fine. there is also no .log file in /var/log/upstart anyone an idea on how to debug?10:07
ikoniais there a current supported ubuntu version still using upstart ?10:09
ws2k3ikonia: no idea why you ask?10:10
ikoniaws2k3: well, only supported ubuntu version are for discussion here, and I thought all current supported ubuntu version where all systemd by now10:11
ikoniaI thought (could be wrong) that the ubuntu versions still using upstart where EOL10:11
ws2k3yes i think its eol10:11
ikoniathen it's not supported in this channel10:12
ikoniawhat version is it out of interest ?10:12
ikoniayeah, long EOL10:12
deadbitalright i'm out10:12
ws2k3its been eol for 5 months but still that its eol does not change the behavior of upstart ^^10:13
jeremybEOL means we no longer support it10:14
ws2k3k :) this is so exhausting10:15
SimonNLNow I understand why the topic was changed10:16
SimonNLmonths ago10:16
ikoniaRIP a good distro10:16
mgedminwhy do I keep forgetting that 19.10 is not out yet and no I'm not running it10:19
mgedminevery time I see 19.04 I think "why use that old distro" augh stupid brain10:19
statusfaileddoes the  mesa-vulkan-drivers package give me a software renderer for vulkan? I'm pretty sure my intel integrated graphics card doesn't support vulkan10:21
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VHS1987Hi there, I am having a debate regarding Ubuntu with a friend, and we need community opinion to know who is right lol10:26
VHS1987The question is:10:26
ikoniathis is a support channel VHS198710:26
VHS1987do you mean I can't ask questions here?10:26
ikoniaif you have a support related question, yes10:27
VHS1987well, it is related to installing things on Ubuntu10:27
VHS1987question is:10:27
VHS1987If I install `apt-get install python3` today on Ubuntu 18.04 and python `3.6.5` is installed, then if I do exactly the same on another machine 2 years later but STILL on Ubuntu 18.04, will I get still python `3.6` because its the default version for 18.04 (bionic) ? Or will I get whatever new versions there is by that time?10:29
mgedminyou'll get 3.610:29
VHS1987You read quite fast lol10:29
mgedminyou might get a newer point release of 3.6, or just 3.6.5 with a few more security patches backported10:30
VHS1987So I am right thanks :)  If I understand it well, default version of packages are fixed based on the OS version, is that correct?10:30
mgedminif you want an official-sounding page describing this policy, it's here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates10:30
VHS1987that is a good link that you shared there10:32
VHS1987thank you10:32
mendi@DalekSec ty for the tip! mini.iso is a lifesaver10:45
mendihow good is the ntfs driver for linux10:46
mendiin terms of speed vs ext410:46
mendiis there any difference10:47
mendidoes efi partition need a mountpoint or should i just format it to fat32 and expect installer to detect it10:53
mgedminyou need to mount it on /boot/efi, or grub-install will complain10:54
mendialright but i cant change the boot flag from off10:55
mendii press enter and nothing happens10:55
mgedminthe installer should take care of it if you install on an efi system10:55
mendiso leave boot flag off?10:56
mgedmin(I don't know what happens if you do manual partitioning, though!)10:56
mgedminare you using a MBR or GPT disklabel?  I don't think GPT has bootable flags...10:57
mendithat would make sense why it doesnt want to set it10:58
mgedminat least fdisk -l doesn't show anything like it on my GPT system -- it doesn't even show a Bootable column10:58
mendiinstaller still complains about no efi10:58
mgedminpartition type must be efi, I think?10:58
tomreyngpt does support the 'boot' flag. i'm not sure you need it, though.10:58
mendithere is an efi partition type10:59
mendithank you!!!!10:59
mgedminhuh, the ubuntu installer set up my /boot/efi to be mounted with umask=0077, I wonder why11:00
mendithats only write and execute without read?11:02
statusfailedI want to mess around with Vulkan, but my intel graphics chip is too old to support it; can I get mesa to do software rendering somehow?11:07
humpledi think that means root can do anything but group and others can do nothing11:07
mgedminyeah, umask 077 takes away rwx for group and other11:09
mgedminyesterday I tried to make a server boot using UEFI and failed miserably11:09
mgedmin(I had two servers; one worked fine, the other didn't)11:09
mgedminhad to give up and return to legacy boot11:10
mgedminhow are you supposed to use efibootmgr when /sys/firmware/efi is not accessible because you legacy booted anyway?11:10
tomreynyou don't, you boot in uefi mode to access /sys/firmware/efi11:11
facefaceI'm bionic, but a dist described here doesn't list bionic: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Parsoid/Setup11:14
facefaceDo I just go with jessie?11:14
tomreynstatusfailed: https://salsa.debian.org/Kazan-team/kazan/blob/master/README.md11:14
facefacewait... what even is jessie?11:15
facefaceI@m so noob11:16
tomreynfaceface: "jessie" is a debian release name, this is #ubuntu (bionic is an ubuntu release name, that of 18.04 LTS)11:17
facefaceoh right11:17
facefaceJust found that :-)11:17
facefacehttps://releases.wikimedia.org/debian/dists/ <- any way to pick?11:17
facefaceTry one and hope it works?11:17
facefaceso bionic is based on buster... Jessie seems older11:18
facefacestrange they mix ubuntu and debian names there11:18
tomreyndo you have an ubuntu support question?11:19
facefacethe instructions here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Parsoid/Setup mention a repo that doesn't match bionic. A) can and B) how can I work around this?11:19
tomreyntalk to the developers, this channel only supports packages in ubuntu's repositories, not third party software11:20
facefaceoh, great11:20
facefaceI bet you're real popular at parties ;-P11:20
facefacethanks though11:20
amosbirdHello, what's the right way to upgrade a local .deb package?11:25
amosbirdjust apt-get install .deb?11:25
facefaceamosbird: dkms -i I belive11:25
lotuspsychjeamosbird: wich program are you going to install please?11:25
facefacebut generally you want to find it in a repo11:26
amosbirdlotuspsychje: some local packages11:26
facefaceamosbird: it does make a difference11:26
facefaceapt update11:26
amosbirdfaceface: it's packaged from a github repo11:26
amosbirdit's compiled and built locally11:26
facefacedkms -i11:27
amosbirdso I can repeatedly call dkms -i when github repo updates?11:27
facefaceDepends on how the deb was built I'd guess... But I think so11:27
amosbirdfaceface: will dkms -i install dependent packages too?11:28
leftyfbdkms will not update any packages11:29
mgedminare you sure you meant dkms -i, and not dpkg -i?11:29
leftyfbamosbird: if you installed a .deb manually, (without apt) then it will not be updated in any way. Not unless that app installed it's own repo11:29
amosbirdleftyfb: I mean to replace it11:30
amosbirdthe update deb is on my hand now11:30
leftyfbamosbird: what package is this?11:30
amosbirdleftyfb: https://github.com/ClickHouse/ClickHouse but locally built one11:30
amosbirdit has some debian script to generate debs11:31
leftyfbthere's no way to update that. You'll be reinstalling it every time11:31
amosbirdleftyfb: yes. but how11:32
leftyfbthe same way you installed it the first time11:32
leftyfbamosbird: for that, you'll need to seek support from the project maintainer/site/support11:32
amosbirdleftyfb: the same way?11:33
amosbirdthat's funny11:33
leftyfbwhy is that funny?11:33
amosbird19:25 <amosbird> Hello, what's the right way to upgrade a local .deb package?11:33
amosbird19:25 <amosbird> just apt-get install .deb?11:33
leftyfbamosbird: you'll need to download the .deb and run "sudo dpkg -i package.deb"11:34
amosbirdleftyfb: even if the first installation is apt-install?11:35
leftyfbeither way11:35
humpledthey have a repo, but you have locally compiled?11:35
amosbirdleftyfb: either way?11:36
leftyfbhumpled: they don't have a repo11:36
amosbirdwill dpkg -i somehow pull in the new dependencies if any?11:36
mgedmindpkg -i doesn't do anyhting about dependencies, except complain loudly (but then it goes ahead and installs anyway)11:37
leftyfbamosbird: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/15911411:37
amosbirdhumpled: yes, I'm doing development11:37
mgedminyou can apt install -f or --fix-missing to install missing dependencies, assuming those are available from some apt repo11:37
amosbirdleftyfb: apt install it is then11:37
hackatheos_So to update you wouldnt use apt-get11:37
amosbirdthat apt-get -> apt thing11:38
mgedmindealing with .debs is a pain, which is why it's very nice to set up a ppa once you're done developing and want to make the thing installable11:38
amosbirdwhen did that happen?11:38
mgedmina couple of years ago?11:38
mgedminooh 2014, I'm old: https://mvogt.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/apt-1-0/11:38
amosbird"set up a ppa" sounds cool11:38
mgedminyeah it likely missed the 14.04 lts window11:39
amosbirdis there a global ppa repo I can use, similar to docker hub?11:39
mgedminno, but if you have a launchpad account you sort of already have a ppa11:39
leftyfbamosbird: launchpad.net11:39
amosbirdhow much space do I have?11:39
mgedminlike 2 gigs I think?11:39
amosbirdthat's too low....11:39
=== gry_ is now known as gry
leftyfbfor .deb packages????11:40
mgedmin"if you need more space, ask us"11:40
mgedminwhat is it you're packaging that doesn't fit in 2 gigs???11:40
amosbirdmgedmin: it barely fits11:41
amosbirdok, I guess it's doable11:42
amosbirdcan I repushing a new deb to my ppa to replace the old one so that it won't take addtional space?11:42
leftyfbamosbird: please see https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA for support with PPA's. It's not supported here.11:43
mgedmin... I don't know how the accounting is being done?11:43
mgedminyou can delete packages manually in the UI11:43
mgedminand there's a Python API (launchpadlib) for automation11:43
amosbirdlemme do some experiments11:44
amosbirddput ppa:amosbird/ppa <source.changes>   heh, so it's darn simple11:44
amosbirdhere are all the files I've packaged https://la.wentropy.com/iqcA . should I just place them into the <source.changes>?11:45
leftyfb!ot | amosbird11:45
ubottuamosbird: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:45
leftyfbamosbird: try #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-devel11:45
kristian_Hey I am looking for a way to quickly save notes on ubuntu 18, I'm not looking for a fully fledged notes app but rather a notes "widget" with less features but can be accessed quickly11:48
leftyfb!yy.mm | kristian_11:48
ubottukristian_: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle11:48
EriC^^kristian_: xpad?11:48
leftyfbkristian_: https://itsfoss.com/indicator-stickynotes-windows-like-sticky-note-app-for-ubuntu/   # first result on google for "ubuntu sticky notes"11:50
mgedminmany years ago tomboy was a great notes app, but it's not integrating nicely into modern desktops any more11:50
mgedminI haven't found a good replacement yet; I ended up using google keep in a browser window11:50
mgedmin(also because it does sync with my phone)11:50
kristian_thanks for your suggestions11:53
kristian_stickynotes looks like I want leftyfb (I have been googling but not for stickynotes.. ;) )11:53
ws2k3any idea why this upstart script would fail? https://pastebin.com/vHPnDiHS there is nothing in the logfile defined nor in the /var/log/upstart/conf.log11:54
tomreynuse systemd11:55
mgedminmore precisely, use a supported ubuntu version that's not EOL -- all of which use systemd11:55
ikoniaws2k3: 14.04 is EOL and not supported here, please dont ask again12:06
ws2k3ikonia: ... its not allowed for someone else to respond???12:07
ikoniaws2k3: not allowed to ask12:09
ws2k3ikonia: hmm nah that doesnt make any sense12:09
ikoniaws2k3: that's fine that you don't get it, but we don't support EOL distros in this channel12:11
ws2k3ikonia: k. maby someone else has something to say that is actualy usefull ^^12:12
JimBuntuws2k3, how about this... it's in the topic - "#ubuntu supports Ubuntu and official flavors; versions 16.04, 18.04, 19.04"12:12
ws2k3JimBuntu:  how is that usefull?12:12
ikoniaws2k3: bottom line, please stop asking12:12
ikoniawork within the channels topic/rules/policy whatever you want to call it (please)12:12
JimBuntuws2k3, You could try ##Linux or #upstart12:14
BluesKajHi folks12:29
manornkHi, I copied some files from windows to linux, and the files have names: š, č, ć.. and now those characters are as ???12:38
manornkHow to fix this12:38
manornkBut when i create directly file with such names, it works12:38
vltmanornk: What does "from windows" actually mean? What did you do?12:43
manornkvlt, Copy from windows file system to linux server, and all those crazy characters ended up being read as ?12:44
cchildresshi all. I want my Ubuntu VMs to restart in case of a kernel panic and send a kdump to a remote machine12:44
cchildressSo far, I've followed the guide at help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/kernel-crash-dump.html, and the "testing" section has shown that the functions work as expected12:45
vltmanornk: Seomtimes `mount -o utf8 <windows_fs> <mount_point>` works.12:45
cchildresshowever, I'm still occasionally seeing hung VMs (in kernel panic), with no dump. what, if anything, can I do?12:45
vltmanornk: You might need that option if your filenames don't have only special characters.12:46
manornkvlt, it's ščž letters12:47
pragmaticenigmacchildress: You might want to try #ubuntu-server... this channel is more focused on Desktop Ubuntu12:49
pragmaticenigmamanornk: TTY and terminal emulators aren't always configured to render UTF-8 charactesr in file names. There really isn't a fix other than to try a different terminal emulator. If you are remotely accessing the server via Putty ... you may need to change the settings in your SSH client to understand there are UTF-8 characters.12:51
manornkpragmaticenigma, This was windows  server and in copying it lost it's names, just looking if there is any way to fix  names12:52
pragmaticenigmamanornk: No, nothing automatted. Were you using Samba/Windows File Share to transfer the files?12:53
mgedminwell, first figure out if the names really aren't there, or if they're just not displaying because your locale or terminal charset is wrong12:53
manornkmgedmin, They are not there. it's not display problem12:53
manornkpragmaticenigma, Not samba, download on local windows machine and then upload12:54
manornkeither of servers are not local servers, but web12:54
pragmaticenigmamanornk: How are you transfering the files back and forth?12:54
manornkpragmaticenigma, FTP access12:54
manornkwe were migrating files to new server12:55
mgedminwhat FTP server?  (proftpd/vsftpd/???)12:55
pragmaticenigmamanornk: FTP doesn't support UTF-8 file names. Use SFTP12:55
manornkwe copied with sftp on our linxu machine, but ftp from windows12:55
manornkpragmaticenigma, so is new copy-paste (better one this time) best way?12:56
pragmaticenigmamanornk: Without RFC 2640 support, FTP by default does not support UTF-8 character sets in file names, and both the server and the client program have to support that RFC specification.12:57
manornkpragmaticenigma, Thanks.12:57
geirhaso just use sftp both ways12:57
pragmaticenigmamanornk: The only options I can think of are to setup a VPN to that machine and copy them down via windows file share, or to install an SFTP server on the remote machine and download them that way12:58
manornkThank you very much.12:58
pragmaticenigmamanornk: Another idea that comes to mind is to use a container format like 7-zip or just a plain zip file. Bundle the files up, and download the archive, decompress locally and then upload12:59
SiamasterMy computer freezes crashes when I copy large files from disk A to other disks. I have tried copying to another SDD and an HDD disks both crashes in same way12:59
manornkpragmaticenigma, that may be the best one yet, simplest12:59
SiamasterSomeone suggested to upgrade my BIOS firmware. I have done that now and the problem is still there13:00
pragmaticenigmaSiamaster: What is "Disk A" ? What is the disk formatted in? Is the disk encrypted?13:01
SiamasterDisk A is the 240 GB SDD formated in ext413:04
Siamasternautilus says ext3/ext4 but I remember formatting it in ext413:04
SiamasterIt's there drive I have ubuntu installed on and my boot drive13:05
humpledis the target filesystem vfat and are the files larger than 4GB?13:09
SiamasterHDD is fuse and SDD is ext413:11
SiamasterI have 3 disks. 2 SDD one HDD13:11
Siamasterand besides from the crash while copying, I'm having regular daily random freezes and crashes that I don't know how to recreate13:13
Siamasterbut the copying crashes everytime13:13
lotuspsychjeSiamaster: journalctl -f and try a copy, see if you can catch errors and pastebin the whole output13:15
adkjumphi, I'm having trouble scripting a preseed/early_command for the Ubuntu installer, it works fine in Debian but isn't run in Ubuntu13:22
adkjumpis this the right place to ask?13:22
mgedminmaybe?  which installer are you using?  iirc 18.04 switched to a different installer which maybe doesn't use quite the same preseed mechanism?13:24
mgedmin(but there are alternative iso images that still use debian-installer)13:24
adkjumptext mode installer not the graphical one13:24
Siamasterhmm. It doesn't seem to crash anymore13:24
mgedminah, sorry, I was talking about server images (which have a new text-mode installer that's not debian-installer since 18.04)13:25
adkjumpmgedmin: ah, we're getting our images from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/13:27
mgedminah, netboot13:27
mgedminanyway I've exhausted my knowledge on the topic13:27
adkjumpok, thanks anyway, do you know where are the docs on the server text-mode installer by any chance?13:28
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wonkoI followed this when I was runng 18.04 and it worked as intended: https://fixingitpro.com/2018/12/28/displaying-ip-info-on-console-with-netplan/14:07
wonkonow that I'm running 19.04 it's no longer working (fresh install) is there something I may have missed or does netplan behave differently now?14:08
mgedminpossibly the login prompt is displayed before the network is up?14:09
tomreynor the legacy "route" command no longer exists?14:10
wonkoI'm not doing exactly what he's doing there, I've just stolen his technique. I'm running an ip rule and ip route14:10
wonkobut they never get added14:11
tomreynediting /etc/issue.net is probably not a good idea anyways. better use the motd-tail mechanism14:11
wonkoI'm not doing that14:11
pragmaticenigmawonko: Can you better describe what you are trying to do, a volunteer might have a different approach that is more effective14:11
wonkoI'm just trying to get netplan to run a script after the network comes up14:12
wonkoI need to add a rule and a route to a table when the network comes up14:12
tomreynnetplan doesn't bring up the network, so that's probably the wrong place to hook into14:12
wonkoip rule add from table StaticIPs14:13
wonkoip route add default via dev br.StaticIPs table StaticIPs14:13
wonkonetworkd-dispatcher supposedly does?14:13
mgedminoh, right, /sbin/route is not installed by default in modern ubuntus14:14
wonkoip2 or gtfo. :)14:14
mgedminss doesn't have a flag to show the program name :'(14:14
wonkoor whatever that nonsense is called14:14
pragmaticenigmaI thought script to run when network was brought online should go in /etc/network/if-up.d ??14:15
pragmaticenigmawonko: I thought script to run when network was brought online should go in /etc/network/if-up.d ??14:15
wonkopragmaticenigma: is that true if networkd is the renderer and not NetworkManager?14:16
mgedminI think NetworkManager runs scripts from /etc/network/if-up.d, but I don't think systemd-networkd does14:16
pragmaticenigmawonko: networkd is the base for both NetPlan and NetworkManager.14:16
wonkoyou can have netplan use NetworkManager as the renderer though (but I'm not)14:17
=== SuperL4g is now known as SuperLag
pragmaticenigmaI know that wpasupplicant lives in that folder, which is needed for various network configurations one state changes14:18
tomreynserver defaults to systemd-networkd, desktop to networkmanager as a network instrumentation (and netplan renderer). and i think netplan is not installed on desktops by default.14:18
lotuspsychjewonko: are you using ubuntu server 19.04 for production or testing?14:19
tomreyni'd assume that if you wanted to hook into the network-up systemd target (it may be called differently, have not checked), you'd write a unit which triggeres upon reaching it.14:22
wonkoI'm using 19.04 desktop but I've got netplan managing my (not so simple) network for me14:25
tomreyn"network-online" is the proper target14:26
lotuspsychjewelcome phigan14:31
phigancan someone tell me why a service would be logging twice in rsyslog? sh[PID]: log and service[PID]: log14:32
phiganspecifically, dhcpd.14:32
mgedminphigan: maybe it thinks it's logging to syslog and printing to stdout?  but systemd forwards both syslog and stdout to the journal?14:34
phiganI thought about that.. not sure how to stop it, though14:35
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=== crimson_k1ng is now known as crimson_king
adacOn ubuntu 16.04 I get:14:46
adacany ideas?14:46
mgedminhave you checked the system log for more information?  (journalctl)14:48
wonkotomreyn: put the unit file in /etc/systemd/network?14:49
wonkoThat seems like the correct place to me. :)14:49
phiganmgedmin: I tried to trick it by setting log-facility to local7, then in rsyslog.d/50-default I put local7.* /dev/null.. but no luck :)14:52
phiganand .. I can't figure out what is starting it with the -f flag, keeping it in the foreground.14:58
mgedminphigan: pstree -aup might show you what process spawned it?14:59
mgedminor does it do the double fork to become rooted under init?15:00
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
adacmgedmin, hmm there is nothing in there  (journalctl) actually that could explain  what was wrong15:03
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
phiganstraight from systemd, pstree says15:09
phiganah, found it15:10
adacmgedmin, strange the very same behavior on an Ubuntu 18.0415:10
adacmgedmin, different server of mine15:11
repr0bateI all. I have a really stupid question: Is the 4.4 Linux kernel older than the 4.10 Linux Kernel?15:14
mgedminit is, yes (and it's not a stupid question)15:14
repr0bateThank you. I was getting confused about the numerical version representations because I assumed 4.4 > 4.1015:15
repr0bateso then 4.15 is latest Ubuntu 16.04 available kernel15:15
mgedminyeah, this is like section numbering in a book, not like a number with a decimal point15:15
mgedminit used to be clearer when linux verisons had multiple dots (2.4.16 etc.)15:15
repr0batethank you very much15:15
JimBunturepr0bate, if it were 4.40, then it would be greater. Think of the minor version number as an int, not the entire major.minor as a float15:15
uRockjournald is driving me up the wall with the constant jumping to 100%15:15
markus_e92hello, on my docking station (HP 120W Thunderbolt G2) the displayport isn't working. I'm using Kubuntu 18.04 with an HP ProBook 445R G6 (Ryzen 5 3500U). Does anyone know what could be the reason?15:17
phiganheh, if I take out -f it doesn't leave the daemon running. sigh.15:19
phiganplus it still logs with sh[pid] and dhcpd[pid]15:19
adacrepr0bate, happened to me a lot in my early days  :)15:20
wonkodoes that ExecStart line work the way I expect it to?15:20
adacmgedmin, hmm maybe the directory needs to exist first15:21
mgedminwonko: you can have multiple ExecStart lines, but you can't have shell constructs like ; in a single ExecStart unless you do ExecStart=/bin/sh -c 'ip X; ip Y'15:22
mgedmin(multiple ExecStart lines are better than using the shell just for this)15:25
wonkook, I wasn't sure if you could have multiples. It's been too long since I'm written unit files (thankfully!) :)15:26
adacyes that was it the directory must exist15:27
mgedminI've been burned by accidentally having repeated directives when I tried to override a systemd unit15:30
mgedminso I know really well that systemd supports multiple ExecStart directives and runs them one after another :)15:30
wonkoI just need to figure out all the other bits to make it happy. Slowly getting there as systemctl complains about my awful unit file. :)15:31
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
wonkoOk, so can I get systemd to not care that the command has failed?15:34
wonkorather that one or the other of the commands15:34
mgedminprefix it with a - I think?  there's a manual page that documents all this somewhere, man systemd.unit?15:35
mgedminyeah, a - and the docs are in the systemd.service man page15:36
wonkomgedmin: perfect, thanks!15:44
wonkonow we wait for reboot to see if it works. :)15:44
Sven_vBon xenial, "systemctl get-default" says "graphical.target". can I query whether systemd actually tried to start it this boot (yet)?15:57
Sven_vBnevermind, it's actually active even15:57
phiganwell that's dumb :).. I had to add "> /dev/null 2>&1" to the exec line in isc-dhcp-server.service16:02
phiganbut I guess it works.16:03
NyleHello. I am getting  : Temporary failure in name resolution for google.com or any domain, I enabled dnsmasq and disabled systemd-resolvd16:27
NyleI'm trying to use dbab (adblock) plus dnsmasq16:27
Nylebut now I can't open the instructions cuz browser won't resolve anything16:27
NyleSo I'm kind of stuck.16:27
=== im0nde_ is now known as im0nde1
NyleI reverted all the changes back and now I can get it, but I tried it again and same result16:29
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
Sven_vBNyle, most ISPs provide a default proxy. their hotline should be able to tell you its host (might be handy later), IP and port. then you set the IP and port in your browser as proxy and you can surf even w/o DNS.16:29
Nylenot isp related16:29
NyleI've ruled that one16:29
Sven_vBNyle, yeah, well, any static IP proxy will allow you to read the web while you experiment with DNS.16:29
Nylesure. You have one?16:30
NyleISP's in USA don't really provide such proxies for people to use16:30
Sven_vByes, but you won't get access to that. :P that's why I suggested you use the default one from your ISP.16:30
nikolamHi, I have a problem with Webcam not working, it is an ols USB pac7311 (0093a:2608) that used to work in previous ubuntu releases (even with vertical Flip of the picture)16:30
phigancan't you add like server= to dnsmasq.conf?16:30
Sven_vBwell in that case, you can use TOR.16:30
Nylefocus, guys.16:31
Nyleconflicts between systemd and dnsmasq16:31
Nyleand how to resolve those.16:31
Nylefound this16:31
nikolamI don't see device in Cheese and v4l2ucp can't start preview windows ether. It is black in Skype, but recognized with device16:31
NyleI recently installed dnsmasq to act as DNS Server for my local network. dnsmasq listens on port 53 which is already in use by the local DNS stub listener from systemd-resolved.16:31
nikolamI wonder if it is about kernel module or something else.16:31
NyleHowever, the trouble is that if I disable systemd-resolved, and then install dnsmasq, I get no resolution.16:31
ioriaNyle, and have you removed dnsmasq ?16:32
Nyleno, I want dnsmasq16:32
Nylethat's my end goal16:32
Sven_vBNyle, so your apt install fails because at the time you try it you don't have DNS?16:32
Nyleit does not fail, it installs the packages. The post inst scripts in the package fail as port 53 is in use, so dnsmasq can't start16:32
Nyleport 53 is in use by systemd-resolved16:32
phiganwhat's your resolv.conf say when you have disabled systemd-resolved?16:32
Sven_vBtry reboot after you disable the stub resolver16:33
Nyledefault. never modified.16:33
phiganpointing to dnsmasq/localhost?16:33
phigandef need to check :)16:33
Sven_vBso is "port 53 is in use" your current problem?16:33
iffraffHi, I'm trying to add a new secureboot-policy key.  when I run the command then look at the folder it says that the .der .priv  were created two days ago.  so I don't believe it was successful16:34
ioriaNyle,  check  ls -l /etc/resolv.conf16:34
Nylehowever, if I disable systemdresolved, and port53 is now open/available, then I install dnsmasq, and it starts, but I don't get name resolution16:34
Nyleioria: why16:34
NyleI know th efile exists and I just pasted you the contents.16:34
Sven_vBNyle, at least you have dnsmasq running then, so you're a step further.16:34
Nyleyes, I already said that :)16:35
phiganname resolution depends on resolv.conf, and if that's being modified as you add/remove packages, that may be the issue.16:35
Sven_vBok so what's the next problem?16:35
Nylephigan: good point.16:35
NyleI can test that next16:35
Nylehang on16:35
ioriaNyle, the point it's not the content but the link it's pointing to16:36
Nyleresolv.conf is unmodified even after isntalling dnsmasq16:36
Nylesomeone mention stub listener option earlier16:37
NyleI'll give that ag o16:37
ioriaNyle, ok, again, can you post ls -l /etc/resolv.conf ?16:37
phigani'd try just having 'nameserver'16:37
um1b0zuHi all. How do I set up my VPN to route all traffic to it in 19.04? I feel like I should be able to do this in the IPv4 tab in the network manager UI in settings, but I'm not sure what to put in there.16:40
sla3kHi, I have a strange IP config here on one of the VM running Ubuntu 16.04 server https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NPJcfkyWfH/ There are two IP addresses assigned to one interface, I'd life to remove the first one (192...) and keep second one (10.23...); Any idea how would I do that?16:41
Sven_vBum1b0zu, I'd try setting the default gateway to the VPN's gateway. (and make a custom route to the dial-in server if required.)16:42
um1b0zuSven_vB yeah is there a way to do it in the UI? I'm asking because I don't want to have to command line set this up every time I connect16:42
um1b0zuThere should be a way to do this without needing to dig into ifconfig and muck up my route table there.16:43
phigansla3k: ifconfig <interface> inet del <ip>16:43
sla3kphigan, thanks. It will not delete the second one as well right?16:44
phiganshouldn't. also ip addr del <ip> dev <interface> :)16:44
sla3khmm, ran the first command it reports no errors, but the IP is still there...16:45
phiganyou ran as root?16:46
phiganor with sudo16:46
Sven_vBum1b0zu, usually command line commands are easier to automate than UI settings. :) maybe ifupdown already knows when you connect.16:46
phiganweird. try ip command16:46
sla3kas root.16:46
Sven_vBum1b0zu, also CLI is easier to debug via SSH. ;)16:46
sla3kphigan ip addr del dev ens3 did it :)16:47
sla3kbut it warns about prefix length which makes total sense, note to self: whenever doing this, prefix with /32 to delete specific IP address and not the whole range16:48
sla3kThanks phigan16:48
ericusbuilding a fresh PC, should I install Ubuntu as UEFI or legacy?16:53
ericusdual boot with Win1016:53
phiganthat depends on your PC16:54
phiganwhichever it is set to currently boot/support16:54
ericusI should install Windows first right?16:54
ericuson a single drive that is16:55
phigannot necessarily. your preference on bootloader should dictate which you install first16:55
phiganif you want grub, install windows first. If you want Windows loader, install Ubuntu first16:55
ericusI like grub16:55
ericusisnt win gonna mess with MBR?16:56
phiganthey both will, so the one you want to keep is the one you install last16:56
ericusdoes windows even give me a boot menu?16:57
ericusI only use win for gaming16:57
phiganwhen there is more than one choice, yes, or if you specify it to16:57
phiganusually it is set to autoboot if only one choice16:57
ericusthen I'l go with GRUB16:57
ericusdoes proprietary drivers requrire uefi?17:02
um1b0zuSven_vB what's ifupdown17:08
um1b0zuI think my issue is I'm not really sure how networking actually works on ubuntu17:08
um1b0zuI'm open to learning though17:09
um1b0zuI'd love to actually use the VPN I've paid for :-)17:09
um1b0zuI just find it weird that the route table in the UI doesn't work as a setting to route all traffic17:10
phiganwhat VPN is that?17:10
um1b0zuI'm using vyprvpn17:10
phigandid you check their website?17:10
phiganusing pptp or openvpn?17:11
Sven_vBum1b0zu, it's a mechanism to triggering scripts when network interfaces go up or down. see /etc/network/if-*.d/17:12
Sven_vBum1b0zu, systemd can probably do it even fanicer17:12
humpledwhat is the actual problem here?17:13
sla3kHello again, am sorry am not much of a routing guy but recently I changed the internal subnet of my network and one of the server still have old routes set. how can I change the old routes to the new one https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/76NF4c6NsP/17:18
um1b0zuSven_vB true17:23
um1b0zuso question, you mentioned "setting the default gateway to the vpn gateway". I don't know how to do that, and I don't know what that means anyways. Got any good tutorials or videos on how gateways work?17:23
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amincdusbguy1, on my desktop18:02
Sven_vBum1b0zu, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Default_gateway , "ip route help", "man ip"18:07
platztrying to undo an apt pickle. https://pastebin.com/raw/M7wnvd7f18:21
platzif i try to 'apt --fix-broken install' it wants to uninstall everything18:22
platzsuch as network-manager18:22
deegotry dist-upgrade?18:22
deegoor try apt install libgnutls3018:22
platzlibgnutls30 is already the newest version (3.6.5-2ubuntu1.1).18:22
deegoMixed distributions/backports/sources?  another way is to just purge these offending packages for now and try again18:23
deegoi don't recall but aptitude works sometimes, and tries to find a path forward instead of uninstalling everything18:23
platzi  install a different gnutls package before, but that appers to have been a no-no18:23
deegoapt-show-versions  | grep -i "unavailable" and purge such weird pkges for now ?18:24
deegoofc, before that, make sure your sources.list and sources.list.d don't contain all kinds of sources. and then apt update18:25
deegoYou can also use dpkg etc to overrule apt, but that's a more drastic step..18:25
platzis there a way i can find out what libs i *should* have on my system18:27
platzinstead of the ones i messed up18:27
platzby default on 19.0418:28
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deegoaptitude --full-resolver dist-upgrade might also help18:37
platzok i fixed it, i went to https://packages.ubuntu.com/disco/amd64/libcurl3-gnutls/download and just installed that via dpkg18:37
platzit appears i had a wierd libcurl3-gnutls18:38
deegonow try apt upgrade again and make sure your apt doesn't want to overwrite what you just did (because you may have a strange source somewhere)18:39
platzi couldn't get it via apt for some reason and apt policy libcurl3-gnutls didn't show anything weird oddly even though i had a different pkg18:40
platzyeah my sources are ok18:40
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seven-elevenhow can I read all system mails (crontab, anacron etc) from one host? so each host in the LAN sends its mails to one host where I can read it centrally19:17
=== thewaspsknees1 is now known as thewaspsknees
* gaunledream 19:22
* gaunledream action19:22
tomreynseven-eleven: mail is usually read oin a mail user agent, which doesnt have to be (and most often is not) identical to the mail storage server. usually, you'd configure all root aliases to point to the same ip address, such as sysadmin@mydomain.tld on every server{001..100}.mydomain.tld, and set up the MX for mydomain.tld as mailstorage.mydomain.tld. and then you'd configure your e-mail client to fetch mail (using IMAP or POP3) from19:33
tomreynmailstorage.mydomain.tld. but you could also skip imap / pop3 setup and just read mail using a CLI mail client on mailstorage.mydomain.tld.19:33
B|ack0psound  on my old laptop is parasited while watching videos19:42
B|ack0pany advice to fix it?19:42
B|ack0prunning Ubuntu 18.04 with gnome classic desktop19:42
lordcirthB|ack0p, what do you mean by "parasited"?19:43
B|ack0psound is not clear19:43
lordcirthB|ack0p, what kind of video player? VLC? Youtube?19:45
lordcirthB|ack0p, ok, and can you reproduce it with any other video player?19:46
B|ack0plordcirth: it is same on every videos on Netflix, Youtube..19:47
lordcirthB|ack0p, ok. What CPU and GPU do you have?19:47
B|ack0pT7200 cpu with ATI mobility radeon x130019:47
seven-eleventomreyn, yeah, initially I didn't want imap/pop3, i just wanted to read all mail from one host cli19:48
seven-eleventomreyn, should my aliases on a host look like this? https://bpaste.net/show/99kb19:48
seven-eleventomreyn, phserver02.ffm01.lan is supposed to be my mailstorage.mydomain.tld19:49
lordcirthB|ack0p, and what drivers are you using for the x1300?19:50
seven-eleventomreyn, this is /etc/postfix/main.cf on the mailstorage.mydomain.tld: https://bpaste.net/show/7Y_519:50
B|ack0plordcirth: stock driver came with ubuntu19:51
B|ack0pi didnt install specific driver19:51
lordcirthB|ack0p, and if you run 'ubuntu-drivers list', does it recommend any?19:51
B|ack0plordcirth: unfortunately ubuntu-drivers list returned with nothing19:54
lordcirthB|ack0p, have you played videos without problems on this hardware before? it is quite slow...19:54
B|ack0plordcirth: yes i did19:55
B|ack0pit is quite nice playing videos normally19:55
B|ack0pwith ssd it is more than expected19:55
B|ack0pcurrently i dont have ssd on it but i will in couple of days19:55
lordcirthB|ack0p, if you download a video and play it with VLC, does that run fine?19:55
B|ack0plet me play 1080p video :p19:56
B|ack0plordcirth: it plays without any lag but sound is not clear still19:58
cpareHelp - After a clean reinstall of 19..04 I am now getting lots of I/O errors in my logs20:03
lordcirthB|ack0p, what is your CPU load like when it is playing?20:04
lordcirth!paste | cpare please paste some examples20:04
ubottucpare please paste some examples: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:04
B|ack0plordcirth: between %45-6520:05
lordcirthB|ack0p, Of 1 core or both?20:06
cpare@lordcirth - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xFjTPpJ7x9/20:07
lordcirthcpare, is /dev/sr2 your optical drive?20:08
lordcirthIs there a disk in it?20:08
B|ack0plordcirth: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1vw1ju1ru/20:09
cpare@lordcirth - One of three I would like to use in the build, if does have a disc in it.20:09
cpare/dev/sr0, /dev/sr1, /dev/sr220:10
cpare@lordcirth - I have a 6 port SATA on  the MOBO, another 6 port SATA card, and an eSATA card - I may be a data horder :)20:12
lordcirthB|ack0p, try editing  /etc/pulse/default.pa. Find "load-module module-udev-detect" and append "tsched=0". Then "pulseaudio -k" and try your video again.20:13
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=== huggles is now known as SysGhost
iffraffhi, I'm having trouble signing kernal modules for virtualbox. I've followed some postes and they seem successfull but vobx still says I need to sign20:18
B|ack0plordcirth: there is no tsched=0 in there20:22
B|ack0plordcirth: this is /etc/pulse/default.pa >>>> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sbQXzKQmct/20:24
acidbearhey all, I've got a corrupted NTFS partition and I was wondering what is a way to search the entire partition for a specific UTF-8 string20:25
cpare@lordcirth - this is a gigabyte 970A-DS3P motherboard - here are the logs while attempting to use all 3 drives - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Xh2j4Hmfjs/20:26
seven-eleventomreyn, finally got it working, my client main.cf had a misconfiguration, it used smtp.<my-fqdn>, althought it's just <my-fqdn>20:31
pnwiseWhy ufw it does not block ip, I put it as rule number 120:33
lordcirthB|ack0p, yes, you are supposed to add it. Line 52 of your paste, append  "tsched=0"20:33
pnwiseTo                         Action      From20:33
pnwise--                         ------      ----20:33
pnwiseAnywhere                   DENY
lordcirthcpare, perhaps a bad cable? bad drives? Have you used them recently?20:33
tomreynseven-eleven: glad you worked it out. i was gone for a meal, just returned. if you should have more questions regarding this: this is more likely a topic for #ubuntu-server or your preferred mail server support channel (i didn't think of pointing this out when i replied initially).20:35
B|ack0plordcirth: should be the line look like this? load-module module-udev-detect append "tsched=0"20:35
tomreyn!paste | pnwise20:35
ubottupnwise: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:35
B|ack0p< load-module module-udev-detect append "tsched=0" >20:35
lordcirthB|ack0p, without the quotes.20:35
seven-eleventomreyn, thanks, I'll join there :-)20:35
lordcirthB|ack0p, and no literal "append" on the line.20:35
lordcirthB|ack0p,  load-module module-udev-detect tsched=020:36
pnwiseSooo you posted 8 lines to put me in place for my 3?20:36
pnwiseI usually do that if it is long stuff20:36
pnwisebut figured 3 lines is not such a big deal20:36
pnwiseI did not post 200 lines config file20:37
B|ack0plordcirth: no difference :/20:38
cpare@lordcirth - Two of them were working fine before the reinstall, I have since changed cables and SATA ports without any success20:38
lordcirthB|ack0p, you did "pulseaudio -k"?20:39
tatertotscpare: does this only occur when you "rip discs"?20:39
B|ack0plordcirth: on netflix no sound20:39
B|ack0pbut local video has sound but still same issue20:39
cpare@tatertots - it's my best way to check for errors as it's the heavy activity - the CD worked fine for the install20:40
B|ack0pyes i did pulseaudio -k on terminal20:40
cpare@tatertots - technically DVD20:40
lordcirthB|ack0p, you might have to restart netflix to get sound to work after -k. Well, I'm out of ideas, sorry.20:40
B|ack0plordcirth:  i did closed browser and opened again20:40
tatertotscpare: literally, technically you only have made this observation while "ripping DVD"?20:42
B|ack0pin sound settings it doesnt show audio device20:42
doug16kpulseaudio kill leaves it killed20:43
doug16k-k isn't restart20:43
B|ack0pdoug16k: what should i do?20:44
B|ack0pbut it plays local videos with sound20:44
doug16krun `pulseaudio --start` now20:44
tomreynpnwise: i used one line, the bot then used another line. it is possible to place multiple statements and even sentences in one line if you make use of so-called dots ("."). your irc clieent must be wrapping those long lines, though, if it showed it as 8.20:44
B|ack0pjust online videos have no sound20:44
doug16kmight have to close browser altogether (all browser windows), then start it again20:44
cpare@tatertots, no, it's in the logs at boot and while while ripping discs - I can do a clean binary copy from any drive if you feel it has merit.20:44
B|ack0pdoug16k: ~$ pulseaudio --start20:45
B|ack0pE: [pulseaudio] main.c: Daemon startup failed.20:45
doug16kB|ack0p, strange, just tested `pulseaudio -k` then `pulseaudio --start` on my system, worked as expected.20:47
acidbearhow would you go about reading /dev/sda1 with vim?20:47
B|ack0pdoug16k: what do you advise?20:47
b247_euHi there, I just published a blog article on how am I using restic to backup my Pop!_OS (Ubuntu) daily driver, you can check it here: https://www.b247.eu.org/2019/09/restic-incron-inotify-continuous-backup-folder-change.html20:48
tomreyn!ot | b247_eu20:48
ubottub247_eu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:48
doug16kalso, did kill while youtube video playing. it stopped playing saying "audio renderer error". then --start'ed pulseaudio, reloaded that page, boom, worked20:48
doug16kI wish it failed for me too :D20:49
cpare@tatertots - I was able to copy  the contents of my install CD now with no new errors20:49
doug16kthen I would be reproducing your issue if I understand it correctly20:50
cpare@tatertots - as soon as I drop a DVD in and try to copy the physical file I get errors - x-special/nautilus-clipboard20:52
B|ack0pdoug16k: lordcirth:  after i delete line tsched=0 from load-module module-udev-detect tsched=020:52
B|ack0pit works now20:52
tomreynacidbear: trolling is off-topic on #ubuntu20:53
cpareprint_req_error: I/O error, dev sr1, sector 1572 flags 8070020:53
tomreyncpare: this is probably a DVD with some kind of copy protection?20:54
doug16kI would diff it with my config if it didn't insist on login to wget https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sbQXzKQmct/plain/20:54
cpare@tomreyn, with that disk I dropped in, yes20:54
doug16kshame on you paste.ubuntu.com20:55
tomreyncpare: does it happen with standard data DVDs?20:55
i^migunovClient: HexChat 2.14.2 • OS: Майкрософт Windows 10 Pro (x64) • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx   (2,20GHz) • Memory: 15,7 ��� Total (7,0 ��� Free) • Storage: 264,5 ��� / 535,8 ��� (271,3 ��� Free) • VGA: AMD Radeon(TM) RX Vega 10 Graphics • Uptime: 5h 1m 26s20:55
tomreyn!ot | i^migunov20:55
ubottui^migunov: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:55
cpare@tomreyn - I was able to do a data disk without any trouble,20:55
tomreyncpare: so that seems to reduce the issue to "how do i backup / pirate copy protected DVDs?"20:57
acidbeartomreyn: I am not trolling, I am desperate20:57
doug16kcpare, being unable to rip copyrighted dvds is by design, you need a program that hacks the protection20:58
cpare@tomreyn - I woudl call it an I/O error while making a legal backup of my collection.20:58
doug16kI don't condone it20:58
tomreynacidbear: what's the issue you're trying to solve there, and why did you choose this approach?20:58
cpare@doug16k - I have been using makemkv without issue for years, this only popped up after the reinstall20:58
acidbearI know this sounds ridiculous but photorec is taking *ages* to find my documents, so I figured I'd do a manual search through the hard disk while it's running20:58
acidbearthe estimated time of completion is about 17k hours20:59
acidbearI /did/ manage to look at some of the binary contents though cat /dev/sda1 | less, but it gives up whenever there is an IO error20:59
tomreynacidbear: is the storage physically decaying?20:59
acidbearI believe so20:59
tomreynacidbear: then you should have used ddrescue to create an image, and work on that.21:00
doug16kB|ack0p, ah! I have removed tsched=0 too. I did it to fix massive glitching/popping in skype21:00
tomreynthe more workloads you throw on this decaying storage, the less likely you'll save any data21:00
tomreyn!dvd | cpare21:02
ubottucpare: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats21:02
evilaliv3zis there an easy way to know the GCC compilation flag used in ubuntu to compile a specific package?21:28
evilaliv3zi'm trying to identify why python3 seems to not be compiled with -fpie and is so not protected by ASLR21:28
hggdhevilaliv3z: yes, from the source package -- apt source <package>21:35
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evilaliv3zthanks hggdh21:40
iffraffHi, I think I have a problem where my ubuntu 18.04 has a couple different display drivers and it chooses kind of randomly at bootup.  so some of the time I end up in a login loop, and sometimes it logis in ok.22:08
tomreyniffraff: can you say how often you rebooted since it last failed?22:23
tomreyniffraff: journalctl --list-boots | tail    may help there. 0 is the current session, -1 is from before the latest reboot etc. when you know the number (from the beginning of the line), run      journalctl -b NUMBER | nc termbin.com 9999      (replacing "NUMBER" by the (negative) number from that boot) to share your log.22:27
iffraffre how often, well, it fails ~ 50% of the tiem and I've done it >10x today22:27
tomreyngreat, that's not what i asked, but it means it is easy to reproduce, and then you can post the log.22:29
iffraffso there actually were 10  here is the log from 922:30
iffraffplease let me know if you need more/others22:30
iffraffI can give you some background on the display driver situation if you like22:31
tomreynsure, why not22:31
iffraffso it's a laptop with onboard intel gpu, descrete nvidia gpu and an external amd gpu22:32
iffraffit's teh amd egu which I use to drive my external monitors.22:32
iffraffI guess one of the others dirve the laptop screen when not connected.22:32
iffraffwhen using the external monitors,  I have the laptop display disabled22:32
fuzeIs there a linux application to make IFTTT home automation buttons?22:33
tomreyniffraff: do you have a preference on what should run the laptop screen?22:35
tomreyndid you notice the various acpi errors, yet?22:35
iffraffwell, sort of22:36
iffraffI mean I don't really understand what they mean22:37
tomreynme neither. but bios updates can sometimes help there, have you looked for the latest, yet?22:38
iffraffyes I tried. it's an hp laptop I couldn't find anything on firmware22:38
tomreynhow you do mean "couldn't find anything on firmware"?22:39
iffraffI mean ... I searched for firmware updates form my model?  I didn't find anything?22:39
tomreyni see. let me give that a try as well22:42
tomreynhow about https://support.hp.com/gb-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/hp-spectre-15-df0000-x360-convertible-pc/23238160/swItemId/ob-233741-122:43
iffraffso what I got was .https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-spectre-15-df0000-x360-convertible-pc/23238160/model/2451490422:43
iffraffclicking your link now22:43
iffraffso the problem is it's an exe.  I don't know how to install that22:44
tomreynyou probably didn't select "windows" as OS22:44
tomreynyou probably didn't select "windows" as OS when at https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-spectre-15-df0000-x360-convertible-pc/23238160/model/2451490422:45
tomreynif you don't they auto-detect your OS based on the web browser user agent string. which says linux, which is not supported on this system by HP, which means you get an empty list.22:46
iffraffah, that makes sense.  but how can I install the update if its windows specific?22:47
tomreyniffraff: using windows. maybe HP offers another way, you'd need to check with support.22:50
iffraffChances are, your Linux computer already has the software it needs, as all major Linux distributions regularly integrate HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP) into their software releases. To get the latest release of HPLIP, visit the HPLIP website.22:50
iffraffnot sure if I believe that22:50
gimmelHi all, can anyone recommend any tools for trying to extract data from a USB HDD that is giving input/output errors on certain directories? Honestly, I don't care about the data, I just want to use the situation for developing recovery skills.22:57
gimmel^^ FAT3222:57
tomreyngimmel: see dmesg, get an idea of whether the storage could be physically defective. if so, use smartctl to try and confirm this and use ddrescue to create an image of it which you can later use to recover as much data as could possibly be read out of it.22:59
tomreynif it doesn't look like a physical issue but just a logical one (file system), run dosfsck against it.23:00
tomreyn... while it's not mounted23:01
gimmeltomreyn: thanks! Looking into those processes now.23:03
gimmeltomreyn: here's the last couple of blocks from dmesg -> https://pastebin.com/etLY1ZPD23:05
gimmelis "medium error" referring to a medium-level (as opposed to low) or medium as in storage medium?23:06
tomreyngimmel: storage23:06
gimmeltomreyn: so, implying phyiscal issue?23:06
gimmelWhy would smartmontools require postfix?23:15
tomreynit doesn't, it recommends it. this would be useful of you wanted smartmontools to notify you (by email) when yours disks decay.23:16
MannyLNJI need some help please. I am trying to do a dual-boot system. Windows 10 on one drive and Ubuntu on the other. /dev/sda has Ubuntu and /dev/sdb has Windows. Can someone please assist me., Right now it will only boot into Ubuntu23:30
mousesMannyLNJ: Super easy low effort solution - boot from a Ubuntu USB into a live session.  Install boot-repair.  Run it.  Push button.  Get bacon.23:32
mousesyou want option 2, most likely23:32
MannyLNJmouses, I tried booting into my running Ubuntu and running Boot-Repair but it did not work. Do I need to use the Live CD?23:33
mousesyes you have to do it from a live boot, not the running OS23:33
mousescan't modify a already mounted filesystem like that23:33
MannyLNJmouses, Thank you. I will try that.23:33
mousesMannyLNJ: Good luck!  99% of the time it works 100% of the time :)23:34
tomreyniffraff: i should be able to create a dd image of a usb storage containing the bios upgrade which you can then trigger from your existing uefi configuration screens. ping me in #ubuntu-offtopic if interested.23:35
iffraffone other thing is that I generally can not power off.  I hit escape and I see the out put then it dissapears then it sort of cycles slowly turning the screen on then off23:40
MannyLNJmouses, this must be the 1% because it did not work.23:46
mousesMannyLNJ: Odd.  Wish I could help more, but I have not done dual booting in over a decade really :(23:47
MannyLNJI think boot-repair did not work because my install is not standard.  /dev/sda has my Ubuntu Install and the Windows System Reserved Partiton and /dev/sdb has my Windows partition23:48

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