UhfgoodIs there a way to allow ubuntu to use ntfs drives?01:11
wonkoOvenWerks: No more xruns, however jackd crashed again. :'(01:44
wonko64/2 is definitely pushing it01:47
wonkoOvenWerks: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/prvDXXjCmv/12:28
wonkoSitting overnight, 128/212:28
wonkoWe have made definite progress on the crashing issue though. Before there was a 100% chance it would have crashed by morning time and I would have to restart everything12:29
wonkoThe problem with this being an everything system (although its less everything that it was in the past) is it's hard to know exactly what else is going on. It's also hard to have control over everything else. A dedicated music computer might be something I'll have to consider at some point.12:33
OvenWerkswonko: that is likely to be system events in cron14:53
wonkoThat's what I was thinking14:53
wonkobecause it was really only at that one time14:53
wonkoso something happened14:53
OvenWerkswonko: the log is clean except for those times14:54
wonkonothing since then14:54
wonkoSo I think we can call 128/2 a success14:54
wonko64/2 was instance xruns, so that's not likely to work14:54
wonkoI can try that14:56
wonkoone PulseIn but so far nothing else14:58
wonko64/2 was a bunch of constant ones so that's looking good14:58
wonkooh, a couple right there15:08
OvenWerkswonko: so set it to 64/3 if you wish to try more tuning of your system or run 128/2 for live (synth) kinds of things and for recording, 1024 may be just fine.15:11
wonkoI'm going to leave it at 64/3 for a while and see how it does15:12
wonkoand two more xruns as soon as I said that. :)15:12
wonko128/2 may be the best I'm going to reasonably get15:13
wonkofor solid xrun-less operation15:13
OvenWerks128/2 has been quite usable for me15:13
wonkoif my math is correct we're talking 4ms vs 5.3ms which is probably not going to be noticable15:14
wonkoyeah, bunch more, so 128/2 it is15:14
OvenWerksI found guitar effects use to be the most picky for me... I have actually found 1024 is ok for playing a synth... but I am not a piano player :)15:15
wonkoI'm supposed to be learning the guitar. Need to make time for that. :)15:16
wonkoI really need to pick the piano back up though too15:16
wonkoI've been not doing music for far too long15:16
wonkook, next issue is I need to figure out this Calf Analyzer issue15:17
OvenWerkspiano and keyboards are not the same.15:17
OvenWerksbeware too many calf plugins in Ardour15:17
wonkoin this case the term is interchangable because I haven't touched either in forever. :)15:17
wonkoI'm doing the plugins in Carla15:17
wonkothought I'd give that a go15:17
wonkobut I might switch back to running them in ardour15:18
wonkothe issue is if I click on the GUI button in the rack for Anazlyser it crashes carla15:18
wonkonone of the other calf stuff does that, they all work as intended15:18
OvenWerksin my case I haven't either, but I am not willing to even try to play piano in frront of people... keyboard pads and stuff I am ok with15:19
wonkoI'm not willing to play anything in front of anyone at this point15:21
wonkoI haven't touched an instrument in probably 20 years15:21
wonkoI need to fix that15:22
wonkogetting this computer setup is supposed to be the motivation for that. :)15:22
wonkoDid you see my UE4 build temp results?15:23
OvenWerksI find leaving a guitar beside my desk helps... even a solid body not plugged in.15:23
wonkoYeah, the other part was (we just moved) getting this office setup properly15:24
wonkoso now the computer/desk/etc part is mostly done (once I get the mic stand)15:24
wonkoI just need to fix the one outlet that isn't working so I can put the printer where it belongs15:24
wonkoand then find a reasonable place to put the guitar and shitty keyboard we have15:25
wonkoThe tiny midi keyboard sits on my desk for fiddling with15:25
wonkoboo, jack crashed15:45
wonkoso that's not gone15:45
wonkoI *did* move it back to the longer cable because the short one was too short. I'll try the middle length one and see how that is15:45
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Uhfgoodhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItlldOmHhFE - The end of UFD Tech16:29
EickmeyerUhfgood: Please stay on-topic in here. That video link has nothing to do with Ubuntu Studio. Also, this is a support channel, that was completely off-topic.17:19
wonkoOvenWerks: yeah, looks like 128/2 is the sweet spot on this system so looks like I'll stick with that. :)17:31
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