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sublevelhi GridCube .  on IRC you can just start speaking/asking questions, no need to wait for someone to say hello14:15
GridCube:) thanks sublevel, i just missed that this is not the -offtopic channel, :P was just saying hi14:17
sublevelhi :)14:17
SupaHi guys. How do I set up "Preferred Applications" to use a specific text editor for *.txt files? https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/exo/preferred-applications14:48
sublevelif you right click a .txt in the file manager -> open with other application -> is there a tickbox to set as default?14:50
SupaYeah I did that, but sometimes it reverts to another text editor like Mousepad rather than Sublime Text.14:51
sublevelare they being detected as a different filetype in the Type column in the filemanager?14:52
sublevellinux doesn't pay much attention to file extensions, as I understand it14:52
SupaI don't use Thunar as I replaced it with Caja, so maybe I have to install the Mate preferred applications tool?14:53
Supaor install it?14:53
akxwi-dave_using thunar to set the defaults works for me, so it maybe a caja thing while they are not staying as selected14:55
SupaI moved from Ubuntu MATE to Xubuntu as I prefer the Xfce desktop, but there are certain things I like from MATE like Caja. It may be because I have a bit of a "Frankenbuntu" setup as to why things are not working right.14:56
SupaI did notice that the MATE Preferred Applications does have more options that the Xubuntu one. This was why I was wondering if I could add custom options to that.14:58
akxwi-dave_ I used to be the same, I used to prefer gnome files until I started to use Thunar more, and now wouldn't go back14:58
akxwi-dave_worth a try14:58
SupaYeah I do like Thunar I have no isses with it. I've even written some custom scripts for it, it's just I've used Caja for so long that its part of my workflow. Especially with the "Split view".14:59
akxwi-dave_ Give the custom options a try and see if that fixes it for you15:00
subleveluh-oh,  now you're tempting me to go frankenbuntu15:00
SupaI'll have a play with it. At present the only solution I've found is to uninstall any and all other text editors other than the one I specifically wish to use.15:00
Supahehe sublevel15:01
sublevelI just went lubuntu 16.04 -> xubuntu 18.04 and am trying not to get too distracted by tweaking everything :)15:01
SupaThe beauty of Linux is that the OS lets you do this stuff.15:02
akxwi-dave_true, but it may be worth installing thunar along side caja15:03
SupaI do still have Thunar installed.15:03
akxwi-dave_for me the right click oipen terminaal here is a god send15:03
akxwi-dave_try using that to change the default text editor and see it that causes problems15:04
Supayeah I have that in Caja too15:04
remlineIn Xubuntu 19.04, evidently F4 (in Thunar) will open a terminal in the current path. (cf. https://wiki.xubuntu.org/releases/19.04/release-notes)15:07
remlineUnfortunately, the new Thunar keyboard shortcuts do not work for me. Perhaps it is because I upgrade to 19.04 from 18.04?15:10
Supaok I solved it. When I export code from the application it makes a file in /tmp so I right clikce don the temp file and set it to use the preferred Text Editor from there. Problem solved, thanks guys.15:11
akxwi-dave_remline, just checked the F4 option in Thunar is working fine for me.. it maybe a setting thats been brought over during the upgrade thats stopping  it15:30
remlineakxwi-dave_, thanks, that sounds like a useful shortcut! I'll hunt for the proper config file.15:32
sublevel~/.config/Thunar/accels.scm  possibly15:32
remlinesublevel, thanks, modifying accels.scm worked great. The only trick was I had to look up the unique IDs in uca.xml.16:16
subleveloh good, what did you end up putting in there? I wonder if it could work on 18.04 as well16:17
subleveloh you can just pop the id into a <Actions>/ThunarActions/uca-action-  ?16:18
remlineHmm, I bet so. Here is what I did: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jCGR7dCrhg/16:20
remlineI didn't modify uca.xml at all, but note that it defines the two custom uca-actions that I added to accels.scm.16:21
sublevelthanks,  ah I see -  I have two actions in uca, the one with %d  doesn't work but the %f  one does16:26
sublevel...when called from the shortcut key16:26
remlinesublevel, ah, what does %d represent (vs. %f)?16:32
sublevelthe containing directory of the selected file   https://www.linux.com/tutorials/extend-xfces-thunar-file-manager-custom-actions/16:36
sublevele.g. if I'm in my home directory and downloads is selected, I'd prefer the shortcut to open a terminal in ~ rather than ~/downloads16:38
remlinesublevel, here are my three cases: If I select nothing, F4 opens the visible directory. If I select a folder, F4 opens in that folder (which I think is part of what you want). If I select a file, F4 does nothing (not so useful...).16:41
subleveloh of couse, I can just click to deselect everything first - yep that's good16:43
sublevel...but only if there's some blank space beneath the file list16:44
remlineStill, that is curious that %d doesn't work. I can't think of why that would be.16:44
sublevelhuh, if I change %f to %d  in uca.xml it does work, it's the other action that was already %d that is doing nothing.  weird.  not going to play with it further16:48
subleveloh it's because the first action is tagged  <directories/>   and the second is tagged with various file types16:49
xubuntu9wHello, I have a question. How can I install 18.04 lts on my laptop with 2 drives? Need raid1 (mdadm) encryption and efi support20:54
xubuntu9wI have tried installing mdadm on the live installer, creating the raid and installing the system with automatic partitioning on the raid but grub was unable to install20:57
tomreynxubuntu9w: you could use the default server installer. but in the end, the easiest approach may be to manually partition, then use debootstrap21:12
tomreyni have a VM setup here which is a software raid-1 with dm-crypt-luks encrypted / (incl. /boot), booting in UEFI mode. so pretty close to what you were looking for. back then, when you hadn't forgotten about this chat you had logged into on browser tab 34.21:19
xubuntu9wStill here, downloading server image and looking for documentation. Thank you for replying21:20
tomreyngreat, you're an exception to the rule :)21:23
xubuntu9wNice to hear :) Burning the server iso into an usb key right now. So I'll make a raid of the drives then manually create the partitions right?21:27
tomreynif you'll want the setup i described you won't be able to use the installer. if you don't mind having /boot unencrypted, using the installer may work.21:30
tomreynyou'd want partitions esp, boot, raid on both drives (esp and boot only on one), then raid-1 the two raid partitions, then dmcrypt-luks on top of the raid, then LVM on top of that, then the file systems on those LVs on top21:33
tomreynactually you could make /boot a raid, too, but you'll need to do this post installation, i dont think the installer likes that.21:34
tomreynesp must be a simple partition and vfat file system (non raid) or your bios may run into troubles.21:35
xubuntu9whaving /boot redundant would be great, so the machine would boot even if one drive breaks21:35
tomreynit wont unless you have a mechanism which manually mirrors esp21:36
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xubuntu9wGot it, might make a script for that that keeps efi partition syncd between the disks21:37
xubuntu9wBut can't find how to use debootstrap21:37
tomreyndebootstrap you'd use from a usb (but uefi) booted live system (such as the desktop installer) after partitioning, after creating the raid and encryption layer and lvm and file systemas and mounting them. but before chrooting, installing kernel image, update-inintramfs, update-grub, grub-install21:40
tomreynit's just a small script for just installing a simple (originally debian but also) ubuntu system.21:42
xubuntu9wSo I'll make partitions, raid and configure lvm, make filesystems. After I mount them i run debootstrap?21:47
tomreynxubuntu9w: if you'll use deboostrap rather than the installer, yes, that's right.21:54
tomreynyou forgot dmcrypt-luks though21:54
tomreynthat's be between raid and lvm probably21:54
tomreyn*that'D be21:54
xubuntu9wOk, I'm going to try that out. Thank you very much!21:59
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tomreynyou're welcome, good luck.22:02

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