tomreyni just extracted some HP BIOS update (for a UEFI system) using binwalk, found a PEM RSA private key file, password protected. Why would that be in there, and what might it be good for?01:11
tomreynsorry, wrong channel01:11
daftykinsaww but that's interesting01:12
tomreynsorry ;-)02:03
EoflaOEHello lotuspsychje03:18
lotuspsychjegood morning03:19
EoflaOEGood morning03:19
EoflaOEHow is your day lotuspsychje03:20
lotuspsychjeall good here, still trying to wakeup03:21
lotuspsychjeabout to go work EoflaOE ?03:21
EoflaOEWork? No, you mean school.03:21
lotuspsychjeoh right03:22
EoflaOESo, LunarBNC is down now, and should be back up. I am chatting right now without bouncer.03:23
EoflaOENice phone lotuspsychje04:01
SwedeMikehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tuLkga0dmY seems room for improvement on that device...04:45
SwedeMikehaving been an Nokia N900 early adopter, I'm always sceptical by these kinds of devices.04:47
SwedeMikeI mean, I'm all for new competition to Android and Apple and who can bring this kind of UI to other devices (rpi with small screen for instance), so I hope they succeed.04:49
lotuspsychjeSwedeMike: the nice part i like, is the terminal way you can control the phone04:55
lotuspsychjeon ubports its locked into apps04:55
lordievaderGood morning06:18
BluesKaj'Morning folks09:23
grywhich window manager has plugins?09:48
gryso that i can add my own titlebar buttons etc09:48
lordievaderHow are you doing marcoagpinto ?13:44
marcoagpintoI am fine, and you?13:44
marcoagpintoI spent 7-8 hours translating the CardBook add-on for Thunderbird13:44
lordievaderDoing good here. Sharpened the monitoring on my AP.13:45
lordievaderAccess Point. https://grafana.oliviervandertoorn.nl/dashboard/snapshot/Ef1bJUJ0vVQ6wf97EGeRT3tK9ZZ93j9J?orgId=113:46
lordievaderI'm not at home, which explains why the AP is mostly idle.13:46
ubot5To see how to update your bios on Ubuntu visit the community collected methods here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIOSUpdate16:41
marcoagpintolotuspsychje: When I bought my other laptop years ago, the ASUS update app, updated the BIOS, but it only happened once... years have gone by and no more updates16:48
lotuspsychjemarcoagpinto: on windows?16:48
marcoagpintoyes, on Windows16:48
EoflaOEHello! How are you?16:48
marcoagpintofine, thanks, and you?16:48
marcoagpintohow was school?16:49
EoflaOEI am doing fine. And you?16:49
marcoagpintoa lot better than last week and the one before16:49
EoflaOENice! And how was the speller?16:51
marcoagpintoEoflaOE: I am planning to release it tomorrow :)16:52
marcoagpintoan update16:52
OerHeksShotwell's predecessor (F-Spot) had equivalent "wireless" functionality at least two years before this patent was first applied for.... https://lwn.net/Articles/800516/18:29
OerHeksit is like the round edge/apple18:30
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TJ-tomreyn: was BigBlueButton the educational conferencing tool you were talking about?22:23
tomreynTJ-: yes! :) i was cheering when i read you :)22:24
TJ-hehehe great! I love it, thanks for the recommendation.22:24
tomreynglad you could find it despite my clumsy description22:24
TJ-I secured a lease on our new premises today... and got the landlord to buy into the vision and give us 12 months free up front... so come January we'll be cracking on with deploying stuff to open March 1st... we're going to start playing with the technology next week22:25
daftykinsooh :D22:26
sarnoldTJ-: ooh, congratulations :)22:26
TJ-He's even offered to provide a site and fund its redevelopment into our long-term plan for our national centre for magical innovation  and hi-tech incubator22:27
TJ-sarnold: thanks :)22:27
daftykinswas that the shopping centre type one that had links from the islands here?22:27
TJ-that's worth about £2.5m to us22:28
TJ-daftykins: no, this is another site... we gave up on that shopping centre site as unsuitable due to no integrated parking22:28
TJ-daftykins: BUT I am keeping an eye on the people that bought it to tap them later :)22:28
TJ-This landlord is a major local land-owner in and around the town and a bit of a philanthropist22:29
TJ-I've also found a techie apprentice wannabe who we hope to take on a government funded level 6 (degree) apprenticeship for 3 years22:31
TJ-I tell you this because there is a very funny story ... we met him for the first time yesterday and he's a very friendly young (21) lad... at one point he's telling me and 2 female colleagues of the charity about having a tall set of retail-store shelves dropped on him by an angry manager and how it caused terrible brusies on his thing and cut his foot...22:32
daftykinsah ha :D22:33
daftykinsooh that's quite the story22:33
TJ-... and to demonstrate he dropped his trousers to show us!! Talk about lack of inhibtions :D  ... I suspect he's on the Autistic Spectrum so luckily we have 2 former teachers, one special needs, as trustees, who are going to meet with me and his parents to figure out how to manage him and keep him from doing inappropriate things!22:34
sarnoldwell, that'd certainly be a memorable visit :)22:34
daftykinswell i wish you luck with that one :)22:34
TJ-we've been laughing about it ... how did he get the job? oh, he just dropped his trousers :D22:35
daftykinsclearly the ladies took a shine to the boy22:36
daftykinsok bed for me, nn all \o22:36
TJ-oops, realised I typed "bruises on his thing" when I meant "thigh! ... oh gawd what a typo!22:37
daftykinsxD oh ok the story just got tamer22:37
TJ-g'night daftykins22:38
tomreynTJ-: oh congrats, sorry i got carried away by support.22:44
TJ-tomreyn: I may be testing out the Moodle+BigBlueButton on you :)22:44
tomreynhehe, you could, but i don't own a cam.22:46
tomreynhappy to show some pic, though22:47
TJ-it's more about critquing the educational tooling, the shared whiteboard and such and remote long-distance performance/latency feel22:49
tomreynsure, let me know.22:53
TJ-we're seriously investigating being able to offer the course(s) remotely so that kind of experience is important to know and as we're so close it's hard to be sure even with latency simulators what real-world might feel like22:56
tomreynyes, testing long range video + voice communication systems isn't easy.23:15
tomreynbtw this is this small all-passive 'server' system i'll go with (i think i told i'm looking for one the other day): https://www.zotac.com/gb/product/mini_pcs/zbox-pro-ci329-nano23:16
tomreynit's got rs-232 and a hardware watchdog timer. the cpu is a bit slow but should be goo enough for the purpose.23:17
tomreynand the price is a lot lower than any BMC based system i could find (plus there's only one all-passive one i found)23:18
tomreyn"Support Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux"23:18
TJ-I'm hoping we can build our entire infrastructure on RasPi 4's, using SDN and ZodiakGX OpenFlow switches23:21
TJ-possibly a PC Engines APU2 or similar too23:23
tomreynand then instantly quit the job?23:32
TJ-It'll be fire and forget... even going to leave them in the suspended ceiling23:38
tomreynhehe, hopefully that's in line with fire safety regulations.23:40
TJ-no different to having 240V lighting panels (which we've decided to replace with multi-colour LED panels so at bights we can program them to play ceiling tetris on games nights23:41
sarnoldso .. you're *not* going to hanging ropes around the place with bights everywhere? :)23:42
* tomreyn just learnt a new vocabluary :)23:44
tomreynalso vocabulary23:44
TJ-I was hoping we could set up our own IPv6 addresable jinglepings clone for next year23:45
tomreynI seem to have missed something around past xmas. and now my xmas tree connection keeps timing out.23:56

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