uRockCan a dying WiFI NIC cause journald to use 100% of a CPU? I noticed a lot of warnings in journalctl about the NIC, so I switched to another WIFI NIC and it hasn't spiked again since.00:14
DarwinElfalmost every day, my Kubuntu PC is replacing /etc/hosts with an earlier version.  How do I stop this?!00:22
DarwinElfis it another thing because of that systemd garbage?00:22
KNERDuRock: network data tanfser is done by the CPU. So something can happen. You can use htop to see what is using those CPU cycles/00:56
uRockKNERD, it was journald00:57
KNERDuRock: must of been some seriosu logs being generated01:10
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uRockKNERD, tens of thousands of lines when I ran journalctl just an hour after a reboot.01:13
remlineWhat is the purpose of the unsigned kernel images (e.g., linux-image-unsigned-5.0.0-29-generic)? I am using an old BIOS, but the signed images work fine; making unsigned seem pointless?01:16
remlinePerhaps it is for people who need to load unsigned kernel modules?01:22
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uRockGood night, sleep tight, dream of fixed bugs tonight!02:05
gimmelI've just run dosfsck over a USB pendrive and it's created a hefty amount of .REC files. These files are intact to the point that if I change the extension to what it was originally (eg, .jpg) it opens. In gnome, the icon next to each .rec file indicates gnome knows what type of file it is. It puts a 'jpg' icon next to the images. How does it know this? and how can use that info to bulk rename the02:18
doug16kgimmel, the `file` program tries to detect the type of a file's content. run `file your-filename-here`02:22
kstA jpg file can be recognized by examining its first few bytes. Similarly for other file types, including image formats, etc. The `file` command extracts this information and displays the type of file (not 100% reliably).  dosfsck and/or Gnome are either invoking `file` or doing something equivalent.02:23
doug16kyou can throw a whole directory at `file` like this: file *02:24
gimmelThanks guys - I did try file on a few random files and it didn't really help. Looks like I randomly selected some unhelpful files to try on. You're right, file is identifying the jpgs and pngs.02:25
gimmeldoug16k: Yes, I just tested that also. So I'm going to have to dust off some shell to get the output recognised and then to automagically rename accordingly.02:26
gimmelunless anyonw knows of a pre-existing such wheel before I attempt to invent it?02:26
doug16kgimmel, if you want to write a C program for that, you can use libmagic1-dev02:35
doug16ker, libmagic-dev02:35
gimmeldoug16k: sadly beyond my programming skills.02:43
x1carbonGood evening all - I have a question about cursor size03:09
x1carbonI installed Postman from the software center - it works fine with the exception that the cursor is really really tiny03:09
x1carbonI'm on a hidef laptop (X1Carbon 6th gen)03:10
x1carbonwith 150% scaling03:10
x1carbonI'm betting this has to do with experimental scaling - is there a way to force an app to use system sized cursors?03:11
k_szeerm... Chromium won't quit.03:43
SpeedrunnerG55I am having trouble with my dns configuration, I’m currently unable to resolve any hostnames but I can ping
SpeedrunnerG55I don’t know what to check to see what I need to do04:13
Bashing-omsphalerite: What release (netplan ?) - desktop ( network-manager?) ? Then we can look at should be set.04:24
ws2k3turn out i needed to replace start on (runlevel [345] and started network)                         │start on (runlevel [345] and started network)                         │start on (runlevel [345] and started network)06:22
ws2k3stop on (runlevel [!345] or stopping network)  with start on runlevel [2345] and then it worked fine no thanks to you guys :) now deploying it into production again =)06:22
mase-techI have a dual boot (win / ubuntu-mate)06:58
DarwinElfalmost every day, my Kubuntu PC is replacing /etc/hosts with an earlier version.  How do I stop this?!06:59
mase-techI want to delete ubuntu-mate06:59
mase-techand on that place i want to install ubuntu06:59
mase-techis that easy possible ?06:59
DarwinElfyou probably don't need to delete it then06:59
DarwinElfthere's probably a process you remove MATE and install whatever the main version has07:00
guivercmase-tech, I would just install Ubuntu over your Ubuntu-MATE system, I'd also use 'something-else' & not format so all user files aren't wiped - but it's your choice07:00
saulanybody use cinnamon? i'm trying to disable "snapping" - it happens when you move a window and your cursor hits the top of the screen07:00
mase-tech I would just install Ubuntu over your Ubuntu-MATE system07:03
guivercmase-tech, `sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop` will add the default desktop to your system; it'll mean you have two desktops and select at login (close to what DarwinElf suggested except the remove step), but multiple desktops isn't ideal for newbies (it has costs, more updates, more menu options, ie. caja (mate) & nautilus (gnome/unity) do the same thing for most program categories)07:03
mase-techhow ?07:03
mase-techi do not want that07:04
mase-techso i format the partion07:04
mase-techwiping files isnt a problem with github and cloud services07:04
guivercmase-tech, my prior was built on DarwinElf's point.. I'd suggest writing the release of Ubuntu you want to thumb-drive & install that; using 'something-else' selecting your existing partitions and 'no format' .. it notes your additional apps; wipes system dirs, installs, adds back added apps & asks you to reboot without touching user files - would be my choice07:04
mase-techthe thing is07:05
guivercmase-tech, I'm suggesting what I'd do - you do what best suits your needs.  if you select 'format' you'll start completely new07:05
mase-techgrub 2 is active07:05
guivercmase-tech, please try & use fewer enter's07:05
mase-techI only want to remove the mate version an install on that playe ubuntu07:06
guivercan install will replace the existing GRUB with the new install's grub.07:06
mase-techand does this process also take care of the win partion07:07
guivercmase-tech,  you should ALWAYS BACKUP; and if you select the correct option it won't touch your windows, but if you select 'use entire disk' your windows will be gone - ie. choose the correct options & why backups are needed (even if you don't expect to use them)07:08
mase-techok i give that a try07:08
mase-techI must say ubuntu did improve07:09
mase-techthats why it is rewarded that I install it again07:09
mgedminubuntu is nice07:09
mase-techmy user experience was bad07:11
mase-techbut there were made some good decicions07:11
mgedminyeah, it's not perfect07:11
mase-techok got to go07:11
mase-techcu you in w while07:12
sauli use raspian/debian but we have ubuntu machines at owrk07:15
AbraCadaveranyone know how i can trick X server that the mouse and keyboard events its looking at are actual mouse and keyboard, when really they are being controlled by a user space program?08:06
AbraCadaveri dont want to use xdotool. i need a solution that happens outside X...maybe if theres a way to create a bridge device to the actual keyboard and mouse bus or something08:07
HabbieAbraCadaver, why don't you want to use xdotool?08:08
AbraCadaverim going to incorporate it into a much larger project. and someone might be using wayland as opposed to X. so i need it to work outside the window/display program08:10
AbraCadaveri think wayland and X are 'watching' or reading input from some evdev or uinput module. im not sure what going on under the hood all the way08:11
AbraCadavermaybe theres a virtual bus in linux and i can bridge to it my fake device?08:12
eraserpencilwhat is a good way to provide a series of yes/no(s), including providing a user password as part of an installation step of a bash script.08:27
eraserpencilthe sequence would be "q" to exit the 'less' of the license. "y", to accept the license, passwd to download dependencies and a couple more "y"08:28
Habbiea good way for that is to use the tools already available in ubuntu, as used by various packages, like mysql/mariadb08:29
eraserpencilcould you elaborate?  I've tried echo -e "y\n${PASSWD}\ny\ny" | LESS='+q' ./install.runfile08:32
geirhaI'd check the documentation. It might be able to take those answers via arguments, environment variables or config files08:34
eraserpenciland printf, and also something like echo "y" | echo "y" | ./install.runfile, but the last one i think i ran into a subshell behavior or something cause it stopped and got pushed to the background08:34
Habbieeraserpencil, no - i don't immediately recall what those tools are called, but something like the mariadb postinst might provide hints08:34
adacHow can I list this Keyring? ecryptfs-insert-wrapped-passphrase-into-keyring08:36
Meufiberaserpencil: Have you checked out expect? https://linux.die.net/man/1/expect08:38
eraserpencili didnt actually. SO didnt paticularly like those solutions with answers. So i thought I might try out here for suggestions.08:40
eraserpencilGuess i've got nothing to lose trying it out08:40
ns5I just installed Ubuntu 18.04.3, and it has kernel 4.15.0-6409:14
ns5I have another ubuntu 18.04 server, which has kernel 4.15.0-5009:14
ns5but I can't update it to 4.15.0-64, it says no update available.  Why?09:14
pkuehnedid you uograde ubuntu to the latest version?09:15
ns5pkuehne: I just tried apt-get dist-upgrade, it says 0 packages need to be updated09:16
pkuehnewhat does do-release-upgrade -c say?09:18
ns5it says "there's no development version of and LTS available"09:19
ns5actually both hosts were installed from 18.04.3 iso09:19
pkuehnesorry, goes beyond my expertise09:21
vetrWait, you installed both machines from the same ISO?09:22
BluesKaj'Morning folks09:23
nikolamhi, is now /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf moved to /lib/modules-load.d/zfs.conf for storing ZFS parameters? I would like to do ' options zfs zfs_arc_max=536870912 ' to limit ZFS ARC cache maximum ..  Is this the right location now for permanent seting?09:26
nikolamI am now on 19.0409:26
nikolamI guess it is /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf after all09:42
SeTunTunHello. I have a folder with 600 files that I need to zip individually. Is there any command that I can use?09:54
HabbieSeTunTun, a 'for' loop in your favourite shell is a common approach09:55
SeTunTunI don't want to zip them one by one and get older doing that :)09:55
SeTunTunlet's see what "not google" says about "for" Sorry I am quite new to using the shell09:56
lotuspsychjeSeTunTun: more a question for ##linux ?09:56
SeTunTunlotuspsychje, I'll try09:57
portonIs it a good idea to cipher the disk on a system with 4GB memory and quite weak CPU?10:43
gunixi need to recompile ubuntu kernel and i got stuck with this tutorial: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel10:48
gunixi downloaded the src but i can't find the config file to edit it10:48
mgedmingunix: /boot contains config files for stock ubuntu kernels; copy one and modify to your liking?10:49
mgedminbut that wiki page implies that the ubuntu kernel source has config files for all the flavours already?10:50
gunixmgedmin: yea, i found that one and also the flags which might cause trouble for my hardware. now i want to remove them from the kernel10:50
mgedminhave you reported it to the appropriate bug tracker?  because compiling your own kernel every time ubuntu does a security update will get old really fast10:51
gunixmgedmin: i opened a kernel bug to intel a few months ago and nobody touched it10:52
lotuspsychjegunix: wich bug is that?10:52
gunixmgedmin: i also thought this problem was only on newer kernels at the time, but it seems 4.15 also has the problem10:52
gunixlotuspsychje: give me a sec to search10:52
gunixlotuspsychje: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20343310:53
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 203433 in Other "CONFIG_IXGBE_IPSEC forces IPsec offload" [Normal,New]10:53
gunixwhat amazes me is that i started to use 10G servers with 4.15 and 4.19 kernels and the flags are in the config and IPsec is loosing packages10:54
gunixso now i want to recompile kernel without offload for ipsec and test... i have a gentoo with 4.19 that works great, but it doesn't have offload10:54
gunixso... it's the offload in the kernel or i will shoot myself cause i've been testing this for weeks now10:54
lotuspsychjegunix: here is the ubuntu support channel, do you have an ubuntu kernel bug about it?10:54
gunixlotuspsychje: not yet. i need to recompile the kernel first to test if the offload really is the issue10:55
gunixlotuspsychje: i can open the bug if you want after i confirm it works without the offload10:55
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Galactortesting something. can someone write my name? making sure a highlight script is working11:13
GerdosHi! I have a question. I installed a new VGA in to my PC (NVidia 1050) and the left speaker of my headphone stopped working. I tried multiple headphones, multiple cabels however nothing helped. I searched on SO and other places, tried enabling everything inside ALSAMIXER, and in sound setting, but no luck so far. Anyone have any idea?11:14
lotuspsychje!test | Galactor11:14
ubottuGalactor: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...11:14
Galactorworks great! trying to backup and cloudsynch my irssi settings between two machines. never wanna configure this again lol. Thanks so much!11:14
* mgedmin just switched from irssi to weechat and is much happier11:17
gunixmgedmin: lotuspsychje: any idea on how to compile the kernel after editing the config found in /boot/ ?11:18
mgedminwas https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel not helpful enough?11:22
mgedminthe last time I built a kernel was in 1999, when I was using Slackware...11:22
mgedminhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel#Building_the_kernel looks sensible11:23
mgedminI would also use dch -i to edit debian/changelog and change the version number to have a .mg1 suffix or something similar, to make it clear to myself which kernel is mine and which ones are stock ubuntu11:23
mgedminbefore doing the fakeroot debian/rules ... build steps11:24
collateralHi all. I'm having an issue with booting into a newly refreshed Ubuntu 18.04 Server. I've partitioned 2 x 1TB hard drives into 32GB swap and the rest EXT4 storage pointed to / (root). I've applied RAID1 to this setup and attempted to boot.11:56
collateralI get this error11:56
lotuspsychjecollateral: join #ubuntu-server for likeminded volunteers11:57
collateralAhhh lotuspsychje am I in the wrong place?11:57
EriC^^collateral: what error do you get11:57
vetrInterested to know how you configured the raid.11:57
lotuspsychjecollateral: no, im trying to widen your options11:57
collateralGave up waiting for root device. Common problems:11:58
collaterallotuspsychje Thanks11:58
vetrcollateral: SW or HW RAID?11:58
collateralSW RAID. I then downloaded and booted to SystemRescueCD and ran `blkid` and it showed the UUID of the RAID correctly.11:59
mgedmincollateral: is the array mentioned in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf?12:00
mgedmincollateral: did you update the initramfs after creating the raid array?12:00
mgedmincollateral: what does /etc/fstab look like?12:01
collateralAhhh mgedmin when I went too loo at that file, it spat out a whole lot of I/O error's and "failed to read block" errors. I think I have a Hard Drive failure on my hands...>.<12:02
mgedmincollateral: what does grep root= /boot/grub/grub.cfg find?12:02
mgedminoooh ouch time for some smartmontools action then12:03
vetrIf you have the time to do it via the installation CHUI: https://graspingtech.com/install-ubuntu-server-software-raid-1/12:03
collateralmgedmin Ahh I'll take a look at that. And thanks vetr that walkthrough is actually good reference.12:09
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gunixmgedmin: i tried the kernel build tutorial on that page and it actually does not work12:15
vetrThe building of the kernel?12:17
lotuspsychjegunix: perhaps before doing things, talk to the #ubuntu-kernel crew?12:17
lotuspsychjegunix: maybe they know a dupe for your bug?12:18
gunixlotuspsychje: good idea. and i doubt people know about it. there are few people that will encounter it, but the ones that do, will go crazy about it12:19
gunixit only appears when using ipsec on 10G nics from intel :-D12:20
vetrgunix: what ipsec lib are you using?12:22
vetrLibre or strong?12:23
gunixvetr: strongswan, though i doubt it is that12:24
vetrI only ask as you are more likely to run into someone in #strongswan who has met with this issue before.12:24
vetrIll put $20 on Thermi seeing this before12:24
gunixvetr: we actually have a contract with thermi and he did help me on the troubleshoot :-D12:25
untorehgio mounts don't appear anymore on /run/user/$UID/gvfs they are only visibile in from nautilus12:25
gunixand yea, Thermi is an awesome guy. expensive, though :-D12:25
untorehis there a way to make them show up again or should I switch mounts ?12:25
vetrThermi is a G, I have learned much from him.12:25
mgedminuntoreh: do you have gvfs-fuse installed?12:26
gunixyea, he is awesome on strongswan12:26
untorehmgedmin: it appears so12:27
vetrgunix: swanctl > ipsec.conf :)12:28
gunixvetr: yea, we switched to swanctl ;-)12:28
vetrSo you succeeded in recompiling the kernel with your changes?12:29
vetrBut the setting didn't have an effect?12:29
gunixvetr: no, i am stuck on recompiling the kernel on ubuntu12:30
gunixvetr: i have a working kernel on gentoo and i am also recompiling on arch now, but on ubuntu the recompilation seems to be ... undocumented12:30
gunixand we are working with about 100 datacenters so having this working on ubuntu would be easier to automate accross the various teams12:31
mgedmingunix: you never told us _how_ the instructions on the wiki page do not work...12:31
vetrgunix: https://askubuntu.com/questions/163298/whats-a-simple-way-to-recompile-the-kernel12:32
gunixmgedmin: https://bpaste.net/show/6roq12:32
vetrJust like any other program to compile from source (which requires libs and such).12:32
gunixvetr: that article is from the age of kernel 3.212:33
vetrI know12:33
mgedminah!  yeah, that's not nice12:34
gunixvetr: i actually got through that too. there is no /usr/src/linux-source-4.15.tar.xz12:35
vetrwell you gotta download it12:36
gunixvetr: i tried, but didn't get that far12:36
vetrDownload the source tarball and extract it12:36
gunixvetr: yea, a colleague is trying that now12:37
mgedminwell, debian/rules editconfigs is a very custom thing, but the rest should work12:37
gunixstill a PITA12:37
mgedminif you can figure out where the config files are and how to edit them12:37
vetrwelcome to a linux programmers life12:38
gunixmgedmin: that would be great cause i just want to use the normal ubuntu kernel config and remove offloading12:38
mgedminsomebody ought to fix that wiki page12:38
mgedmingunix: is there no kernel command-line option to disable offloading?12:38
gunixmgedmin: good question12:38
gunixmgedmin: i managed to get the arch done at least: https://bpaste.net/show/e40B12:39
vetrI doubt, it doesnt seem that it is module based. And something related to IPSEC would most likely be wrapped up in the compiled kernel to sit in protected mode after ram boot12:39
vetrgunix: is it possible to turn off offloading from with user space?12:47
gunixvetr: it should be but the driver ignores the offload setting in the ikev2 sa12:49
vetrway to go intel12:49
vetrWas gonna saw hw_offload: should work12:49
vetrit is interesting, tho, that hw offloading is causing you issues12:50
flogHow do i figure out what scan code a key that xev doesnt recognize?13:02
flogMaybe this isnt strictly ubuntu related though.13:03
vetrkeyboard related?13:04
flogIts one of the function keys on my lenovo t495.13:05
flogSo yes.13:05
vetrgo to console, type: showkey13:06
vetrthen hit the key you want13:06
flog"Couldn't get a fil edescriptor referring to the console"13:06
flogHowever i've been using xev previously to get keysyms.13:08
rishavdoes any one know the correct way to install TensorFlow GPU?13:09
flogIm starting to suspect that that key might be the key that is usually for keyboard backlighting but I opted out on backlighting since it is pointless.13:09
JimBunturishav, "correct" compared to installing the debs or does that include the debs?13:12
mgedminflog: you might have to use sudo showkey13:14
flogmgedmin: now you made me feel stupid :p13:16
mgedminwhy?  the error message doesn't say anything about lacking permissions13:17
mgedminI've only remembered that showkey needs root because I've used it in the past13:17
flogShould have been the next thing to try.13:18
flogGot a keycode from that though.13:18
vetrwonder if you needed to star xev with sudo as well13:18
mgedminif xev doesn't see the key, it's possible that something (gnome-shell? gnome-settings-daemon) has a grab on that key13:18
flogxev works fine without sudo.13:19
mgedminor it's possible the X protocol ran out of keycodes (it only has 256 of them) and cannot represent that key13:19
flogmgedmin: sounds possible. Since showkey returned 374 on the key in question.13:19
octav1aWorking with a scientific program that outputs tsv data. I will make some small change and run it again. I am looking for any tsv viewer program which would be able to auto-refresh whenever the file changes.13:20
octav1aIs this a thing?13:20
mgedminactually, if there's a key grab, xdev should see some events, but I don't reall which ones (focuslost? keymapnotify?)13:21
flogmgedmin: seems like i3 handles keycodes aswell as keysymbols so i should be good.13:23
mgedminyou can also evemu-record to see the key event at a slightly higher level13:24
mgedminthe same event would be seen by Xorg's evdev input driver and converted into a keycode (which then would get converted to a keysym by XKB)13:25
felco_getting this when apt update: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-backports/universe/dep11/Components-amd64.yml.xz  Hash Sum mismatch13:55
felco_tried tree different mirrors and the sha256 is the same: 4e6996929ae8a3dccd0e59d88524101a158be2867e68e46e685814cc54a96bc813:56
felco_expected: 091b0327b6cfef60f70a6db0c3066dfa42a84b0d776a23c172845e14e23728a413:56
Assidhow do i disable ntp from using the dhcp ntp clients14:01
zprdhi all15:02
lotuspsychjewelcome zprd15:02
zprdcentos 8 is released, when can I expect an lxc template for it?15:02
zprd(using ubuntu lts)15:03
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lotuspsychjezprd: this si the ubuntu support channel here15:03
zprdare lxc template independent from ubuntu release?15:03
hggdhzprd: try the #lxcontainers channel15:04
zprddo we fetch template from a/their central repo?15:05
zprdor is it in hands of ubuntu15:05
hggdhzprd: the LXC folks create/maintain the images on their own15:08
zprdok i'll ask on #lxcontainers then15:08
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wonkoI'm getting these: [116271.745878] xhci_hcd 0000:81:00.0: WARN Event TRB for slot 7 ep 12 with no TDs queued?16:18
wonkoALl the googling I did points to issues from years ago that should be long since patched16:19
wonkoany idea if this is something valuable or just noise? I do have a usb device that wants to reconnect randomly that maybe is related to that or maybe not at all related I have no idea. :)16:19
lotuspsychjewonko: its always useful for our supporters to have a bit more details then that, like ubuntu version, kernel and a pastebin of your full logs/dmesg can help alot16:20
sarnoldI'm wondering if there's no recent results if folks have discardewd whatever it was that spew these things16:21
wonkoUbuntu 19.04, 5.0.0-29-lowlatency, dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7ywYGxd8c9/16:21
wonkosarnold: from what I can tell it may been a spurious warning that shouldn't be printed, but that was patched back in like 3.7 or something16:22
wonkomay have been. I can grammar.16:22
wonkooh, 4.1416:22
wonkoclose enough. :)16:22
wonkobut if that was patched that means this is maybe an actual warning?16:23
pragmaticenigma!enter | wonko16:23
ubottuwonko: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.16:23
pragmaticenigmawonko: Where/how did you install that kernel?16:23
iffraffHi I'm having trouble with my login intermitantly entering a loop.  I looked at journalctl and I see a bunch of errors like this and am wondering if anyone knows what they might mean and/or if they are relivant to my problem.16:23
iffraff ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Could not resolve [\_SB.PCI0.XDCI], AE_NOT_FOUND (20181213/dswload2-160)16:23
iffraffSep 24 12:08:30 raif kernel: ACPI Error: AE_NOT_FOUND, During name lookup/catalog (20181213/psobject-221)16:23
iffraffSep 24 12:08:30 raif kernel: ACPI: Skipping parse of AML opcode: Scope (0x0010)16:23
wonkoIt's Ubuntu Studio 19.04 and they install it16:23
pragmaticenigmawonko: Perhaps ask in #ubuntu-studio ... they're going to be more familiar with their environment setup. Currently that is not a kernel that is included with the standard Ubuntu desktops (to my knowledge)16:24
lotuspsychjestudio got those lowlatency kernels indeed16:25
wonkopragmaticenigma: They don't know, that's why I'm here. It's technically not their kernel. :)16:25
lotuspsychjebut is your system up to date also wonko ?16:25
lotuspsychjewonko: how about your bios up to date?16:26
pragmaticenigmawonko: Besides a mouse and keyboard, do you have any other USB devices attached to your system?16:26
sarnoldiffraff: it'd be worth looking for bios updates from your laptop vendor16:26
iffraffsarnold: unfortunately, I have a window machine repaved with ubuntu 18.04. and hp doesn't make a linux update.  In fact they say "linux should have everything you need"16:28
iffraffI have a vm with windows on it but I'm pretty sure I couldn't effect bios from with in a VM could I?16:28
wonkopragmaticenigma: Yes, MIDI keyboard, MIDI control surface, webcam and Komplete Audio 6.16:29
pragmaticenigmaiffraff: It wouldn't be recommended16:29
wonkooh look, Asus just released a new bios for this machine. More than 2 years after the previous one!16:29
iffraffpragmaticenigma: well, in general I'm sure, for this edge case I don't see it posing any danger, other than I think vm's are pretty much locked down to their sandbox16:30
lotuspsychjewonko: try fwupdate first, its a nice rising project with more & more brands added16:30
wonkolotuspsychje: better than making some dos boot drive or something, that's for sure. :)16:30
pragmaticenigmawonko: The other part is to disconnect all USB devices and attach one-by-one to see if the messages start appearing. The message you're seeing is related to the drivers for the USB controllers. There have been documented instances where devices are sending random data to the USB BUS when the kernel is not expecting it.16:32
pragmaticenigmaiffraff: You are correct, that performing a BIOS update is next to impossible through a VM. Especially one such as Virtual Box or VMWare. Personally I don't wipe the Windows partition from my machine until the unit is completely out of service from the manufacturer. That way when issues like this happen, I can still do Firmware/BIOS updates16:34
iffraffhmmm, good to know.  I'll do that with next laptop. Unfortunately it's too late for this one16:35
pragmaticenigmaiffraff: You could see if your machine is supported by fwupdate, which can help apply BIOS updates16:35
iffraffok, never heard of them/it but I'll look it up16:37
wonkopragmaticenigma: ok, post bios update I will do that, thanks!16:39
wonkolotuspsychje: Firmware updates are supported on this machine.16:40
iffraffpragmaticenigma: ok, I see, it says that gnome has fwupdate and will run it when checking for software upates.  perhaps this is what hp means by linux should have what you need16:41
wonkolotuspsychje: I didn't have high expectations.16:42
ericusJust built a new PC and installed Windows on it, half of the SSD17:05
ericusNow trying to install Ubuntu with encryption aloneside17:05
ericusGiven the option to install alongside or "Something else"17:06
iffraffSo I believe I have an issue because I have three gpus, onboard, descrete and external.  Intermitantly my login goes into a loop, it's about 50% I'm not sure how to go about trouble shooting it17:06
sarnoldwhat does it mean for a "login to go into a loop"?17:07
iffraffsarnold: well, you enter password, it thinks about it then refreshes the login page, so no error.  it's the correct password it just loops17:08
sarnoldiffraff: can you login at a text console?17:10
iffraffconsistently, but the gui is intermitant17:11
sarnoldgood good..17:11
sarnoldis there anything in journalctl output at the time of trying? eg login, run journalctl -f, then switch to gui and try logging in, then bacvk to text to see what it reports17:11
iffraffhmmm, ok great idea.  unfortunately I'm knee deep in work and don't want to log out of all that.  perhaps I can look at the journalctr at the time I logged in this moring.17:15
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sarnoldyeah that should work too, it's just a bit harder to find what happened at the same time by coincidence vs what happened due to the login attempt17:16
iffraffunderstood. crap, I have 9 files is -b 9 the oldest or the youngest17:18
iffraffoh, i see. nm17:18
iffraffI'm sorry how do you get the current system tiem in console?17:22
sarnolddate or date -u17:22
sarnolddepending if you want a local timezone or utc17:22
iffraffI guess I want whatever the computer's logging at17:22
sarnoldthat gets complicated; different programs can run with different timezones. I'm not sure which logging methods use timezoned-times vs utc times. journalctl -o short-full, -o short-precise, -o short-iso, etc present different timestamp outputs that hopefully know how to report when exactly they were logged correctly17:25
iffraffna I'm sorry I think I'm good on the time part17:26
iffraffI'm getting a s ton of this17:26
iffraff apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="snap.gnome-system-monitor.gnome-system-monitor" name="/run/mount/utab" pid=4740 comm="gnome-system-mo" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=1000 ouid=017:26
iffraffbut I don't think that's relivant17:26
vltHello. On Ubuntu 18.04 I installed the current Google Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90 from their official .deb pkg. I still have problems playing back video (Amazon, Netflix). In chrome://components there’s nothing calles "widevine". Any idea how to proceed?17:27
iffraffso I'm also getting a s ton of logs starting with this17:28
iffraff/usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2590]: (II) AMDGPU(0):17:28
iffraffand my amd is the external gpu that I am actually using17:28
sarnoldiffraff: yeah those gnome system monitor apparmor denials are probably unrelated but it'd be worth a report about that in #snapcraft or #snappy or wherever they live :) heh17:29
sarnoldiffraff: those II lines are informational; warnings would be WW, errors EE17:30
sarnoldiffraff: those come from Xorg17:30
sarnoldvlt: probably a chrome support group would be best suited to support chrome17:30
vltsarnold: Thank you.17:31
iffraffsarnold: so is there anything I might grep for? or perhaps I could post a pastebin of the file? although it's prett big17:31
sarnoldiffraff: I'm not sure what to suggest to grep for, I'm not sure what we're fishing for yet :) a pastebin could work, if it fits, hehe17:32
iffraffso I logged in at around or just before 8:00 AM today so sep 2517:34
sarnoldbugger, it gets cut off at Sep 24 17:55:4417:35
iffraffcrap, let me try this17:36
mousesvlt: For netflix - it works in Chrom(ium) under linux with no plugins required - make sure your settings / account are set to use the HTML5 player17:37
mousessame with Amazon streaming17:37
iffraffsarnold: I'll have to log off like you suggested.  I'll be back on here in a little bit.17:39
ericusDo I choose physical volume for encryption when installing Ubuntu encrypted alongside win10?17:50
ericusWhat about /swap and /boot17:51
sarnoldericus: you can use a swap file within the filesystem and skip the dedicated swap partition.. i'm less sure about boot. when I followed a zfs-on-root-with-luks guide, /boot wasn't on luks, I don't think..17:53
ericusI should be fine just creating root?17:54
ericusWhat about grub? I just tried with other partitions, booted straight into win17:55
iffraffsarnold: so... it seems I know how to get to the command prompt, but I don't know how to get back to the gui.17:57
sarnoldiffraff: control alt f7 or control alt f1 or control alt f2 .. try em all, one should do it :)17:57
iffraffany ideas? I'm doing like cmd f2 to get to cli17:57
sarnoldericus: be sure to use window's "reboot" option rather than "shutdown". shutdown is just a suspend for windows these days.17:58
ericusI did17:58
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elias_aericus: Oh - you're from some of the nordic countries? :)18:07
ericusThis isnt working out18:08
ericusFrom the free space I create a /boot18:09
ericusThen physical volume for encryption18:09
=== ToBeCloud is now known as ToBeFree
=== ToBeFree is now known as ToBeCloud
iffraffsarnold: hey, so... I did seem a small amount of information come up, but I could remember it all.  they it took me 10 times to freakin get back in.18:17
sarnoldiffraff: ugh :(18:17
iffraffnot sure if there's a way to , hmm, I should have written it to a file18:17
iffraffI mean it's crazy for on e single minute there are 1000's of lines in this thing18:18
iffraffcould I do something like journalctl > myfile.txt18:18
sarnoldthen trim it to the lines you remember18:19
iffraffna, I mean from the cli.  Ill do ctrl f2 then journal and it should give me what just happened right?18:21
iffraffso Ii could do journalctl > mytext.txt18:21
uRockIn fstab, if I change nouid to uid=1000 on an EXT4 partition, will I then be able to send files to trash in PCmanFM?18:21
* uRock thinks he scared everyone off or something.18:35
iffraffsarnold: Hey I thihk I got something here18:37
iffraffI think it starts right at the top.  so i did the journal -f then went to login.  I did the login 3x then bac to the cli to stop it.  so I think the start is where the good stuff is18:38
sarnoldiffraff: nice...18:39
iffraffalso, it's worth mentioning, that my system doesn't really shut down gracefully18:39
iffraff9 out of10 times looks like it's gonna reboot but then starts cycling the monitor on and off.  and eventually I hard kill it18:39
sarnoldiffraff: my guess is this is the Important Part of the log http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rWkTSPrxvZ/18:42
iffraffyes, certainly the last two lines seem important.  I don't really understand the rest18:43
sarnoldiffraff: those.. the backtrace doesn't at all related..18:43
wonkoBoo. Updated my BIOS now my computer won't boot.18:44
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sarnoldwonko: o_O18:49
iffraffsarnold: you think the failure of my system to shut down properly may have something to do with it?18:50
sarnoldiffraff: it miiiight be related, but I'm not sure which to blame with cause vs effect. I haven't really understood monitors for a few years now..18:51
iffraffyes it's very confusing.18:51
ericusCan someone help me with this dual boot issue?18:52
ericusNew PC, Windows runs18:52
ericusI left half the disk for Ubuntu18:53
ericusI want to encrypt it18:53
ericusDuring installation I choose "Something else" under install type (cause other option is to wipe the entire disk)18:55
ericusI see my win-partitions. /dev/nvme0n118:56
ericusnvme0n1p1 ntfs 554MB18:57
ericusp2 fat32 103 MB18:57
ericusp3 16 MB unknown18:58
ericusp4 is the rest of the Windows storage18:59
ericusHow do I partiton that left over space to work with encrypted Ubuntu?18:59
jilI need to compile a progam requireing Gcc 7 or above but I don't find it in my pakage.  How can I upgrade my gcc compiler to version 719:00
jilsorry, let me check gcc.gnu.org first.19:00
akemhpjil, You should have gcc > 7.0 with Ubuntu 18.04.19:01
sarnoldericus: it's been a while since I've seen the installer but I thought it had a handy button for "encrypt the filesystem" and also let you pick the free space to use to partition...19:01
akemhp7.4.0 here.19:01
ericussarnold yes for a fresh install that works19:01
ericusBut there already is an OS on this disk19:02
sarnoldjil: sudo apt install gcc-719:02
sarnoldericus: so you've got no free space? I *think* our installer can shrink windows filesystems but that worries me. make sure you've got backups before you try.19:02
ericusI got free space, 200 GB19:03
sarnoldah good. then you should be able to create a partition in that free space, select the "encrypt the drive" button, and install19:04
ericusBut the installer recognizes another OS and The only option I got is to manually partition it19:04
ericusNo you got me wrong19:04
jilunfortunately sarnold and akemhp I'm on a recent version of mint which does not yet bundle gcc-7 via apt...but I found a work arround.  Thank you19:08
tomreyn!mint | jil19:09
ubottujil: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)19:09
uRockWhat's Mint?19:09
sarnolduRock: mint's a rebuild of ubuntu19:11
ericusGonna try this sarnold https://medium.com/@chrishantha/encrypting-disks-on-ubuntu-19-04-b50bfc65182a19:11
sarnolduRock: they replaced the UI with their own window manager, etc19:11
uRocksarnold, I was being a smarty19:12
sarnoldah :)19:12
uRocksarnold, though I do get how some situations have the same fix no matter how derived from Debian the distro may be.19:15
wonkoAh ha! The BIOS update reset all the bios settings. Thanks Asus!19:23
sarnold"warning, we're going to make your computer unbootable, have fun with that"19:25
akemhpWell when you flash something it's usually reseted.19:26
iffraffmy cpus keep getting throttled but my core temps are all in the 60 degree range19:29
wonkoTook me a while to realize it was trying to legacy boot from a UEFI volumew19:29
doug16kwonko, I've never seen a bios update that does not clear the cmos19:30
wonkoI don't do a lot of BIOS updates. :)19:31
doug16kseems to be a superstition held by every firmware, "but, but, what if the format of the data changed?"19:31
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CarlFK if I sudo dpkg -i linux-image-5.3.0-torv...deb, how do i remove it?20:06
blizzowIs there a way to use add-apt-repository to add a repo and the keys for jenkins? They have their own repo and the instructions to add the repo are that ugly wget http://keysite/foo.key|sudo apt-key add && echo https://path/to/repo>/etc/apt/sources.list.d/repo.list garbage.20:08
tomreynCarlFK: hmm, so -i is for install, what could it be for remove?20:09
tomreyn!man | CarlFK20:09
ubottuCarlFK: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/20:09
CarlFKtomreyn: -r gave me an error - bt this wprks : sudo apt remove linux-image-5.3.0-torv-noviz20:09
tomreynCarlFK: it's actualyl better to use apt there indeed, to ensure that dependencies are satisfied after removal.20:10
tomreynblizzow: add-apt-repository would need to know where to find the key, but maybe you can tell it - i do not know (but the man page probably does)20:12
nateAnyone here by chance have luck with installing on recent-ish HP laptop models (like things made in the past few years?).  Got an envy that's being an absolute pain apparently cause of the IntelHD chipset, installs okay but just boots to a cursor screen and the old `nomodeset screen` method doesn't seem to work anymore20:18
OerHeksblizzow, nope. as the repo is outside the launchpad environment, so does the key. this page https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Installing+Jenkins+on+Ubuntu  is your help20:18
nateat least I'm -pretty sure- it's an IntelHD issue, this is seemingly identical to previous issues I've had with IntelHD laptops20:18
gunixi have a feeling he knows that20:19
gunixi have no idea why i wrote this here. please excuse me20:19
tomreynnate: post the output of   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999     to share a system log with us and have someone review it.20:23
natetomreyn: That's kind of the problem, I can't even get into a console view to do so20:24
tomreynnate: neither with recovery?20:24
nateDitto, it just boots into a blank screen with a flashing cursor at the corner, which as far as I've run into in the past usually meant some sort of graphic chipset/driver issue, but it used to be that `nomodeset splash` would launch a bare limited terminal view, it unfortunately isn't in this case20:25
nateIt's likely worth noting that I have to literally force the USB installer to run in a non-UEFI boot, it wigs out bad in UEFI mode (ie; as soon as you hit install of any sort it just pops up a black box in the middle of the screen).  I fear the laptop might have a bit of a buggered BIOS/UEFI20:26
tomreynis another OS installed and working?20:26
nateYeah it had windows on it previously rolling fine, I had wiped that but since installed Win10 to do a BIOS firmware update hoping that might resolve it all, but to no avail, still does the same20:27
tomreynso the firmware is up to date now?20:28
anxionnate: i had the same problem with my navi10 card until i "installed" the firmware blob. ubuntu netinstall worked - after that i fixed the efi boot20:28
nateYeah, BIOS is as up to date as HP has.  I figured I'd just ask in here and wait for replies while I try to see if it's booting in enough that I might be able to SSH in20:28
tomreynand it boots windows fine but not linux?20:28
tomreynhave you configured windows to actually shutdown fully, not just pretend to?20:29
nateBoth Win8 (original Windows on it) and Win 10 work fine, it's just *nix, especially any ubuntu or ubuntu fork I've used20:29
nateOh yeah no windows is gone20:29
nateI formatted and all lol20:29
nateI wasn't trying to dual boot it20:29
tomreyncan you boot it in uefi mode from an ubuntu installer?20:30
nateNup, the USB installer/image -boots- into the like a UEFI installer screen, but as soon as you hit install it just pops up a black box in the middle of the screen and does nothing.  And it shouldn't be secure boot since that's off20:31
tomreynah sorry you said this before.20:31
nateIf I can't get SSH'd in I'll start over again and take some images of stuff for better show20:31
tomreyn!bootlog | nate20:32
ubottunate: To get a more verbose log of the boot process, add the following !kernelparm: debug systemd.log_level=info20:32
tomreyn...and remove "splash" and "quiet"20:32
nateIf I can get in yeah, well first thing I'll probably do if I can get SSH'd in over the LAN is run an apt upgrade and see if I'm lucky enough that might fetch necessary stuff lol20:33
nateSplash wasn't there originally, quiet was though, I'll try to remove quiet20:33
tomreynyes, do the upgrade, reboot, see if it helped, whether or not it helped, share the latest systemd journal here.20:34
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CrazySamloading loading ...21:10
CrazySamdoes it take more than 10 minutes to finish loading ubuntu 19.04 after software?21:11
CrazySamfresh clean install on an older intel system21:11
CrazySami opted not to update during installation, so i was prompted to do so once i signed in21:12
CrazySamafter update all i see is the ubuntu logo and 5 animating dots21:12
natetomreyn: Okay so I decided to grab the 18 LTS, built a new bootable, have the laptop set in UEFI mode w/ no secure boot, rather than a blank screen with no cursor I get a no-cursor blank screen now when trying to launch the installer, even w/ quiet and splash removed21:14
nateGonna try and enable legacy mode and see what happens21:14
nateokay so legacy mode on I got some sort of splash screen (showed a keyboard and a person icon at the bottom?) which hitting ESC on at least seems to get me into some setup GUI21:17
CrazySamCrazySam, you should try an unexpected reboot on its ass21:17
nateUnfortunately choosing the "Install Ubuntu" from that screen gives me the blank screen with a flashing cursor, hrm21:18
CrazySamCrazySam, thanks! that helped21:18
CrazySamCrazySam, after a reboot i am back at point a21:20
tomreynnate: hmm and the system installe don disk is which?21:20
nateone sec, made some progress, removed quiet splash and added nomodeset, got some terminal display during install but now it seems to be froze up21:21
tomreynkeep trying to get to a shell, be it local or remote via ssh, then post the log21:22
tomreynif it continues like this, try booting also with the boot options i listed previously, this hould provide more output on what's happening.21:23
tomreynyet more boot options you can try (one by one): dis_ucode_ldr mitigations=no21:24
tomreynCrazySam: i suggest you do a bios upgrade.21:25
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tomreyn!recovery | CrazySam21:25
ubottuCrazySam: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode21:25
nateWell right now I'm just trying to get it to -install- again lol, the 18 LTS is being more of a problem to even install than the other.  It's seemingly hanging on this during install now https://i.imgur.com/SGX4Ggh.jpg21:26
CrazySamhow do i shut down safely?21:27
nateA fast googling seems to imply I need to temporarily add a boot parameter to the install kernel?21:28
CrazySamcrayon, ctrl+alt+del21:29
CrazySamCrazySam, , ctrl+alt+del21:29
nateHm I wonder if that halt is what's going on under the UEFI as well21:32
natetomreyn: Ahhhhhh it's alive!  Gave acpi=off a shot, and magic happened :P21:34
nategonna try it in UEFI mode too21:34
nateoh wait maybe not, lol, it went though all the console loggery but now it's sitting on a blank screen with a mouse cursor but nothing else, and the laptop mouse touchpad isn't moving the mouse, so maybe only jumped a hurdle lol21:35
tomreynnate: but can you switch to a tty?21:36
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution21:37
tomreynCrazySam: are you aware that you're talking to yourself there?21:37
CrazySamtomreyn, hello!21:41
CrazySamsomeone finally talks to me :p21:42
CrazySamso what's the deal with this new ubuntu? it allows me to install proprietary drivers at install screen and it boots fine the first time. then it starts freezing at next boot21:43
CrazySami sovled it by adding nomodeset param to grub21:44
CrazySami can not reboot and boot up normally but my graphics are all messed up21:44
CrazySamvga resolution21:44
CrazySami followed these instructions, and according to the author this is more of nvidia problem, and as a last resort he suggests installing proprietary nvidia drivers as the open source nvidia drivers have shown to be very bad and cause this type of problem21:46
CrazySamthe only problem is that my system does not have any nvidia component in it21:46
CrazySamintel cpu, and amd gpu21:46
CrazySamold, but ok21:46
natetomreyn: Is there any specific step of the install process I should try that?21:47
CrazySamnot sure what to do next?... other than be happy with vga resolution and move on21:47
uRockI have  laptop where the nvidia driver installed by default. I had to log in using recovery mode and uninstall the driver.21:47
CrazySami did check the box install third party software during install of ubuntu 19.0421:48
CrazySammaybe i should not have done that? but it booted normally the first time...21:48
CrazySami don't have time for this so i will just reinstall the whole damn thing and make sure not to check the third party box this time21:50
sarnoldCrazySam: check out what driver your card is supposed to use21:50
IcemanV9CrazySam: something had changed after the first time boot??21:50
sarnoldCrazySam: amd's got two series of drivers, amdgpu for newer ones, and .. uh .. older stuff for older ones21:50
sarnoldCrazySam: if you're using the newer amdgpu drivers make sure you've got the linux-firmware package installed, I think it supplies the necessary blobs for the cards. no idea what to do with the older drivers..21:50
natetomreyn: I think I'm in, I set it back to UEFI mode instead of legacy, did a boot w/ quiet splash nomodeset acpi=off and I am currently in the interactive UEFI installer GUI, woo :P21:51
CrazySamsarnold, i have no idea tbh21:53
CrazySamwhy am i as user supposed to make sure of all this? isn't there dependency resolution and such in linux world?21:54
CrazySamIcemanV9, the only thing that changed is that i signed in and allowed it to install some updates.21:55
sarnoldCrazySam: most folks with funny hardware just click the box and get magic features.. but the vendors of funny hardware think things have a shorter lifetime than the users often do :)21:55
CrazySami didn't bother scrutinizing what updates there were, but basic stuff i suppose, like firefox21:55
CrazySamsarnold, are you calling me a clown?21:57
tomreynthose kernel parameters i've given you you'd use when booting the already installed or the installer system.21:57
tomreyn!kernelparm | nate21:57
ubottunate: To add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters21:58
tomreynnate: the line above this was also for you21:58
sarnoldCrazySam: <@:)21:58
CrazySama clown with funny hardware -> CrazySam21:59
CrazySamwith zig zag box and everything21:59
tomreynCrazySam: i had previously tlked to you, suggesting a bios upgrade21:59
CrazySamtomreyn, hi! yeah, i know. i decided to ignore your suggestion.22:01
CrazySamtomreyn, why would i upgrade the bios? and what to?22:01
cnnxfreecad doesnt work in ubuntu package manager22:01
cnnxim on 18.04 i think22:01
ericusCan someone help me with dual boot Windows and encrypted Ubuntu?22:01
tomreynCrazySam: i'd try to help, but i decided to ignore your question.22:02
tomreynnate: good that uefi now boots, though :)22:03
sarnoldericus: that guide looked alright, where'd it go wrong?22:03
ericusNo UFI it says..22:03
ericusSo I deleted the existing one and made a new, no luck22:04
sarnoldso you're booting legacy?22:04
ericusSorry EFI, not UFI22:04
CrazySamtomreyn, no problem. i understand you just want to help, and i appreciate that!  i just don't see that happening because it's an old system, where bios really means bios, and there is not much to upgrade to.22:05
tomreynnate: if it depends on acpi=off then maybe you'll have more luck with http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html22:06
tomreynCrazySam: it can still solve issues in earlier bios versions which linux then needs to work around (or maybe cannot work around, resulting in issues like you're seeing). but indeed it was a shot in the dark. until we can see a system journal log from your system it's just guessing. try some kernel / boot parameters if you haven't.22:09
tomreyn!kernelparm | CrazySam22:09
ubottuCrazySam: To add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters22:09
tomreynremove "quiet" and "splash", add "nosplash" and these:22:09
ubottuTo get a more verbose log of the boot process, add the following !kernelparm: debug systemd.log_level=info22:10
tomreynCrazySam: this shuld at least print something on screen, hinting on where it's failing.22:10
tomreynericus: so windows is already booting in uefi mode and now you're trying to install ubuntu so it will also boot from uefi, and share the same storage with the windows installation?22:14
tomreyn(...and use full disk encryption)22:14
tomreynericus: whch ubuntu version are you installing (ISO file name)?22:14
CrazySamtomreyn, it has something to do with graphics drivers i think. the author of which suggested adding "nomodeset" param and that eliminated the boot problem, but left me with very low resolution22:15
tomreynericus: desktop, server? some !flavor?22:15
ericusFull disk as in "full disk" for the Ubuntu part of it.22:15
OerHeksCrazySam, and what older amd gpu do you have?22:15
ericusDesktop, 18.04 LTS22:15
tomreynericus: 18.04.0 then?22:15
tomreynokay, i'd expect this to work fine if you select to install side by side with windows and enable the full disk encryption option. it could be, though, that the full disk encryption option does not show when you choose to install side by side with windows.22:17
tomreynthat's something i just don't know22:18
ericusThe only option given is to erase the entire disk and install Ubuntu or "Something else"22:18
tomreyn"something else" definitely sounds better then22:18
tomreynand then there are no more otions?22:18
ericusMeaning manually partitioning22:18
ericusNo other options, no22:19
tomreynoh, this seems to suggest you booted in legacy bios mode22:19
CrazySamOerHeks, radeon hd 685022:19
natetomreyn: Unfortunately to access /sys/firmware/acpi you can't do acpi=off I believe, and I have to do acpi=off to even get booted in UEFI22:19
ericusI have the option to go for legacy+UEFI or just UEFI22:19
ericusTried both. Gonna make a fresh install of Windows again and try, what option should I choose?22:20
CrazySamubuntu 19.04 reinstalled, this time third party box was off and update during install was off, and i refused to do the update after first sign in22:21
CrazySamafter a reboot i see the same problem as before22:21
CrazySam"a start job is running for "Hold" until boot process finishes up" 6 mins and counting22:22
tomreynericus: just uefi should be fine (assuming windows is installed in uefi mode). from the ubuntu installer usb you can start a live system, open a terminal (ctrl-alt-t) and see what it returns: ls /sys/firmware/efi22:22
tomreynericus: if this directory exists (and its contents are listed, no error message is returned) then your usb booted in uefi mode.22:22
ericusDo I want it to boot in UEFI?22:23
tomreynnate: i don't think you need to access /sys/firmware/acpi until after you installed, though.22:23
CrazySamit wasn't meant to be i guess22:23
tomreynericus: you do, if windows is installed in uefi mode.22:23
CrazySamok, i'm in again22:24
Betalcan't grub from mbr hdd boot windows in gpt hdd?22:24
CrazySamsolution: smashing function and control keys at random22:24
ericusI'm gonna try again tomreyn22:25
ericusJust need to flash a usb22:25
Betalif ericus gonna share same /efi partition over windows and linux, probably is better to have /boot on separate partition, no?22:26
natetomreyn: Ah, hm, I'll double check22:26
Betalso there is no way to windows screw up the linux install at all22:26
ericusI will install Linux after Windows22:27
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CrazySami'm done bashing keys for today, i'm off to bed. bye irc! bye internet!22:32
tomreynBetal: if you don't add a separate /boot partition and file system then the /boot directory goes on the same file system as the root directory. so i don't think it makes a difference, does it?22:43
Betaltomreyn: yes. All depends how you want to setup things, as I like to use lvm for linux, usually I will have /efi and ensure /boot out of the lvm22:45
ericusAlright. Fresh install of Windows 10 Pro, flashing a USB with Ubuntu now22:49
tomreynBetal: yes, and ericus is looking to have storage encryption on ubuntu, so (at least while using the installer) they'll need to have a separate boot, too.22:49
ericusRebooting into Ubuntu installer now, 200GB free disk space alongside Windows22:50
ericusGreeted by that, choosing Something else22:53
ericusThen what?22:54
ericusThe guide I followed earlier didnt work.22:55
tomreynericus: if you install alongside windows, then you can't encrypt, you say?22:55
ChiLLabiSSo why do i need to add a different PPA to install from WineHQ on Bionic?22:55
tomreynChiLLabiS: because winehq is not part of bionic.22:56
ChiLLabiSyeah but there is a package needed from wineHQ's ppa that isn't there. I need to add a ppa that has nothing to do with either Ubuntu or Wine? :S22:57
ericusI cant even get it to boot. Windows will boot automatically, I want grub22:57
ChiLLabiSSome audio package22:57
OerHeksChiLLabiS, ask the maintainer of that ppa? that would be in #winehq22:57
ChiLLabiSWill do, OerHeks tomreyn !22:58
tomreynericus: so which encryption are you planning to have? this article discusses fscrypt, a utility managing ext4 file system encryption (which is not integrated into the installer) as well as dmcrypt-luks (which i would recommend for your use case) as well as the now legacy ecryptfs.22:59
OerHeksChiLLabiS,  find some reporst about missing libfaudio0:i38622:59
ericusLets say I skip encryption tomreyn. Would I just go for a root partition then?23:00
OerHekshttps://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu gives libfaudio0 packages can be downloaded from the OBS. See https://forum.winehq.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=32192 for details23:00
OerHeks.. nothing we can do about it :-(23:00
TJ-ericus: I wrote an article on doing FDE from the installer which might help understand the options https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201923:01
sarnoldTJ-: dude, a million internet points for putting the year in the title23:01
sarnoldTJ-: way too many guides written for linux old.ancient still clutter up the internet and search rankings and so on..23:01
OerHeksyeah, bing gives better result now.23:02
ericusThanks TJ-!23:02
sarnold"current (hopelessly out-of-date and inadequate) FullDiskEncryptionHowto page" yes this problem exactly :D23:02
tomreynericus: i'll be happy to help you examine the manual partitioning path if we have established that you cannot just choose "install alongside windows" and still have full disk encryption.23:05
TJ-I should have added to the URL "Fully_Illustrated" :D23:05
sarnoldTJ-: beautiful guide, thanks23:05
sarnoldyes :D23:05
GalactorHow would I make a custom shell command? for example, lets say I am always having to type "sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager" because of my faulty hardware, but I would rather just type "fixnet" instead to input the command. how would I do that?23:06
uRockthat's an alias23:06
ericusI cant just choose that tomreyn :(23:06
ericusSo yeah, please help me :)23:07
tomreynericus: it's pre-selected on your screenshot at https://irc.ericus.se/uploads/2c0922751df1d3cd/15694519770222185647053061869918.jpg - are you saying the button to proceed is disabled while this option is selected?23:08
sarnoldGalactor: as uRock says that could be a shell alias, but I prefer to make little tiny shell scripts for these things, since you can more easily use them from other tools besides interactive shells23:08
jeremy31Galactor: wifi?23:08
tomreynTJ-: do you happen to know that the "install alongside windows" option will *not* work for dmcrypt-luks in EUFI mode?23:09
Galactorjeremy31: yeah. I have this old thinkpad x130e and the card just derps out23:09
jeremy31Galactor: see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2354328&p=13614520&#post1361452023:10
tomreynTJ-: sorry, ignore me23:10
jeremy31Galactor: the wifi power save might be causing the issue23:10
Galactorjeremy31: thanks! I'll give it a read :)23:10
tomreynericus: sorry, i didn't read the screen shot properly, only realize now that this is the very screen where you'd choose to enable encryption.23:10
ericustomreyn but no option for encryption23:11
FurretUberI'm having a problem: backlight keyboard functions doesn't work. Cause: two interfaces for backlight at same time, with the one selected by the system being the one that does not work (intel_backlight). Workaround found for now, setting Xorg configuration to use the correct backlight method (cmpc_bl), but I want a more reliable solution23:11
tomreynericus: so then for encryption you'd best follow TJ's guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201923:11
ericusYes, will do23:12
ericusGonna get some sleep first, getting late here23:12
ericusThanks to you both!23:12
tomreynericus: to answer your earlier question: if you chose not to have encryption, you would just have /root, yes.23:13
tomreynericus: see you!23:13
aroonihey team;  anyone running 18.04 and have google chrome working?  each time i try to install it it seems to crash gnome-shell23:14
TJ-Sounds like I'll have to test out the "alongside windows" option by faking an NTFS bootable partition in a VM23:14
rud0lfarooni: did you have any extensions aka plugins for chrome installed before?23:15
aroonirud0lf: i did ;  but i purged my .config/google-chrome directory  and tired to reinstall it23:16
ericustomreyn I ran the alongside installer just to try, guess what OS boots up?...23:17
aroonioh interesting; if i disable all gnome extensions; it works23:19
tomreynericus: since you're asking, i'm guessing on windows. you may need to point the uefi configuration / setup menu to the ubuntu boot loader (i.e. to grub)23:21
sarnoldseveral times now my external monitor flickers black for five or ten seconds; these messages are in journalctl -f when it happens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2yH9HbBpY2/23:21
sarnoldis this familiar to anybody? :D23:21
tomreynlooks like a suspend/resume error?23:22
tomreyn"PCI post-resume error -110!"23:22
OerHeksugh, do a memtest86 run ?23:22
sarnoldit happened once while running an apt update, once while loading a huge complicated pdf into firefox; hopefully nothing was trying to suspend at those moments :)23:23
sarnoldmemtest is good idea23:24
tomreynno, no, but your system was probably having trouble returning from suspend properly, and only then it got fatal.23:24
sarnoldah :) alas no, fresh boot this morning, no suspends before hand23:25
tomreynoh then it just entered a power saving mode due to lack of use for a while, maybe?23:25
sarnoldI've had this machine a few months but only really started using it ~two weeks ago.. it worked great on the internal monitor, but gave a few problems today -- either damaged in transit, or this external monitor isn't working great23:26
TJ-sarnold: #define ETIMEDOUT       110     /* Connection timed out */23:27
TJ-sarnold: have you applied the optimal acpi_osi= option?  https://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html23:28
sarnoldTJ-: heh, I never considered that 110 might be THE 110 :23:28
tomreynso what looks like an error code in the message really is a timeout in seconds. great job writing good error messages. :-/23:28
TJ-tomreyn: error codes are always prefixed with the negative symbol and therefore -110 in code is written as "return -ETIMEDOUT; "23:29
tomreynah right i was wrong, it's not a timeout in sec23:30
sarnoldTJ-: very nice writeup. I'd long since forgotten about this command line option :)23:31
TJ-sarnold: I've seen that happen when the outputs aren't correctly reconfigured due it ACPI differences when not using the optimal OSI23:31
sarnoldTJ-: "acp_osi" appears to be a typo in one of the text output boxes23:32
TJ-where abouts ?23:32
sarnoldTJ-: very near the end, just above the Testing heading23:32
TJ-OK I see it, thanks!23:33
sarnoldTJ-: hmm, this output looks like it will confuse the | sort | tail -1 part of the script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Mp5DBDdJy6/23:35
sarnoldTJ-: OH! you've got a 'Windows ' in the grep... not in the bit under Testing. nm. :)23:35
TJ-sarnold: you're a fab tester!23:35
sarnoldTJ-: I do try to read what I'm about to execute :) hehe23:36
TJ-it's only escaped notice for 2 years :)23:36
sarnoldwell, maybe most other people's dsdt don't have this funny extra entry? dunno :)23:37
becoolhow do i set dist_upgrade to true so that servers auto upgrade all packages?23:38
TJ-true, or they never tried the manual option23:38
sarnoldTJ-: or were content to apply understanding to the output :) you'd already accounted for it in the script23:39
aroonianyone using google chrome on 18.04?  i have found the only way I can get it working is by disabling all gnome-shell extensions first23:40
tomreynbecool: set dist_upgrade to true where?23:41
sarnoldTJ-: hey.. there's also a Windows10. is that newer or older than Windows 2015? :) apparently I don't know windows real well23:41
TJ-sarnold: I haven't used Windows since 2005 so not sure!23:43
TJ-sarnold: but I've not seen that listed before so it might be something 'new' we need to account for... it sounds ... "recent"23:43
TJ-and the whole idea is to select the most recent on the basis the DSDT is coded for that23:43
sarnold[drm] Reducing the compressed framebuffer size. This may lead to less power savings than a non-reduced-size. Try to increase stolen memory size if available in BIOS.23:46
sarnoldvery curious23:46
TJ-presumably it means it has to use a higher compression ratio requiring more CPU23:47
tomreynthis, or due to a smaller buffer it will have to calculate frames more often?23:53
sarnoldI think it's to reduce memory bandwidth use (and thus power) https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/intel_graphics#Framebuffer_compression_(enable_fbc)23:56
tomreynarch wiki is cheating.23:59

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