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Tode_IAnyone know how to unlearn a CC control mapping in Zyn Fusion?00:29
EickmeyerTode_I: I don't know (not a keyboard player), but you can try asking in #lad. The developer hangs out in there often.00:35
Tode_Ilad you say? Merci!00:37
wonkoOvenWerks: Another jack crash, dammit!13:21
wonkoThe last two days worth of logs13:23
mrz80wonko:   Just off the cuff, one thing that jumps out at me is  1m[31mERROR: Cannot lock down 82280346 byte memory area (Cannot allocate memory)[0m  pretty much as soon as jackd starts.15:30
mrz80I've seen some discussion threads about running configured for unlimited memory allocation15:31
mrz80Maybe try configuring jackd to run with no memory lock?15:32
wonkoAny idea how I do that? 😁15:45
mrz80If you're running qjackctl, select setup, then go to the advanced tab under settings15:50
mrz80There's an option there for running with no memory lock15:50
wonkoI'm using ubuntustudio-controls, let me check what options it has15:50
wonkodoesn't look like a settable option there15:51
* OvenWerks notes that jack does not fail to start or run, meaning that memory locking is unlikely to be the problem16:04
wonkowhat's the exact issue then with the memory?16:05
wonkoor is it just a harmless warning?16:05
OvenWerksearlier work showed that the usb device was doing odd reconnects16:05
wonkois there something I can maybe be watching (system level) to see what's up with that?16:06
OvenWerksIf the reconnects were quick, things recovered. if not jack would eventually crash16:07
OvenWerkswonko: ls /etc/seccurity/limits.d/16:08
OvenWerksshould show audio.conf16:08
wonkois this meaningful?16:08
wonko[116257.414153] xhci_hcd 0000:81:00.0: WARN Event TRB for slot 7 ep 12 with no TDs queued?16:08
wonkoyes, I see audio.conf16:09
wonko81:00.00 is the usb card the audio device is plugged inot16:09
wonko@audio   -  rtprio     9516:10
wonko@audio   -  memlock    unlimited16:10
wonko#@audio   -  nice      -1916:10
wonkois the contents of audio.conf16:10
OvenWerksI thought that would be the case, so far as I know when you start -controls it has no red warning at the top and it test mem locking.16:10
OvenWerksright, that makes sense16:10
OvenWerksI don't know what the xhci error means though16:11
wonkoi'm googling now. :)16:11
OvenWerksBut before I changed -controls we were seeing the same usb box was sending device connects more than once.16:12
wonkook, red herring it seems16:18
wonkoit's hard to say16:18
wonkoeverything pertaining to that message is years old16:18
wonkoin a much older kernel16:18
OvenWerkswhich device (USB) do you have a gain?16:19
wonkoMiDiPLUS AKM320, Korg nanoKONTROL2, Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 Mk2, Logitech webcam, Das Keyboard and Logitech M70516:32
wonkoalso, seems like Asus just released a new BIOS for this motherboard (more than 2 years after the last bios version!)16:32
wonkoso I'm also going to try that.16:32
OvenWerkshow about that, my $0.01 audio interface sounds better than my $0.68 audio interface  :)16:49
OvenWerksusing input only, so I don't know how the output sounds. The 68 cent one had a higher frequency buzz (power supply noise?) but the 1 cent one doesn't.16:52
OvenWerksI am using it for guitar input and find that computer mics are wired oddly. They are trs and I have to pull the plug out so my plugs tip matched the socket ring. I also notice noises that indicate there is dc on the input (scratchy controls, loud clicks when plugging) so a blocking cap would be in order.16:55
OvenWerksalso to note I am running them at 128/2 which may be below design limits ...17:03
Eickmeyerwonko, OvenWerks: The memory allocation issue is an issue with systemd that was fixed in the verion in 19.10, so I highly suggest the beta at this point.18:33
* Eickmeyer is working on all sorts of blog post stuff at this point.18:33
OvenWerkssomething like that had crossed my mind. Good to know.18:34
EickmeyerI'm also going to be going hardcore on release notes.18:35
OvenWerksHowever, my gut feeling with the above problem is an under powered usb box.18:36
EickmeyerVery well possible.18:36
wonkoWell I updated my BIOS now my computer won't boot. Yay!18:39
OvenWerkswonko: can you enter the bios? maybe enter and safe bios and try.18:51
OvenWerksmay have to reset to default... or reset things up or whatever bcause the the place the bios stores it's variables may have reordered or something.18:52
wonkoLooks like the update set things back to default19:05
wonkoSo it's trying to legacy boot a uefi system19:05
wonkoIs my theory anyway19:05
wonkoYep, that was it19:06
wonkoWell, now on to the next issue. Stuck at the grub splash screen after hitting boot on the default option.19:11
wonkoOh, whole thing was locked up. Had to hit the reset button.19:12
wonkoAnd booting19:20
wonkoOvenWerks: It I turn boost back on the cpu temps hit 69C and 83C20:30

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