wxlGusj: i've seen some kernel module problems in i8042 in and around the version in 18.. might want to try 1900:02
Gusj@wxl Ahh thank you, you mean updating, right?00:05
wxlGusj: not in lubuntu, as the desktop environments and applications are two different environments.00:05
Gusj@wxl I first installed ubuntustudio 19.05 and was advised to go to 18.04, so that is why when I installed Lubuntu I went for 18.04, the problems where in both, if I understand correctly the underlying architecture is quite similar right?00:14
wxlGusj: the linux kernel, which is equal in both, is where the problem lies00:14
Gusj@wxl maybe I am not understand you correctly, sorry could you explain further?00:14
GusjI filed a formal bug in ubuntu to try and see if it happens to someone else with this configuration..00:15
wxlGusj: hardware problems are the most difficult to track down and get the least amount of activity. i wouldn't have a lot of hope. you might be able to help it out by actually trying out the newer system.00:15
Gusj@wxl  but in ubuntustudio 19.04 the problem was the same ones..00:16
wxlGusj: this same problem or something else?00:16
Gusj@wxl same ones, laptop keyboard and trackpad do not work, they work perfectly in the bios, not in the OS00:17
Gusj@wxl  the kernel sees the keyboard in the xorg log, and then has it as a webcam for some reason..00:17
wxlGusj: you might want to try the beta of the newer version (19.10)00:18
wxlGusj: also you might want to try *Ubuntu* (not Studio, Lubuntu, or any other flavor) 16.04 to see if the problem existed on an older version00:19
Gusj@wxl and can I upgrade from the 18.04 I have, Yes I could do that but at the moment the laptop is being used by my wife writing her thesis, with external keyboard and mouse of course, So I cannot wipe it again, have done that a couple of times already with the installs and one I broke of Lubuntu00:24
wxlGusj: then i'd advise coming back when she gets it done00:25
GusjHere is the Xorg.0.log : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fQZYZyDyR4/00:26
Gusj line 306 sees a keyboard, then line 403 has the webcam as a keyboard00:27
Gusj@wxl since the laptop is from 2013, aprox, that us why I thought Lubuntu would be better suited for it00:28
Gusj] (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "TOSHIBA Web Camera - HD: TOSHIB" (type: KEYBOARD, id 13)00:34
Gusj[    29.685] (**) Option "xkb_model" "pc105"00:34
Gusj[    29.685] (**) Option "xkb_layout" "us"00:34
Gusj[    29.687] (II) event11 - TOSHIBA Web Camera - HD: TOSHIB: is tagged by udev as: Keyboard00:34
Gusj[    29.687] (II) event11 - TOSHIBA Web Camera - HD: TOSHIB: device is a keyboard00:34
Gusj@wxl That is where it assigns it to the webcam for some reason, it sees it first 100 lines up, it also sees it as a video bus00:35
Gusj@wxl I am really loving Lubuntu, that is why I wanted to see if I can make it work, I think maybe regular Ubuntu would be sluggish in this laptop..00:42
Gusj@wxl thank you for your help, will give the install of normal Ubuntu 19.04 and then an older version 16.04 to see. I am really really hoping to stay with Lubuntu it is super nice and feels so stable, I thought this would be a driver not loaded problem or something like that..01:04
GusjIs there an utility that could tell if it is hardware related? The keyboard and trackpad work Perfectly in the bios,01:04
lubot<JyotiGomes> @HMollerCl [I didn't know wpagui, but apparently it's only for wpa, network-manager-gnome is …], I installed network-manager-gnome and wifi on WPA2 worked perfectly. Muchas gracias! 😊07:24
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lubot<ctisme> after the lubox up... there is virtual keyboard pop up... this box unconnected to the network ... is there sth wrong with the systemctl start up?22:49

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