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guivercBashing-om, re: +question/684506; The square.boxes instead of font I've seen often but it's never caused slowness for me.  I'd `cat /etc/apt/sources.list` to check it displays quickly (no hdd issues slowing down; green-wd etc constantly re-trying to avoid warranty claim etc)  but no ideas sorry02:31
Bashing-omguiverc: Got me guessing now ..All my thoughts led to naught :(02:32
guivercnothing stands out for me as possibilities; after all hdd issues is a stretch - but I'm that desperate as I'm 'blank'  (that and my regular use of musuem age hardware means hardware issues are ~common)02:35
guivercthoughts:   added extensions? or themes; old-themes have caused boxes in the past for me; but again not slowness, also bad fonts02:36
guivercmaybe a memtest86 run thru would be worthwhile?  but no mention of random freezes; just specific editing of files..02:37
Bashing-omthanks - giving it some more thought :)02:38
guivercgnome-extension?  (intended different ver gtk+ having issues when elevated privs used??)02:45
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akemGet up, stand up! ;)04:07
akemI'm surprised lotuspsychje is not there drinking his coffee already ;)04:07
akemAnyway i'll get some for myself: Good morning everyone!04:08
tomreynAh finally someone made a Firefox WebExtension to allow for adding custom search engines again: https://github.com/evilpie/add-custom-search-engine05:13
tomreynThis should enable adding the Ubuntu PPA search: https://tomreyn.megaglest.org/ppa.html05:41
tomreyn(or Launchpad rather)05:41
OerHekswhat is the use of livepatch?06:07
lordievaderGood morning06:11
ducassegood morning06:44
legreffierOerHeks: some sort of user-ready kexec implementation so you can replace lower level softwares (basically : libc, linux, ...) without rebooting.09:17
mgedminafaiu it's more of a framework to build and load kernel modules that patch buggy functions and replace them with fixed ones09:19
mgedmin(and it's for the kernel only, not libc)09:19
legreffierfor a laptop/desktop 'standard' install you probably don't need that...09:20
lordievaderNeed and want are two different things ;)09:41
tomreynthere are those folks who almost always just suspend, don't reboot much. for them it could still be useful on a desktop. but then, the better approach for them would be to actually get used to rebooting more regularly.09:46
lordievaderSame applies for folks who just leave their machine running.09:48
mgedmincanonical-livepatch doesn't support ubuntu 19.04 anyway09:59
* mgedmin rememebers that there are people who use LTS releases on desktops and laptops for some reason09:59
lordievaderAfternoon 👋10:04
marcoagpintodamn... last night there was a Windows update! This machine took some two hours to update!10:04
lordievaderSpeaking off, I needed to test something on my Windows host.10:04
mgedminmy android phone was offline for 2 weeks; the 40+ app updates felt like they took a couple of hours10:11
mgedmin(maybe modern android throttles app updating so the whole OS doesn't slow down into unusability?)10:11
marcoagpintomgedmin: that is the problem with Android, it is always updating the apps, that is why I have less than 1 GB of storage place... on Christmas I need to buy a new phone10:12
lordievaderDarn it, WOL doesn't work -.-10:12
marcoagpintoa Sony Xperia 1010:12
marcoagpintolordievader: what doesn't work?10:12
mgedminWakeOnLAN is a huge pain10:13
lordievaderWake On LAN10:13
lordievaderI remember that, should've tested this at home.10:13
lordievaderOh well.10:13
marcoagpintolordievader: the lastest Windows update fixes some VM issues10:13
lordievaderWhat issues?10:16
marcoagpintoI can't remember10:17
marcoagpintoit was 4am last night10:17
marcoagpintosee the change log10:18
lordievaderWindows updates have change logs 😲10:22
marcoagpintolordievader: yes, of course, just click in the updated item and select to show the logs10:23
marcoagpintoat least for Windows 1010:23
BluesKajHey folks12:31
marcoagpintoBluesKaj! Hello!12:49
BluesKajhi marcoagpinto12:52
EoflaOEHow are you marcoagpinto?13:28
marcoagpintofine, and you?13:28
EoflaOEFine. I am eating lunch now. I will talk to you later13:28
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EoflaOEmarcoagpinto: I finished lunch, so I am bacl14:00
marcoagpintoi have to go14:03
marcoagpintoI have an appointment14:03
marcoagpintotake care14:03

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