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Wild_ManBashing-om, So far I am doing okay02:44
Bashing-omWild_Man: Are you at home?02:45
Wild_ManYes but can not even lift laptop02:46
Bashing-omWild_Man: Home is good !02:50
EoflaOEHello Bashing-om03:41
Bashing-omEoflaOE: Morning :D03:46
EoflaOEGood morning Bashing-om, how are you?04:12
Bashing-omEoflaOE: Fair - yourself?04:13
EoflaOEBashing-om: Fine. Thanks.04:13
EoflaOEBashing-om: I managed to get podcast link before it goes.04:15
Bashing-omEoflaOE: "before it goes" ? means what ?04:17
EoflaOEBaahing-om: I mean by "before it goes" that it disappears from messages. I have ZNC so I am able to get almost all links and missed ones04:18
Bashing-omEoflaOE: :D also keep in mind many channels are logged.04:20
EoflaOEBashing-om: I know that already04:21
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