Gusj[    29.405] (**) Option "xkb_model" "pc105"00:00
Gusj[    29.405] (**) Option "xkb_layout" "us"00:00
well_laid_lawnline 4003 has your webcam as a keyboard00:01
well_laid_lawnline 403 has your webcam as a keyboard00:02
GusjWhen I have added the 'atkbd.reset' to the grub file that is the only time when I have seen something have any effect, when the machine booted and I logged in and the NUMLOCK LIGHT was off,00:02
Gusj@well_laid_lawn let me see..00:03
Gusj@well_laid_lawn Wow I see that.. but I did not do that, I can see is that the udev rule you asked before?00:04
well_laid_lawnI can't find anyone else on the net haing the issue you are so it seems to be local to you00:09
well_laid_lawntry a bios reset and see if that helps00:09
Gusj@well_laid_lawn  Amazing, there is some ppl that have keyboard not working. yes I already tried that bios reset, even the battery out, power button pressed for a minute, bios to defaults,00:12
well_laid_lawnnothing about the c55 and keyboard - lots of vvids about replacing keyboards though...00:18
well_laid_lawnmaybe someone else will hve a clue00:19
xubuntu48wHello; xubuntu live disk doesn't load00:34
xubuntu48wLoading just runs in an endless circle00:34
Gusj@well_laid_lawn Thank you for your help in seeing the log files and of all00:36
xubuntu48wEveryone other distro I tried at least shows some status rather than just endlessly loading00:40
Gusj@well_laid_lawn do you think something like 'Boot-Repair' would be able to help?00:40
well_laid_lawnGusj:  It boots ok so not really00:43
well_laid_lawnI'm pretty coninced it's a hardware issue00:43
well_laid_lawnI'm pretty coninvced it's a hardware issue00:43
Gusj@well_laid_lawn but if they work correctly inside the Bios, the kybrd and trackpad, and then stop working when lubuntu boots, how can it be hardware?00:45
Unit193xubuntu48w: You can drop 'quiet splash' from the boot options to get more detail when booting.00:45
ChayI checked disk for errors no error found00:48
GusjIs there an utility I could run to determine if it is indeed hardware related?00:50
ChaySeems mint xfce installer works much better00:51
Gusj@Chay  were you just in this channel with the nickname 'xubuntu48w' ?00:51
ChayYa I'm on my phone irc dumped me00:53
ChayI was able to boot in by disabling by switching from peg to igpu00:54
ChayNow at step updates and other software I selected third party software and ubi-part an failed 14100:54
Gusj@Chay a msg for you right before u left:00:54
Gusj@Chay  Unit193 xubuntu48w: You can drop 'quiet splash' from the boot options to get more detail when booting.00:55
ChayOh thanks sorry that irc dumped me when I unlocked my phone earlier...00:55
ChayIt just seems. To hate my 2080 like most distros00:56
Gusj@well_laid_lawn and when you say hardware, it is the part in the motherboard that controls the laptop keyboard and trackpad, is that it?00:56
ChayThe installer on installation type doesn't detect the other operating systems either00:58
ChayThe partition manager is very poor compared to gparted01:03
ChayI have a drive that is encrypted by another distro how can I format it?01:19
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Regorwhere is disk-managing utility in xubuntu bionic ?01:58
Bashing-omRegor: Gparted ? on the installer.02:11
Regorno gparted02:27
krytarikRegor: "sudo apt install gparted" - if you want it on an installed system.02:39
Regori wanted to know that no disk utility is available after installation ?  i installed fdisk though02:57
Regori removed many default packages that i dont use  like pidgin,thunderbird,parole after installation . so i had doubt whether it removed disk-utility also !! .03:16
Regori am using cmus/ neomutt/ weechat and vlc03:21
Regorxubuntu bionic is excellent :D03:22
tomreynRegor: you probably referred to gnome-disk-utility. "apt search disk-utility" will say whether it's "[installed]"04:39
ChayI have xubuntu fully installed now; but having issue with themes, I've tried several themes from https://www.xfce-look.org/ but they never seem to load right05:04
ChayI just want a flat black05:05
Unit193I believe one of the 'Arc' themes from the repositories has a darker skin.  xfce-look ones might not be compatible with current gtk3.05:11
RegorSorting... Done05:43
RegorFull Text Search... Done05:43
Regorgnome-disk-utility/bionic-updates 3.28.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.1 i38605:43
Regor  manage and configure disk drives and media05:43
Regormy question is whats is default disk-utility in xubuntu 18.04 LTS ?05:48
tomreynRegor: i don't really know, but you could look through the dependencies of the xubuntu.desktop package, it may tell05:57
tomreyn* xubuntu-desktop05:57
tomreynso: apt-cache show xubuntu-desktop | grep ^Depends:05:59
Unit193Live ships with gparted, but there's no graphical one in the installed system.  Also, that'd miss all the recommends of that package.05:59
tomreynapt-cache show xubuntu-core | grep -E '^(Depends|Recommends|Suggests):'06:00
tomreynor   apt-rdepends xubuntu-desktop06:01
Unit193Regardless, the answer remains the same: No graphical one, just fdisk, gdisk, and parted.06:03
Unit193(Unless you're talking about live, then gparted too.)06:03
Regorinteresting :)06:27
Regorthanks tomreyn Unit19306:30
tomreynyou're welcome, Regor :)06:35
Regorparted is installed i just checked06:50
Regorinstalled gparted now !06:53
Regor***Need to get 1,176 kB of archives.06:59
RegorAfter this operation, 5,776 kB of additional disk space will be used06:59
Regorhow to change permissions on disk ?   i formatted usb to ext4 by gparted . but it has only root access08:43
Regoranother 80 gb ntfs partition i want automount08:46
diogenes_Regor, use gnome-disk-utility.08:48
Regorthanks :) all solved !  diogenes_08:55
diogenes_Regor, solved how?08:56
Regorusing gnome-disk-utility08:56
bashtuxhi guys, tell are any of you using this mouse with Linux, and how are you finding it if you are?14:32
bashtux Logitech MX Anywhere 2S14:32
bashtuxi have a shitty Microsoft Bluetooth mouse that has a really laggy feeling in any distro.14:34
GridCubei use wireless mouses but they are all dedicated not bluthoot14:34
bashtuxthe model above has both 2g wireless with usb dogle and bluetooth.....i have ordered it....its quite expensive though14:35
bashtuxand i see Logi dont support Linux or have software/drivers on their site for it14:35
GridCubemy experience with wireless mouses has been rather nice all way around14:35
GridCubebut again, never used bluethoot ones14:36
bashtuxhope the more premium one ive ordered works better on BT, as i have a dell XPS that only has USB C ports.....so i dont really want to use a dock just for the mouse :(14:36
GridCubewell that's silly, you shouldn't buy computers without proper usb support14:37
bashtuxlol it has proper USB but only if i use the USB C to USB A hub. i wanted the high end Dell for the performance specs it has, plus most new high end devices only come with USB C now....at least what ive seen14:39
geniiI had problems before with Logitech MX500 under linux, every second boot the computer wouldn't see the hardware14:40
gnrpbashtux: I have the first one and there were reported errors of that hardware with Linux14:41
gnrpI mean, with Bluetooth. Search for the old one (without the 2S), I do not remember my issues anymore. But it was afair a kernel thing14:42
bashtuxhmmmm :/14:42
gnrpI do not remember the issue anymore now and don't have the link, maybe you will find a fix though14:42
bashtuxguess ill find out on Thursday when it arrives :)14:43
bashtuxjust hope its better than this crappy el-cheapo Microsoft 1800 something bluetooth i have14:43
bashtuxresponse times are terrible14:44
bashtuxfeels like im moving the mouse cursor though honey...LOL14:45
xubuntu88whello all, having a huge issue cannot load grub, cannot boot15:07
xubuntu88whave a link of what issues are at  http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YfWCkT2vNZ/15:08
Gusj@xubuntu88w did you disable Secure Boot in the bios? reset the bios and try again..15:26
xubuntu44whi all, quick question17:45
xubuntu44wI am using Xubuntu 18.04 and having issues setting up a samba share17:45
xubuntu44wI tried installing the samba package17:46
xubuntu44wthen clicking Menu > Settings > Samba gives me an error "failed to execute gksu system-config-samba"17:46
xubuntu44wwhat other packages do I need?17:47
xubuntu44wor is there a clear simple way to set it up? perhaps a tutorial you know of, etc17:47
GridCubeis gksu still a thing?17:54
GridCubepretty sure that's not a thing anymore, try running system-config-samba from a terminal17:55
sublevelI don't have gksu or gksudo on 18.0417:55
xubuntu44wthx good idea17:55
GridCubeyeah last time gksu was shipped was in 16.0417:56
xubuntu44wtried "sudo system-config-samba", complained about missing /etc/libuser.conf17:56
xubuntu44wdid a "touch /etc/libuser.conf"17:57
xubuntu44wnow sudo works17:57
xubuntu44wthanks, problem solved17:57
sublevelswift110: no need to wait for a hello back before you jump into saying/asking things  (but greetings to you anyway!)21:40
swift110cool sublevel how are you?21:43
sublevelI'm enjoying my recent upgrade to xubuntu 18.0421:44

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