donofriobest way to get xfce4 on my 19.10 install.....I recall a command besides apt-get install xfce*, but I forget00:03
donofriounless I'm getting hardware accel in whatever default is...00:04
donofrioyah it's a cr-48 ;)00:07
donofriotryin sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop going back to mute....00:43
Fudgehas speech-dispatcher been updated in this dev cycle?03:20
Fudgespeechd-up wont connect to it anymore03:21
krytarikFudge: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/speech-dispatcher/+changelog - if that helps you any.05:14
solsTiCehi. The other day, I upgraded my HDD USB ubuntu install to latest 19.10 beta. It was fine on my laptop. But running in my netbook, I was left with a non working touchpad. with xorg or wayland. I tried installing some libinput xorg-synpactics package to no avail. I didn't look into tha mater since. anyone got ideas on that ? a bug ? an update has been rolled out ?05:31
solsTiCe+external+ HDD05:32
lotuspsychjesolsTiCe: did you update you say? or clean installed 19.10?05:48
solsTiCelotuspsychje: no upgraded from 19.0405:48
lotuspsychjesolsTiCe: ah, we very reccomend to clean install devel version of ubuntu until final, this way we prevent giving the developers extra work by seeking maybe bad upgrade bugs05:49
lotuspsychjesolsTiCe: im not saying this is the case for you, but why take the chance right?05:49
lotuspsychjesolsTiCe: 'if' this bug is happening on a clean 19.10 iso we surely will help you find the root cause05:50
solsTiCeIt was to get a sneak peek on the next ubuntu. I don't use that much that install05:50
solsTiCewell beta is for that no ? finding bug ? be it for upgraded install or not05:51
lotuspsychjesolsTiCe: i understand! its the users choice05:51
solsTiCeif you kill your system by upgrading, the beta users are there to let you know05:52
solsTiCeright ?05:52
lotuspsychjesolsTiCe: i agree the upgrade process might also need bugged out, but as a devel/beta tester you should also compare the clean way too, hence trying a clean daily05:53
solsTiCeooo kay05:53
lotuspsychjesolsTiCe: the last thing we want, is creating a new !bug with a chance its caused by an error from 19.0405:55
solsTiCeit wasn't an old 19.04 install. last month may be05:55
lotuspsychjeyeah i didnt say this was your case, just perhaps test a real quicky live usb 19.10 to see if your touchpad scrambles?05:56
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Fudgekrytarik:  thanks for that, ill poke the maintainer07:59
solsTiCelotuspsychje: the live cd is fine. touchpad is working and wifi too.08:43
solsTiCeI forgot to say that the upgraded install, I don't have wifi anymore also. I do'nt why it was screwed up during the upgrade.08:44
solsTiCeoh because I made the upgrade on my laptop while the install was made on the netbook ? but there are kernel wifi drivers if I am not wrong08:45
solsTiCeMay I have reset some hardware cache, when I switch from laptop to netbook ?08:46
solsTiCenever mind. the HDD is dying. I got I/O error on some block and I can't boot from it for now08:53
solsTiCeI don't know HDD is still fine after all. I need to double check. By changing of USB port, it boots fine. I got a working touchpad in gdm, but after that ....09:01
solsTiCeand wifi is fine. at least the interface is up09:03
solsTiCeoh f.... sorry for all that noise. the touchpad was just .. disabled ... by me. on the laptop I use a mouse and disable the touchpad. /o\ sorry09:07
yerbestpalHi folks. I have noticed that logging into my windows 10 KVM VM on virt-manager on 19.10 causes both the guest and host system to completely freeze, requiring a hard reset. This doesn't happen on 19.04.18:32
yerbestpalIs anyone familiar with this issue?18:33
lordcirthyerbestpal, is the KVM running on the same machine?18:33
yerbestpalI also tried creating an entirely new VM from an ISO to make sure it wasn't something of my own doing, but once windows reached first login, the same thing happened.18:34
lordcirthyerbestpal, when you say "logging on" do you mean you can open the console, but as soon as you press Enter on a login, it freezes?18:34
yerbestpalI mean once I log into the guest. Windows boots, and once it passes the boot splash and logs in, everything freezes.18:35
yerbestpalIncluding the host system18:35
yerbestpalI can confirm it happens on both ubuntu mate and xubuntu18:36
lordcirthyerbestpal, can you run a Linux guest reliably?18:36
yerbestpalGood question18:36
yerbestpalI will download an iso and report back18:36
yerbestpalI did think it pretty odd that the entire host system locks up - I can't even use ctrl-alt-f1, etc to get into a new terminal.18:38
yerbestpalActually, I just remembered I reinstalled to 19.04 since I need access to the VM for college, so I can't actually test this.18:46
yerbestpalI did make a bug report on Launchpad though it isn't currently tied to a package.18:49
lordcirthyerbestpal, can you post the bug report URL?18:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1846281 in virt-manager (Ubuntu) "Full system locks up when logging into a Windows 10 KVM guest" [Undecided,New]18:52
lordcirthyerbestpal, subbed, that will raise the heat a little. I notice that it got categorized, that's a start.18:53
yerbestpallordcirth, thanks a bunch. Hopefully this gets the ball rolling.18:55
yerbestpalDoes anyone here know if there is an appropriate IRC channel to discuss Snap issues?19:06
ubottuSnaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io19:11
tomreynoops, i was thinking it'd point to #snapcraft - though that's not a discussion channel19:12
tomreynwell, snap *development* discussion19:12
tomreynyerbestpal: ^19:13
yerbestpalahhh okay19:13
yerbestpalDoesn't sound too appropriate. Thanks though.19:14

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