Ben64dude being weird in #ubuntu, don't think it warrants an !ops but creepy for sure22:40
Unit193...I see what you're saying.22:41
Ben64not sure where he's getting the info but it's really weird22:42
Unit193/ns info Ben64   it's strange to advertise you're looking everyone up, though.22:42
Ben64oh neat22:42
Ben64I thought it was like my profile on some ubuntu site or something22:43
Unit193...And he thought I was a bot?  Huh.23:21
daxim a bot23:22
Unit193Ben64: Thanks for dropping by and mentioning the user.  Anything else we can help you with today?23:33
Ben64oh, uh.... I'm out of cheese?23:33
Ben64forgot I was still here :D23:33
valorieout of cheese! would be totally worth mentioning23:42
Unit193I'm not really a huge fan of cheese, though I had some ghost pepper cheese that was pretty good.23:52

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