donofriowhat is the best way to flip from gnome to xfce?00:22
donofriobesides apt-get install xfce?00:23
Bashing-omdonofrio: "best" in my opinion when all is said and done: dual boot.00:24
humbotdo you want to keep gnome around though?00:25
donofrioI dunno am I getting more hardware accel with it ? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9Qf7NnYT7P/00:25
donofrioits a cr-48 ;)00:25
donofriofirst boot was like a doublerainbow lol but then I'm like I want xfce4 (I think)00:26
humbotit can happen that lots of packages which are needed by xfce are still marked as installed by gnome, then one day to save space you remove some important gnome stuff, then another time an innocent apt-get autoremove and all those important crossover packages can disappear00:28
donofrioi do autoremove all the time00:32
humboti think xfce will work better on that machine00:33
humbotthe graphics driver and openGL will be the same00:34
donofriohow do I fix this.....onboard wifi is junk or something - perhaps fw I don't think so, I've got usb nub that works great when not slowed down by these https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cbG7FJn386/00:34
humbotmaybe there are some fancy transitions/actions/animations in gnome that you might miss00:35
humbotthink i had one of these on a usb nobble wifi, it was a pain but worked in the end00:35
donofriothis I believe ? sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop00:36
humbotoh wait that is your external, sorry00:36
donofriothe wifi works great00:36
donofriojust need to disable builtin (somehow)00:36
donofrioimma going with lightdm00:47
donofriogot a feeling next command will be 'sudo apt remove gnome-desktop -y' ;)00:48
donofrioor is it unity-desktop00:48
hans_how can i turn off the system in this situation? https://i.imgur.com/LBFYGuc.png00:56
hans_is there some way to send a SIGKILL to mariadb?00:58
sarnoldhans_: there's a chance ^C will end that wait.. it's been a while since I've seen it though, maybe i"m wrong00:59
hans_nope, sent a bunch of those, did nothing00:59
hans_^Z didn't do anything either00:59
sarnolddang :(01:00
sarnoldhans_: it looks like you can at least lower that timeout for maria using TimeoutSec in the unit file https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/328354/706401:01
sarnoldhans_: it won't help today, but hopefully you're already on the way back up01:01
hans_its still stuck but im going to pull the plug i think01:02
donofriothere is no meta gnome-desktop?01:04
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ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours01:37
OerHeksubuntu-desktop is gnome-desktop01:37
OerHeks!info ubuntu-unity-meta01:38
ubottuPackage ubuntu-unity-meta does not exist in bionic01:38
OerHeks!info ubuntu-unity-desktop01:38
ubottuubuntu-unity-desktop (source: ubuntu-unity-meta): The Ubuntu Unity desktop system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1 (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 8 kB (Only available for amd64; arm64; armhf; i386; ppc64el)01:38
lastebill1is there a simple gui way to disable hardware components in ubuntu?02:47
lastebill1I've got an internal wifi card that sometimes working and sometimes not.  It is soldered in, so not so easy to remove.02:51
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slicktuxHello all, recently pulseaudio has been making my window manager crash; I am using ubuntu 18.04 LTS. . .I've opened the pulseaudio volume control and I get a message in the window that reads "Establishin connection to PulseAudio. Please wait. . ."04:18
slicktuxand it just stays stuck like so. . .04:19
slicktuxAny ideas.. .is there a way to reset pulseAudio?04:19
arakashHi everyone. I'm having problems with mysql and decided to reinstall it. I think I may have messed smth up. Here's what happens when I try apt-get update: https://pastebin.com/YPF2ihnX04:23
lotuspsychje!sound | slicktux04:24
ubottuslicktux: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:24
lotuspsychjearakash: we dont support external ppa's here mate sorry, we advice to !ppapurge back to ubuntu's default sources.list and make apt healthy again first04:25
doug16kI'm amazed how much trouble people are having with pulseaudio in this room. I have 18.04 LTS and pulseaudio is completely trouble free (since removing tsched=0 in /etc/pulse/default.pa though)04:26
lotuspsychjearakash: from a healthy apt as base, you can try again with mysql04:26
arakashlotuspsychje: Ah, I see. I can't remember, it's been a while since I logged into linux. What do I do to remove mariadb and go back to MySQL?04:27
doug16kslicktux, `pulseaudio -k ; pulseaudio --start`04:27
doug16kno sudo04:28
arakashlotuspsychje: actually, wait. I think I might require MariaDB for Laravel...04:28
lotuspsychjearakash: try first to fix your apt, with bringing back your sources to default again04:28
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | arakash04:28
ubottuarakash: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html04:28
lotuspsychjearakash: after fixing apt, apt-cache search mysql, to see whats available from your ubuntu version04:29
lotuspsychje!lamp | arakash see also04:29
ubottuarakash see also: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.04:29
doug16kslicktux, I suggest removing tsched=0 in your /etc/pulse/default.pa too04:30
arakashWhere can I find the repo I'm getting MariaDB from? /etc/sources.list ?04:30
slicktuxthank you doug16k04:30
slicktuxand thank you lotuspsychje04:31
lotuspsychje!sources | arakash04:31
ubottuarakash: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.04:31
lotuspsychjearakash: usually when adding a ppa, you need to remember the ppa format/name of the maintainer you added04:31
arakashI think I got this, thanks Lotus!04:38
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alkisgHow is this explained? ufw status => Status: inactive, dmesg => [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=00:16:3e:74:34:32:44:e4:d9:c5:ae:4a:08:00 SRC=...04:54
alkisgHow can UFW still be blocking things when I've ran `sudo ufw disable`?04:55
lotuspsychjemorning alkisg04:55
alkisgMorning lotuspsychje, how are things? :)04:55
lotuspsychjealkisg: you could try the #netfilter channel too if you like mate04:55
lotuspsychjealkisg: always great on this side, tnx04:55
alkisgSure, ty04:55
naribiaem so I partitioned my ubuntu 18.04 with LVM, I was perusing through the system rescue and noticed under === LVM state ==: "Physical Volumes: not ok (BAD)" ... what does this mean and do I need to do something about it?05:38
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k_szeIf my laptop supports hybrid video (Intel integrated GPU + NVIDIA GeForce MX150), how do I tell which GPU is currently active?07:38
k_szeAnd for some reason, before installing the nvidia proprietary drivers, nouveau would cause a kernel panic when I unplug the external monitor.07:41
k_szeAfter installing the nvidia proprietary drivers, /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/ is simply gone.07:42
tomreynk_sze: that's probably because vgaswitcheroo can only switch between graphics drivers using the intended APIs07:45
tomreynobviously the kernel panic on nouveau unplug should not occur and would be good to examine further. but then nouveau is in a somewhat sorry state for lack of published hardware documentation (nvidia is maybe starting to get a little better there now, but just maybe)07:47
tomreyn* nouveau + monitor unplug07:48
tomreynk_sze: from a usability point of view i assume your best option at this time will be to use the proprietary nvidia driver and use their software to switch between the GPUs07:49
tomreyni think it's called nvidia-settings07:49
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Regori am not getting notification audio bell/beep .  xubuntu 18.0408:00
the_drowHi everyone. I was about to go by a dual screen setup when I noticed my new laptop doesn't have a DVI input in addition to the one HDMI port I have.08:04
the_drowI do have USB-c08:04
the_drowIf I have Ubuntu 18.04 with the hardware enablement pack, connecting a screen using HDMI -> USB-c adapter should work right?08:05
the_drowDo I need to install something else?08:05
tomreynRegor: not sure about xubuntu, maybe ask in #xubuntu. in default ubuntu (gnome-shell) you would configure it in settings -> sound -> sound effects -> alert volume08:10
Ben64the_drow: you mean usb-c to hdmi?08:10
Regori asked already in #xubuntu .08:11
rud0lfRegor: hold on08:13
rud0lfneed to remember how do i set it up... xubuntu, right?08:13
tomreyni think pcspkr was the wrong path to solve this, if your goal is to make it work on virtual terminals on the GUI.08:15
rud0lfRegor: a bit of patience please08:16
Regorsure :)08:16
tomreynRegor + rud0lf: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xfce#Sound_themes08:17
rud0lfi mean the certain beep sound file08:18
rud0lfi know i modified/looked it up somewhere in /etc or /lib08:18
rud0lfpa-something startup script08:18
Regorok i check details08:18
rud0lfRegor: oh i have it, you need your beep sound as "/usr/share/sounds/alert-sound.ogg"08:20
the_drowBen64, I mean I connect to the screen with HDMI but to the computer with USB-c08:20
zambamysql_upgrade: Got error: 1045: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) while connecting to the MySQL server08:22
zambawhat do to?08:22
zambaall google hits has with "using password: YES"08:22
duoihey *waves hand* can anyone help me? *sniffles* i'd like someone to help me with a little problem *stares at ground* id like figure out which version of wkhtmltopdf gets installed via apt-get *smiles* uwu08:23
duoizamba perhaps your password is incorrect08:23
zambathis is when upgrading mysql08:23
zambaduoi: it's not08:23
zamba# mysql08:23
zambaWelcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.08:23
zambaduoi: but maybe the upgrade script uses a different set of credentials?08:24
duoizamba have you set a password for root?08:24
zambaduoi: yes08:25
Regorrud0lf: i see folders in /usr/share/sounds/  alsa  freedesktop  sound-icons  speech-dispatcher08:25
duoizamba try to enter mysql as root then08:25
duoiwith like08:25
duoimysql -u root08:25
rud0lfRegor: get a sound you like, convert it to ogg (you can google wav or mp3 to ogg online)08:26
zambaduoi: i just showed you the output of that08:26
rud0lfand copy/link to /usr/share/sounds/alert-sound.ogg08:26
duoizamba you should me the output of mysql, not mysql -u root08:26
zambaduoi: same output08:26
Regorrud0lf thanks :)08:27
zambaduoi: i'm able to log in08:27
vltduoi: `apt show wkhtmltopdf`08:27
duoivlt the follow up issue here is that i dont have ubuntu installed so im hoping one of you beautiful people can check08:28
rud0lfRegor: that's my alert sound if you're too lazy or want to quickcheck: https://pub.leopard.ovh/alert-sound.ogg08:28
Online_So I am booting 18.04 over iSCSI all fine. I have two ethernet adapters, one dedicated to iSCSI and one for other traffic.My problem is that NetworkManager reports both interfaces as "unmanaged device" even though the open-iscsi boot scripts only added the mac address of my iSCSI interface to the "unmanaged-devices" config key in /var/run/NetworkManager/conf.d/netplan.conf. Any ideas about leads to track down in order to get to the bottom of this?08:33
vltduoi: LOL 16.04: Version:, 18.04: Version: 0.12.4-1, Debian 10: Version: 0.12.5-108:34
duoivlt thanks homie :)08:35
the_drowBen64, ?08:35
vltduoi: You're dwelcome.08:36
Ben64the_drow: ?08:37
the_drow" I mean I connect to the screen with HDMI but to the computer with USB-c"08:37
the_drowShould be fine right?08:37
Ben64ok, then maybe08:37
the_drowSo I should buy the monitor and the adapter and keep my fingers crossed?08:38
Ben64maybe check reviews08:38
Ben64see if they work in linux08:38
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the_drowYeh there's not much online besides that the patches for that were merged in 4.1908:39
Voolooso it seems by looking at screens of ubuntu 18.04 that they have moved back the X button in the titlebar to the right from left (which was idiotic). But can you move the docking app bar to the bottom of the screen yet?08:50
stighHi Vooloo. You can move the dash-to-dock to the bottom with this command: 'gsettings set org.gnome.shell.extensions.dash-to-dock dock-position BOTTOM'08:54
stighSet it left again with this command: 'gsettings set org.gnome.shell.extensions.dash-to-dock dock-position LEFT', if you regret it08:55
coffeecowSo I used `crontab -e` and put the line `*/1 * * * * /usr/bin/mplayer /home/coffee/Scripts/casio-f-91w-hour-chime.wav` in it, which works if I run it myself, yet I do not hear a beep every minute. What gives?09:29
rud0lfcrontab may run it in different context09:30
rud0lfi mean environment09:30
coffeecowi don't understand09:30
coffeecowshouldn't the absolute paths make it work still09:31
coffeecowoh you mean crontab itself may not even be running in current environment?09:31
coffeecowor something?09:31
rud0lfnot in your session09:31
mquinmight be a pulseaudio thing - cron isn't running in the same session as PA09:32
coffeecowwell fuck i wonder how to fix that09:32
zmagiiyou can test this by running a script every seconds that just outputs 1.txt, 2.txt, ...09:32
zmagiiyou should see those files being written09:33
mquinhttps://rudd-o.com/linux-and-free-software/how-to-make-pulseaudio-run-once-at-boot-for-all-your-users might be necessary, but there are pros and cons to doing that09:33
mquin(as an aside the /1 i your crontab entry is redundant)09:34
coffeecowsorry internet choked09:43
AscavasaionThe Internet choked when it read the profanity.09:43
coffeecowi wonder how i fix my problem with wanting to use crontab make a sound every 30 minutes is my goal; like on the 0th minute and 30th minute of eveyr hour09:44
coffeecowi'm trying to make it like a casio watch hehe09:44
ThothCastelraspbian or ubuntu runs better on a raspberry pi 4?09:45
coffeecowalso hilariously i have ac power pluggedin but to install some firmware updates Ubuntu Software demands i use ac power09:46
coffeecowi wonder if this has to do with the battery firmware haha09:46
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coffeecowooh it installed after it charged enough interesting?09:47
mquincoffeecow: if you can figure out how to have cron make noise, "0,30 * * * *"09:49
mquincoffeecow: what was the last thing you saw in here before you disconnected?09:49
coffeecowah yeah i just can't seem to get it to use the mplayer command im using because someone suggested it's probs environment for pulseaudio09:49
coffeecowme saying "<coffeecow> well fuck i wonder how to fix that" mquin09:50
coffeecowno swear zone?09:50
AscavasaionNo idea HAHA09:51
mquin09:32Z < zmagii> you can test this by running a script every seconds that just outputs 1.txt, 2.txt, ...09:51
mquin09:33Z < zmagii> you should see those files being written09:51
mquin09:33Z < mquin> https://rudd-o.com/linux-and-free-software/how-to-make-pulseaudio-run-once-at-boot-for-all-your-users might be necessary, but there are pros and cons to doing that09:51
mquin09:34Z < mquin> (as an aside the /1 i your crontab entry is redundant)09:51
ducassecoffeecow: we try to keep this channel family friendly, see the !guidelines09:51
coffeecowah gosh nevermind i guess this is trickier than i thought10:01
coffeecowthanks tho10:01
netcrashHello, is there anything other than rambox for using skype + hangouts or just hangouts?10:10
BluesKajHowdy al10:55
BluesKajerr, Howdy all10:55
doug16kI ran this command to find all the libgtk+-3.0 libraries: `while read -d ' ' x; do echo "--- $x"; find /usr -name "lib${x#-l}.so*"; done < <(pkg-config --libs gtk+-3.0)`10:59
doug16kevery one of them is in the wrong directory, pkg-config gives the wrong -L options (library directory search path)11:00
doug16kno -L options actually. so what use is the pkg-config if I hardcode the library path?11:03
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mgedminwhy are you trying to hardcode library paths?11:11
doug16kI'm not11:12
mgedminwhen the libraries are in the standard locations you don't need -L options11:12
doug16knot true11:12
doug16kgcc isn't searching /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu at all11:12
legreffierdoug16k: what are you trying to do exactly ?11:13
doug16ktrying to get pkg-config to give me output that I can use in a configure script, that makes gcc compile and link a gtk+-3.0 program11:14
mgedmincheck the argument order, it matters: libraries must come after objects that use those libraries11:15
doug16kmgedmin, how? reimplement pkg-config?11:16
mgedminso you need to invoke gcc $(pkg-config --cflags) -o hello hello.c $(pkg-config --libs)11:16
mgedminand not gcc $(pkg-config --cflags) $(pkg-config --libs) -o hello hello.c11:16
legreffierwhich gtk3 program ? the software project should come with an autoconfigure/Makefile environment which automates all that jazz reliably11:17
doug16klegreffier, one that I am going to write11:17
legreffieryou should definitely dig on that side, other you (+ your users/packagers) will have a really bad time.11:18
grywould you like to ask #gcc ?11:19
doug16kweird, it started working, I don't see what I changed though11:19
* tomreyn thinks #ubuntu is not the right place for software development questions11:20
doug16kit's a "why is ubuntu's stock gcc not searching /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu" question. that's why I asked here11:20
doug16kbecause I know ubuntu patches 99999 things in gcc and binutils :D11:21
vaselywhat is the best mail app. evolution,thunderbird or something else ?11:22
vaselyfor who coming from outlook11:22
mgedminI use mutt, which would be terrible for somebody coming from outlook...11:22
mgedminI have the impression that Evolution is the one most similar to Outlook in features and UI11:23
lotuspsychjeplease take the advice from tomreyn11:23
vaselyi need to use app. for mail and got ability to search within attachment too (pdf, doc, excel ) and mail header , body too so what i should use ?11:24
lotuspsychjevasely: we dont take polls here, just ubuntu support questions11:25
tomreynvasely: i'm not aware of a desktop mail application which can search through binary format attachments.11:27
venturahello, ubutuers11:51
venturaquestions related to Juju, should be posted here or in another channel?11:51
ducasseventura: try #juju11:58
Vooloohow do I move the app dotted button to the left side when I have my dock at the bottom?12:10
ioriaVooloo, gsettings set org.gnome.shell.extensions.dash-to-dock show-apps-at-top true12:17
miu5Hi guys, i have a problem.   long story short. I had lost grub because i installed win10 dualbooted, then i booted into live usb and followed this answer to remove and reinstall grub with luks drive. https://askubuntu.com/questions/844132/how-to-repair-boot-on-luks-encrypted-harddrive  After this i got grub back, went to boot into Ubuntu, and it doesnt even prompt for password.  It says: Cryptsetup failed, bad password or options? /scripts/local-top/cry12:59
miu5ptroot: line 1: /lib/cryptsetup/askpass: not found sbin/cryptsetup: not found12:59
miu5please help, how to get prompt back?12:59
mgedminhmm, apt purge grub-common seems very unnecessary in that answer13:01
mgedminI've one machine with luks, let me check if its grub config has anything special13:01
miu5and i have checked for  /lib/cryptsetup/askpass: not found sbin/cryptsetup:   , they do exist when i am in live usb13:01
mIk3_08hi guys... is it okay to add ubuntu-iligan.com and i will just use a frame to display ubuntu.com website. The purpose of this is to organize people from iligan philippines to join us here in the community...13:01
mIk3_08hi guys... is it okay to add ubuntu-iligan.com and i will just use a frame to display ubuntu.com website. The purpose of this is to organize people from iligan philippines to join us here in the community...13:02
miu5mgedmin, yes i also checked another pc with luks, and dont see anything different in /boot13:02
mgedminmiu5: it needs to exist in the initramfs -- check lsinitramfs /mnt/initrd.img13:03
mIk3_08hi guys... is it okay to add ubuntu-iligan.com and i will just use a frame to display ubuntu.com website. The purpose of this is to organize people from iligan philippines to join us here in the community... will this be okay?13:03
venturaducasse: thx13:03
mgedminmiu5: can you check if cryptsetup-initramfs was installed in your system?  e.g. ls /mnt/var/lib/dpkg/info/cryptsetup-initramfs.*13:04
mgedmin(or chroot and do the usual apt policy cryptsetup-initramfs)13:05
miu5should i do lsinitramfs /mnt/initrd.img  on the live usb ?13:05
ikarus987hi guys i am new to linux, i was wondering if this video is good start to get my feets wet ?13:08
miu5mgedmin, should i do lsinitramfs /mnt/initrd.img  on the live usb ?13:08
miu5mgedmin, right now im chrooted into /mnt13:08
mgedminthe important thing is to lsintramfs the /initrd.img in the chroot13:09
miu5mgedmin, i did lsinitramfs /mnt/initrd.img inside the chroot,  and im getting /usr/bin/unmkinitramfs cannot open /mnt/initrd.img no such file13:12
dante-asHi guys, I am having some problems with dhcp on Hyper-V, OS Ubuntu 18.0413:13
dante-asSomeone available?13:13
miu5mgedmin, why is it giving that error? anything else i can try?13:15
mgedminmiu5: because you didn't read what I said: the path is /initrd.img in the chroot (and /mnt/initrd.img outside the chroot)13:15
mgedminand the other thing that I said was "can you check if cryptsetup-initramfs was installed in your system?  e.g. ls /mnt/var/lib/dpkg/info/cryptsetup-initramfs.*"13:16
mgedminwhich also assumed a shell outside the chroot, so remove /mnt from the path before you try it13:16
mgedmin<mgedmin> (or chroot and do the usual apt policy cryptsetup-initramfs)13:16
miu5sorry mgedmin i did that now, and it listed a very long list13:16
miu5inside chroot13:17
mgedminI'm sorry, I'm not being explicit enough13:17
mgedminyou had an error "/lib/cryptsetup/askpass: not found"13:17
mgedminI suggested you check if that file existed inside the initramfs image with lsinitramfs13:18
mgedminsince the output is long and manually looking for it would be a pain13:18
mgedmintry lsinitramfs /initrd.img | grep askpass13:18
miu5ok let me try grepping for it13:18
mgedminI'm expecting it will produce no output because the file isn't there, like the error said13:19
mgedminbut this allows us to be methodical and verify everything (grub might have used the wrong initramfs image maybe)13:19
miu5mgedmin, yes you're right, no output. file not there13:19
mgedminright, so next question is: is the cryptsetup-initramfs package installed13:19
miu5ok one sec13:19
mgedmin(the askpass binary comes from the cryptsetup-run package, but cryptsetup-initramfs is responsible for copying it into the initramfs image)13:21
miu5ok mgedmin in chroot, i did ls /mnt/var/lib/dpkg/info/cryptsetup-initramfs.* and nothing.   I also did ls /mnt/var/lib/dpkg/info/cryptsetup-* and only 3 packages were listed.  cryptsetup-bin.list, cryptsetup-bin.md5sums and cryptsetup-bin.postinst13:26
mgedminmiu5: apt install cryptsetup-initramfs13:27
miu5mgedmin, says unable to locate package13:29
mgedminmiu5: what ubuntu version do you have?13:30
mgedmindoh, it was added in 18.10; how was the initramfs configured in 18.04???13:31
miu518.04 but its xubuntu (not that it makes any difference)13:31
mgedminthe test system I have is 19.0413:31
miu5i dont know how initramfs was configured in 18.04 ?13:31
mgedminok, I have an 18.04 system (which doesn't use LUKS, but has the cryptsetup packages installed)13:33
mgedmin/lib/cryptsetup/askpass is shipped by cryptsetup itself, and copied into the initramfs by ...13:33
mgedmin... the script shipped by cryptsetup itself, once again13:34
mgedminspecifically, /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot13:34
mgedminso, uh, weird13:35
mgedminok, if you do update-initramfs -u -k all (inside the chroot)13:35
mgedminand then check lsinitramfs /initrd.img | grep askpass again13:35
mgedminwill you see that the askpass was correctly installed?13:35
miu5i have done that but it never made a difference, cause i rebooted and had the same issue previously. i did it now again and no, askpass still not there13:37
mgedmindo you have a /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook ?13:37
mgedmindoes it have any uncommented lines in it?13:37
mgedminoh, I should've asked before -- when you do the update-initramfs, you don't see any errors or messages mentioning cryptsetup?13:38
miu5mgedmin, yes all lines are uncommented in conf-hook13:38
mgedminthat is very strange, all lines are _commented_ in mine13:39
miu5mgedmin, i see errors about the live USB that is inserted only13:39
miu5sorry i meant all lines are COMMENTED out.13:39
mgedminwhat does your /etc/crypttab look like?13:39
miu5mgedmin, crypttab has only one line of the drive with its uuid none luks,discard13:40
mgedminthis is the point where I would start adding debug print statements into /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot to see why it decided cryptsetup was not needed in the initramfs13:42
mgedminbut in order to save time and maybe get the system to boot how about if you uncommented the #CRYPTSETUP= line in /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook13:42
mgedminand set it to CRYPTSETUP=y13:42
mgedminand then ran update-initramfs -u -k all13:42
mgedminand then checked if initramfs has what it needs13:42
miu5mgedmin, ok that worked. askpass is there now.13:45
mgedmintry rebooting?13:45
miu5oh mgedmin thank you im back in. but i dont understand what we just did13:47
miu5did we basically force cryptsetup to run inside initramfs?13:48
miu5mgedmin, must i also revert the CRYPTSETUP=y back to what it was or leave it that way for good?13:50
mgedminleave it, it won't hurt13:53
mgedminas long as you use LUKS for your root partition, initramfs needs to have cryptsetup in it13:53
mgedminfor some reason the autodetection didn't work and I don't know why13:53
mgedminmaybe because you ran update-initramfs in the live session?13:53
kenperkinswhat is the discussion channel again for ubuntu?13:53
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!13:54
mgedminmaybe you can comment it out and run update-initramfs in your main system and then it'll autodetect correctly?13:54
mgedminbut why risk it, if it works now13:54
miu5mgedmin, do you mean if i did it in the live session as in the Live USB session before chrooting?13:56
miu5mgedmin, because i did. do you think that caused an issue?13:57
miu5mgedmin, if i do it in the main system now, how would i know it worked if askpass is already there??13:57
mgedminupdate-initramfs re-creates the initramfs image, so you could do the check with lsinitramfs|grep askpass again13:57
mgedmin(and if it's missing, you can restore the CRYPTSETUP=y workaround and update-initramfs again)13:58
miu5mgedmin, ok thats weird.  In the main system now... I commented out CRYPTSETUP=y and then update-initramfs -u -k all, then lsinitramfs /initrd.img | grep askpass  and it finds it.14:09
mgedminso autodetection works if you run update-initramfs after booting the full system, but not when you do it from a live session14:10
mgedminmight be explained by the fact that / is not a crypt device in the live session, and the hook doesn't realize the crypt device on /mnt will be needed for the actual system boot?14:11
mgedminotoh the hook parses /etc/fstab in the chroot, not /proc/mounts, so it should figure things out14:11
mgedminI don't think I can reason this out from first principles14:12
miu5mgedmin, Seems like you would have to force it in a live session the way we did, dont know if anyone else has experienced the same thing though.14:14
miu5im going to save some time here and just blame the issue on the live session. lol14:14
miu5mgedmin, thank you so much!! appreciate your help.14:15
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fobo7hi, how often i must update ubuntu on personal pc?15:18
=== Grldfrdom is now known as Grldfrdom_
fobo7or i can off update?15:18
leftyfbfobo7: you should try to stay current with the latest LTS release which is every 2 years. Or at least every other.15:22
lotuspsychjefobo7: when updates are out= update15:22
Gusj@leftyfb Thank you, what happens if you update and something breaks, how can you undo it?15:23
leftyfbGusj: depends on what broken and how15:24
leftyfbGusj: there is no "undoing" an install15:24
leftyfbinstall/upgrade of the OS/release15:24
Gusj@leftyfb I understand.. I found somewhere this 'apt--simulate' and when you install another driver and it goes wrong, how can you uninstall a driver or app?15:26
k_szeOdd, I'm trying to build tmux 2.9a from source but I can't find the `aclocal` command.15:27
k_sze(which is required in tmux's autogen.sh script.15:27
tomreynyou can uninstall a debian package (deb), using apt (or dpkg, but apt is better): sudo apt remove packagename    (alternatively, to also remove configuration files: sudo apt purge packagename)15:27
tomreynGusj: ^15:27
tomreynGusj: if you prefer GUIs, you can do this using synaptic.15:28
Gusj@tomreyn Thank you Tom, copied it and put it in my notes..15:28
leftyfbGusj: lets stick with problems you actually have. Not the infinite amount of problems you could possibly have15:28
wedrHello, I'm reading the manual for the "find". I'm confused about the -regex option. Does it allow RegExp2 or RegExp3 regex version? And if so, I can use whatever regex I specify that also works on JavaScript Regexes (that's the only thing I'm familiar with.)15:30
Gusj@leftyfb I am learning, been wrestling with a not recognized keyboard and trackpad on a laptop for 2 weeks now, this is about a problem I currently have,15:30
tomreynGusj: general documentation is available at https://help.ubuntu.com/15:30
leftyfbGusj: what exactly is the current problem you have?15:30
ioriak_sze, automake ; Gusj what's the laptop model ?15:30
Gusj@ioria Toshiba Satellite C55-A510515:31
k_szeioria, odd, it's not listed: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=aclocal&mode=exactfilename&suite=bionic&arch=any15:31
k_szeioria, but indeed, installing automake gets me aclocal.15:32
ioriaGusj, and please state again the problem and if the kb works in a livecd15:32
ioriak_sze, ok15:32
tomreynwedr: see the description of the -regextype option in the find(1) man page15:32
Gusj@leftyfb keyboard and trackpad recognized but not activate in the kernel.. have tried many things, grub commands, etc.. many things no it does not work in live boot, not in ubuntustudio 19.04, ubuntustudio 18.04, ubuntu 16.04, and currently what it has is lubuntu 18.04 lts15:32
wedrtomreyn, Ah, thanks. Didn't know you need to specify regextype first15:33
leftyfbGusj: How do you install without a keyboard?15:34
Gusj@tomreyn Tom eysterday the user 'TJ-' was helping me and he found this: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=195471  there is a patch there, so I installed generic Kernel with the help of 'TJ-' and @ioria and booted to it its 4.15 something and still same problem, I have the path that on this site says it should fix it but I do not know how to apply it, since it is sensitive I thought of waiting for TJ- but maybe you or @ioria can help me to tr15:35
Gusjy it?15:35
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 195471 in Input Devices "Keyboard not working after resume with kernel 4.10.5" [Normal,New]15:35
Gusj@leftyfb with usb and mouse keyboard15:35
leftyfbGusj: have you confirmed in the BIOS that the keyboard actually works at all?15:36
tomreynwedr: you don't need to specify it, but it provides choice on the type / implementation of regular expressions you prefer.15:37
Gusj@tomreyn currenyl the only thing I can do with these comms in the grub /default: atkbd.reset=1 i8042.kbdreset=1 i8042.dumbkbd=1 acpi_osi=! \"acpi_osi=Windows 2013\   is to change the brightness of the screen with the keyboard and also activate/deactivate wifi with FN special keys, that is it15:37
wedrtomreyn, Thanks. It's sad I can't use ECMAscript Regex.15:37
Gusj@leftyfb Yes been over the bios before I started the installations I had to install windows in order to update the bios, the original was 1.10 and I went up in steps until 1.4015:37
Gusj@leftyfb really check the bios thoroughly, and did a reset of the machine as well, with power button press x amount of time, etc..15:39
ioriaGusj, that toshiba is quite  old ; odd that the kb does not work at all15:39
tomreynwedr: i don't know which implementation ECMAscript uses. Does it actuall yhave its own, or does it just reuse one of the other ones?15:40
Gusj@ioria yes it is.. but there seems to be a bug a tthe kernel level with the machine, becuase the machine recognizes them, it is after the problem, that is why we tried the generic kernel 4.15 yesterday as you helped me install it15:40
tomreynwedr: i guess the most classic one would be perl's15:41
Guest_8Helo can someone help me with recovering encrypted home dir15:41
Gusj@ioria there is a patch here, this is a link that @TJ- sent yesterday, can you show me how I can apply this patch? have never done this before and don't want to mess this up15:41
tomreynGusj: i don't have time to look into this currently, maybe in ~ 5 hours if you'll still be around15:42
Gusj@ioria here is the link of the BUG and PATCH  :    https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19547115:42
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 195471 in Input Devices "Keyboard not working after resume with kernel 4.10.5" [Normal,New]15:42
Gusj@tomreyn Thank you Tom no prob, I really appreciate it :)15:42
ioriaGusj, have you read the last comment in that bug report ?15:43
ioriaGusj, and that looks like a suspend issue15:44
Gusj@ioria yes I have, that is why we thought yesterday to install a generic kernel 4.15 since that is also suggested in the bug msgs, that a kernel pre 4.19 might work15:44
ioriaGusj, 'After resuming the laptop, the keyboard is not working anymore', it means it normally works15:45
Guest_8I am trying to recover an encrypted home dir but i think i have an issue with keyctl can someone help?15:45
ioriaGusj, i don't think it's your same problem15:45
Gusj@ioria Ahh you think it is not related to this, I thought that maybe would be good to try?15:46
newdimensonWhy am I seeing different results from du and right clicking on a directory? Results: https://imgur.com/a/k1wWkfH15:46
tomreynGuest_8: i don't have time to guide you noe, but look into ecryptfs-recover-private15:46
ioriaGusj, sounds to me (apparentl) a bios issue15:46
Guest_8I have done that before.15:46
Gusj@ioria inside the bios, the laptop keyboard and trackpad work PERFECTLY15:47
Guest_8I got to this point yesterday. there was a command to stop their being an issue with ecryptfs-recover-private not importing a key.15:47
tomreyn<TJ-> Guest_8: you may also need to do, prior to ecryptfs-recover-private, "sudo keyctl link @u @s"15:47
ioriaGusj, i read that, yes15:47
tomreynGuest_8: make sure you take notes.15:47
tomreyn!ecryptfs | Guest_815:48
ubottuGuest_8: EcryptFS is a file system encryption. It is deprecated since Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, see bug 1756840 for details. Use full disk encryption (dmcrypt-luks) instead.15:48
Guest_8success! thank you15:48
Gusj@ioria yesterday while installing the generic Kernel 4.15 I had one error, this module? 'fnfxd.service' so after installationg, before I booted for first time, @TJ- suggested this: '"sudo systemctl mask fnfxd.service" to stop the service15:49
Gusj@ioria which I did15:49
Gusj@ioria ITs a Toshiba ACPI Daemon for Linux,15:50
ioriaGusj, can't you find a way to disable it in bios ?15:51
Gusj@ioria but I did not reinstall the generic kernel after stopping the service is that something I could try?15:51
ioriaGusj, can't you find a way to disable it in bios ?15:51
Gusj@ioria The Special keys and put the keyboard to just norlam f1-f12?15:51
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Gusj@ioria there is a function inside the bios to turn of Special keys, should I try that and boot in the 4.15 kernel?15:52
Gusj@ioria have tried that before to no effect, but with the current main kernel, not the generic one15:53
ioriaGusj, paste cat /proc/cmdline15:53
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Gusj@ioria BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.0.0-29-generic root=/dev/mapper/lubuntu--vg-root ro atkbd.reset=1 i8042.kbdreset=1 i8042.dumbkbd=1 acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2013"15:53
ioriasy, brb15:54
Gusj@ioria I have tried many many grub commands, with this combination ONLY: "The numlock does not stay permanently on on the keyboard, So the keyboard even though does not type it is not frozen, and I can change the brightness of the screen with special keys FN and turn wifi on/off THAT IS IT15:54
Gusj@ioria have many lines commented out of all the grub commands and combinations I have tried, to keep track of what I have tried that does not work..15:55
Gusj@ioria one or more commands allow me to use the keyboard and do those 2 things, without them not even that, so I am a little bit closer at least to resolving this15:56
Gusj@ioria will try to turn of special keys in bios now and boot into the 4.15 to see if there is a difference15:57
Gusj@ioria same result... the kernel sees them, assigns them both IRQ's and then this happens: " kernel: atkbd serio0: keyboard reset failed on isa0060/serio0"16:04
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Gusj@ioria Do you think to install that patch just to see if it has any effect on the situation?16:19
e01hello, I have problem with the default apache2 in ubuntu18.04, I am adding Include /tmp/automatic-vhosts.d/*.conf to the conf file, but it seems it wont load anything16:21
ioriaGusj, try first to reset the bios to defaults16:21
e01any hints?16:22
Gusj@ioria already tried that to no effect :(16:22
sarnolde01: two guesses, first I think those conf files need to end with .conf second check dmesg or auditd logs for apparmor denials16:25
ioriaGusj, did you install in efi mode ?16:26
Gusj@ioria Yes I did in UEFI mode, there that other option CSM, but before it gave me an error botting it in CSM after the install in UEFI, should I try switching now and see?16:27
Gusj@ioria I only see those two (2) options, UEFI and CSM16:28
ioriaGusj, go in bios and select CSM legacy , boot the installer media in Legacy mode; if the kb does not work , switch again to efi16:28
ioriaGusj, and disable Secure Boot, if any16:29
Gusj@ioria thank you will try that right now, Secure boot has always been off16:30
e01sarnold: no dmes info, but seems to be apparmor, because if I move the configuration to /usr/share/apache2 it works16:34
e01sarnold: is there way to include my directory to the apparmor allowed paths?16:35
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sarnolde01: sorry, that took me a lot longer to track down than I expected..16:38
sarnolde01: the /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.apache2 profile has an #include <local/usr.sbin.apache2> line -- so you should be able to add thesee rules to /etc/apparmor.d/local/usr.sbin.apache2   /tmp/automatic-vhosts.d/ r, /tmp/automatic-vhosts.d/** r,16:39
Gusj@ioria tried it to the same, kybd and trackpad do not work, had trouble getting back into bios but eventually made it, had before msgs that said: Intel PX@.2.1 PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM no bootable device, switched it back to UEFI now and botted good16:41
Gusj@ioria while booting in CSM I got the same 5 lines that keep repeating everytime I switch to any TTY ctrl+alt+fX these lines about Bios: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Rh2DSMrGhV/16:43
Gusj@ioria those lines keep repeating, being output on the ttys by themselves, but the showed up clearly and big type now when I tried CSM boot with livecd16:44
Gusj@ioria  ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Could not resolve [\_TZ.THRM]etc.... and kernel: ACPI Error: Method parse/execution faileetc....16:45
ioriaGusj, honestly no idea16:47
Gusj@ioria Can we try to apply that patch to see??16:47
ioriaGusj, the patch you're talking about requires to recompile the kernel16:47
Gusj@ioria can we do it on the generic one the 4.15xxxx so as not to do it on the main one?16:48
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KoRRoSIs this the right channel to ask question about troubleshooting apt?16:48
ioriaGusj, no, you need the source16:49
sarnoldKoRRoS: quite possibly16:49
KoRRoShave a strange issue with apt being unable to find packages on a disconnected mirror.16:49
Gusj@ioria ahh I see.. I do not know how to do that :(16:50
KoRRoSsystem is working fine for existing ubuntu 18.04 vm's but ones build from the 18.04.03 DVD don't seem to be able to find packages16:50
e01sarnold: I don't have such file /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.apache216:51
sarnolde01: hmm. what does aa-status report? are you sure apache2 is confined by apparmor?16:52
e01sarnold: not included in the list16:53
ioriaGusj, can i suggest the #linux channel ?16:53
sarnolde01: ah16:53
Gusj@ioria I thought it was a script that one ran..16:54
Gusj@ioria thank you, could you later on if you are still here please guide me into applying this patch?16:55
ioriaGusj, i told you you need to recompile the kernel16:55
Gusj@ioria yes I read that, but I do not know how to apply the patch the steps, I imagine that one applies it and then recompiles it? I have no idea how to do that it is obvious to you not to me16:56
Gusj@ioria trying to learn and this bug has been quite a learning experience as a beginner challenge, someone coming back to Linux16:57
ioriaGusj, you can start here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel16:58
KoRRoSany hints on troubleshooting apt and apt-get??  sudo apt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true -o Debug::Acquire::http=true -f install isn't giving any info17:04
sarnoldKoRRoS: pastebinning the command you run and output you get is a good start17:05
Gusj@ioria Thank  you will check that out, have to run but will be back later to try and do this, apply this path, thank you for your help17:05
ioriaGusj,  no problem17:06
KoRRoS@sarnold will get it together17:06
Vooloowhere has xorg.conf gone in 18.04?17:15
KoRRoSapt troubleshooting help - https://pastebin.com/AWiVWUew17:16
KoRRoS@Vooloo I only have the example in /usr/share/doc/xserver-xorg-video-intel-hwe-18.04/xorg.conf17:18
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za1b1tsuHey, anyone using the chromium beta with hardware acceleration enabled from the ppa saiarcot895/chromium-beta?17:20
sarnoldVooloo: there isn't an xorg.conf necessary for most setups any more, check xorg.conf(5) manpage for information on where you can put fragments or a config if you need one17:26
ioriaVooloo, ls ~/.local/share/xorg/17:27
sarnoldKoRRoS: have you apt update on this machine yet?17:30
KoRRoSsarnold yes17:30
sarnoldKoRRoS: is this an amd64 machine? if not, do you have the architecture on your mirror?17:33
KoRRoSyes .. it's an amd64 machine, not using the i38617:33
KoRRoSand tried --allow-unauthenticated17:34
KoRRoSbut the weird part is older hosts ( deployed a month or so ago ) work fine17:34
KoRRoSboth working and broken are using the same /etc/apt/sources.list17:35
sarnoldKoRRoS: oh, I'm only now noticing that your apt policy output is for gnuchess but you've got the wget and apt install output for neovim17:35
sarnoldwhat's apt policy show for neovim on both the good machines and bad machines?17:36
KoRRoSjust showing I can pull the package from the repo17:36
KoRRoSwith wget17:36
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KoRRoSalso this is a fresh install from ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso17:40
KoRRoSsarnold the output of apt policy neovim on the working machine is as expected17:44
KoRRoSsarnold the output on the broken machine is "N: Unable to locate package neovim"17:45
sarnoldKoRRoS: alright good good, how about grep neovim /var/lib/apt/lists/* ?17:45
mendiwhy does ubuntu ship libre office? it's so troll17:47
mendiI'm trying to replace the greek character alpha with literally the string "alpha" because I can't copy paste the unicode character for some reason17:48
mendiand it's writing for me in greek17:48
KoRRoSsarnold on the broken machine neovim doesn't exist and the working machine is exists in multiple files.17:49
mendithe trolls from libreoffice team fulfilled their purpose I am mad lol17:50
magic_ninjaI would join #libre-office and ask about that. It probably thinks you are changing languages to greek.17:50
sarnoldKoRRoS: alright, so lets find out why .. ls -l on those files? maybe pastebin the apt update output, to see if there are errors there..17:54
mendiany idea on why i cant copy paste unicode on bionic? https://i.imgur.com/SwktUR6.png17:55
KoRRoSsarnold getting the info together, but see where your going.  apt update is not downloading the repo data from the ubunturepo17:55
mendiinstalled gnome manually from cli17:56
mendii have the unity bar but it's gnome17:56
sarnoldmendi: that just looks like whatever font that is doesn't have a glyph. try installing a bunch more fonts?17:56
mendione particular that supports unicode? sarnold17:56
tomreynmost do. Liberation Serif is one.17:57
mendihow do I set it as a system font?17:57
tomreynwhere did you copy the alpha character from?17:58
sarnoldmendi: fonts-noto maybe?17:58
mendithe libreoffice document that shows it fine tomreyn17:58
tomreynthat's a .docx file. maybe in a different character encoding?18:00
tomreynworks fine on my 18.0418:00
mendiI'm bionic too but i installed stuff manually18:00
mendi6.0.7.3 too18:01
tomreyn"installed stuff manually" may be the issue then18:01
tomreynor the file you copy pasted from18:01
mendidoes fonts-noto replace the system font by default?18:02
tomreynthere's the "Inster" -> "Special character" menu also18:02
tomreynthere's the "Insert" -> "Special character" menu also18:02
tomreynyou can also press ctrl-u, then type 251 and space to insert the alpha character (as seen on the special characters menu)18:04
mendithank you18:04
sarnoldmendi: no idea on 'system default' ends of questions. I'm just hoping that the libraries will try to use multiple fonts to satisfy missing glyphs18:04
mendiwell rebooting to find out thanks18:05
mendiuhh guys18:09
mendirebooted after installing fonts-noto and this is what firefox looks like now https://i.imgur.com/x1PgEjJ.png18:09
danielrc14hello, I broke python in ubuntu because I messed around with update-alternatives, I can't even access the terminal18:10
KoRRoSsarnold all repo's are coming back Ign: .. https://pastebin.com/gLPDt0Fw18:10
mendiapt remove python* ? danielrc1418:10
danielrc14I open x term, executed python, and it says that /usr/bin/python3 was not found18:10
sarnoldmendi: firefox does similar for me when I resize monitors, a quick fullscreen and back usually sorts it out18:10
danielrc14the python2 command is safe though18:11
mendiwoooooooooooooow magic sarnold18:11
sarnoldKoRRoS: Ign:44 http://ubunturepo.scloud.net/ubuntu bionic-updates/multiverse i386 Packages18:11
danielrc14mendi are you sure that would work?18:11
sarnoldKoRRoS: note that there's about 50 instances of i386 on that page, are you SURE that it's an AMD64?18:11
danielrc14isn't purge better?18:12
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danielrc14will I break anything if I remove or uninstall python?18:12
KoRRoSwell uname -a tesll me x86_6418:12
KoRRoSsarnold uname -a tesll me x86_6418:12
sarnoldKoRRoS: and does dpkg-architecture agree?18:13
mendino luck with fonts-noto, https://i.imgur.com/2E7GVdL.png app is anki18:15
KoRRoSsarnold that's in the dpkg-dev package18:15
danielrc14can I just do apt remove python and then install it again?18:15
tomreynmendi: did you try the keyboard combo?18:16
sarnoldKoRRoS: aha, how about dpkg --print-architecture ?18:17
tomreyndanielrc14: removing python2 will break apt, don't do it18:17
mendiapt supports asterisk afaik18:17
danielrc14I just want to remove python3, that's the broken one18:17
KoRRoSsarnold dpkg --print-architecture returns amd6418:18
sarnoldKoRRoS: curious. I wonder why it's all i386 in the output. pastebin your sources?18:18
danielrc14sudo apt remove python3* returned "no matches found: python3*"18:18
sarnoldKoRRoS: sometimes an [arch ...] line of some sort can modify what arches are retrieved from mirrors18:18
tomreyndanielrc14: first make sure alternatives are set properly for python (pointing to python2), then use apt to purge '*python3*'18:19
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danielrc14the "python" command is pointing to python 318:19
mendiwtf tomreyn that worked18:20
mendithe alpha in the document is not really greek alpha18:20
KoRRoSsarnold well that is weird.. cause I scp'd the /etc/apt/sources.list from a known good machine, working on the pastebin18:20
danielrc14when I write "python" it says "bad interpreter: /usr/bin/python3: no such file or directory18:20
tomreyndanielrc14: which ubuntu release is this? lsb_release -ds18:21
danielrc14that command fails too, it says /usr/bin/python3: no such file or directory18:21
danielrc14I'm in ubuntu 16.0418:22
sarnolddanielrc14: here's what I've got on disco http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vYp5mWNW3C/ and on bionic http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HbXDhtvk4w/18:22
sarnoldwow, my 16.04 lts machine doesn't have python2 at all. funny.18:22
tomreyndanielrc14: grep ^PRETTY /etc/os-release18:22
danielrc14PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS"18:23
KoRRoSsarnold ok.. I added [arch=amd64] to all the sources line and it worked18:23
tomreyndanielrc14: ls -l /etc/alternatives/*python* 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999918:24
KoRRoSsarnold how can I automate this workaround18:24
KoRRoSsarnold seems that an install is pinning to i386, I can blow this box away and see if I can recreate the issue18:25
sarnoldKoRRoS: strange; I'm not sure where else apt would have decided to use the wrong arch :/18:26
danielrc14tomreyn it returned "https://termbin.com/tfeh"18:26
tomreyndanielrc14: so that'S the alternative option you added, i assume?18:27
=== rymate1234 is now known as JSmate1234
danielrc14nope, let me get the commands I wrote18:28
danielrc14sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/python3 python /usr/bin/python 1018:30
danielrc14sudo update-alternatives --remove python /usr/bin/python18:30
danielrc14then again: sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/python3 python /usr/bin/python 1018:31
KoRRoSsarnold let me try to recreate the problem to make sure it's not just something dump i did in testing.18:31
danielrc14and then: sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/python python /usr/bin/python3 1018:31
KoRRoSsarnold  will report back thank you for guiding me to the problem!18:32
danielrc14after that I couldn't even start the terminal18:32
sarnoldKoRRoS: cool, good luck, happy hunting :)18:32
danielrc14I thought I knew what I was doing, but I obviouslt wasn't :(18:32
miu5hi, when i do sudo update-grub or sudo update-grub2 on my main system the windows entry disappears, then i have to boot from live CD to redo update-grub or update-grub2 and then it reappears. can anyone tell me why this happens and how to make the Windows entry be persistent on the main system after running update-grub or update-grub218:32
tomreyndanielrc14: no you didn't. do not touch the system wide python on ubuntu. never. there's no need to do that. youz can co-install python3 but don't change those default paths. you can do what you need to do in virtualenvs and within a restricted users' scope, or in a (lxd?) container.18:35
tomreyndanielrc14: please post:  for pypath in $(which python python2.7 python2 python3.6 python3); do echo $pypath: $(readlink -vf $pypath 2>&1); done 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999918:36
=== SIa___ is now known as SIa
danielrc14tomyreyn: https://termbin.com/xqsq18:38
danielrc14that's all it returned18:38
tomreyndanielrc14: hmm either i missed to quote properly or you didn't paste proeprly.  give me a minute18:39
tomreyntry this: for pypath in $(which python python2.7 python2 python3.6 python3); do echo "$pypath: $(readlink -vf $pypath 2>&1)"; done 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999918:39
tomreynoh wait you have aliases as well18:40
tomreynalias | grep python | nc termbin.com 99918:41
miu5did i mention i also lose grub in the process when running update-grub from main system? yea that too18:41
tomreynalias | grep python | nc termbin.com 999918:41
tomreyndanielrc14: the latter place18:41
tomreyndanielrc14: can you unset the "python" alias for now?18:42
danielrc14how do I do that?18:43
tomreyndanielrc14: unalias python18:43
tomreynthen verify it's gone:  alias | grep python18:44
danielrc14I had another alias, and I unaliased that too just in case18:45
danielrc14now alias | grep python doesn't return anything18:45
tomreyndanielrc14: so now:  which python python2.7 python2 python3.6 python3 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999918:46
danielrc14it still returns a termbin url, should I check other aliases?18:46
tomreyndanielrc14: no, please show the url18:47
danielrc14https://termbin.com/vbi0, sorry18:47
danielrc14I can't copy from x term18:48
super_kozaHi! I need help installing Ubuntu. I already had a dual boot with Win 10 and now I wanted to do a new install. I have downloaded 18.04 LTS but on when booting I get error "Couldn't get UEFI db list".18:48
lordcirthsuper_koza, you may need to disable/change Secure Boot settings18:49
tomreyndanielrc14: in the future, try marking text in the terminal, then ctrl-shift-c to copy from the terminal (and ctrl-shift-v to paste there)18:49
tomreyndanielrc14: here's the expected output: https://termbin.com/13k518:49
miu5hi, when i do sudo update-grub or sudo update-grub2 on my main system the windows entry disappears, then i have to boot from live CD to redo update-grub or update-grub2 and then it reappears. can anyone tell me why this happens and how to make the Windows entry be persistent in grub on the main system after running update-grub or update-grub2?18:50
super_kozalordcirth, I alredy had a dual boot setup, so the secure boot option is disabled.18:50
lordcirthsuper_koza, ok. Did you download the 18.04.3 ISO?18:50
danielrc14ctrl-shift-c doesn't work in my x term18:50
tomreyndanielrc14: so you're missing "python" and "python3" currently18:50
super_kozaI was googling a bit and people were writing that the kernel seems to be doing the key checks even though it shouldn't.18:50
super_kozalordcirth, I think I did. I downloaded the current version available from the website.18:51
lordcirthsuper_koza, I did find this: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=149755918:51
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1497559 in kernel ""MODSIGN: Couldn't get UEFI db list"" [Unspecified,Closed: currentrelease]18:51
tomreyndanielrc14: then just mark text to copy and middle mouse key to paste18:51
lordcirthFixed in 4.15.10, apparently18:51
lordcirthsuper_koza, can you link me to the exact ISO you downloaded?18:52
danielrc14it worked18:52
danielrc14so what do I do now?18:53
super_kozalordcirth, ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso18:53
super_kozaI have seen that website, but I can't use the patch they suggested as I can't install ubuntu at all or live boot.18:54
lordcirthsuper_koza, I'm booting that ISO now to get the kernel version18:55
miu5so i dont know why grub2 detects the windows entry in live system but not in main. /etc/grub.d doesnt have windows in there at all on main system18:56
super_kozalordcirth, I guess I could get a newer version of Ubuntu... :D18:57
iorialordcirth, should be linux-image-5.0.0-23-generic18:57
super_kozaUnfortunately I have no idea what version I used to jave...18:57
lordcirthsuper_koza, ioria indeed it is18:57
miu5could anyone please help? thanks18:57
lordcirthSo it's probably not this same bug.18:58
tomreyndanielrc14: you need to remove all python* alternatives.18:59
lordcirthsuper_koza, 19.04 has 5.0 as well, that probably wouldn't help. You could try installing 18.04.0 and not upgrading to the HWE kernel?18:59
danielrc14how do I do that?18:59
tomreyndanielrc14:      ls -l /etc/alternatives/*python*     should return nothing19:00
lordcirthsuper_koza, if that fixes it, then you should look into filing an Ubuntu bug.19:00
tomreyndanielrc14: you can use the update-alternatives utility. it has a man page. do you know what man pages are, yet?19:00
tomreyn!man | danielrc1419:01
ubottudanielrc14: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/19:01
tomreyndanielrc14: if you'r enot into man pages, yet, read up on iut later, and just run    update-alternatives --help    now. see which options you could run it with to remove all the python* alternatives19:02
danielrc14so, it would be "update-alternatives --remove-all python*", right?19:04
super_kozaI'm so sad because of this. Damn, I had a working and up-to-date system...19:05
tomreyndanielrc14: with sudo probably, and i'm not sure it will work like this, but do try it.19:06
tomreyndanielrc14: there's also --verbose19:06
tomreyndanielrc14: so i suggest you try:   sudo update-alternatives --verbose --remove-all 'python*'19:07
tomreyndanielrc14: those ticks around    ypthon*   are important to prevent the shell from expanding it to pythin* files in your current working directory before it's passed to the update-alternatives command19:08
danielrc14tomreyn update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for python*19:08
ioriasuper_koza, 'MODSIGN: Couldn't get UEFI db list ' should not be fatal ('cause i get it too in my dmesg)19:09
tomreyndanielrc14: so this error message suggests that update-alternatives does not know how to interpret the asterisk. you will need to specify the targets individually19:09
danielrc14btw, the ls command you said returned this: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 oct  2 13:46 /etc/alternatives/python -> /usr/bin/python19:10
tomreyndanielrc14: so "python" is an alternative 'name' you want to remove19:11
tomreyn... from the alternatives system19:11
danielrc14so it should be: sudo update-alternatives --verbose --remove 'python' '/usr/bin/python'?19:11
tomreyndanielrc14: you can try this, or you can remove the 'python' group from the alternatives system entirely.19:14
danielrc14tomreyn: update-alternatives: error: cannot stat file '/usr/bin/python': Too many levels of symbolic links19:15
tomreyndanielrc14: try this: sudo update-alternatives --verbose --remove-all 'python'19:15
danielrc14same response, too many levels of symbolic links19:16
sarnoldI have to say that it is probably a gigantic mistake to use update-alternatives for python; you shouldn't be fiddling with which interpreter gives you python or python2 or python3 or whatever. it's all insanely brittle and you don't need to go around deliberately provoking it :)19:16
tomreynwe're removing it. but it shouldn't have been done in the first place, yes.19:16
danielrc14yep, I know I messed it up19:17
sarnoldaha okay, so this is done in the effort of removing it, not fixing it. cool cool19:17
sarnoldcan this be fixed with a big pile of rm -f /etc/alternatives/python and so on?19:17
tomreynremoving the symlink is just part of it, you'd also need to have update-alternatives unlearn the available 'python's19:19
tomreynwhic i think     sudo update-alternatives --remove-all python    will do19:20
danielrc14tomreyn it returns the same: update-alternatives: error: cannot stat file '/usr/bin/python': Too many levels of symbolic links19:21
tomreyndanielrc14: what's the output of    ls -lah /usr/bin/python19:21
danielrc14lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 oct  2 13:46 /usr/bin/python -> /etc/alternatives/python19:22
tomreyndanielrc14: what's the output of    ls -lah /usr/bin/python2.719:22
danielrc14-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3,4M ago 22 15:43 /usr/bin/python2.719:22
tomreyndanielrc14: sudo rm /usr/bin/python; sudo ln -s python2.7 /usr/bin/python19:23
humpledooh decimal comma19:23
danielrc14now if I do python it's python219:24
danielrc14and its working19:24
tomreyndanielrc14: sudo update-alternatives --remove-all python19:25
danielrc14update-alternatives: warning: alternative /usr/bin/python3 (part of link group python) doesn't exist; removing from list of alternatives19:25
tomreyndanielrc14:   ls -lh /usr/bin/python* 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999919:26
Vooloowhere is this? Not on my installation https://i.stack.imgur.com/0LGWc.png19:27
Vooloooh seems to be some kind of extension19:28
tomreyndanielrc14: okay, i guess you're good.19:28
tomreyndanielrc14: you still have leftover python3 binaries in place, though, you should reinstall those package, and purge them again19:28
tomreyndanielrc14: or you could remove the binaries which     dpkg -S /usr/bin/python*     cannot attribute19:29
tomreynjust leaving unpackaged executables in the path would be bad, since they'll get outdated and become vulnerabilities.19:30
danielrc14so, I should do: sudo apt-get install python3, and then: sudo apt-get purge python3?19:31
tomreyndanielrc14: start with   dpkg -S /usr/bin/python*   see if it prints a link   "package: file" for every file19:32
tomreynlinE, not linK, sorry19:32
danielrc14python-minimal: /usr/bin/python2python2.7-minimal: /usr/bin/python2.7python2.7-dev: /usr/bin/python2.7-configpython-dev: /usr/bin/python2-configpython3.5-minimal: /usr/bin/python3.5python3.5-dev: /usr/bin/python3.5-configpython3.5-minimal: /usr/bin/python3.5mpython3.5-dev: /usr/bin/python3.5m-configpython3.6-minimal:19:33
danielrc14/usr/bin/python3.6python3.6-dev: /usr/bin/python3.6-configpython3.6-minimal: /usr/bin/python3.6mpython3.6-dev: /usr/bin/python3.6m-configpython3-dev: /usr/bin/python3-configpython3-minimal: /usr/bin/python3mpython3-dev: /usr/bin/python3m-configpython-dev: /usr/bin/python-config19:33
tomreyn!paste | danielrc1419:33
ubottudanielrc14: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:33
danielrc14sorry https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2PsBpwCZF4/19:34
humpledlearned to copy and paste from xterm then  :D19:34
tomreyndanielrc14: okay these executable files are all tracked by dpkg, then you should be good.19:35
danielrc14tomreyn so, what should I do now?19:38
tomreynhumpled: please save the energy for helping others.19:38
tomreyndanielrc14: up to you. enjoy your life, plant a tree, find new friends, something like this maybe.19:39
tomreyndanielrc14: is there something you wanted to make work which we did not achieve, yet?19:40
danielrc14yeah, I need python319:40
danielrc14thanks a lot btw19:40
tomreyndanielrc14: sudo apt install python3-minimal19:41
danielrc14tomreyn that didn't installed anything19:42
tomreyndanielrc14: purge and reinstall it19:42
danielrc14it returned this when I purged it https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pX7PJ7xFCt/19:47
danielrc14didn't paste the whole it19:48
sarnoldyou missed the part the errors19:48
tomreyndanielrc14: oh my we need yet to fix apt, i guess19:48
tomreyndanielrc14: sudo apt -f install19:49
tomreyndanielrc14: and post all output, including errors / warnings, please19:49
VoolooI'm trying to run fsck in recovery mode on my /dev/sda1 but I can't because it is mounted. When I try umount /dev/sda1 it says that wont work either. What do?19:50
danielrc14tomreyn https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rrZB2RJpys/19:51
Gusj@tomreyn Hi Tom, do you think you could help me apply this patch? https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=195471 @ioria told me I would have to recompile the kernel but I don't know what steps to take to apply this patch, I downloaded yesterday the generic 4.15 one since on this bug report they say pre 4.19 kernels the problem was less, but I am out of ideas of what other things to try with my situation, no keyboard and trackpad laptop19:53
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 195471 in Input Devices "Keyboard not working after resume with kernel 4.10.5" [Normal,New]19:53
Gusj@tomreyn At the present moment, with some grub commands, I can turn the brightness up/down and wifi on/off with FN key, that is all that works on the keyboard, they both get their IRQ serio: "i8042 KBD port at 0x60,0x64 irq 1", "serio: i8042 AUX port at 0x60,0x64 irq 12" but then it says  i8042: Can't write CTR while closing AUX port,  i8042: Can't reactivate AUX port19:56
tomreyndanielrc14: so py3clean can't be found by the postinst / prerm scripts. is it where it should be?   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(which py3clean 2>&1; ls -l /usr/bin/py3clean 2>&1;)19:57
danielrc14tomreyn it returned: https://termbin.com/rwb219:57
tomreynGusj: please post all of what you tried so far and information onyour ubuntu installation to the pastebin. but i'm not sure i can personally help anytime soon.19:58
super_kozalordcirth, it turns out to be a problem with my nvidia GPU19:58
lordcirthsuper_koza, interesting19:58
super_kozaI have taken it out and was able to boot into the system19:58
super_kozanow the question is, how do I install the drivers? :D19:58
super_kozacan I do that without the GPU in the PC?19:59
lordcirthYou can, yeah19:59
super_kozaI remember that there was something about nomodeset or something similar...19:59
super_kozaI am talking about Nvidia GPU19:59
lordcirthYou won't be able to get ubuntu-drivers to do it for you, but you can just install nvidia-3xx20:00
tomreyndanielrc14: now i'm a little puzzled since py3clean is clearly where it should be, but the scripts still wont find it. if you run     alias | grep py   does this output anything?20:01
tomreyndanielrc14: cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/python3-distupgrade.prerm | nc termbin.com 999920:02
tomreyndanielrc14: ok, can you remove your python alias   python=python3   if that's defined in your users' login scripts (dotfiles), then log out and log in again?20:04
danielrc14how do I check that?20:06
tomreyndanielrc14: also clean up anything about python* or py2* or py3* there and in /etc/environment.20:06
tomreyndanielrc14: you look at them, in a text viewer, such as 'less'. see ~/.*{profile,rc}20:08
ArthurStrongHi guys. This may sounds ridiculous. But. I've got on old mp3 player. That doesn't sort mp3 files. It displays them in order that was written on FAT32 flash. I've found several FAT sorting utils, but they are not working. So far - can I sort mp3 files in my directory on ext3 partition? So that "ls -U" will shows them in sorted (by filename) order? So that I can write them in this order to FAT32 flash?20:11
lordcirthArthurStrong, you shouldn't have to sort them on ext4, just copy them back in alphabetical order20:12
ArthurStronglordcirth: how? "cp" doesn't sort them while copying. Nor rsync.20:13
lordcirthArthurStrong, echo * | xargs -n1 -I{} cp ./{} /mp320:14
danielrc14tomreyn I checked those files I didn't found anything20:14
lordcirther, with a sort in the middle20:14
ArthurStronglordcirth: ah, OK. thanks for the idea20:14
lordcirthArthurStrong, echo * | sort | xargs -n1 -I{} cp ./{} /mp320:14
danielrc14I'll log out and in now20:14
ArthurStronglordcirth: can I do so for many nested folders, with one-liner?20:15
lordcirthArthurStrong, yeah, you can use 'find' instead20:15
ArthurStronglordcirth: thanks again20:16
SyzygyI just installed ubuntu on my tablet (Linux on Dex) and now I don't have internet. ifconfig shows that I have a wifi IP20:16
lordcirthno problem20:16
lordcirthSyzygy, I don't believe Linux on Dex would be supported here.20:17
SyzygyIt's still ubuntu :/20:17
lordcirthThere are a lot of Ubuntu-based distros, but they are not ubuntu20:18
Sven_vBhow can I get an on screen numpad? is there a numpad-only layout for the "onscreen" on-screen keyboard?20:18
Gusj@tomreyn Here it is a tried to condense the situation as best as I can, it has been so many false attempts and trials.. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rTtFm6rs6v/20:21
tomreyndanielrc14: i'm almost falling asleep here, you may need to continue this with someone elses' help. i suggest you "sudo -i", so that you can temporarily work as the root user, then ensure you can run "py3clean --version" and that it reports it is "py3clean 3.5.1-3" (or at least *some* python 3.x), and you     apt install --reinstall python3-minimal    then    dpkg --configure -a     then    apt -f --install    and share the outputs of these20:23
tomreyncommands here with the others.20:23
Sven_vBoh sorry I totally misread. the OSK is called "onboard". I'll ask my search engine again.20:23
tomreynGusj: that's a nice summary. but i'm afraid i need to look into this the other day. i've been helping daniel with his broken python installation for a while now.20:26
Gusj@tomreyn No problem Tom I understand, Hope that someone else can help me, if not until next time you are available thank you20:27
tomreynGusj: if you can't get help with it here now, try also in ##linux20:27
Syzygylordcirth, I'm pretty sure this is still an ubuntu image though. It says so when I do cat /etc/os-release20:28
lordcirthSyzygy, respins usually do20:28
Gusj@tomreyn No problem will do that, the crazy thing is that on that bugzilla post, I see some people that had the keyboard working and still had the msg "i8042: Can't reactivate AUX port"20:28
=== stwalkerster is now known as Oresrian
Sven_vBstill can't find any numpad-only layout for onboard. :(20:33
hackatheos_Heyo can someone wqlk me through ghost-phisher use on ubuntu20:41
hackatheos_For research purposes20:42
Vooloowhen I run fsck it says 0.9% non-contiguous ... how do I fix that?20:42
=== BrianG61UK_ is now known as BrianG61UK
hackatheos_Why cant apt-get get frontend lock (says may be in use elsewhere?)20:44
EriC^^hackatheos_: try "ps aux | grep dpkg"20:46
hackatheos_Hey thanks that worked20:46
fred1807I hame the pub key of my notebook in my vps autthorized keys, Yet I am getting permission denied when trying to ssh ... Strange is that it WAS working until yesterday20:47
Sven_vBhackatheos_, usually this happens when a scheduled task from update-notifier scans for available updates20:50
fred1807Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /home/username20:53
EriC^^fred1807: do you have another user you can ssh as? or some vnc or so20:54
sarnoldfred1807: ssh is very particular about permissions on home directory, .ssh directory, authorized_keys file. they must all be perfect.20:54
super_kozaOK, secure boot **MUST** be on for NVidia GPUs...20:54
fred1807EriC^^: Yes, I can ssh via web terminal, from google cloud interface20:56
EriC^^fred1807: try "stat /home/yourusername" and paste the results20:56
fred1807Access: (0600/drw-------)21:08
EriC^^fred1807: it's missing the +x21:09
fred1807how do I add the +x ?21:12
EriC^^fred1807: chmod 700 /home/yourusername21:12
guntbertEriC^^: won't he need   sudo?21:13
EriC^^if he's not logged in as the user yeah21:14
fred1807thank you21:15
EriC^^no problem21:15
fred1807even strictmodes no   on sshd_config, was enough21:16
fred1807was not enough21:16
fred1807I could not connect until chmod 70021:16
guntbertfred1807: sshd should be very strict in this case - even on a machine where you hope to be the only user21:17
EriC^^especially if you hope to be the only user ;)21:18
fred1807yes, I was just trying to get back on it lol21:18
=== BrianG61UK_ is now known as BrianG61UK
PiOjitohgood afternoon I have an error in ubuntu I currently have Ubuntu 16.04 and I want to install one of the new versions, I put sudo do-release-upgrade (says that command does not exist)21:54
Ben64PiOjitoh: maybe you don't have ubuntu?21:59
tonytPiOjitoh: follow https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-upgrade-ubuntu-16-04-to-18-04-lts-using-terminal/22:00
tonytthat should get it done22:00
PiOjitohBen64 If I have Ubuntu ._.22:00
Ben64maybe you have mint or another derivative22:00
PiOjitohtonyt Thanks, I am already updating22:02
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=== tucked is now known as disi
MasterPieceNobody asking question?! Okay! I have one!22:25
MasterPieceI need an extra support on askubuntu, Where can I have it?22:26
MasterPieceis anyone from askubuntu here?22:31
Ben64this is ubuntu support, not website support. if you have an ubuntu support question, ask it22:32
OerHeksaskubuntu is a forum, this is irc support22:32
MasterPieceOerHeks, Thank you for being 10y on IRC, did you celebrate it two weeks ago?22:34
OerHeksMasterPiece, yes, 2009 was a great year for ubuntu22:35
OerHeksbut how can we help you with askubuntu?22:35
MasterPieceOerHeks, I'm trying to find someone from askubuntu on IRC22:36
Ben64just ask the question already22:37
MasterPieceBen64, Yours will be in 3 months, Don't forget to celebrate ;)22:37
Ben64what's your deal22:38
MasterPieceBen64, after 9y and 40w! you are asking for meaning of strange yet?!22:39
MasterPieceHey, guys, Is anyone from askubuntu HERE??22:40
Ben64ask the question to find out22:40
gryMasterPiece: maybe, why do you ask?22:41
MasterPieceI want some help to recover my account, I just deleted my email address and cannot get recover instructions via email, but I can prove that I'm the owner of account22:42
MasterPieceIts also possible to see there is no instruction on YaHoo to recover an deleted account for more than 90 days22:44
MasterPiecea deleted*22:44
MasterPieceBen64, are you from askubuntu?!22:44
kadiroThat's why it is a bad idea to have yahoo as an email22:44
Ben64MasterPiece: yes22:44
MasterPiecekadiro, YES! :D22:45
MasterPieceBen64, Oh dude! you are very cool! your patience is awful :D22:46
Ben64You need to learn how to use irc to get help22:46
Ben64I suggest this https://workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc/22:46
sarnoldMasterPiece: this may help you http://rurounijones.github.io/blog/2009/03/17/how-to-ask-for-help-on-irc/22:46
MasterPieceI know that boring staffs, but the silence of #ubuntu is very very odd! I just want to find out is anybody acting here or not whom I find you guys :D Good to read your messages yet!22:51
=== mouseolini is now known as mouseleums
jeremybMasterPiece: This channel is for Ubuntu support not askubuntu support22:54
MasterPiecejeremyb, You have know idea of what I'm talking about :D,22:55
OerHekshis Q was valid, i guess22:55
DalekSecMasterPiece: Specifically, this is another support medium, like AskUbuntu, to answer questions about Ubuntu as an OS.  Please read https://askubuntu.com/contact for how to contact AskUbuntu admins/mods.22:56
DalekSecOerHeks: But we're not really able to re-set his account or anything.  We can just point him where he should go for that.22:56
OerHekscorrect, Ben64 gave him a good answer to do so22:58
Ben64but it's really not on topic here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯22:58
MasterPieceI'm very happy to hear your sounds, I think we should try to not be like a bot! OerHeks and Ben64 thank you guys for being a human kind alive :)22:59

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