OvenWerkswonko: I am not sure where to go next. Disabling xhci seems the best next step.02:39
OvenWerkswonko: Also it would be good to try and figure out if anything is happening behind the scenes on your system when that happens witch generate high network or disk activity.02:51
OvenWerkswonko: maybe try running with cron truned off and the network disconnected.02:52
OvenWerksAlso network "enable" in the network dropdown unchecked.02:53
OvenWerksThey may be at a lower priority than your audio device and applications but both cron (updates) and networking deal with large packet sizes which may be done atomically and so could interfere with audio by holding the wrong CPU.02:56
OvenWerksI don't think an IRQ server can change the cpu it is on once started.02:56
OvenWerks(rememebr we saw that the irq server for your sound card's xhci process had all it's interrupts on the same cpu)02:57
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wonkoOvenWerks: I'm pretty sure it's not network. If I'm downloading a torrent I can push 1Gbit easy and it doesn't affect jack at all.14:22
wonkoand lookking at the interrupts it's almost entirely on one core. One other core get's a *small* number of interrupts, but mostly all on one.14:23
wonkothat small number could be IRQ 18 though14:24
wonkowait, no14:24
wonkoduh, ignore that. :)14:24
wonkoThat's jack restarts14:26
wonkoThey're pretty random looking and like they wouldn't line up with cron processes14:27
wonkoxruns: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/r2WJYYpBV2/14:28
OvenWerksThat does not look like jack restarts (the first log bit) it is controller checking if jack is still running and, oh by the way, what is the dsp time being used. That _is_ something to fix in the next version of controls.15:33
OvenWerksAnyway it is not a problem aside from too much logging15:34
OvenWerkswonko: the second paste is xruns. (at what buffer size?) Maybe turn off USB bridging so the webcam does not interfere? Try unplugging the webcam also just to see if it makes a difference.15:37
OvenWerksit appears I need to have another set of boxes for usb devices that should or should not be bridged.15:39
wonkoOvenWerks: From what I can tell it prints that line every time it restarts. Maybe I'm wrong and you can help me figure out how to determine restart time from the log?16:13
wonkofor the xruns it's 128/216:14
wonkoI kinda need USB bridging for the audio device though. I can unplug the camera though.16:14
wonkoDSP hovers around 13% while not actively doing much in the way of audio16:15
OvenWerksnot at all, those are very definately not restarts. A jack restart would show all the settings (sample rate, buffer size, device etc)16:16
OvenWerksDSP is dependent on buffersize and sample rate. There is (once jack is started) always audio activity. Jack has to deal with audio even if it is silent it has to deal with all those zeros.16:18
OvenWerksjack graph complexity and for that matter jack client complexity will also effect DSP.16:19
OvenWerks(even if no audible audio is happening)16:30
OvenWerksSome plugins do use more dsp when the audio is more complex than silence, but many do not.16:32
OvenWerksyou are still having trouble with memlock16:55
wonkoOh, that's pre-upgrade16:56
wonkoI just copied an example16:56
wonkolike, that configuring for line, that's jack starting?16:56
OvenWerkscreating alsa driver ... hw:MK2,0|hw:MK2,0|1024|2|192000|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|32bit16:57
wonkothat's just today's logs if you're interested16:57
wonkowonko@deepthought:~/.log/jack $ grep "Wed Oct  2" jackdbus.log | grep "creating alsa driver" | wc -l16:58
wonkoso 9 restarts today?16:58
wonkogrep "creating alsa driver" jackdbus.log : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hKZs9kJZ32/16:59
OvenWerkswonko: ps x |grep auto17:04
wonkooh wait17:05
wonkothat's a ton of chrome nonsense17:05
wonkolet me filter that out17:05
OvenWerksalso can you paste ~/.log/autojack.log17:07
OvenWerksHow are you managing to get 2 autojacks running?17:08
OvenWerkshow can I replicate that?17:08
OvenWerksI don't think that is causing restarts, but it is giving you extra bridges and other odd things17:11
wonkoyeah, I've got double bridges, I saw that17:13
wonkothat happened once before a long time back17:13
wonkoautojack.log is HUGE17:13
OvenWerksI had fixed it17:13
wonkohow many days back would you like?17:13
wonkoor I can just compress it and stick it on dropbox17:13
OvenWerkswhich ever17:13
wonkoI think it's too big for paste.ubuntu.com because I get a 502 when I try to send it with pastebinit17:14
OvenWerksjust today's would probably be enough17:14
wonkoI already sent you that. :)17:14
wonkoThis one is today's only: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SVBz8hsss5/17:15
OvenWerksThats jack.log I want autojack.log17:18
OvenWerkssorry went away a bit for a reboot17:35
wonkono worries, IRC is async. :)17:39
wonkoAnd I'm fighting more than one battle today17:39
wonkothe motherboard for the new fileserver I was building doesn't power on. :(17:39
wonkoOvenWerks: I can try plugging the KA6 directly into the computer without an extension of any kind and see if that changes anything. If it doesn't that means it's something super annoying most likely. :)19:31
OvenWerkswonko: what I see in the above log is: sound card: hw:1 removed followed by a failed jack startup (which should get fixed in controls) and then shortly thereafter: a switch master (means it detected a plugin event)19:32
OvenWerksJack should not start up with a non-existant device.19:34
wonkook, so I've moved the KA6 out to where the computer is19:34
wonkoI stopped jack from controls19:35
wonkohow many autojack should I have?19:35
wonko1 or 0?19:35
wonkobecause I have 219:35
OvenWerkswonko: there should always only be one19:35
wonkoIf I kill both will controls do the needful?19:35
wonkoalternatively should I possibly restart my X session just to be safe?19:36
OvenWerksyou can kill both19:36
OvenWerkscontrols will restart one19:36
wonkook, I've got none19:36
wonkonow to zero out log files so we don't have old junk in there. :)19:37
OvenWerksif it starts two then I want to know19:37
wonkoOk, so I have no autojack and I've cleared out log files.19:37
OvenWerksthe autojack.log file will be cleared when autojack restarts19:37
wonkoIs there anything else I should be doing before I hit start?19:37
OvenWerksnot that I can think of19:37
wonkoI'm being extra overly cautious here about all this. :)19:38
OvenWerksI am noticing that with 19.10, the autojack that starts at session start doesn't seem to log properly :/19:38
wonkoclicking the start or restart button in controls isn't doing anything19:38
OvenWerksTakes a while19:39
wonkoI don't think it takes this a while19:39
OvenWerksit is slower when when it has to restart autojack19:39
wonkoOk, I'll be patient then19:39
wonkohard for me. :)19:39
OvenWerksit should have started by now though19:40
wonkook, i'm going to kill and restart controls19:40
OvenWerksyou should be able to start it from a terminal19:40
wonkoah yes, that did it19:40
wonkoit did the button half highlights hanging thing I'm used to. :)19:40
wonkowonko@deepthought:~/.log $ ps -ef | grep jack19:40
wonkowonko      821  8864  0 15:40 pts/1    00:00:00 grep --color=auto jack19:40
wonkowonko    55967 54756  0 15:40 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/python3 -u /usr/bin/autojack19:40
wonkowonko    55986 52936  4 15:40 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/jackdbus auto19:40
OvenWerksthat would show any errors to the command line19:40
OvenWerksyup that looks right19:41
wonkoI'm going to launch Carla/Ardour and then we wait. :)19:41
OvenWerkscontrols should be showing dsp19:41
wonko15-20 or so19:42
OvenWerkscarla/patchage/jack_lsp/qjackctl should only show one set of bridges19:42
wonkoyes, there are only one set of bridges19:42
wonkoso now.... we wait. :)19:43
OvenWerksautojack is going get some code that when it sends an alive signal to controls it will also send a siganl to itself with its PID... if it gets two pids back it will kill the second it gets... or kill itself if it's own comes back second19:45
wonkoIs PID return order going to be correct?19:47
OvenWerkswonko: it doesn't matter, so long as both autojacks get it in the same order, one of them will go.19:48
wonkoI'm just thinking, you'll have PulseIn and PulseIn-01 so you need to make sure you kill the correct one.19:48
OvenWerkswonko: in that case it is just module unloading. That module unloading happens automatically if jack dies and I kill all of them if we change something.19:49
wonkook, so it doesn't link an autojack process to a set of bridges19:49
wonkoso killing either one gets rid of the -01 set?19:49
OvenWerksPulseIn (the first one is always reconneted to the default output19:49
wonkook, that was my concern but seems it was unfounded.19:50
OvenWerksThis is true for a2jmidid and alsa bridges as well (though they are killed by pid)19:50
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OvenWerks(the alsa bridges are) and we kill -9 jackd jackdbus a2amidid as well.19:51
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OvenWerkswonko: I think I will actually have the two autojack thing happen before sending the ok back to controls. That way if for some reason both kill themselves controls will restart one19:58
wonkooh, good thinking20:00
wonkook, 100% not the cable20:00
wonkojack just restarted20:00
OvenWerkswonko: this is not likely to happen before 19.1020:00
wonkoI've stopped jack with controls20:00
OvenWerksThere are soe things I can do about that too.20:00
wonkowhat is useful to you20:01
wonkoI'm on 19.10. :)20:01
OvenWerksmaybe start jack with qjackctl and see if jack stops or crashes.20:01
OvenWerksI am thinking for restart I have set it not to restart if there is a new device that is the same device as the current device. It may be that I also need to check in the case of a device removed if the device is actually gone.20:03
OvenWerksThat is why I want to know if it does bad things when started with qjackctl (or jack_control start should work too)20:07
wonkoOk, started it with qjackctl20:07
wonkoI'll just let it go and see what happens.20:07
wonkoqjackctl needed configuring and none of my pulse bridges are there20:07
wonkowill that be an issue?20:08
OvenWerksit may be that the device resets itself sometimes and jackd normally ignores that20:08
OvenWerksit should not... a little less stress on the system but still.20:08
wonkoUh, I'm getting audio into Ardour even though nothing is routed into it?20:08
wonkofrom tha KA6 mic20:08
OvenWerksare you sure?20:09
OvenWerksardour does do some auto routing20:09
OvenWerksare you using the ka6 as the default device in qjackctl?20:09
wonkothe meters move when the mic picks up sound, so I'm pretty sure. :)20:10
wonkowell, I mean, it's the only device, so it has to be the default, right?20:10
OvenWerksok yes20:11
OvenWerksso ardour has connected itself to system_1 capture then20:11
OvenWerksit would normally connect system_1 to the first audio track and system_2 to the next etc20:12
wonkook, that makes sense then20:13
OvenWerksIt also depends on how the audio device is set up... but in that case you would hear the mic before starting jack20:16

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