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ochosiknome: reminder: wallpaper09:47
ochosiknome: reminder: team meeting09:47
knomeyes, there is now some progress on the wallpaper09:50
knomefor the team meeting, it's likely better is somebody else schedules if it's needed "soon"09:51
Unit193bluesabre: Not sure -panel will make it at this point..12:56
ochosithat sucks13:37
ochosido ppl will complain another cycle long about that systray issue13:37
Unit193SRU, if no FFe?13:43
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::platform:: Seed OEM linux kernel flavour, with the others @ http://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/+git/platform/commit/?id=09fdf7afee361af4eb32389613f7e7d1179e13da (by Dimitri John Ledkov)14:26
ochosiUnit193: yeah i guess... i tried to do the release asap though to enable us to get it into eoan more easily than SRU17:23
bluesabreochosi: sorry about that, didn't get a free moment from work last month23:15
Unit193It happens.23:15
ochosino worries, it's ok23:15
ochosipeople should learn to rely on the systray less and less anyway ;)23:16
Unit193I don't really see any reason to prefer indicators over systray, but I don't really use the latter.23:16
bluesabreWhat was the issue being addressed?23:16
ochosisystray being corrupted visually without compositin23:20
bluesabreAh, gotcha23:21
bluesabreWell, can still SRU that. I'll work on it tonight23:22
Unit193Hey look, there's three of us here!  Meeting time! :P23:22
Unit193bluesabre: Anything besides the wallpaper pending?23:22
bluesabreUnit193: no idea, I'm completely behind and just now starting to catch back up23:23
ochosiupdating the default panel layout a bit to enable grouping in tasklist would have been a nice-to-have23:27
ochosibut i totally forgot about that23:27
ochosilet's try to make the LTS cound23:27
Unit193That means you can't move them, naaaah. :P23:27
ochosiwow you do that?23:33
ochosii've never DnD'd a single window in the tasklist *ever*23:33
Unit193..You don't sort them?  I open things in a specific order, and if things have to be restarted I will move them.23:34
Unit193...I really shouldn't have written that.23:34
Unit193That's actually what annoyed me greatly with Windows 7, it'd "link" windows of the same application together, and the only way to fix the order was to close them and re-open.  It was stupid.23:35
bluesabreI rearrange the window list when I use it... jumping around and not staying put is no good23:36
bluesabrehence, the addiction to plank23:36
bluesabreWindow buttons are always where they were23:36
Unit193ochosi: Joking aside, that's fine.  I can change a setting, after all it's now on what I use now. :)23:37
ochosii think all of those things are habits23:39
ochosii was also using plank for a long time23:39
ochosibut then i thought i need to get rid of it to remain motivated to improve stuff in our panel23:39
ochosithat's why i improved the grouping code in the end23:39
Unit193I use the panel, only issue I have is when I send -r, it quits.23:51

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