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qxanuDoes anyone else have a keyboard input problem after opening a few windows?02:41
qxanuBionic Beaver xubuntu is the version, on an older Dell laptop.02:43
qxanuThe next time I get on I intend to replace the xserver-xorg-input-all package.  I'm hoping that will help.02:43
Regor no bell in terminal applications though it is enabled in terminal settings .  how to fix this ?05:27
diogenes_Regor, lsmod | grep pcspkr05:29
diogenes_what do you get?05:29
Regorno error !05:30
Regorno output05:31
diogenes_and nothing showed up?05:31
diogenes_modprobe pcspkr05:31
diogenes_then lsmod | grep pcspkr05:32
Regormodprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'pcspkr': Operation not permitted05:32
diogenes_with sudo05:32
Regorno output05:33
diogenes_lsmod | grep pcspkr05:34
Regorwith sudo?05:34
Regorpcspkr                 16384  005:34
diogenes_now try the bell.05:35
Regorping me05:35
Regorno sound05:36
Unit193What IRC client are you using?05:36
diogenes_open a new terminal and hit backspace05:36
Regorno sound05:37
Regorvolume is set full05:38
diogenes_does this work: beep -f 5000 -l 50 -r 205:40
RegorCommand 'beep' not found, but can be installed with:05:41
diogenes_try: xset b on05:42
Regori should study xfce terminal docs05:42
Regorno sound05:43
diogenes_this might help: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PC_speaker05:43
Regorxfce docs?05:44
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deltthis is me from mint 19.206:27
deltxubuntu latest, irc fails to connect :/06:28
delt(from link in installer)06:28
Unit193The link to https://webchat.freenode.net ..?06:29
deltyeah webchat.freennode.net/#xubuntu06:31
deltat least that's what the browser shows when you click it with the mouse06:32
deltoh btw how much RAM minimum you recommend for using very basic tasks? (e-mail, sometimes youtube videos etc) ...?06:33
deltin mint (also derived from ubuntu) 2GB works well, how about xubuntu?06:34
Unit193The biggest thing is going to be the browser, firefox and chrome eat tons of ram  Perhaps look into installing youtube-dl and mpv.06:34
Unit193Xubuntu itself will have zero issues with 2G, that's what I use (though it's not really the best with firefox, all the time..)06:34
deltUnit193: yeah agreed with that.... firefox (especially as an open source, multiplatform project) should eat up LOTS less mem.... :/06:35
deltchrome is also good, but more limited in terms of licensing etc...06:36
Unit193I even have an Xubuntu-like system that only has 1G of ram, but I don't use firefox really on that.  It's mainly headless (still runs a GUI, but only VNC'd in or ssh.)06:36
deltanyway i prefer firefox for me personally (despite the bloat) ... but for friends/family, as long as it's not the microsuck "windows explorer" aka "edge" :)06:37
Unit193Anywho, see mpv, specifically with the --ytdl-format option.06:37
deltUnit193: i also have a home server, manages my whole home network, wifi, internetn connection etc.... been running slackware on a p4 / 256MB for over 15 years, mobo fried so for now it's running a spare mobo with 2GB ....didn't even need to reinstall :D06:39
deltoh mobo on that home server fried like 2 or 3 weeks ago06:39
deltafter a good 20 years of faithful service06:40
deltoh btw i must say, very nice distro :) testing it right now in a vm06:46
delti was a slackware user since like the mid 1990's until like 2013 or 2014 when i tried out a few more "modern" distros and settled on mint.. with slack always running on my aforementioned hub machine :)06:47
deltiirc i tried this one (xubuntu) but there was some issues with it.... anyway i'll keep you guys posted06:48
deltthanks again very much for (what so far looks like) a very nice linux based os!!06:48
Unit193Sure thing.06:53
deltUnit193: just curious, are you part of the xubuntu dev/maintainer team?07:12
Unit193I assist with maintaining Xfce in Debian and Xubuntu both, actually.07:15
deltUnit193: ah, awesome :D i haven't directly contributed to the linux/foss world in years.... i'd really like to have the chance again, if possible07:46
delts/years/almost a decade/07:46
Unit193Well if nothing else, Xubuntu could always use testers.07:47
deltok, good to know... but for xfce i was kind of put off when ofourdan & co. just blatantly told me the IPC in my updates sucked cos my approach was too X11 specific, meanwhile 5 or 6 years later X11 is still the dominant graphic system on *nix other than apple :/08:02
deltthat was like 2013 or 201408:02
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Itaihi all12:11
Itaitrying to install dual boot win10/xubuntu after failing attempt to install ubuntu (installation hangs when "installing grub2")12:14
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yeaboihello there16:43
neyderHello, I upgraded to xubuntu eoan las friday, and i'm getting random lockscreens ,  even if i disbled lockscreen after a while in config18:48
Spasshello neyder, my guess is that you have Light Locker AND xfce4-screensaver installed, do you have any Screensaver preferences in the main settings window now?18:52
Spassyou can check if you have them both installed using "apt-cache policy light-locker" and "apt-cache policy xfce4-screensaver"18:54
neyderHi Spass yup i gow screensaver and power settings18:54
neyderwhich i should remove, does upgrade process should remove it to?18:55
Spass[m]xfce4-screensaver is default in eoan, so I'd go with this one18:56
Spass[m]yeah, I think that the upgrade process should do a better job in this particulat case, not sure if that's easy tho18:57
neyderxfce4-screensaver should conflicts with ligh-locker18:57
neyderor something18:57
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