blahdeblahwgrant: you around?00:33
blahdeblahwgrant: I'll just drop Q here and if you have a chance I'd appreciate an opinion.00:54
blahdeblahI think https://code.launchpad.net/conn-check is the tool OLS/snap store were using for external connectivity diagnosis.00:57
blahdeblahIs that still your preferred direction for that function in headless environments where you have no ssh access?00:57
wgrantblahdeblah: Hmm, I think that'd be my preference, yes.01:27
blahdeblahwgrant: cool - thanks for the quick response. Hope things are going well with you.01:42
wgrantblahdeblah: Likewise :)02:09
dokojamespage, coreycb: python-pbr autopkg test fails09:56
rbalintdoko, what is the plan for linux/5.3.0-16.17/i386 autopkgtest in eoan?10:44
rbalintdoko, i can add a hint to let systemd migrate, but there are other options10:44
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rafaeldtinocogood morning o/12:23
rafaeldtinocodannf: tks for testing sg3-utils, ill ask someone to review the mr!12:24
ackkhi, is there a way (dch or similar) to change version and distro in the last entry of a d/changelog, without adding entries?13:20
ackkI tried something like dch -v <version> -D <distro> "" but that does create a new entry13:24
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GunnarHjackk: How about doing it manually?13:50
ackkGunnarHj, yeah that's what I have right now, was just wondering if there was nicer way13:50
GunnarHjackk: Ok.13:51
rafaeldtinocoackk: dch -e ?14:51
rbalintwhy does systemd autopkgtest pull in linux from -proposed? https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/eoan/update_excuses.html#systemd14:58
rbalinti mean why does linux's autopkgtest do that when triggered by systemd :-\15:01
jibelvorlon, I just tried on a uefi machine, booted in legacy mode, install on entire drive, the ESP is not created.15:09
vorlonjibel: ok. It's possible we missed the boat for 19.04, and only managed to land this in 19.10dev + 18.04.315:09
jibel2 days old image15:09
vorlonyou mean it doesn't create it even with eoan?15:09
vorlonthen that sounds like a regression15:10
jibeleoan 20191001.215:10
jibeland if I reboot it'll obviously won't boot15:10
vorlonok, I will go digging and snarling15:10
didrocksthx :)15:10
cyphermoxuefi machine booted in legacy mode though15:11
cyphermoxI don't think partman-auto ever accounted for creating the ESP15:12
cyphermox(it's marked $efi IIRC)15:12
cyphermoxergo, if it worked in previous releases, I wonder why; or somebody already addresses the recipes and I'm operating from incorrect data15:13
vorloncyphermox: there was a whole thing about this where I was insisting that we always create the ESP on amd64 and that we install both grub-pc and shim-signed15:14
vorlonwhere did that go?15:14
cyphermox*shrugs* I don't know. I agree we should try to always create an ESP, but I don't recall who did the work or if it was finished15:15
cyphermoxI just pulled partman-auto to have a look15:15
vorloncyphermox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub-installer/+bug/1803031/comments/5 "system booted in UEFI mode; full disk automatically partitioned; no error prompts shown and system is ootable after install.  system booted with UEFI ut with CSM enabled; idem." You say *you* tested this for bionic15:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1803031 in grub-installer (Ubuntu Disco) "error: cannot find EFI directory." [Undecided,Confirmed]15:17
cyphermoxwhen booting in legacy mode, you'll install in legacy mode, and grub-installer shouldn't try to find an EFI directory15:24
cyphermoxor at least, at the time of that bug, I think it would not15:25
cyphermoxthis would have changed since, now that we try to install both15:25
cyphermoxvorlon: when I tested this, I did test all the test cases listed and all was working, whether or not you were booting in legacy mode or not15:26
vorloncyphermox: ok, my /intent/ with specifying "install in CSM mode" was that we verify that when legacy booting the install media, you end up with a target system with an ESP that's bootable15:31
vorlonsorry if that wasn't clear15:32
cyphermox"install in CSM mode" is either installing in UEFI mode, or installing in legacy15:33
cyphermoxyou can't tell that it's "UEFI but booted with CSM", because CSM just does legacy15:34
cyphermoxbut again; I think we're looking at things around the point where plans changed15:34
cyphermoxie. we were fixing the missing ESP bug, separately from making the changes to have both bootloader flavors installed on disk15:35
cyphermoxI mean, otherwise the bug is meaningless; you always want to have an ESP on disk, even in legacy (not UEFI w/ CSM)15:36
cyphermoxI posit that's true; but this bug wasn't addressing that at all15:36
cyphermoxjibel: did what you see lead to a crash at install time or not booting? or are we "just" checking for sanity?15:37
jibelcyphermox, the system doesn't boot15:37
jibelbecause it boots in uefi mode but there is no esp15:38
cyphermoxok; because it's EFI but booted the install media in legacy15:38
jibelcyphermox, on this machine, on the boot menu legacy is the first entry when booted in uefi mode15:38
jibelthe probability is high that a user will boot the iso in legacy mode15:39
tewardjbicha: ... have we considered just *disabling* that user from sending to the devel-discuss list until they stop sending the announcements?  Not sure how active that one user is though16:31
sarnoldUnit193: ^^ xedniv doesn't appear able to address his constant disconnects.. any chance you've got Magic Powers that could help?16:43
tewardsarnold: i poked -ops btw16:44
tewardfor here and -server and elsewhere16:44
tewardnobdoy's alive :P16:44
sarnoldand lo a magician appears :)16:45
sarnoldI think xedniv is following me around, in at least four of my channels ..16:46
tewarddax: #ubuntu-server too if you can16:46
daxi can't16:47
sarnolddax: excellent, thanks :)16:47
tjaaltonhow can one select another component as the 'active' one on a lp bug report? if there's an external project as the active, it's not possible to propose it for an ubuntu series without changing the url and reloading the bug page, right?18:15
cjwatsontjaalton: I believe that's the only place in Launchpad that requires URL-hacking for a functional purpose.18:15
tjaaltonright, ok18:16
cjwatson(And yes, it's gross.)18:16
infinitymarcustomlinson: Could you have a poke at LP: #1846555 ?19:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1846555 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "libreoffice-style-hicontrast not installable due to libreoffice-style-sifr relationships" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184655519:22
marcustomlinsoninfinity: hey, sure, thanks for pointing that out! I'll prep an upload tomorrow morning20:14
infinitymarcustomlinson: Ta.20:18
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cyphermoxvorlon: first step of looking into this ESP issue; partman-efi changes seem to do good; but I notice we'll need a partman-auto change as well, along with the probably grub-installer change you mentioned too.21:15
* vorlon nods21:19
Unit193sarnold: I'd say "better late than never", buut.21:41
sarnoldUnit193: oh don't let a few bans deter you from a kline if it's still going on :)21:48
jbichateward: I think it's appropriate to ask first (re: devel-discuss)  :)22:55

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