EickmeyerOvenWerks: I'm about ready to kick Ralf off of the ML. He offers criticism without any willingness to help and is rarely constructive. He thinks it's his job to keep us in-line. The ego on the man is gigantic and I don't think we have room for that type of person.18:33
OvenWerkshe has been kicked off the arch Mailing lists the Linux audio user mailing list and maybe more.18:47
OvenWerksyou may find he doesn't use ubuntu on his machine... though he might be again. He seems to enjoy doing complex setups.18:53
OvenWerksHe has never used -controls so far as I can tell but rather uses his own scripts which he is willing to share with people but which also involve installing or removing software... so even more intrusive than Cadence.18:55
OvenWerksSo it works for him, just as he says, but it is not for the average person.18:56
OvenWerksundoing something of his is basically a fresh install.18:56
EickmeyerWell, he's not contributing in any positive way. That's my frustration.20:55
EickmeyerHe thinks by interjecting his opinion he's "helping" newbies.20:55
EickmeyerAnd yes, I know he uses Arch. Unfortunately, he also has a superiority complex.20:56

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