OvenWerkswonko: how are things going with qjackctl and jack stops?01:12
wonkoNot sure, walked away with it fine, came back to monitor weirdness and rebooted01:12
wonkothese amazon DP cables are shit01:12
wonkoHuh, this time the mic doesn't get to ardour01:13
wonkomaybe something was left over that didn't get cleaned up/shut down properly pre-reboot01:14
wonkothat being said though01:15
OvenWerksThat should not be.01:15
wonkolooking at the log I see restarts (I think)01:15
OvenWerksIs that jack.log?01:16
OvenWerksright... thats what I meant :)01:17
OvenWerksYes those look like alsa resets... the fact that jack doesn't seem to have actually restarted would indicate something seems to work better01:19
OvenWerksThere does not even seem to be xruns in there01:19
OvenWerksor is there other stuff inbetween?01:21
wonkoyeah, that's a grep result01:21
OvenWerksit looks like jackdbus has been started almost 30 times but I get the idea you did not start jack that many times01:23
wonko8:30 I came down and started messing with stuff, so that's probably what that was01:23
OvenWerksI don't see anything at 83001:26
wonkoI didn't think to check ardour when dealing with monitor bullshit01:26
OvenWerksthey go from 1540 to 211101:26
wonkothe second link01:26
wonkooh, HAHAHAHA01:27
wonkoI never started the calf stuff01:27
wonkowhich is how the mic gets to ardour01:27
wonkoI R SMRT01:27
wonkoOh, and FYI that Calf Analyzer crashing Carla issue has been fixed by whatever version of carla (and/or calf) is in 19.1001:28
OvenWerksI do wonder why you would put all of those things outside of ardour rather than using plugins01:38
OvenWerks(inside ardour)01:38
wonkoMostly I was just playing with the Carla rack. I'll probably put them back in ardour where I originally had them. Or even not at all because with the changes to the office there is practically no background noise being picked up by the mic. Even if it's a nice one like I now have.02:20
wonkoOvenWerks: Ardour is still happy this morning so far, but I'm not counting that as a win just yet.13:12
wonkoOvenWerks: Other interesting news, not a single xrun since last night when I was screwing with stuff13:19
OvenWerkswonko: it sounds like for you (until the next version of -controls comes out) qjackctl or jack_control might be the best way for your case.15:30
wonkoOk, I'll just get the script that sets everything up tuned for the new system. It was nice not having to use that but it'll do until controls is fixed.15:55
wonkoThanks for all your awesome work!15:55
wonkoI'll try to take a look at sane bridge naming as well for you but no promises. This week is going to shit.15:57
OvenWerkswonko: there are some major upgrades for controls.next. It would be easier to add bridge naming as a part of that rather than hacking it into controls.current16:33
wonkoWhat branch should I work against? Master?16:42
OvenWerkswonko: what I am saying is maybe leave it alone for now... unless you are willing to have a non-gui addition.16:43
OvenWerksautojack could be made to use a list of names and the gui could just pass them through. The gui would give it's own names if you add more bridges in the gui and of course if you reduce the number your names would be lost.16:48
wonkoYeah, that was my plan. I have zero interest in doing anything GUI related so I was going to fashion a new back end kinda like your described that was compatible with the existing GUI but then the GUI could be updated later to support it better. Using the existing bridge name generation. If you don't go change things in the config file for now it would appear to work exactly as it does currently.17:32

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