xubuntu60wI have a mid 2010 MacBook Pro that I'm having trouble installing Xubuntu on, I get a UEFI error. What am I doing wrong, or what do I need to do to make this install work?00:56
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bashtuxhi guys, is there a way to force the system to use the application that has focus shortcut keys?15:55
bashtuxi find alot of conflicting global shortcuts from xfce that interfere with my apps, i would of thought the app that had focus would take preferece15:55
tmagerbashtux: you can disable the global shortcuts that you don't need, but I'm not aware of any way to make application shortcuts take precedence over them.15:59
bashtuxhmm mkay, thanks, like if im in Double-Commander Alt-F5 is to pak / compress, but xfce has this same binding to maximize horizontal16:01
bashtuxdid not want to take away from the global shortcuts but i might have to :D16:02
tmagerFair; they can also be rebound, if there's a better configuration for you.16:03
bashtuxyeah true ;) would of been easier for me if i could just tick a box that had the apps that had focus take preference over the system wide ones.....16:04
bashtuxbut yeah, remap it is ;)16:04
bashtuxwas having the same issues with midnight commander, as the file managers have loads of key mappings there are bound to be many overlapping with the system16:06
sublevelbashtux: I was looking for how to disable alt+number shortcuts in the terminal recently, the answer is here if you need that  https://docs.xfce.org/apps/terminal/start16:12
bashtuxthanks very much....reading16:14
sublevelI think everything else can be disabled in the preferences dialog for terminal16:16
sublevel...aside from system-wide shortcuts.16:16
bashtuxmy exact problem and it seems and XFCE issue16:19

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