FallenourIm having issues getting lxd containers to install in my juju instances. I see this has been a bug in the past from 2017, and appears to still be a problem. Can anyone make any recommendations?10:48
Fallenouris anyone on21:39
FallenourIve run into a pretty serious issue with juju, and I could really use some help. Its completely blocking me from being able to build or deploy anything.21:39
pmatulisFallenour, check logs, look for errors22:02
Fallenourthere arent any22:02
FallenourThats the weirdest part. All it says is the same error over and over again, Image cant be found22:02
pmatulisusing MAAS as the backing cloud?22:03
FallenourI tried Juju, I tried conjure up, I even tried just deploying a basic lxd container. All failed, All same issue.22:03
Fallenouryea, howd you know?22:03
FallenourI saw several tickets outstanding for the issue, but no solution22:03
pmatulisgo to MAAS and try to Deploy on a node. so no Juju, just MAAS22:03
FallenourI swear by the old gods and the new, I will get this working, and i will deploy it as part of my hybrid cloud solution I made, even if I have to fly to canonicals doorstep and kick it in, drag out the engineers, and build it in the parking lot.22:04
FallenourIt deploys nodes just fine22:04
Fallenourits only the containers22:04
Fallenourjuju is magic, I just want it to work :(22:04
Fallenourthey all fail when deploying containers22:05
pmatulisenter the deployed MAAS node and try to use LXD manually22:05
Fallenourbare metal, and 18.04LTS and 16.04LTS deployments of the base OS works fine.22:05
FallenourI tried that. It failed.22:05
Fallenoursame error when I use juju22:05
pmatulisso it's not a Juju problem then22:05
Fallenourits gotta be a juju issue22:06
Fallenourwhen I ssh into the box, and use LXD locally, it works22:06
pmatuliswell that's what i asked you to do. you said it didn't work22:06
FallenourAnd all my systems deployed by maas outside of juju deploy LXD containers just fine22:06
Fallenouryea, maas let me build them just fine22:06
Fallenourits actualyl why I migrated the existing lxd systems into juju, because they worked.22:07
Fallenourwonky with ceph, and wont work in clustered modes with ceph directly, but they do work, so I figured Id figure that issue out later.22:07
pmatulispastebin exactly what you're trying with Juju. exact commands and output. starting from the bootstrap command22:07
Fallenourmaas and juju clouds are already built, and work fine22:08
Fallenourill start with the add-model22:08
Fallenourjuju add-model cloud-000-00000122:08
Fallenourthen I do22:08
Fallenourjuju deploy cs:bundle/openstack-base-6122:08
Fallenourit begins by deploying the 4 maas servers, installing ubuntu 18.04LTS, which succeeds, which juju shows as deployed. Then it begins by deploying services22:09
Fallenoureveryting outside of containers deploys successfully, but anythingg in the containers, or the containers themselves, all fail22:09
FallenourIve got this error: WARNING juju.provisioner incomplete DNS config found, discovering host's DNS config22:10
Fallenourbut when I check maas, its got several DNS servers set22:10
Fallenourand I can ping google, both from the device deploying to juju, and from the machine itself22:11
FallenourI tested that by doing: juju ssh 022:11
Fallenourand then pinging google.22:11

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