sarnoldtomreyn: what's the /bin/true in there for? :)02:18
sarnoldtomreyn: .. and why's that output from n* missing the apt update output? :)02:40
tomreynsarnold: the bin/true is so that the sudo password is cached early on02:42
sarnoldtomreyn: ahhh02:43
tomreynsarnold: "apt update" output starts after this line: "Pinned packages:"02:43
tomreynactually no, you're right, it's missing02:44
sarnoldhmm. i'm accustomed to seeing Hit: and Ign: lines.. a few hundred of hem02:44
sarnoldwell okay 48 now..02:44
sarnoldbut 0 doesn't feel right :)02:44
tomreynyes, my bad, i need sleep.02:44
tomreynsudo apt-get -qqy update02:45
tomreynis the command running there02:45
tomreyn-qq as in super quiet02:45
tomreyntalk to you later!02:46
sarnoldgnight tomreyn02:47
sarnold(I have to wonder if the -qq is hiding something important here :)02:47
OerHeksodd, so this is a multi arch machine, if i understand his 1st post right?02:48
sarnoldI never understood where that :i386 came from02:48
OerHeksyes, that made it confusing02:48
OerHekslibglib2.0-dev and libpulse-dev bite ?02:51
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:01
akemhpHello Ubuntus' world ;)04:17
akemhpTime for some coffee.04:17
OerHeks!find coffee04:17
ubot5Found: coffeescript, coffeescript-doc, latex-coffee-stains, libjs-coffeescript, node-coffeeify, node-grunt-contrib-coffee, node-gulp-coffee, ruby-coffee-rails, ruby-coffee-script, ruby-coffee-script-source (and 394 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=coffee&searchon=names&suite=bionic&section=all04:17
OerHeksgo wild04:17
akemhpCool, i'll take the ruby flavor ;)04:18
akemhpI can sort my youtube subscription alphabeticly, there should be some small arrow in the corner but it's not there :( anyone experienced that?04:26
ducassegood morning06:25
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BluesKajHowdy folks11:23
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