CaTaCaSI have tested with my Smartphone Hotspot and I have the same Error :(  I Give Up00:03
CaTaCaSAny Ideas??00:05
tomreynCaTaCaS: unless you can discuss the exact scenario and architecture from the very start, i doubt anyone will be able to help.00:05
CaTaCaSok, thank you but I have to sleep. I come tomorrow again. Thank you and have a nice day00:08
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fswsif I upgrade to ubuntu 19.10 today before official release date, will I still be able to get the official release later? I'm using "do-release-upgrade -d"01:02
fswswill there be any difference between pre-release and post-release ubuntu 19.10?01:02
tomreyn!ubuntu+1 | fsws01:02
ubottufsws: Eoan Ermine is the codename for Ubuntu 19.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+101:02
sarnoldfsws: probably an apt update && apt upgrade will do the job once 19.10 is out01:07
fswssarnold: thanks. I guess installing pre-release today has little risk. A few command lines will get one to the official post-release version01:12
sarnoldfsws: hopefully not *too* risky, as we're gertting quite close to the end result :)01:12
fswssarnold: i'm using virtual machine. So, no big deal even if things get damaged. Some inconvenience only01:19
sarnoldfsws: nice nice01:20
fswsredhat is a listed company. It makes lots of $. Does Ubuntu make even more $ since Ubuntu is even more popular than redhat?01:21
sarnoldcanonical hasn't yet had a profitable quarter01:21
fswsi'm surprised. Ubuntu is more pervasive than redhat. Why the lack of profitability?01:22
sarnoldcanonical sales are improving, and if the growth rate keeps up, I wouldn't be surprised if we have a profitable quarter Soon[tm] :)01:22
fswscome to think of it, i've never paid a cent for using Ubuntu. How does Canonical make money?01:23
fswssarnold: do you work in canonical?01:23
sarnoldyes, I'm on the ubuntu security team01:23
fswssarnold: wow! honoured to be talking to a staff that gave the world Ubuntu. I hope you become rich! thanks for the great work01:24
sarnoldfsws: there's several lines of business: ubuntu advantage customers get support services, ESM support for parts of the distribution beyond the standard support life;01:24
sarnoldthere's Bootstack, which will work with computers to determine how best to provide for private clouds -- we can either stand up an openstack cloud and then hand it over to the company to maintain, or we can run the whole thing for them01:25
sarnoldthere's hardware enablement, where vendors will pay us to make their hardware work with ubuntu01:25
fswsI'm a parasite. I've never paid anything to your company. err... why are you folks so kind to support so many free-loaders like me?01:25
sarnoldthere's FIPS and Common Criteria certifications, where enterprise or governments can get certified versions01:26
sarnoldthere's also some agreements with the various public cloud providers01:26
fswsso, canonical make money from consultant and customized work on Ubuntu for big enterprise/govt clients?01:27
sarnoldfsws: hehehe, I wouldn't mind becoming rich :D  so far it's more a moderately well paid job that's got fantastic co-workers and the best users in the world. the pay may be better elsewhere but I think the job satisfaaction here is higher01:27
sarnoldfsws: most of us started using FOSS in our youth and ar ethrilled to have found a way to pay the bills with FOSS :)01:28
fswsI must say community support for Ubuntu is far superior to Redhat. Surprising since Ubuntu seems to make most of the money for the bigger clients. AMazing small fries like me still can get good support.01:28
sarnoldfsws: there's businesses of all sizes that pay for ubuntu advantage, though the bigger companies do tend to pay more :D01:28
DalekSecSome of us "pay" by contributing and maintaining packages in universe. :301:29
sarnoldfsws: I'm still amazed that every day average users can file bug reports on ubuntu software and an engineer who works on it can see the bug report ten minutes later, ask for more details, etc. just *try* to get that out of eg apple or android..01:29
sarnoldDalekSec :D01:29
Bashing-omfsws: https://www.zdnet.com/article/ibm-and-canonical-work-together-in-financial-services/ may give you some ideas of the scope and what is going in enterprize.01:30
fswsgetting bug reports from ordinary users will make Ubuntu a superior software. IBM should have bought Ubuntu, not the more money-minded red hat01:31
fswsI hope to see more kinder OSS folks get richer than money-minded ones who ignore small fries like me.01:32
sarnoldredhat's big on eg jboss and similar things. If you wanted to spend a few hundred thousand dollars on a computer to run SAP you'd probably be better supported on red hat stuff01:34
fswsSAP should get its software to run better on Ubuntu. It will widen its market base by a lot. More people use UBuntu than Redhat01:37
fswshmm ... jboss sounds so old anyway01:37
fswseveryone is on cloud using web app these days01:37
sarnoldfsws: hehe, yeah, I'm pretty happy with letting our friends at red hat handle the "gross" software that businesses run even though no one can figure out why they ever bought it...01:57
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fswssarnold: but supporting the dumb businesses is where the $ is01:59
nanthencodeneethcant install libpulse-dev in ubuntu 16.0402:02
nanthencodeneethplease help me02:02
sarnoldfsws: yeah. it's less fun though, and doesn't feel quite as good as helping eg research projects doing SCIENCE :D02:02
fswssarnold: good. the world needs people like you to do meaningful things that doesn't pay so well as supporting dumb rich folks02:03
Bashing-om!info libpulse-dev xenial02:05
ubottulibpulse-dev (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio client development headers and libraries. In component main, is optional. Version 1:8.0-0ubuntu3.10 (xenial), package size 69 kB, installed size 504 kB02:05
OerHeksnanthencodeneeth, did you run sudo apt-get update first? fresh lists02:06
sarnoldnanthencodeneeth: can you pastebin the output of apt install libpulse-dev libglib2.0-dev  ?02:06
OerHeksand properly dist-upgrade, to make sure02:06
OerHekssee the 1:8.0-0ubuntu3 vs 1:8.0-0ubuntu3.1002:07
tomreynnanthencodeneeth: did you do what has been suggested, though?02:10
tomreyninstalling the latest updates first of all02:11
nanthencodeneethno i shall do now02:11
nanthencodeneethstill the same error https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CqxHWGqR4v/02:15
sarnoldnanthencodeneeth: and apt update?02:16
tomreynsudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog02:17
tomreyn^ this may help us get an idea what the issue is02:18
tomreynalso the package and command apt-forktracer may help02:18
tomreynnanthencodeneeth: looks pretty clean (just wine is configured as a third party repository). did apt-forktracer list anything?02:39
OerHeksnanthencodeneeth, did you install the i386 version of ubuntu?02:39
OerHeksas your first post gives : aptitude show libpulse-dev:i386 ....02:39
gimmelI feel like I'm at a crossroads. I've been experimenting with FVWM and love the experience of it feeling snappier on an old laptop, along with overall great customisation. However, then I hit roadblocks. For example, I go and plug in an external monitor and don't know how to switch which side of the screen it extends. It feels like a cop out to call up a Gnome app to do such things. Is there a better way03:09
gimmelto have the best of both worlds?03:09
nanthencodeneeth@OerHeks no that was a wrong statment from me.I shall correct it03:11
nanthencodeneethtomreyn this is the output https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/S5dPfJmmtb/03:16
nanthencodeneethsorry for late reply . took quite a long time to install apt-forktracer03:17
lotuspsychjegimmel: fvwm might not handle things as in gnome, consider a new !bug against fvwm if it doesnt work out as you wish?03:35
akemhpgimmel, Try arandr to setup multi screen.03:42
jr0hi , im using nginx , i keep got ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS and here is my nginx config https://pastebin.com/raw/q8T6jZdR03:49
xrandrHi there, just curious when 19.04 will be made LTS? I'd like to use LivePatch for this sytem :)04:02
gimmelOf course, an old laptop still crashes occasionally. Did I miss any responses to my question?04:06
akemhpgimmel, try arandr.04:10
akemhpIt can be usefull to setup multi screen on simple window managers.04:11
gimmelakemhp: Helpful, thanks. But I'm also after a general approach to having gui access to similar configurations without depending on the Gnome Suite.04:25
akemhpgimmel, What? example?04:26
ComnenusHas anyone got chrome remote desktop working as a server?04:27
acresearchpeople i cannot find chrome on apt   how can i install the chrome web browser?04:32
gimmelakemhp: Screen config, wifi, and actually, that's all that come to mind right now. I did find an ncurses solution for wifi though. I guess I'm asking if there are any 'utilities gui' packs that aren't a full Gnome-style environment.04:33
OerHeksuse the deb from google downloads, it installs the repo list & key04:33
akemhpgimmel, Try wicd for the Wifi.04:34
acresearchOerHeks: why won't it be included in the apt?04:34
akemhpgimmel, Well that's what DE is for, getting all that packed nicely.04:35
OerHeksacresearch, license i guess, no linux distro gives chrome in their repos04:35
gimmelakemhp: Yeah, you're right. No worries. I'll just build up a library of one-off apps like arandr etc. Thanks for your input.04:35
acresearchOerHeks: oh,,,, so it is a closed source?04:35
OerHekschromium is opensource04:36
OerHekschromium is available as snap, iirc04:37
OerHeksor softwarecenter wil point it04:37
Comnenusdoesn't ubuntu include some proprietary and closed source stuff?04:39
ComnenusI thought there were some drivers in there or something04:39
gimmelComnenus: I'm pretty sure the proprietary elements are just drivers which are not installed by default. You have to select them during installation.04:54
Comnenusgimmel: but they're pulled from ubuntu repos, aren't they?04:58
ComnenusI'm really not sure.04:58
OerHekssee sources, yes, those packages are hosted by us too04:59
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.04:59
OerHekseasy to find stuff04:59
Comnenusso there's some other reason chrome isn't hosted.04:59
Comnenusnot that it's difficult to do it yourself anyway.05:00
OerHeksagain, license05:00
Comnenusthe proprietary stuff is licensed where you can?  but not chrome?05:00
ComnenusI'm coming from the red hat side of the house so I'm not sure why they do what they do, what you do what they do05:00
Comnenusand I'm not a lawyer.05:01
Comnenusjust interesting to know the difference.05:01
OerHeksgoogle wants control over hosting and updates, that is fine05:01
OerHeksother 3rd party devs choose snap packages05:01
Comnenusif owners make snap, sure.  No problem.  But why would ubuntu include 3rd party proprietary stuff, and RH won't, if it's perfectly legal?05:02
ComnenusPolitical reasons?05:03
OerHeksask RH ?05:03
Comnenusthey lean back on legal.  so I'm thinking it's probably political and not so much legal.05:03
OerHeksRH gives a repo with 3rd party drivers, no?05:04
ComnenusNot that I know of05:04
OerHeksnot included on the iso, ubuntu does not include them in the iso either, AFAIN05:04
OerHeksor AFAIK..05:04
Comnenusoh, fair enough05:04
OerHeksdebian releases 2 iso's too, one with and one without 3rd party stuff05:05
Comnenuswasn't aware of that05:06
acresearchpeople, how do i uninstall chrome?05:13
OerHekssoftwarecenter > chrome > uninstall ?05:16
gimmelacresearch: or Run sudo apt-get remove google-chrome-stable in a terminal.05:19
acresearchgimmel: ok05:19
acresearchso i guess now i won't be tracked as heavily?05:20
OerHeksget off the internet to be sure05:20
lotuspsychjeacresearch: chrome isnt officially support bu ubuntu, ask the maintainer?05:20
Comnenusdon't even bother.05:20
lotuspsychjeacresearch: use chromium-browser for the ubuntu alternate05:20
acresearchlotuspsychje: i don't think they wil reply,   they don't seem to reply to bug online,  i am facing a bug and in the forums it seems it has not been fixed in 201805:21
lotuspsychjeacresearch: i hope you understand its nothing we influence much neither05:22
gimmelacresearch: If privacy is your goal, head over to privacytools.io and read up. As a general rule, anything that even smells like Google is going to track. However, in privacy, Google isn't your only enemy.05:22
solhi. how can I activate redshift or equivalent filter IN THE DAY?05:38
acresearchlotuspsychje: gimmel true05:40
OerHekssystemsettings > devices >displays - nightlight05:40
OerHekssol ^^05:40
acresearchi am trying to reduce my dependance on google, but it is very difficult05:40
solOerHeks: I don't see that option05:41
OerHeksscroll down?05:42
gimmelacresearch: also check out r/degoogle on Reddit.05:42
gimmelacresearch: what particularly are you finding difficult in the process?05:42
solOerHeks: there's no devices. Its just System Settings > Displays, which is not a scrollable dialog05:43
lotuspsychjesol: are you in gnome?05:43
sollotuspsychje: how would I know?05:43
lotuspsychjesol: try recall?05:43
OerHeksif you ask support without other version than ubntu(gnome3) desktop, please say so05:44
lotuspsychjesol: you installed ubuntu once?05:44
solis there a command I can run to answer this?05:45
OerHekssure you knw what you installed05:46
solOerHeks: there is a process "gnome-session-b" running05:48
lotuspsychjesol: can you apstebin: uname -a && lsb_release -a && apt policy gnome-shell05:48
acresearchgimmel: all my research papers that have been published with me as corresponding author have my gmail account05:50
acresearchpluse other places,      its mainly the gmail account, and my youtube vidoes that i uploaded,   other than that i don't use anything else that is good (at least i don't think so)05:50
lotuspsychjesol: so, you are on gnome follow OerHeks advice for night light05:50
solnever saw a night light option on this dialog05:52
lotuspsychjesol: are you on some ubuntu derivative?05:54
solyou got my details there. I haven't done anything funny05:56
lotuspsychjesol: https://cloud.addictivetips.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/night-light-1.png05:59
lotuspsychjethats what it should look like on ubuntu-desktop with gnome05:59
sollotuspsychje: ok. I have ubuntu unity plugin enabled06:02
lotuspsychjesol: are you on unity desktop?06:03
soli don't know how to answer that. I opened compiz settings and see that unity plugin is enabled. I also see color filters that I'm looking for06:03
lotuspsychjesol: on unity, try to install redshift cause only gnome has nightlight by default06:05
sollotuspsychje: i've tried it, but it has no option to enable in the day06:06
Bashing-omsol: I douse redshift - but terminally minded: edshift -l 35.458866:-92.033032 -t 5500:4000 -b 0.8:0.6 & disown . See ' man redshift ' >> "-b DAY:NIGHT" .06:10
Bashing-omredshift -l ...... **06:11
uncle_beni'm trying to connect to a remote host using x11vnc through an ssh tunnel. instead of getting the active screen as usual, i'm now seeing a generic desktop screen. i'm not sure what's wrong or how to troubleshoot06:14
gimmelacresearch: Yes, granted, if there are publications with your Gmail account it's going to be difficult. The best you can likely do is restrict your usage of the Gmail services. Ideally to a specific computer or virtual machine.06:29
xrandris there a way, in Lubuntu, to not have the same icons from desktop on multiple monitors? All 3 of my monitors get the icon if i add a new folder to my desktop.06:30
acresearchgimmel: well true, but still the contents of my communications, wich are mostly academic work (i don't talk with family and friends over email)   but still - i am tired of allt he spam i keep getting06:30
gimmelacresearch: inform anyone you need to converse with to switch to an off gmail account.06:31
acresearchwhat is a better alternativ?06:31
akemhpxrandr, Are you mirroring your screen? I think you need to extend display, not sure for lubuntu tho.06:31
akemhpxrandr, Again i would try with arandr and check screen options of the DE.06:32
gimmelacresearch: again, check out privacytools.io06:32
xrandrakemhp: not sure if it is mirroring, because I can move different applications to different monitors without it duplicating. Just the stuff that I add to the desktop06:33
gimmelacresearch: https://www.privacytools.io/providers/email/06:33
akemhpxrandr, It's not mirrored then.06:33
acresearchok let me read it06:33
akemhpxrandr, There must be a setting for that but i don't know about it, sorry.06:33
xrandrakemhp: found it :)06:41
xrandrakemhp: for future reference:  Right click on one of the desktops -> Desktop Preferences -> Advanced -> and change the desktop folder to a new one. Then all the icons appear separately06:45
nikolamHi, what to use to control cgroups? I would like to limit firefox RAM usage on start (so it won't halt freeze machine) and I don't see "cgmanager" past version 16.04 .07:04
SkyriderQuick Q.07:18
SkyriderThe ~/.google_authenticator file, can this be set anywhere in the sshd config file as a location?07:19
SkyriderSo I can move it out of the home directory, so that ssh knows where to find the file for the user.07:19
nikolamwhat's the usage of ~/.google_authenticator ? One can always do ln -s and link it form elsewhere.07:22
SkyriderIn all the tutorials I read, the file is being created in your home directory. But doesn't say anywhere where it can be set to be read from another location.07:27
Fieldytomreyn: hiya, many months ago you helped me run down this bug: "When a password longer than 255 characters is set for any user account, this user will become unable to authenticate when running 'sudo' or 'passwd'." https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pam/+bug/1822736 . just wanted to ping ya, i just got bit by it again. was kinda surprised it's still an issue in the latest media. not blaming you07:28
Fieldyjust pinging :P07:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822736 in pam (Ubuntu) "Passwords longer than 255 characters break authentication" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:28
Skyridereg, I can use AuthorizedKeysFile to set the location of the key files.07:29
SkyriderWondering if there's something similar to set the google auth file. Without a symlink that is. Seeing the users doesn't have any home directory.07:30
Skyriderauth required pam_google_authenticator.so secret=/var/unencrypted-home/${USER}/.google_authenticator07:35
SkyriderGuess that works.07:35
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vltLavillanella: 2019-10-04 22:31:01     tomreyn Lavillanella: do you have mesa-vdpau-drivers installed?07:53
vltLavillanella: 2019-10-04 22:34:20     tomreyn if it's installed, try uninstalling it and restart chromium-browser, also toggle the chrome://settings/system  setting in chromium browser.07:53
vltLavillanella: 2019-10-04 22:35:03     tomreyn Lavillanella: oh wait you said 'chrome', that's not supported here, used chromium-browser instead.07:53
dnohi all could anyone tell me if wget in ubuntu supports multithread download of a single file-about to plunge into manual to find out how but hoping someone can save me a little time, please and thanks in advance08:07
dnotrying to dl a 25G car manual but browsers keep dropping the file with or without  a dl manager installed n used (both firefox and chrome)08:08
tomreynnanthencodeneeth: i had gone to sleep earlier, so could respond then, the apt-forktracer output suggests that you did not actually successfully run "sudo apt-get update" *and* "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" by the time you posted its output, yet. it's also possible that you're using a stale apt mirror server, a broken proxy server or the like.08:10
tomreynnanthencodeneeth: aside of that, you have a lot of untracked software installed, which may also explain why upgrading anything fails (since such software can introduce unresolvable package dependencies, effectively making upgrades so complex they can no longer run).08:11
tomreynFieldy: thanks for the heads up. It's certainly a corner case (very few will use passwords this long), but I'd also hope for someone more qualified than me to look into it if just to identify the proper software to file it against. i'll check back with the security team about it.08:16
Fieldyright on thanks tomreyn08:17
gettypewhy can't download this link via wget?: wget -q readthedocs.org/projects/beautiful-soup-4/downloads/pdf/latest/08:53
tomreyngettype: works here, the pdf just comes out as index.html09:01
tomreyngettype: and please do not cross-post to multiplle IRC channels at the same time.09:02
gettypetomreyn: i've fixed it. i thought i didn't write it.09:11
gettypetomreyn: thank u tomy.09:12
tomreynwith help from ##linux, i noticed09:13
gettypetomreyn: why are you spying on me?09:15
gettypetomreyn: You know what I can find maybe a different answer on this channel.09:17
tomreyngettype: i was not spying, just wondering whether you were asking the same question elsewhere at the same time, since you didn't respond here. it's just not very kind to engage volunteers in mutliple channels at the same time to all work for you when you.09:18
tomreyns/when you//09:18
tomreynbut (if you see a need to) let's move to #ubuntu-offtopic to discuss this more, please. it doesn't belong here.09:19
gettypetomreyn: Don't blame me anymore, what happened. there is nothing to do. I mentioned the reason and did not repeat. You wrote 100 lines for something that only happened once. I know my mistake, it won't happen again.09:22
tomreynFieldy: i got some feedback. since it's a corner case (and really just a DoS issue) it was suggested that we could examine it further on our own or bring it up on ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.U.C09:40
Fieldytomreyn:  ok. thanks for the info!09:40
Furaihttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ubuntu/test < does any one know if this is still being worked on and up to date09:55
tomreyn!ppa | Furai10:01
ubottuFurai: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge10:01
tomreynnote the WARNING. The page you pointed to also provides information on who manages this PPA (and to links for contacting them)10:02
FuraiYup, I'm aware of all of that. Was just asking if this is still maintained.10:08
FuraiAnyway, tried messaging people involved in that project. So far no response.10:08
jeremybFurai: does is still have the python3 dependency issue?10:09
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xrandrI'm not sure why, but xbacklight isn't having any affect on my screen brightness.  I'm not sure as to the video driver i am using right now, but whoch one can i use to mke xbacklight work?10:58
EriC^^xrandr: you could change it directly using /sys11:04
EriC^^xrandr: type "ls /sys/class/backlight"11:04
xrandrok, and what do I do with the files in that directory?11:06
EriC^^can you pat them11:06
xrandrI don't want to get kicked11:06
EriC^^xrandr: type "ls /sys/class/backlight | nc termbin.com 9999" and paste the link11:07
EriC^^xrandr: ok type "cat /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/max_brightness"11:09
EriC^^what number does it say11:09
EriC^^xrandr: ok type "echo 400 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness"11:11
EriC^^to change it to about half11:11
xrandrEriC^^: that works11:11
xrandrBut how can I get my brightness keys to work doing that?11:12
EriC^^xrandr: you could use some script that does it, i just remembered, did you try acpi_osi stuff in grub?11:13
xrandrthe brightness keys work in Unity desktop, just not in LXDE11:14
EriC^^xrandr: ah ok, try using a brightness script binded to some keys11:22
BluesKajHowdy folks11:23
EriC^^xrandr: there are scripts already made you can set it to increase by 10% when you press the button11:23
xrandrEriC^^: where are the scripts?11:24
EriC^^typo sorry11:29
EriC^^i dont know try googling for them11:29
xrandrok, ty11:33
IndustrialHi. I have installed openjdk11 and libopencv3.2-java11:38
IndustrialWHen running my program I get the error `java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no opencv_java in java.library.path: [/usr/java/packages/lib, /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/jni, /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu, /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu, /usr/lib/jni, /lib, /usr/lib]`11:38
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EdoctoorQuick Question: mkdosfs -n /dev/sdb -s 128 -F 32 -I not working for me when trying to format my sandisk 64 to have a 32 bit file system. sorry, but I have been going in circles, so please forgive me. maybe I not mounted right or something.12:00
Edoctoorerror mkfs.fat 4.1 (2017-01-24)12:01
Edoctoormkfs.fat: warning - lowercase labels might not work properly with DOS or Windows12:01
Edoctoordoes Ubuntu ignore /dev?12:01
lotuspsychjeEdoctoor: did you try gparted yet12:10
EdoctoorYes, I can do it a million other ways. I am trying to learn the file system and I am confused because DRIVES are not DRIVES in linux they are files and can not wrap my brain around it ... it a lot of work just to get a disto installed if you can not even format12:12
Edoctoorthe point isn't formatting the usb sdb it trying to do things and when they work you understand. When I do it a million ways, I am just getting exhausted12:14
tatertotzI've never had problems working with any block storage devices on ubuntu, including but not limited to SDcards12:14
Edoctoorgreat then it should be easy to point me in the right direction. or even help me if you have the time and wish to make a stanger very happy12:15
EdoctoorI am on the terminal in root12:15
tatertotzyou've got "one direction" you've decided to stick to already12:15
tatertotzyou're just not getting the results you want12:16
EdoctoorI am hoping to learn12:16
Edoctoormkdosfs -n /dev/sdb -s 128 -F 32 -I12:16
Edoctoormkfs.fat 4.1 (2017-01-24)12:16
Edoctoormkfs.fat: warning - lowercase labels might not work properly with DOS or Windows12:16
EdoctoorI got this far... but feel like it 7 years old info12:17
lotuspsychjeEdoctoor: please dont use this channel to describe every step you take, focus on ubuntu support questions only12:17
Edoctoormy bad, I thought you were asking for the results i wanted...12:18
Edoctooryes, noob mistake talking to a bot12:18
Edoctoorso is anyone willing to show me the command line, or is there a learning channel for ubuntu that I should use12:19
lotuspsychje!manual | Edoctoor12:20
ubottuEdoctoor: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:20
EdoctoorI'll take that as a no12:20
lotuspsychjeEdoctoor: see also the manpages of the package you are using, there's also ##linux or #bash if its not ubuntu related12:20
Edoctoorwow people would rather type out 16 sentences; instead of type a simple command... I gotta feel insulted by this12:22
EriC^^Edoctoor: try being more specific with your questions and you'll get answers12:23
EriC^^Edoctoor: e.g i ran this command, i got this output, this is what im attempting to do, some question here12:24
EdoctoorI did, scroll up.. has the command and the issue. then I got a warning.12:24
EriC^^and dont make the mistake of mistaking this channel as a personal crutch instead of learning how to search and learn things on your own, spoon feed ville12:24
EriC^^sorry i couldnt read it too much whining in between before and after12:25
EdoctoorStill a lot of words, and no help... so where is a spoonfeeding ubuntu channel for those just starting out their first couple of weeks?12:27
EdoctoorI would be happy to go somewhere where respect is considerd12:27
ioriaEdoctoor, as you can see that's a warning, because Windows does not  support lowercase letters in FAT32 labels12:31
EriC^^Edoctoor: i didnt offend you, i simplied said to ask a question and be specific, still ..whatever as you wish12:31
EdoctoorEriC^^,  I understand, however, if there isn't a place for new questions. where am I suppose to go to get enough knownledge to understand miles of docs written for those that already know.12:34
EriC^^Edoctoor: respect the channel, you'll get respect12:34
EdoctoorI am a old man, and very respectful12:35
EdoctoorI am also a programmer12:35
tatertotzI was an old man once12:35
EriC^^Edoctoor: this is a place for new questions, it's not the problem that the questions are new, i mean be more concise, dont indulge in "im a noob blabla this blabla that etc"12:35
EriC^^just be concise to the point and dont beat around the bush etc12:36
EdoctoorI did... read12:36
Edoctoorsomeone bashed me.. then everyone started flaming12:36
EdoctoorI ask a very clear question... and gave what I have tried. that was the closes to the solution12:37
Edoctoorscroll up.12:37
odpSounds like IRC to me12:37
EriC^^Edoctoor: that command is kind of wrong12:38
Edoctoorbecause ubuntu uses /media12:38
Edoctoorhow can I fix the command12:38
EriC^^no, that's completely irrelevant12:38
EriC^^Edoctoor: first, what are you trying to do? create a usb with fat32?12:39
ioriaEdoctoor, just umount12:39
EdoctoorI would like to format my sandisk 64 gb to be 32 bit, so it can handle many distros to in installed, is the reason, I don't care if winblows doesn't like lower case chars.12:40
axyHey all12:40
axyhow can I change the icon or a running app?12:40
ioriaEdoctoor,  and why formatting an entire drive ?12:40
axyI've changed the .desktop file, and the launcher icon is changed, but when I start the app the icon is still not edited12:41
EriC^^Edoctoor: handle many distros? what do you mean? like install live isos there?12:41
ioriaEdoctoor,  possible but unsual, usually you use partitions12:41
EdoctoorI thought it would be easier to ask for a simple solution.12:41
EdoctoorEriC^^, I want it to be able to install any distro on it, I don't care about win.12:42
odpIs your name Karen by chance? :P12:42
EriC^^Edoctoor: ok, well you need to partition the disk then to multiple partitions and install the distros you want to them12:43
EdoctoorThis is where I want to end up12:43
Edoctooryes, but I want to do it on sdb12:43
ioriaEdoctoor,  use fdisk to create partions and  sudo mkfs.vfat -F 32 -n MYDRIVE /dev/sdb112:43
Edoctoorand when I read that sdb is actually a file... my brain stopped working12:43
Edoctoorso much12:44
ioriaeverything on linux is a file12:44
EriC^^Edoctoor: what?12:44
EriC^^Edoctoor: i think that guide is for making a usb that can boot multiple iso's, not installed distros, unless im wrong12:45
Edoctoorit will let you run iso of distro12:45
EriC^^Edoctoor: yeah, but not an actual installed distro, is that what you want?12:46
Edoctoorif I am not wrong; the changes are that I am12:46
EdoctoorI want to make a challenge, and do it. to discover that I need a better understanding of what I have learned.12:46
EdoctoorI have done bash and ruby and now trying to learn ubuntu filesystem12:47
ioriaubuntu is not a fs12:47
Edoctoorwhat I am doing is not important, it the goal of knowning how it works12:47
EriC^^Edoctoor: ok do you want my advice?12:48
lotuspsychjeEdoctoor: thats not what this channel is for12:48
Edoctoorbe kind12:48
EriC^^Edoctoor: i'd recommend to read a little about disks/partitions/filesystems/boatloaders12:48
Edoctoorok where12:48
Edoctoorwould you recommend12:48
Edoctoorthat has it written in human language for new people12:49
EriC^^Edoctoor: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Partitioning12:51
EdoctoorAre you in Toronto, I'll buy you some beers12:51
Edoctoorthat was not the answer to my question: but it will be the answer to my goal. thanks12:52
lotuspsychjeEdoctoor: stop trolling now please412:52
EriC^^Edoctoor: if you read that, you should understand why it's not a good idea to do mkfs /dev/sdb , things will start to click12:52
EriC^^Edoctoor: also read about uefi as you have 2 booting methods along with legacy, and figure out which you will want to use12:53
axyHey all -- how can I change an app icon in gnome? I've edited the .desktop file and the icon in the launcher changed but when I launch the app, the icon is still the same.12:54
EriC^^Edoctoor: also read this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_boot_process#Boot_loader12:54
Edoctoorlotuspsychje, sorry, but I have not read the about how to chat with people that are masters hand book. if for some reason I have ticked you off, can you also give me a link to a SHORT listing of the rules in normal English?12:54
lotuspsychje!guidelines | Edoctoor sure12:55
ubottuEdoctoor sure: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:55
Edoctoorha ha12:56
EdoctoorThanks: have a wonderful day12:57
gst568923>> Hi, I am the owner of an Nvidia Geforce GT 705 (GF119) card and I installed the `nouveau-firmware` package to use video acceleration for playing files with the H264 codec. Going to check the files that the `nouveau-firmware` package goes to install, I noticed that the ones related to my chipset "nvd9" are missing, in the description of the13:12
gst568923package is the following statement: "This package is temporary; the nouveau drivers will soon be able togenerate this data on the fly." Can you explain what it means?13:12
DynVon https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop the Ubuntu 19.04 blurb mention "comes with nine months, until January 2020, of security and maintenance updates", if I do install it, how will my desktop be secure between that date and 22.04 LTS release?13:16
tomreynDynV: not, unless you'll upgrade to the next release, 19.10, beforehand.13:17
tomreynand then to the 20.04 LTS release, before you finally upgrade to the 22.04 LTS release.13:18
DynVoops s/22.04/20.04/13:18
DynVso I'll need to get to 19.10 either way.13:19
DynVis 19.10 release date planned?13:20
ubottuUbuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) will be the 31st release of Ubuntu, scheduled for October 2019 ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EoanErmine/ReleaseSchedule ). It will be supported for nine months. Join #ubuntu+1 for support and questions.13:20
DynVok then I'll wait 2 weeks to install Ubuntu on my new non-*nix machine.13:21
lotuspsychjegst568923: is there a reason why you dont install the nvidia driver instead of nouveau?13:22
gst568923lotuspsychje one day when nvidia decides not to develop the driver for my video card anymore, the proprietary driver will become unreliable because it will not be able to receive updates. With nouveau you can inspect the source code and continue to report updates in a more democratic way13:28
lotuspsychjegst568923: what does ubuntu-drivers list show?13:29
tomreyngst568923: in case you have this gaphics card installed in a computer which also has a graphics chipset embedded in the CPU, the embedded one *may* actually be faster, and would save energy.13:34
gst568923lotuspsychje currently I use the `nvidia-driver-390` proprietary driver because the `nouveau-firmware` package does not contain the firmware, for video acceleration, for my chipset, in fact I asked in the previous question what this word means: "This package is temporary; the nouveau drivers will soon be able togenerate this data on the fly."13:35
lotuspsychjegst568923: i dont follow what you are saying sorry13:37
lotuspsychjegst568923: you are using 390 and you want to install nouveau-firmware?13:38
miaI've been trying to change the icon of an app - I editedthe .desktop file however when the app is launched it's launched with a different icon. So I'm wondering how can I fix this issue?13:39
miawhen I do xprox to the launched windows (by the .desktop file) there is no WM_CLASS13:40
tomreyngst568923: if you're missing the firmware on your NVD9 (GF119) / Fermi generation nvidia card with VP4.2 video engine support, this article explains how to extract it from the proprietary driver: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/VideoAcceleration/#firmware13:42
gst568923lotuspsychje I installed both packages on ubuntu (open driver and closed driver) but currently I have selected the proprietary driver on software-propritaries-gtk because it includes those files necessary to make the video acceleration work (for example with H264 video files). I installed the `nouveau-firmware` package because with nouveau to make13:44
gst568923the video acceleration work you need a firmware that is the package.13:44
gst568923tomreyn in my case the engine is the VP5, so I should follow this guide: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/NVC0_Firmware/ but I would like the assistance of someone more experienced so as not to create problems!13:49
tomreyngst568923: i have never had to play with hardware from this company ... for reasons ... so i have no experience with it and cannot support you there. good luck!13:52
PhruisI did a evil thing13:53
PhruisI added windows fonts to my system and use them13:53
lotuspsychjePhruis: ubuntu support questions only please13:53
Phruisok opps13:53
=== The_Milkman1 is now known as The_Milkman
eraserpencilHi! When I'm log in to the default ubuntu 16 unity desktop, my network-manager works fine, but when log in to I3, it is disabled by default. could I get some help in tracing where went wrong?15:00
SethTHow do I change my name servers for ubuntu without installing anything? I'm getting could not resolve us.archive.ubuntu15:00
SethTI'm in 19.0415:00
tomreyn!YY.MM | eraserpencil15:02
ubottueraserpencil: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle15:02
tomreyn"us.archive.ubuntu" won't be resolvable either way, there is no "ubuntu" top level domain name.15:03
tomreynSethT: ^15:04
SethTSorry its us.archive.ubuntu.com15:05
tomreyneraserpencil: have you compared nmcli outputs?15:05
eraserpencilthere is something odd when I see dmesg, but I dont understand it. https://termbin.com/nmzgo15:05
SethTFor some reason I woke up this morning, tried to log into my ubuntu and it stopped loading the gui, starts sending me to the command line15:06
eraserpenciltomreyn: i needed to restart network-manger.service on og in for it to start working15:06
tomreynSethT: you can set resolvers for your network manager managed connection profile or on your systemd-networkd configuration or using netplan if you use this.15:07
tomreyneraserpencil: maybe your connection profile is a per user connection profile, not a system (wide) connection profile15:16
tomreyneraserpencil: what's the odd thing you see on this log?15:16
eraserpenciltomreyn: I restarted, and everything seems fine now15:19
eraserpencili dont know if it is the cause, but it might be because my current 'log out' method is pkill -u 0, maybe it stopped the network-manager.service15:20
=== Wryhder is now known as Lucas_Gray
tomreyneraserpencil: that's clearly why, and not a way to "log out"15:39
tomreynyou could also zero your hard driver in an attempt to shut down, but it's about as targetted.15:40
eraserpencilwhats the proper way to log out? via comand line15:45
coz_eraserpencil, try   gnome-session-quit15:48
eraserpencilbut if im without gnome?15:50
eraserpencilwould pkill -u 1000 be the right way?15:50
eraserpencilassuming im 100015:50
coz_eraserpencil, which DE?15:51
eraserpencilI'm currently on unity. But I'm curious about what would be a more portable command that isnt tied to a specific DE15:57
coz_eraserpencil, I still believe it is gnome-session-quit16:01
AktiveHow do I get apt to be as tidy as dnf16:13
Aktivewhen it shows the results, processes16:14
adacI started a "do-release-upgrade"  but Somehow it seems to be stuck here: https://pastebin.com/r3BkrbpM any ideas?16:25
lotuspsychjeadac: tell us the whole story please, going from wich ubuntu to wich? ubuntu server?16:59
lxd_rookiehi there i found some issue in the samba-ad-dc script service17:06
lxd_rookieafter provision de domain and run the test if the daemos is started by typing samba kinit administrator works17:06
lxd_rookiebut if the daemon is started using the script it fails17:06
lxd_rookieis it normal ?17:07
boredguyNginx reverse proxy? Head over to #nginx17:39
hans_i have a script named /startupstuff/stop_apache2.sh containing what you'll find at https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/uhcFLK69WDNyOcGFpgLUSg/raw?password=jETYWt94bOYmpfstd2 , and in crontab i have >>@reboot sh /startupstuff/stop_apache2.sh<< , and when i do "service apache2 stop", apache httpd stops (as it should), but when the cronjob runs, it gets "/startupstuff/stop_apache2.sh: 5: /startupstuff/stop_apache2.sh: service: not found"  , why doesn't17:50
hans_"service apache2 stop" work from cronjob?17:50
tdshans_: why are you stopping apache on boot in the first place?17:53
tomreynand which ubuntu version is this about?17:53
hans_it's 18.04, and i do it because i don't want apache2, i have nginx for webserver stuff, but i also have a package (roundcube) that incorrectly depends on apache2 (without listing nginx as an alternative, which it should but doesn't), and instead of fighting with apt, i opted to just turn off apache2 after boot automatically (and assigning it port 81 and port 444 so it doesn't clash with nginx..)17:54
tdshans_: roundcube doesn't depend on apache2, it just recommends it17:55
hans_ouch, so how do i tell apt i want to install roundcube and roundcube-plugins but not apache2 ?17:55
tds--no-install-recommends should do it17:56
tdsfwiw, even after you'd done this -- you could just apt remove apache2, or apt purge apache2 to uninstall it, or disable the service to stop it running, ie `systemctl disable apache2`17:56
tdsdefinitely no need to have cron calling stop on boot17:56
hans_tds, im incorrect - roundcube-core does not depend on apache2, but it *does* depend on libapache2-mod-php17:57
hans_ , which in turn depends on apache217:57
tdsdoesn't it depend on libapache2-mod-php or php?17:57
hans_hmm, yeah seems so17:58
hans_does php-fpm qualify as php ?17:58
hans_hmm seems like it should17:58
hans_oh now it seems im able to uninstall apache2 without uninstalling roundcube17:59
hans_(i thought i wasn't able to do that last time i tried, huh)18:00
tdsthe libapache2-mod-php depdendency does seem odd though, since on this box php depends on php7.2, which lists Depends: libapache2-mod-php7.2 | php7.2-fpm | php7.2-cgi, php7.2-common18:01
tdsmaybe just historical18:01
hans_i'm not able to uninstall apache2-bin without also uninstalling roundcube and roundcube-core tho18:03
hans_but.. i guess i don't really have to care about that18:03
hans_also not able to uninstall libapache2-mod-php7.2 without uninstalling roundcube*18:04
hans_hrm, Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/xvda1       50G   43G  3.7G  93% /18:05
hans_well it's ok, i have a separate /data/ partition for stuff that takes most diskspace18:06
garttCan you run an initial install of Ubuntu without an ethernet connection, using a wireless card only?18:12
garttFWIW using a minimal ISO CD too..18:12
hans_yes but i recon not from a minimal ISO18:14
gartthans_: Thanks, I didn't see an option or even a shell command for something like that either18:14
hans_gartt, your best bet would be using one of the unofficial/cd-inlcuding-firmware isos, https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware/current-live/amd64/iso-hybrid/18:14
hans_(i would go with the debian-live-10.1.0-amd64-xfce+nonfree.iso but that's just me)18:16
hans_ohh shit sorry wrong channel18:16
hans_gartt, sorry i thought i was in the debian channel for a minute, ah just one of the live ubuntu CDs would be fine18:17
hans_don't use that link tho, it's a different distro18:17
garttIt's actually a question for a friend abroad, with a minimal ISO18:19
garttSo I'll just wait for the next trip and do elsewhere with ethernet plugged into the hotspot box so DHCP will work for the installation18:19
gartthans_: Thanks anyway18:21
tdshans_: hmm, dumb thing, I think it may play along if you `apt install php` first?18:27
tdswith a bit of fiddling i've definitely just managed roundcube without apache2-bin or mod_php or any of that18:28
hans_tds, haha you're right! now i'm allowed to uninstall apache2-bin and libapache2-mod-php*18:28
hans_(without uninstalling roundcube with it)18:28
hans_tds, thanks!18:29
rud0lfi've seen rxp.tcl script for eggdrop that autocorrects things on channel when spots text like "s/ihvae/i have/"18:33
rud0lfis there similar script for irssi?18:33
tomreynhans_: in such situations where you need to massage apt a little to get around it installing packages you don't want: other than --no-install-recommends you can also use    apt install package-i-want other-package-i-want package-i-definitely-dont-want-    (note the hyphon to the end of "package-i-definitely-dont-want")18:35
hans_huh, hyphon, gotcha18:35
tomreyn* hyphen18:36
tomreynrud0lf: that's probably more of a topic for #irssi18:36
rud0lfoh dear, wrong window then, pardon me :)18:37
tomreynno worries :)18:37
amrasouli7970Hello, I am using Ubuntu 18.04 the. The problem here is screen has been rotated to right (90 degrees clockwise).  This mean I have a laptop with Ubuntu 18.04 but screen has rotated to right. I figure out that problem is from iio-sensor-proxy that is a sensor detectaioner.So how I can recunfigure this app and solve this problem19:14
lxd_rookiesome one knows how to see services start order in ubuntu 18?19:55
B|ack0por /exit19:56
B|ack0phi. i am changing value in /proc/acpi/ibm/hotkey  with command "echo 0xffffffff > /proc/acpi/ibm/hotkey"20:07
B|ack0pwhich makes working some keys on laptop20:07
B|ack0pbut after reboot volumes stop working20:07
B|ack0pit seems not saving20:07
B|ack0phow can i get it saved?20:07
B|ack0pi am trying to apply the fix in this article: http://ebb.org/bkuhn/blog/2014/06/08/volume-hotkeys-thinkpad-t60.html20:08
tomreynlxd_rookie: they start in parallel:   systemd-analyze plot >/tmp/systemd-analyze.svg; x-www-browser /tmp/systemd-analyze.svg20:23
ArchaicLordis/usr/local/bin is on path right?  I done  ln -s kitty-0.14.6-x86_64/bin/kitty /usr/local/bin/     I can not call kitty from any location?20:25
tomreynArchaicLord: what's the absolute path to kitty-0.14.6-x86_64/bin/kitty ?20:26
tomreynor "what's the full path to kitty-0.14.6-x86_64/bin/kitty" ?20:26
ArchaicLordit is /home/alan/Applications/kitty-0.14.6-x86_64/bin20:27
tomreynArchaicLord: then place the symlink in /home/user1/.local/bin instead (while logged in as alan, not using sudo): ln -s ~/Applications/kitty-0.14.6-x86_64/bin/kitty ~/.local/bin/kitty20:30
lxd_rookietomreyn thank you20:31
tomreynArchaicLord: while you can normally place binaries (as well as symlinks to binaries) in /usr/local/bin/ , you should only do this if those were located in a system directory (not a users' home directory such as /home/alan/...) and were safe against modification by anyone but root (however your "kitty" file is probably owned by alan)20:33
lxd_rookietomreyn i'm automating the installation of samba 4 ad on lxd with pylxd and everything works only that when i lift samba doesn't lift kdc, once the system is up stopping and restarting then it works, the log before the reboot says : task_server_terminate: [kdc failed to setup interfaces]20:34
ArchaicLordyes its owned by my user name20:34
lxd_rookiei think when samba go up the iinterfaces are down20:35
ArchaicLordbut ./local/bin is not a folder that exists or is on my path20:35
in_cognitoOMGoodness, it took about 38 mins for me to figure out how to get in here !20:36
in_cognitohello to all 1144 people here20:36
in_cognitoWHY-TF can't it be less typing?20:36
tomreynArchaicLord: after setting the symbolic link, you may need to edit, as alan, the file ~/.profile and uncomment the line after    # set PATH so it includes user's private bin directories20:37
tomreynin_cognito: hi there.20:37
in_cognitoanyone able to offer advice on setup of openvpn on a USB install of 18.XX, specifically with the get of dialog. Is dialog specific to openvpn or is it something used in other applications?20:37
nuala(irc is not designed to be barrier free *snickers* )20:37
in_cognito"setting the symbolic link" dude, what does that mean?20:38
in_cognitoopenvpn? anyone20:38
in_cognitoknow what that means?20:39
tomreynin_cognito: "setting the symbolic link" wasn't in response to you, you've missed the context.20:39
in_cognitolost the plot20:39
in_cognitookay, so a VPN roughly translates into a  tunnel20:39
tomreynArchaicLord: also, you would need to create this directory before you try to create the symbolic link20:39
in_cognitoand so, this is kind of an open vpn20:40
in_cognitolike an open tunnel20:40
in_cognitolike a bridge20:40
tomreynArchaicLord: and then you may not actually need to edit ~/.profile anymore20:40
in_cognitowithout a top20:40
tomreyn!enter | in_cognito20:40
ubottuin_cognito: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.20:40
ArchaicLordtomreyn .profile has those lines uncommeted but my path does not show it      /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/snap/bin20:40
B|ack0pregarding this link: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Thinkpad-acpi#Hotkeys did IBM thinkpad ACPI changed in the kernel?20:40
B|ack0pno longer supports old thinkpads or something?20:41
tomreynArchaicLord: which ubuntu version did you say you're running?20:42
ArchaicLord18.04 lts20:42
ArchaicLordI installed it yesterday morning20:43
in_cognitoyep. I just can't get dialog to install20:43
tomreynArchaicLord: and have you ever edited alan's ~/.profile?20:43
ArchaicLordrectory before you try to create the symbolic link20:43
in_cognitothe apt get or whatever, fuction comes back and says some other app makes a reference to it.20:43
EriC^^!paste | in_cognito20:44
ubottuin_cognito: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:44
ArchaicLordi only opened it when you said tomreyn20:45
tomreynArchaicLord: then just run this, as alan: mv ~/.profile .profile_backup && cat /etc/skel/.profile > ~/.profile && mkdir -p ~/.local/bin; ln -s ~/Applications/kitty-0.14.6-x86_64/bin/kitty ~/.local/bin/kitty20:45
tomreynArchaicLord: and then logout and login again.20:46
TwoTallin_cognito, anyone able to offer advice on setup of openvpn on a USB doesn't work as good as one would think. It not a solution when you have a tunnel and yet your apps are sending DNS names to your ISP... right?20:47
tomreynin_cognito: do you already have an account with some VPN service provider?20:47
TwoTallfood for thought20:47
in_cognitoya, at proton20:47
tomreynin_cognito: and they use openvpn?20:48
ArchaicLordafter running that i can call ~/.local/bin/kitty  opens kitty      if i just call kitty from any location it is not found20:48
in_cognitoi'm running ubuntu on a USB and there is not app so I need o configure it manually20:48
tomreynArchaicLord: that's after logging out and in again?20:48
in_cognitoTwoTall - using a fresh install of ubuntu each time I connect with very little app usage20:49
ArchaicLordwil try again now20:49
tomreynin_cognito: if proton supports openvpn then you can use the network-manager graphical interface to configure your vpn connection20:50
in_cognitoya, I was thinking the same...I'm not sure why I was in the terminal20:51
ArchaicLordlog out and in sorted thank you dude20:51
tomreynin_cognito: just install this package:   network-manager-openvpn-gnome    and then you can configure it using Settings -> Network -> VPN20:51
tomreynArchaicLord: and you didn't do it the first time ;)20:52
tomreynglad i could help20:52
in_cognitoYou know what suks, and what I only realized yesterday after installing? that everytime I reboot, all my **** get's wiped and it's a clean install, so I would need to do this stuff everytime I use the USB drive in order to get on the net20:52
ArchaicLordi placed link to /user/local/bin relogged and nothing not by just calling kitty20:53
in_cognitotomreyn do you know if persistence on a USB drive would help20:53
tomreynin_cognito: this sounds like you don't actually have a full installation on the usb storage but just a live / installer usb20:53
in_cognitoya, that is what it is...I was reading about full install but people were saying it's finiky especially if drivers are associated with the main HW20:54
AavarWhen is a good time to upgrade to 19.10 to minimize the possibility of a failure? Im a keen to upgrade, but not if it breaks my system :)20:54
tomreynin_cognito: i have no idea how to do an installer / live usb with persistence, there are probably guides on that on the web. the other option, which i prefer, is to have a full installation on a portable storage such as an usb stick.20:54
tomreyn!ubuntu+1 | avril20:54
ubottuavril: Eoan Ermine is the codename for Ubuntu 19.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+120:54
tomreynAavar: ^20:55
tomreynavril: sorry, not you20:55
Aavartomreyn: tnx :)20:55
in_cognitoi'm pretty pleased to have got the live thing functioning and I can use cloud apps via browser for most work, just a pain in the rear to have to reconfig each time. surely I'm not the only person thinking this.20:55
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tomreynin_cognito: if you have two usb sticks or just any two storages you can connect to the computer and can both fully erase, then you can write the installer to one of them, boot from that, and install a full installation on the other.20:57
in_cognitoya, man...that sounds about right. I was wanting to do that with a program that has a name that sounds like it rhymes with whales.20:59
in_cognitoit's so flipping complicted, seemingly. I need a USB hub becuase my device only has one USB port with it.21:00
TJ-in_cognito: have you used the 'casper-rw' file-system label method? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence21:00
in_cognitoi only glanced at that yesterday, I remember reading casper, opening the link, thanks21:01
TJ-in_cognito: "casper" is the name of the LiveISO boot system, and when there is "persistent" on the kernel command-line at boot-time AND it finds a file-system with the label "casper-rw", it'll use persistence21:03
in_cognitohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence, precisely it...I just heard that practically, these instances are prone to corruption because of driver issues21:03
TJ-in_cognito: corruption would only happen if the USB is pulled before the OS has been fully shut down21:03
in_cognitoso, that's great. realised I don't need a dialog for openvpn and have a good idea about persistence and casper...21:04
TJ-since, of course, the OS has to flush its state to the persistent file-system before powering off21:04
in_cognitoTJ- i'll  try not to do that. so I still need 2 drives to get one installed properly.21:04
in_cognitolet me read through all this stuff. ya'll are great.21:05
TJ-in_cognito: it's possibly to do it in place but I wouldn't want to try to talk you through the procedure right now!!21:05
in_cognitowhat about in 30 mins?21:06
TJ-in_cognito: folks like me - hackers - have broken it enough times to know how to modify the disk image layout in-place :D21:06
TJ-in_cognito: I'm about to go to sleep... and its not possible in 5 minutes!21:06
in_cognitodude, I'm an aspiring hakcer too21:06
in_cognitohilarious, y'all are amazing21:07
TJ-in_cognito: haha in which case, like me, you'll figure it out yourself :D21:07
in_cognitoalright, man, lookin out for you in about 8 hours. You need to get 8 hours of sleep, for sure. Don't get stingy on sleep time21:07
TJ-in_cognito: just realise the hybrid LiveISO images contain an MBR and GPT as well as the ISO9660 layout, so you can add additional partitions to the MBR/GPT covering the unused sectors of the USB Flash and put a file-system in that21:08
TJ-in_cognito: with the help of partprobe/kpartx to re-read the partition tables its possible to add partition(s) covering the unused space on the USB and have the running kernel recognise it so you can add a file-system to it with the 'casper-rw' label21:09
in_cognitoi saw all of that stuff listed on a rufus application interface. and the first time, I was creating the USB drive. I added a partition with a slider. About 10GB out of a 64 GB file. But then when I went to load the first time, it gave an error which I could understand. So I did the USB wirting again through rufus without the partition and it let me21:10
in_cognitolog on for the first time21:10
TJ-in_cognito: as in, the ISO image is ~2GB, the USB is, say, 16GB, so there's 14GB unused space21:10
in_cognitoya, mine is 64GB and I only tried to allocate 10GB and it wouldn't load21:10
in_cognitoI am going to read what you just typed out.21:11
in_cognitoith the help of partprobe/kpartx to re-read the partition tables its possible to add partition(s) covering the unused space on the USB and have the running kernel recognise it so you can add a file-system to it with the 'casper-rw' label21:11
TJ-in_cognito: I've never been too impressed with rufus from the experiences I read of here, and never used it myself21:11
OerHeksmkusb is a good tool for persistent https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/03/create-persistent-storage-live-usb-with.html21:11
in_cognitoand see if I can't get it done while the session is live21:11
in_cognitowait, is there a difference between a live session with persistence and a full installation on a USB drive? Am I still not getting it.21:12
OerHekserr, it is live+persistent, or install21:12
in_cognitoare there 3 options: 1.) live with no persistence 2.) live with persistence 3.) full install on USB?21:13
OerHekspersistent gives some write space, not to install stuff on it, AFAIK21:13
in_cognitonot to install, okay21:13
OerHeksand if you fiddle around with openvpn, you surely want the latest kernel and ssl packages21:14
in_cognitoI'll do both, compare the two.21:14
OerHeksso no live21:14
TJ-in_cognito: yes, 3 options. Nothing stopping installation to a USB device - that's how I do it21:14
TJ-in_cognito: when using persistence it uses an overlayfs with the casper-rw on top21:14
in_cognitoya, that's it... exactly, OerHeks, everytime I get on the system I need to have the VPN working, I don't want to have to reinstall each time,21:14
TJ-OerHeks: as far as I last checked casper-rw persistence is full system so packages can be installed and system configs are saved21:15
in_cognitoone sec, to a live system, with, for example, encrypted password files as a back up is good to have21:15
in_cognitolive with persistence, no access to programs but access to backup data, that's useful.21:16
Rboreal_FripperyHello, I have an issue with virtualbox after upgrading from 18.04 to 19.04, the module will not start: "vboxdrv: Unknown rela relocation: 4" in dmesg - I have tried reinstalling the package and rerunning /sbin/vboxconfig , without change. I am on the 4.13 kernel. Any idea how to go about resolving this?21:16
in_cognitocasper-rw allows for installation and saved config?21:16
tomreynRboreal_Frippery: how did you get to this kernel?21:16
TJ-in_cognito: from that help wiki page: "However, LiveCd sessions become even more useful when a persistent image can retain data and settings (even installed programs and packages) when the machine gets switched off"21:17
OerHeksTJ-, oh oke, good to know21:17
in_cognitoFUDGING AMAZING !21:17
OerHeksi would do a real install21:17
Rboreal_FripperyMy laptop has some issue with the more recent 5.x version (suspend would not resume) so some people online suggested to install the older linux-image packages and choose it in grub. This fixed the suspend issue.21:17
TJ-OerHeks: me too21:17
in_cognitodudes, i just got super excited. need a drink. hope y'all are here upon return !21:18
TJ-OerHeks: in_cognito it's possible to do a full install on the same USB as the LiveISO is running from, too, with a bit of jiggery-pokkery of the same type I mentioned earlier21:18
in_cognitopokkery and jiggery !21:18
in_cognitoare my speciality !21:18
in_cognitoi need to get this done tonight, or else21:19
tomreynRboreal_Frippery: it also ensures your system has an outdated, vulnerable, kernel version which is not supported here. i recommend you rather investigate what's not working with the proper kernel images, and try to make those work (maybe with some support from here)21:19
in_cognitothis takes too damn long man ! why can't we buy these damn things off - the shelf21:19
Rboreal_Fripperytomreyn: I can chip in on the bug reports for related to this kernel bug online, but from my understanding, unless I actually rewrote some of the kernel myself I don't have much chance of fixing my issue within the next few months at least, so I don't think this route is really viable.21:22
tomreynRboreal_Frippery: i'm too tired to go over this now, but would be happy to have a look tomorrow (so in a couple hours from now) if you like.21:24
tomreynRboreal_Frippery: the kernel you run will be why virtualbox is not working, though.21:25
Rboreal_Fripperytomreyn: you don't owe me anything, I was simply poking the channel for ideas. I can ask in a little while and see if anyone else might have an alternative approach.21:25
Rboreal_FripperyPlease, take a small break and relax if you are tired. :)21:26
tomreynbe sure to keep pointing out that you're runningan unsupported kernel while asking for alternative approaches here.21:26
Rboreal_Fripperywill do21:26
tomreyngood luck and maybe ttyl21:27
texlaUbuntu 18.04.3 gnome xorg  How to change panel colors ?21:29
shibbolethit is somewhat limited on bionic but can achieve this21:30
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/21:38
in_cognitoyo, who was I speaking with about some mins ago about openvpn on ubuntu and the lack of the need of dialog?21:50
in_cognitohttps://protonvpn.com/support/linux-vpn-setup/ requires sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome21:51
in_cognitowhen I run that command I get a message saying it's not available and may be obseleted...that SUKS that this is failing on step 221:52
in_cognitodude this suks, even sudo apt install resolvconf doesn't work21:54
OerHeksif you install stuff on live, run sudo apt update first, to get fresh lists21:54
OerHeks!info universe21:55
ubottuPackage universe does not exist in bionic21:55
OerHeks!info network-manager-openvpn-gnome21:55
ubottunetwork-manager-openvpn-gnome (source: network-manager-openvpn): network management framework (OpenVPN plugin GNOME GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.2-1 (bionic), package size 40 kB, installed size 200 kB (Only available for linux-any)21:55
OerHekssudo apt-add-repository universe would help too21:55
OerHeksso, good luck with your live session, i am loosing interest, as it is vulnerable ..21:56
in_cognitowhat's does it mean to be vulnerable? Okay, so...I should, skip to the end where I am getting my credentials from my VPN service provider?21:58
in_cognitodude, this suks. None of the options work.22:08
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dinosomethingin sound settings, you can test your speakers, and you can select "front left, front right, bottom left, bottom right" independently... how is this done? is there a simple way i can play an audio clip, but only play on the front left?22:19
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TwoTallI have the feeling that my connection is an issue: is there a way to check? thanks22:21
TwoTallresults, my ISP is doing it. Nothing I can do, I guess.22:28
c|onemanyou can complain on twatter22:29
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in_cognitodudes and dudettes. any advice on installing openvpn, I'm getting serious errors22:34
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tieinvin_cognito: it in the repository22:38
VinceNGood Evening Everyone.  I'm returning to Ubuntu after a long absence and looking for a little guidance on an issue I am having.  I installed 19.04 on my HP Pavilion Laptop and would like to have some form of remote access to it from my Windows Computer.  I've tried using the built in Screen Sharing function but it appears to be missing when I go to settings.  Near as I can tell I am not on Wayland.  I've been googling but I can't22:39
VinceNseem to find a clear cut guide on this.  Has anyone else run unto this or can provide any information or guidance?22:39
jeremy31VinceN: might want to try teamviewer22:40
VinceN@Jeremy31: was trying to stay away from a propriatary solution and just use something native but if thats truely the best solution I guess we can go that route22:42
jeremy31VinceN: you could always ask again in 20 minutes or so and get a different answer22:43
WaVthere is xrdp, and you can use the native RDP client on Windows to access your Linux machine.22:49
WaV@VinceN: Or if you prefer to use Vino VNC server, which is I believe what you're referring to in your original post then just sudo apt-get install vino. Just keep in mind you will have to set it up via CLI as the traditional vino-preferences is not available22:53
econdudeawesomeHi all. Any idea why this gives errors?22:54
econdudeawesomefind . -iname "*.csv" -exec temp=$(file -b --mime-encoding {}) \; -exec echo $temp \;22:54
econdudeawesomefind: ‘temp=cannot’: No such file or directory22:54
econdudeawesomeI've ben reading through the manual and it isn't clear to me -- I've tried several approaches to save the mime-encoding as a variable to pass but seems to be stuck (goal is to create schema using csvkit)22:55
catocalypsegood evening lads23:04
newdimensionI just noticed that the default group of my user is "users". When I run groups it shows a list of groups including users. However, in /etc/group the entry doens't have any user names in it: users:x:100:23:15
newdimensionIsn't it supposed to show all users?23:15
debcat /etc/passwd for users?23:17
thelmgnHi all, sorry if this is a stupid question, (or if you're all busy), but my system hangs for 1:30 mins on boot, because it's trying to find /dev/disk/by-uuid/1e4blahblahblah, but in my fstab there is no such listing23:18
debnewdimension, or cat /etc/passwd|grep $(whoami) to find out where you are?23:19
newdimensiondeb /etc/passwd doesn't have an entry for users23:19
debnewdimension, explain whats your question again?23:20
newdimensionMy user belongs to a group called "users". I expected to find a list of users belong to this group in /etc/group. However the entry is just users:x:100:23:21
xrandrIs there a group in Telegram for Ubuntu?23:21
Bashing-omthelmgn: The fstab an entry that can be removed ? What shows ' sudo blkid -c /dev/null -o list ' for the known partitions ?23:21
xrandrnewdimension: is there an /etc/group-  ?23:22
newdimensionxrandr: Yes23:22
newdimensionoh wait23:23
xrandrnewdimension: every group I belong to in my system, i am listed in /etc/group23:23
thelmgnBashing-om: https://termbin.com/9kp923:23
xrandrso are you sure you are part of that group?23:23
VinceN@WaV: Honestly, RDP would be prefered since i'm accessing this from Windows.  But when I tried to use xrdp while I can get it to connect to the PC and take my ID and password the session closes right after that and I can't get to my desktop23:24
xrandrVinceN: try Remina. It has a RDP Connection option23:24
newdimensionxrandr: There is a group-. It has the same entry of users:x:100:23:25
debnewdimension, man usermod23:25
newdimensionWhen I run groups it shows "users" in the result23:25
debnewdimension, add your user to the group by using usermod23:25
xrandrnewdimension: did you add your user to the group via usermod ?23:25
newdimensiondeb: I'm not trying to add the user to the group. I was surprised to find this group, so I'm trying to find out if anything else belong to the group23:26
debnewdimension, cat /etc/passwd|grep users23:27
xrandrdeb: don't you mean cat /etc/passwd |grep gid_of_users ?23:27
newdimensionNo entry for users there23:28
debperhaps a group without users?23:29
newdimensionMy user is part of it though for some reason23:29
xrandrdeb: that wouldn't be in /etc/passwd tho.23:29
xrandrThat would work in /etc/group, but not /etc/passwd23:29
xrandrsteve@steve-hp-ubuntu:~$ cat /etc/group |grep samba23:30
debi understand he said he belongs tu 'users' but 'users' group is not in /etc/groups, soo am lost :(23:30
xrandrnewdimension: are you using something like NIS or LDAP or Active Directory at all?23:31
in_cognitosudo ./protonvpn-cli.sh --install[!] Error: dialog is not installed. Install `dialog` package to continue.23:31
in_cognitodoes anyone know why dialog won't install on 18.03 tls?23:32
in_cognitoI have been trying for days23:32
OerHeksinstall on a live usb?23:32
in_cognitoi need it to get openvpn working.  on a live USB23:32
newdimensionTo summarize: https://dpaste.de/TSBJ, this is a digitalocean's VPS with no NIS or LDAP or Active directory setup23:33
xrandrisn't there an openvpn package available for Ubuntu?23:33
OerHeksdo that on a installed ubuntu on usb.23:33
in_cognitoi haven't got around yet to having it installed on the USB, does that mean that dialog won't work on a live session?23:33
in_cognitoxrandr https://protonvpn.com/support/linux-vpn-tool/23:34
in_cognitoI was following those instructions23:34
in_cognitoit's so irritiating becuase everything else instals expcept dialog23:35
xrandrWhat error does it give you when you try to install dialog?23:35
xrandrAlso, have you tried compiling dialog from source and installing that way?23:36
in_cognitodude, I have no idea what that means! where is the source of dialog, what does this all mean@23:36
nualaecondudeawesome: im guessing here but seems order of execution of -exec param, $() wrapper and {} substitution is … unexepcted… anyhow inspired by https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41917417/variables-in-find-exec-command maybe give this a try:23:37
nualafind . -iname "*.csv" -exec bash -c 'tmp=$(file -b --mime-encoding $1) && echo $tmp' \ - '{}' \;23:37
xrandrin_cognito: https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/dialog/download23:37
xrandrSee if you can download that and install it23:38
OerHeksdialog surely is a package23:38
OerHeks!info dialog23:38
ubottudialog (source: dialog): Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3-20171209-1 (bionic), package size 220 kB, installed size 1086 kB23:38
in_cognitoomg there are 400 links, which one and am I supposed to do that from the terminal?23:38
OerHeksagain, universe23:38
OerHekssudo apt-add-repository universe   # and run apt update ... but i gues syou will fail at the end, openssl check will fail if that VPN is tight secured.23:39
OerHeksdo that on a installed ubuntu on usb.23:39
in_cognitodude, I clicked on a link and then clicked on the file and then hit install.23:40
OerHeksgood luck23:40
xrandrin_cognito: in terminal, type sudo apt-add-repository universe23:40
xrandrsee if it will allow you to do that23:40
in_cognitookay...that command gave me a lot of lines of code returend and I clicked on the link and installed dialog23:41
in_cognitoso, I will try the following command again sudo ./protonvpn-cli.sh --install23:42
xrandrok, if dialog is now installed, you can continue on with the website's instructions23:42
in_cognito!!! DUDES, OMG you fixed it, but I have no idea what happened23:43
ubottuin_cognito: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:43
in_cognitoSo I need to remember the universe and that link to download dialog23:43
xrandrin_cognito: yes, if you're doing it on a live usb system instead of an installed system23:43
xrandrI recommend you install Ubuntu on your computer as an operating system. You won't have these difficulties23:44
xrandrOr, as OerHeks said, onto another USB stick23:44
in_cognitoyou dudes/dudettes are amazing. I am eventually going to get a full install on a USB, I am just trying to train myself on how to setup a live drive so I won't forget and then move to full install, muchas gracias23:46
xrandrYou're very welcome23:47
xrandrnewdimension: no idea then23:47

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