studiobot<Chris> Yes, lighter guage strings will help with barring an F chord with the index finger. Everyone struggles with full bar guitar chords at first because it requires a phenomenal  strength. Keeping bashing away at it and it will come. There is also an easier version of F major that requires barring just two strings.07:36
studiobot<Chris> Fwd from jubo2: <jubo2> I should probably learn to play a song that someone else would also recognize. Can't do F or even Fm, because my index finger does not seem to barré. Having 011 strings prlly contributes, I ordered up some 010's 009's for the electric and a ton of single E strings in all gauges07:36
JTode_What's the best horn section sound out there?16:49
OvenWerkswonko: please be aware that the controls config file has moved :)21:17
OvenWerkswonko: if you are making changes to master, master has changed in prep for 20.04.21:18
OvenWerkswonko: if using jack_control to start jack resulted in no jack hangs or restarts, then the newer version of controls may work for you also.21:19
studiobotMHG González was added by: MHG González23:06

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