blackboxswhi amansi26, it may be worth trying to file a bug and attaching /var/log/cloud-init.lo. What cloud/platform are your trying to deploy on? Openstack or something else?  DataSourceNone is coming up, which generally means cloud-init didn't detect the datasource type properly. It'd also be worth grabbing /run/cloud-init/ds-identify.log  and cloud-init status --long.02:46
amansi26Hi, I just trying to capture the image and deploying the lpar on top of it. Openstack is not involved in that.02:53
amansi26blackboxsw: Even sometimes I can this following error message also: stages.py[ERROR]: Unable to render networking. Network config is likely broken: No available network renderers found. Searched through list: ['eni', 'sysconfig', 'netplan']02:58

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