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aleksandrdvorkinhi guys01:31
aleksandrdvorkincan someone tell me why when i do sudo systemctl start bluetooth on my laptop it still shows that bluetooth is OFF is System Settings01:32
CarlFKaleksandrdvorkin: I don't really know, but I can guess:01:42
CarlFKthe thing you are turning on is what looks for on/off signals01:43
tatertotzaleksandrdvorkin: are you chatting from the system right now?01:48
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idknowhi all im trying to import an ova file into virtualbox on ubuntu and i keep getting this error "Result Code: NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG (0x80070057) , how would i import the file from terminal with virtualbox so i can get more details on the errors as a google search isnt showing much for my situation its a car manual from emanualeonline01:53
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rfmidknow, doc for the cli import is at https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/UserManual.html#vboxmanage-import02:06
CarlFKidknow: what do you mean by "import" ?02:08
OneM_IndustriesSo, question. What's a good html editor for someone who is completely new to web development?02:18
OneM_Industries(For ubuntu, obviously)02:18
xrandrOneM_Industries: you can use vim, gedit, or Visual Studio Code02:20
idknowCarlFK, i have a vm in a .ova file and i want to mount/run it but it crashes when i try from gui or terminal (import appliance)02:20
idknowResult Code:02:20
idknowNS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG (0x80070057)02:20
CarlFKOneM_Industries: do you want to get good at html, or kinda fake it and do the easy stuff?02:23
idknowhow can i get more log info about this vbox error code what would i type into terminal02:23
OneM_IndustriesCarlFK: Fake it, basically.02:23
xrandridknow: there should be a VBox.log02:23
OneM_IndustriesCarlFK: This is the kind of thing I'm looking to set up: http://people.physics.anu.edu.au/~amh110/Technical_pages/hyde_quick_tech_index.htm02:24
OneM_IndustriesNothing fancy, nothing high-end.02:24
CarlFKOneM_Industries: Hmm, it's been a while.  I remember liking BlueFish.  but here's a rundown ... apparently there are 10 choices?  https://www.lifewire.com/free-html-editors-for-linux-and-unix-346815402:25
OneM_IndustriesThank you! :)02:26
CarlFKOneM_Industries: and for giggles: http://txti.es/02:26
tatertotzOneM_Industries: vi / vim has worked nice for me for html editing02:26
OneM_Industriestatertotz: Ok, good to know.02:28
xrandrI'm at a loss for something to do right now lol02:38
xrandrI can't think of any more customization to do to this laptop02:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:48
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hypofelyhello people, I'm trying to make Ubuntu as my main OS and GPU passtrough W10. The W10 is on a NVME SSD can I boot it raw, without modification?03:53
Bashing-om!wsl | hypofely04:00
ubottuhypofely: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide04:00
hypofelyyeah, I'm well aware of wsl04:01
ayewhypofely: https://heiko-sieger.info/running-windows-10-on-linux-using-kvm-with-vga-passthrough/04:03
ayewwarnings: the process is difficult, depends on hardware support and can easily damage your install04:04
ayewmake a system image with clonezilla or dd before trying04:04
ayewi dont think you can take an existing install. if im being honest, just deal with the 10 seconds it takes to dual boot04:05
ayewits really not worth the effort. if you put windows in grub and have both os installed on fast ssds, its not too much time/effort to dual boot04:07
hypofelyI think virtual box can boot from a drive but that's don't have gpu passthrough04:07
hypofelyyeah well I don't really like restarting04:08
hypofelyclosing down VS projects04:08
hypofelyopening up04:08
ayewyou can't just use a virtual machine and pass gpu through04:08
hypofelyyes u can04:09
ayewor well you can, but not with vmware or vitualbox and maintain near-native performance04:10
ayewif you don't care about performance, sure04:10
hypofelyapperantly the performance loss is neglegable04:11
ayewas i said you can use methods like the one i linked above, but it isn't anywhere near as simple as setting up a virtualbox vm is. and is heavily dependant on hardware support.04:13
meme-dudeubuntu isnt a real linux04:14
meme-dudeit has proprietary bullshit integrated into it04:15
meme-dudeso the corporations can start raping you04:15
OerHeks!fud | meme-dude04:15
ubottumeme-dude: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt04:15
hypofelyI thought all these linux flavors just a GUI and software package on top of linux kernel?04:16
meme-dudecorporations are evil04:16
meme-dudehypofely: proprietary driver shit is included in the download of debian04:16
OerHeksmeme-dude, now stop it and keep this channel free for ubuntu support, thanks.04:16
daxmeme-dude: not really on-topic for a support channel, take it elsewhere04:16
meme-dudewhich allows corporate entities to rape your computer04:16
meme-dudeOerHeks: you aint an op.  kiss my backside04:16
meme-dudedax, sorry04:16
ayewok, but i also like my operating system to actually suport my hardware04:16
meme-dudetaking it elsewhere04:16
meme-dudeayew: does debian not support it?04:17
ayew> proprietary driver shit is included in the download of debian04:17
meme-dudei meant ubuntu lol04:17
meme-dudebut seriously04:17
meme-dudedax has ordered me to take it elsewhere so this conversation is elsewhere.  PM me if you wish to argue about driver tarballs04:18
elthis is not productive use of your or anyone here's time.04:18
meme-dudedax, which one are you supposed to be?04:18
hypofelyI'm interested04:18
meme-dudethere are 8 right?04:18
ayewif you want to be a FSF fanatic, theres plenty of other distros to use04:18
ayewno one is forced to use ubuntu04:18
ayewgo setup LFS.04:19
meme-dudeare you Lela, Tobin, Emony, Audrid, Torias, Joran, Curzon, Jadzia or Ezri?04:19
meme-dudemake up your mind dax04:19
elayew: not worth engaging in this discussion04:20
ayewalthough stuff like HDCP in screeping into the kernel, so you can only avoid so much04:20
yelofapt upgrade today on 19.04 machine used as a media center. Anyone familiar with what package updated, causing sound to cutout after 5-10 minutes05:03
tomreynyelof: i'm not, but is there anything in your system logs about it?05:03
yelofkillall pulseaudio, or pulseaudio -k will resolve temporarily, butonly foranother 5-10 minutes05:03
yelofupdate log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nqmS2TK28C/05:04
yelofI'm just not familir enough t guess which package migh be related.05:04
yelofthanks for any suggestions05:05
tomreynjournalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999    would post the systemd journal since the latest reboot online.05:05
tomreynapt-forktracer (package and command) lists leftover packages which probably should not be installed, or lack an apt source configuration to get upgrades from05:05
tomreyn(run 'apt update' beforehand)05:06
tomreyndid you reboot since this upgrade? ("uptime" would tell how long the system has been running)05:07
yeloftomreyn: of course did update befoe upgrade.  have done several reboots, following ubuntu sound troubleshooting guides.  It isnt throwing any errors at all.  sound just stops making noise during media playback of all types.05:08
tomreynok, the "run 'apt update' beforehand" recommendation referred to apt-forktracer05:09
tomreyni was wondering whether you rebooted since the apt upgrade to understand whether the upgraded kernel image is already active05:10
yelofyes is active, system also prompted for reboot in tray after upgrade.05:12
akem__Faulty driver?05:13
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tomreynyelof: your upgraded package list, more readable (but missing the newly installed 5.0.0-31.33 kernel packages, you were previously on 5.0.0-31): https://termbin.com/u9xe05:15
yelofhad to intall apt-forktracer, it does not print ny output05:16
tomreynokay, so (while i can always miss something), i don't see how any of these package updates would have broken sound, so it's more likely kernel related.05:17
tomreyn!bug | so i suggest you file a bug against linux05:19
ubottuso i suggest you file a bug against linux: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:19
yelofaken__: possible was working before update, tomreyn: so that means go back to prior kernel? thanks for looking it over.  will file bug if I confirm05:19
tomreynyelof: actually, good point, and i don't know why i wasn't thinking of this: do reboot and select the previous kernel image.05:20
tomreynand do it before you file the bug report05:20
tomreyn(ah you just said so)05:20
yelofwill do, thank you!05:21
tomreynso boot to
tomreynyelof: hey, do you have your speakers connected via bluetooth?05:27
yelofno, bluetooth i off as ell.  have wired or hdmi, both present the issue.05:28
akemyelof, It's a laptop?05:30
yelofno it is desktop. Has been over 10 minutes since I booted in the older kernel, still playing sound.05:36
tomreynyelof: if it'll work for 30 minutes, reboot to the latest kernel again, file your bug report, then reboot to the kernel image again. then make sure this one doesn't get automatically removed, by passing the packages returned by   dpkg -l | awk '/5.0.0-29.31~18.04.1/ {print $2}'   to    apt-mark hold06:01
tomreynyelof: to make the good kernel image your default (so you no longer need to select it at boot), you can use https://askubuntu.com/questions/216398/set-older-kernel-as-default-grub-entry06:03
tomreynbut if you do this, make sure you closely follow your bug report and do also occasionally try new kernel images, since running an old and outdated kernel image means running an insecure and buggy kernel image when time passes.06:04
yelofSo far so good, will see if it happens again tonight, and confirm the issue is present upon reboot tomorrow, and file a bug with more sleep.  Thanks for looking it over, I hadn't been thinking easy as kernel, was about to start rolling back packages.06:05
akemhp_You are lucky old kernel wasn't removed when upgrading, mine was last time and i didn't even know about it.06:06
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yelofit's a low risk system unless you want to steal my music... and yes I'll try the next release. with TBs of storage I usually leave a few old kernels.  speaking of both Audio, Wifi, and Bluetooth I'm used to issues, amazing how far the drivers have improved in a few years.06:08
rishavdoes anyone know where can I get power management driver for lenovo ideapad laptops for ubuntu?06:16
motaka2I am using lubuntu 16.04. Since 3 hours ago that I restarted my laptop, none of my usb ports work. for example my mouse does not work. but usb thetering works. Does any one know how I can fix this?06:18
doug16kmotaka2, keyboard still works, right?06:19
doug16k(I have no way of knowing if you are in irc on another machine or your phone or something, in case you think that was a silly question)06:20
tomreyn!crosspost | motaka206:20
ubottumotaka2: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.06:20
motaka2doug16k: yes it work. I can even share my internet with usb thetering. but mouse and external hard, regardless of to which usb port I connet them, it doesnt work06:22
motaka2doug16k: The message I receive during booting is: usb2: port 4 or port 2 etc: unable to enumerate usb device06:24
OerHeksso rebooting does not work.06:24
tomreynmotaka2: as guiverc pointed ou tin #lubuntu, lubuntu 16.04 is unsupported since April 201906:24
OerHekshow about unplugging devices, and try them one at the time:?06:25
doug16kmotaka2, this bug could be related: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20254106:25
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 202541 in USB "xhci_hcd 0000:15:00.0: WARN Set TR Deq Ptr cmd failed due to incorrect slot or ep state" [High,New]06:25
OerHeks3 years, dang06:25
OerHeksthen any bug would not be fixed06:25
doug16koh, ancient. nevermind06:25
motaka2tomreyn: my laptop is very old and since my ext HDD doesnt work, I can not backup06:25
tomreynmotaka2: then use a cloud backup or buy a new hdd06:26
guivercmotaka2, I run Lubuntu 18.04 on a ibm thinkpad t43 - i consider that ancient.06:26
tomreyn(or usb controller)06:26
doug16kluckily, laptops usually still use the good old i8042 keyboard interface. that thing is nearly infallible06:26
motaka2tomreyn: my HDD works. but it does not work on this machine because the usb stopped working. Now please be quite and listen to others06:26
OerHekssometimes talking nice to hardware works06:28
motaka2doug16k: my keyboard works. the touchpad works. just the mouse and the external hdd do not06:28
doug16ktalking nice to tomreyn usually works too06:29
motaka2doug16k: in ##linux someone repeat taht I should shut down my pc. so I asked in lubuntu. They said it is old. So I asked here. But he keeps saying dont ask several places and change your hardware.06:30
OerHeksjust upgrade to 18.04 lts06:31
tatertotzmotaka2: do your ports function when booted to LiveCD/LiveUSB?06:32
doug16kdid you try booting without the usb drive? they can be a significant load on the usb power rail, particularly if they are old/failing. the mouse might start working06:32
motaka2OerHeks: I have been using it on my VAIO NS110. It was really really slow. I was at final stages of writing my thesis. So I need to work with it just for 2 days.06:32
motaka2tatertotz: unfortunately I dont have a live CD or USB. I am connected to internet with my slow cellphone internet. I can nnot download and burn a new image06:33
doug16kdrooping rail can make all the usb devices send nonsense and mess up the controller's state machine06:34
motaka2doug16k: can you please tell me how to do that?06:34
doug16kshut down. unplug the usb hard drive. power up06:35
motaka2doug16k: ah yeah, I did several times, I unplugged everything. and then just plugged the mouse. but even the mouse alone didnt work06:36
vitimitiI've got a very annoying problem. 19.04 is completely unable to save my sound settings, every time I restart I have to change my microphone and its volume and I have to change my system volume, how can I fix this?06:37
doug16kcan you go somewhere with wifi? you can go through a phone to get to wifi without using your phone's data plan06:37
motaka2doug16k: no, I can not. this is my only internet source in this village06:39
motaka2doug16k: during the boot it says "unable to enumerate USB device"06:41
tomreynvitimiti: does this list much?   find ~ -not -\( -user $USER -and -group $USER -\) -ls06:43
vitimiti@tomreyn, it lists nothing06:43
EriC^^vitimiti: what about "sudo find ~ -not $USER"06:44
vitimitiEriC^^, it says "find: paths must precede expression: `vmatia'"06:44
EriC^^vitimiti: sudo find ~ ! -user $USER06:45
vitimitiEriC^^, that lists nothing06:45
doug16kmotaka2, can you post the output of: lsusb | pastebinit06:48
motaka2doug16k: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Mq6DbsPQNb/06:49
tomreynvitimiti: diagnosing this is probably not much fun, i suggest you just wait a few more days until ubuntu 19.10 releases, upgrade, and see whether it is solved then. if it isn't, come back. (that's unless you strictly need a solution now.)06:50
vitimitiThis has been happening since the move to GNOME, tomreyn, it's not new06:51
tomreynvitimiti: what were you running before gnome, and which ubuntu release were you on when you moved to gnome?06:51
doug16kmotaka2, I'd try the mouse in the same port you have the phone plugged into06:52
vitimitiI can't remember the number that Unity was being used last06:52
vitimitiI have been looking for a solution since, I've come now here cause I'm out of options06:52
lotuspsychjevitimiti: unity this exists06:52
vitimitiI beg your pardon?06:52
motaka2doug16k:  I have, it doesnt work. To whichever port I connect the ophone, it works. But to which ever port I connect the mouse or HDD they dont work. I event changed the mouse, yet no results06:53
OerHeksmotaka2, how about trying without phone/internet?06:53
tomreynvitimiti: unity was the default desktop on 16.04 LTS, and probably still on 16.10 and maybe 17.04. what were you running before 19.04?06:53
OerHeksif that does not work, then there is nothing we can do i guess06:54
vitimititomreyn, the same with the same problem, as I say, I have been looking for a solution since then06:54
vitimititomreyn, I have been following a guy's post in ask Ubuntu as well, but he has had no answers either https://askubuntu.com/questions/1177964/ubuntu-19-04-audio-settings-are-not-being-rembembered06:55
doug16kmotaka2, do you have a usb hub? could be your laptop's usb 1.1 root hub is dead but 2.0/3.x is ok. try plugging a hub into the laptop and plug your devices into the hub06:56
motaka2OerHeks: Yes, I tried that too and no positive results06:56
motaka4doug16k: I was diconnected for a moment06:57
motaka4pardon me if I missed any o your comments06:58
doug16k<doug16k> motaka2, do you have a usb hub? could be your laptop's usb 1.1 root hub is dead but 2.0/3.x is ok. try plugging a hub into the laptop and plug your devices into the hub06:58
doug16kpreferably a decent hub that is at least usb 2.0 (of course)06:59
tomreynvitimiti: what'S the output of    ls -l /var/lib/alsa/asound.state06:59
vitimititomreyn, ls: cannot access '/var/lib/alsa/asound.state': No such file or directory07:00
tomreynhmm well i'm not sure whether it should exist on 19.0407:01
vitimitiI haven't touched a single sound config apart from the GUI settings that come with the system07:01
tomreyni think on 18.04 LTS, "alsactl store" would normally write this file on shutdown07:01
motaka4doug16k: no I dont have07:02
tomreynvitimiti: okay, that was misleading, it's not where this is stored anymore.07:02
doug16kmotaka4, sorry, out of ideas. I wish you luck07:03
tomreynvitimiti: you can try to find out how these settings are meant to be retained over reboots (mostly be web search, i guess, look for something "pulseaudio" or "alsa" related), then see whether this mechanism works on your system.07:05
motaka4doug16k: thanks a lot for your care. There are lots of threads with "unable to enumerate usb device" but i dont understand what they are suggesting07:05
vitimitiAha. I think it'd be easier to ditch GNOME, but thanks for trying07:05
tomreynvitimiti: i need to head out for now. good luck!07:05
tomreynvitimiti: you can also ensure you have all needed components of the ubuntu desktop installed using   sudo apt update && sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop^    (the caret character is not a typo)07:07
vitimitiI have installed this again 2 days ago to make sure, still nothing. I'm just gonna install a different Ubuntu based distro07:07
vitimitiCause I haven't got all my life to fix this07:07
tomreynme neither, so see you07:07
doug16kstill amazed everyday at the issues people have that I don't :D07:11
doug16kI mean it's the same code...07:11
yelofdoug16k: speaking from experience its easy for hardware, or an extra package, or one missing can make it all different with no easy way to tell.07:22
yelofbut livecd, or fresh install usually sort it out07:23
doug16kECC and cpu running at correct frequency for the win! :D07:36
RegorI want to bind  unused Windows key (without any additional key)  to launch Terminal or any other app . on bionic08:04
ayewi dont know if that is possible - i believe that other than des havign implemented a workaround to hard bind it to a luancher, its read as a modifier key08:06
ayewi believe AHK on windows is capable of doing so though, so perhaps it is possible on linux08:07
onomatopieHaving some annoying issues.. Like clicks aren't registering properly etc. They act as if I have some key pressed08:16
onomatopieOr like I try to pause/play netflix and it flicks to the state I want.. Then back08:17
onomatopieHow do I troubleshoot this?08:17
onomatopieOk clicking on the main picture in netflix is now full screening it.. Instead of pausing.08:17
onomatopieIO feel like there must be a key pressed somewhere08:18
tomreynonomatopie: your ubuntu version, flavor, graphical desktop, kernel version, X server are?08:25
tomreynthis is a way to find out:   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)08:26
onomatopietomreyn: https://termbin.com/7ucf Very useful command/tool!08:32
lotuspsychjeonomatopie: kernel -31 is out, you might want to update if you like08:32
onomatopieIs there a guide for that?08:33
onomatopieI'm just a Windows man trying to escape08:33
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:34
tomreynsorry, that's the wrong hint08:34
lotuspsychje-uptodate tomreyn08:34
ubottuTo ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.08:35
tomreynonomatopie: ^08:35
onomatopieI'm just done that08:35
tomreynthanks lotuspsychje08:35
lotuspsychjenp ; )08:35
tomreyni assume kernel -31 is only in -proposed08:35
onomatopietHIS THING NEEDS A REBOOT perhaps08:36
tomreynonomatopie: to your original question: xev08:36
tomreynbut the occasional reboot can help, too ;)08:36
onomatopieI am forced to often08:37
onomatopieTHis damn thing crashes so often08:37
onomatopieAlso.. the worst sin of all .. No thunderbolt08:38
tomreynlinux-image-generic-hwe-18.04 is actually in -updates, too (but hasn't reached the apt mirror i'm using, yet)08:38
lotuspsychjeonomatopie: focus on the actual ubuntu questions, volunteers cant help on complaints only08:39
tomreynonomatopie: we can only help with software issues, i'm afraid08:39
onomatopieYes I know! !IUI wasn;t affter help on that08:39
onomatopie Let me reboot and see :)08:40
onomatopieAlright let's see.08:41
onomatopieAlright something is still a bit amiss with this08:44
lotuspsychjeonomatopie: tell us what you experience exactly?08:44
lotuspsychjeonomatopie: are these your hotkeys Fn+F or the gnome hotkeys you speak of?08:45
MJCDHey, i'm having a hard time ssh'ing into my basically just setup ubuntu 19 droplet08:45
MJCDcan't even connect from localhost lol08:45
onomatopieNot hotkeys08:47
onomatopieJust default behavious08:47
lotuspsychje!crosspost | MJCD08:47
ubottuMJCD: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.08:47
onomatopieLike clicking on a taskbar item should bring it up right? It is instead just flicking on and off08:47
MJCDlotuspsychje, sorry it just occurred to me its a -server question08:48
lotuspsychjeonomatopie: on wich item does this occur?08:48
onomatopielotuspsychje: The ones with multiple windows open08:49
MJCDon a non-server question08:49
onomatopieBasically: It appears that there is a key pressed somewhere08:49
MJCDam I really expected to do all of that08:49
onomatopieBut I cannot work out which08:49
MJCDjust to run znc on reboot lol08:49
MJCDlike surely just `sudo service register znc; service start znc`08:49
lotuspsychjeonomatopie: please elaborate, maybe take a screenshot of what you mean, so volunteers can think along with you08:50
tomreynonomatopie: do you have a lot of gnome-shell extensions installed?08:51
tomreyni.e.   ls -1 .local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ | nc termbin.com 999908:51
tomreynthis rather:   ls -1 ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ | nc termbin.com 999908:52
doug16konomatopie, press and release each ctrl, shift, alt key08:56
doug16ksometimes (since 1988) a keyup message doesn't get through, and the OS continues to believe it is pressed08:56
doug16kalso double press windows key08:57
doug16kwindows has same issue. nobody tests their keyboard hardware for packet loss.08:58
doug16kmight add a cent to the chip price08:58
onomatopiedoug16k: Such a nice low tech solution! Thanks.. I think it worked]09:01
onomatopieYes. Very much see,s to have worked09:01
zambai have just completed the installation of ubuntu server on a system.. upon reboot i get "no operating system found."09:14
zambai have attempted both the live installation and also the alternative installation09:14
zambagrub installation was run09:14
zambawhat's going on here?09:14
tomreynzamba: maybe you booted the installer in legacy bios / csm mode while the standard system now tries to boot in eufi mode, or the other way around09:23
zambatomreyn: i tried changing from legacy and uefi boot in setup after installation, but none took09:27
tomreynzamba: which ubuntu server version did you install, which installer did you use (.iso file name), which hardware did you install on?09:31
zambatomreyn: ubuntu server 18.04.3 LTS.. 64-bit version.. ubuntu-18.04.3-server-amd64..09:38
zambai installed on a lenovo thinksentre09:38
tomreynzamba: was there any error message during installation? is there a reason you preferred the alternative server installer over the default one?09:40
tomreynzamba: there's this rather old post about boot issues with a similar message as the one you posted, on Lenovo ThunkCentre hardware: https://askubuntu.com/questions/141879/error-1962-no-operating-system-found-after-installing-12-04-lenovo-thinkcentre09:44
doug16konomatopie, nice09:45
zambatomreyn: because the same thing happened with the live installation09:49
zambatomreyn: no errors09:49
zambatomreyn: but this is frankly outrageous09:50
tomreynzamba: access the bios configuration screen, make sure that SATA mode is set to AHCI, not IDE, not RAID.09:50
tomreynzamba: Once that is done:  At the top of the screen select the Startup tab. After this, go ahead and select CSM and hit Now select the Enabled option. Go down a little and locate Boot Priority, after which hit Enter. Now change the current option of Legacy First to UEFI First.09:52
tomreynFinally, press the F10 key and choose YES.09:52
zambatomreyn: is all this in the bios?10:01
zambatomreyn: i don't have that legacy vs uefi first option10:01
zambatomreyn: i suspect it's a too old bios10:01
zambai tried changing the hard drive now10:01
tomreynzamba: yes, it's all in the bios10:01
tomreynif it's an old thinkcentre, and old bios for this thinkcentre, it may not be able to boot in uefi mode, and you should make it boot in CSM / Legacy BIOS mode.10:02
zambatomreyn: how do i make it boot in csm/legacy mode?10:03
zambai don't have those options in my bios10:03
tomreynzamba: you timed out, maybe you missed this? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SZtH9K6rwR/10:04
tomreynthe latter part of this is from https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkCentre-A-E-M-S-Series/lenovo-thinkcentre-error-1962/m-p/4006406/highlight/true#M2278610:05
tomreynhere's a video if this works better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFJLJyVmQ-I10:06
zambatomreyn: i don't have that10:07
zambabut now i don't get "no operating system found", but instead i get a blinking prompt at the top right corner10:07
tomreynwhat does it say?10:08
zambatomreyn: nothing.. it's just a blinking cursor10:08
zambaif i select UEFI mode then i get "no operating system found"10:08
zambalegacy or auto just gets me the blinking cursors10:09
tomreynzamba: can you tell which thinkcentre model you have exactly?10:09
zambalegacy mode gives me the blinking cursor10:10
zambaauto or uefi gets me "no operating system found"10:10
zambait's a thinkcentre m8110:11
zambawith an old bios (2011)10:11
tomreynzamba: ok. and do you have options to set the boot priority of your storages etc in either uefi or legacy mode?10:12
zambaoh, yes, orry10:12
zambasorry* .. i have the boot mode.. auto/uefi/legacy10:13
zambaif i use auto or uefi i get "no operating system found"10:13
zambawith "legacy" it just gives me a flashing/blinking cursor in the top-left corner on a black screen10:13
EriC^^zamba: did you install in uefi or legacy mode?10:14
zambaEriC^^: in auto10:14
EriC^^zamba: do you have a live usb you can boot to troubleshoot?10:14
zambaEriC^^: yup10:14
EriC^^zamba: ok boot it10:14
tomreynlatest bios is at https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/gb/en/products/desktops-and-all-in-ones/thinkcentre-m-series-desktops/thinkcentre-m81/5049/downloads/DS01824510:15
tomreyn(second download is the .iso)10:15
zambatomreyn: how do i flash this?10:15
zambatomreyn: i need windows to flash it10:15
zambaEriC^^: "rescue a broken system"?10:15
tomreynno. you'd write the iso to a usb stick10:15
EriC^^zamba: i think so, we just need a live environment, never used the server iso before10:16
zambaEriC^^: ok, it's up10:16
zambatomreyn: which one10:16
EriC^^zamba: do you have internet connectivity in it?10:16
zambaEriC^^: yup10:16
zambaEriC^^: should i use the devmapper as the root fs?10:16
tomreynzamba: https://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/thinkcentre_bios/9hj958usa.iso - but keep working with EriC^^ for now. you can still do this later.10:16
EriC^^zamba: type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"10:16
zamba"the installed system appears to use a separate /boot/efi partition"10:17
zambashould i mount that?10:17
EriC^^zamba: ah ok10:17
EriC^^zamba: yeah mounti t10:17
zambaexecute a shell in the root?10:17
EriC^^zamba: type "efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999"10:18
zambai don't have dns working here10:18
zambabut i have the ip10:19
inershaI'm trying to get a list of every program that gets started during my computer startup. I've checked systemd services with `systemctl list-unit-files`, and also looked in crontab for anything that starts with @reboot. Is there anywhere else on Ubuntu I should look to find programs that are run on startup?10:19
EriC^^zamba: ok efibootmgr -v | nc 999910:19
zambaEriC^^: it completed10:19
EriC^^zamba: link please10:19
zambaefibootmgr didn't complete10:20
EriC^^inersha: there are your user programs under 'startup apps' in the menu10:20
EriC^^zamba: it hung?10:20
zambaEFI variables are not supported on this system10:20
inershaEriC^^: Thanks, didn't think of that. Can I access the list of these from the command line?10:20
EriC^^zamba: ah that means you're currently booted in legacy mode10:20
inershaOr are they stored in a file?10:21
zambaEriC^^: and what do i do then?10:21
EriC^^zamba: ok try "modprobe efivars && efibootmgr -v" in case that works10:21
zambaEriC^^: same10:21
zambaEFI variables are not supported on this system10:21
tomreyninersha: ls -l ~/.config/auto10:21
tomreyninersha: ls -l ~/.config/autostart10:21
zambashould i try installing ubuntu again now?10:21
EriC^^inersha: they are in ~/.config/autostart10:21
EriC^^zamba: no, hold your horses10:21
zambaEriC^^: i'm on an extreme deadline... :)10:22
EriC^^zamba: type "ls -lR /boot/efi | nc 9999"10:22
zambai have to get this system up in 30 minutes :D10:22
EriC^^zamba: k give me then 1min more10:22
inershatomreyn: EriC^^: Thank you!10:22
EriC^^zamba: mkdir -p /boot/efi/efi/microsoft/boot10:22
zambaEriC^^: done10:23
EriC^^zamba: try "mokutil --sb-state"10:23
EriC^^report back if secure boot is enabled10:23
zambaefi variables are not supported on this system10:23
EriC^^zamba: ok, type "sudo cp /boot/efi/efi/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /boot/efi/efi/microsoft/boot/bootmgfw.efi"10:24
EriC^^zamba: also, type "sudo cp /boot/efi/efi/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/efi/microsoft/boot"10:24
EriC^^try rebooting10:24
EriC^^zamba: use uefi mode not auto10:25
zambaEriC^^: "no operating system found"10:25
EriC^^alright guess my minute's over10:26
zambaEriC^^: so reinstall in legacy mode?10:26
EriC^^zamba: yeah that should work10:26
tomreynzamba: or you could upgrade the bios and try again10:27
EriC^^he says he only has 30mins to get it running *shrug*10:27
tomreynoh right, then do legacy10:27
zambatomreyn: not able to write that iso to an usb10:27
zambatomreyn: etcher says "It looks like this is not a bootable image."10:28
tomreynsee above10:28
zambawhen booting the installer, it says: "The installer has detected that the following disks have mounted partitions: /dev/sda"10:29
zambawhat is this?10:29
zambai just booted off the usb10:29
zambahm.. shouldn't it create a /boot outside the lvm?10:29
zambaa simple ext2 for that?10:30
tomreynif you'll be booting in legacy bios mode then a tiny bios-grub partition (so outside lvm) will be needed, but /boot can be on the lvm10:31
zambatomreyn: the installer doesn't suggest that10:31
zambacould this be the problem?10:32
zambathe underlying problem, i mean?10:32
tomreynthe reason why your system failed to boot is certainly a firmware issue.10:33
zambatomreyn: how do i write that firmware upgrade to a bootable usb?10:33
EriC^^it could be nit picky like acer usually is with uefi10:34
tomreynzamba: anything regarding that would be supported by your hardware manufacturer10:34
EriC^^zamba: if the installer didnt suggest a bios-boot then it's likely booted in uefi mode again, or it repartitioned the disk as mbr instead of gpt, but i doubt10:34
EriC^^zamba: if you have any sort of shell, you could confirm the booted mode with "ls /sys/firmware/efi" and look for dirs there which means it's uefi mode10:35
zambathis is insane10:35
zambai have a flight to catch in 3 hours....10:36
EriC^^zamba: if you really only have 30mins i wouldnt bother with the upgrade, go straight to legacy, in fact, you can force install it in legacy if you wish10:36
zambaEriC^^: where do i do that?10:36
EriC^^zamba: we could convert your already installed install to legacy if you want10:37
EriC^^zamba: boot the live session again quickly10:37
zambaEriC^^: why didn't we do that 30 minutes ago? :)10:37
zambai need to get this to boot, asap zulu :)10:37
zambai'm currently installing ubuntu again10:37
zambaso i have to wait for that to finish - and probably fail again10:37
EriC^^zamba: cause running 1 command is easier10:38
zambathere should be a more stripped-down version of the installer10:40
zambai seem to remember that debian had an installed that just installed what you needed to get a base system up and running10:40
zambabut at least i got the option to install grub on a device now10:42
zambaso maybe, just maybe10:42
zambaa separate step with "installing grub"10:42
zambaUEFI must die10:43
zambagod damn10:43
lotuspsychjezamba: please dont use this channel as complaints, focus on the ubuntu support10:44
zambalotuspsychje: sorry :)10:44
afidegnumsudo ln -s ~/navicat/navicat121_premium_en_x64/start_navicat /usr/local/bin/navicat , calling navicat from the terminal does not launch it but ./navicat from the program folder runs it... what am i doing wrong?11:01
tomreynfor software installed in your home directory (which may not be accessible to other users), you should rather place a symlink in ~/.local/bin (and ensure this is added to your users' PATH via ~/.profile)11:03
cluelesspersonThis onscreen keyboard keeps popping up11:03
cluelesspersonIt's disabled, but it keeps popping up.11:03
cluelesspersonAnyone know how to fix it?  Uninstall it?11:03
tomreynafidegnum: what i last wrote was in response to you.11:03
lotuspsychjecluelessperson: are you on a tablet?11:04
cluelesspersonlotuspsychje, yes11:04
LACampbell96is there a way to lock function keys? no option in bios, fn+esc does not lock them, xev is sending results when I press it.11:04
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, that's usually a bios thing, but there may be a software option11:04
LACampbell96cluelessperson: there's no option in bios, only an option to disable switching the function lock state. works in windows. any idea what software option? google-fu is failing11:05
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, I think it's a firmware/bios thing still, there may be a way to interact with the controller, for example my keyboard backlight I can toggle as well11:07
afidegnumtomreyn: how do i add it to PATH?11:07
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, is there a "media keys" option?11:07
LACampbell96cluelessperson in BIOS? nope. just an option to enable or disable switching the fn lock state11:08
tomreynafidegnum: did the directory ~/.local/bin already exist?11:08
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, Oh, so you're looking how to switch FN status, not to set function vs media keys11:08
LACampbell96right! I need to press fn keys to do home/end on this laptop, so it's a bit of a PITA11:09
LACampbell96on windows I can just hold down fn+esc, and it works11:09
lotuspsychjecluelessperson: there's a few tweaks in dconf-editor for onscreen keyboard, maybe take a look there?11:09
afidegnumtomreyn: yes, i created the directory and added the symlink11:09
cluelesspersonlotuspsychje, I think it's a standardized keyboard/firmware/bios thing, but should have a tihng you can do...11:10
tomreynafidegnum: then you'll need to logout and login again11:10
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, ^11:10
LACampbell96lotuspsychje will check out dconf editor11:10
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, checkout xinput and see if there's a property there.11:10
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, that's for me.  the dconf editor thing. :)11:10
LACampbell96cluelessperson yes I've googled for hours, I seem to be the only person on the whole internet with this problem (:11:10
afidegnumtomreyn: no need to add anything to ~/.profile again?11:10
lotuspsychjeLACampbell96: that was not for you..11:10
cluelesspersonlotuspsychje,   it's disabled in gsettings11:10
LACampbell96lotuspsychje coincidence, my mistake11:11
tomreynafidegnum: you should already have this in ~/.profile: if [ -d "$HOME/.local/bin" ] ; then PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" ; fi11:11
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, maybe in bios it's named with engrish.  "Hotkey Mode" ?11:11
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, what laptop?11:11
afidegnumno, i don't have it11:11
LACampbell96cluelessperson Asus zenbook, ux433fn11:11
LACampbell96googling xinput now11:12
tomreynafidegnum: which ubuntu verison is this?11:12
tomreyn!YY.MM | afidegnum11:13
ubottuafidegnum: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle11:13
tomreynah ok11:13
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, and you said it works in Windows?11:13
afidegnumi just added what you posted11:13
tomreynafidegnum: did you upgrade it from an earlier version?11:13
LACampbell96cluelessperson correct, on windows I can just hold down fn+esc and it locks11:13
afidegnumtomreyn: no, fresh install last year11:13
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, that suggests it's software only.  Or perhaps a driver thing11:13
tomreynafidegnum: did you copy your .profile from a different computer?11:13
LACampbell96cluelessperson yeah, I thought a kernel module might solve but it's very hard to google for11:14
afidegnumi think so i don't recollect, i added paths to other executables as well11:14
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, I'm googling the hardware11:14
afidegnumtomreyn: no wait11:15
tomreynafidegnum: ~/.profile is actually placed there as a copy of /etc/skel/.profile by the time you create the user account11:15
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, how do you like the zenbook btw?11:15
afidegnumi had this already PATH="$HOME/bin:$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH"11:15
tomreynafidegnum: and, unless you modified it, the code i posted would be in /etc/skel/.profile on ubuntu 18.0411:16
LACampbell96cluelessperson apart from this, I am enjoying it so far! tiny bezels. keyboard layout is a bit weird, but everything seems solidly built11:16
afidegnumtomreyn: that's the existing path i posted... PATH="$HOME/bin:$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH"11:16
LACampbell96I have been using windows sub system for linux for a while due to this, but it's not the same11:16
afidegnumso, i m deleting the one just added11:17
tomreynafidegnum: what you had there should also work,11:17
afidegnumtomreyn: no way, it does not work11:18
tomreynafidegnum: echo $HOME $USER $PATH | nc termbin.com 999911:19
afidegnumdo i have a valid path ?11:22
tomreynafidegnum: it is quite the mess11:22
tomreynafidegnum: you should definitely clean this up.11:23
afidegnumthat's my .profile https://termbin.com/5f5s11:23
tomreynthere are many repetitions in there:  echo $PATH | tr ':' "\n" | sort -uniq -c | sort -nr11:24
tomreynthere are many repetitions in there:  echo $PATH | tr ':' "\n" | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr11:24
tomreyn^ typo fixed11:24
EriC^^this one has 2 paths export PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/flutter/bin:$PATH11:25
afidegnumi can't see it11:26
EriC^^also this is redundant export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$GOROOT/bin:$PATH:$GOBIN11:26
LACampbell96cluelessperson I need to head to sleep, thanks for the help anyway. you helped me rule out BIOS. there's no xev event, so that's where to start.11:26
EriC^^$GOBIN and $GOPATH/bin are the same11:26
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, make sure to check out acpi_listen11:27
EriC^^afidegnum: there's $PATH at the start and $PATH at the end11:27
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, my keyboard keys are mapped to xev and acpi events11:27
tomreynyour goal should be to limit PATH components to the absolute minimum possible. otherwise it's hard to debug when you're running which binary. also, the order in which components are listed is important. you should always list custom paths last so they won't override system binaries, for example.11:28
LACampbell96cluelessperson I mean fn+f3 fires a bunch of events. fn+esc (the keyboard lock) just tells me I've released esc11:28
tomreyn(that's unless you actually intend to override system binaries, but that's better done with (more specific) aliases)11:28
cluelesspersonLACampbell96, so maybe the firmware is responsible for capturing it, and it creates an acpi thing11:28
afidegnumEriC^^: are you refering to this ? PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$GOROOT/bin:$PATH:$GOBIN11:30
afidegnum GOBIN=$GOPATH/bin11:30
EriC^^afidegnum: yeah11:31
afidegnumi think they are related and the golang breaks down when there is a missing variable11:31
BluesKajHi folks11:31
afidegnumEriC^^: how do i rewrite it ?11:32
EriC^^export PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/flutter/bin        and also   export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$GOROOT/bin:$PATH11:33
afidegnumdo i delete those ?11:34
EriC^^afidegnum: no make them as they are above11:34
afidegnumEriC^^: for go, i should remove $GOBIN right ?11:36
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B|ack0pis lubuntu supported by Ubuntu/Canonical?11:36
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours11:36
guivercB|ack0p, Lubuntu is an official Ubuntu flavor, supported by the Lubuntu team11:37
guivercB|ack0p, fyi: Ubuntu official flavors are easy to spot, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu-MATE, Ubuntu-Studio, Ubuntu-Budgie etc.. ie. Ubuntu is key in the name11:37
afidegnumEriC^^: is it correct ? https://termbin.com/0c7z11:39
B|ack0pguiverc: got it thanks.. i am downloading Lubuntu for my old thinkpad..11:40
guivercB|ack0p, fyi: to download flavors, don't ask google for official site (it tends to send elsewhere to sites with adverts) - ask ubuntu.com, or https://www.ubuntu.com/download/flavours11:41
B|ack0pyou are right11:41
B|ack0pi am downloading from lubuntu.net something11:41
tomreynthat's not their website11:41
B|ack0pwhich one is official? lubuntu.me or lubuntu.net ?11:42
tomreynthere's also #lubuntu here on IRC11:42
guivercB|ack0p, lubuntu.me - as tomreyn said11:42
B|ack0pthanks a lot!11:42
afidegnumtomreyn: is it correct now ?11:43
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tomreynafidegnum: you should be able to tell this if you're happy to have all of this listed in your PATH11:43
catocalypsewhat kind of system?11:45
lotuspsychje!who | catocalypse11:45
ubottucatocalypse: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:45
catocalypse soz wrong window >.<11:46
afidegnumtomreyn: i m trying hard to find my head out... here is the new echo $HOME $USER $PATH | nc termbin.com 9999    https://termbin.com/vdja11:47
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eekhoornI am trying to install ubuntu on my laptop. I just boot to the usb, but during the installation process my mouse and keyboard stop working. I can still move my mouse but clicking does not work an typing does not work. This only happens after ~10 seconds. In the beginning the mouse and keyboard work fine. How can I solve this?11:49
lotuspsychjeeekhoorn: wich ubuntu release are you trying to install please?11:50
tomreynafidegnum: if you're happy with the complexity this has now, you can logout and login again and run this to list all the components of your PATH in the order they're configured:   echo $PATH | tr ':' "\n"    and this to list the components which are listed more than once (there should never be more than one)   echp $PATH | tr ':' "\n" < path | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | grep -v '^      1 '11:50
tomreynafidegnum: typo fixed on the 2nd command:    echo $PATH | tr ':' "\n" < path | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | grep -v '^      1 '11:50
eekhoornlotuspsychje: ubuntu 18.04.311:52
afidegnumtomreyn: bash: path: No such path or directory11:52
tdsI'd like to netboot 18.04's installer - this all seems to work ok with the netboot images linked at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/bionic/ but is there any way to validate these?11:53
tomreynafidegnum: sorry, here's the second command again:   echo $PATH | tr ':' "\n" | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | grep -v '^      1 '11:53
TJ-eekhoorn: does that happen using the "Try Ubuntu" option without starting the installer itself ?11:53
tdsmaybe I'm missing something, but the mirrors don't support https (and I suppose shouldn't be trusted anyway), and I can't see any signed md5 lists or anything like that11:53
tomreynafidegnum: you now have 12 repetitions of /home/isodec/go/bin11:54
eekhoornTJ-: Yes. It also stops working after some time.11:54
tdsah! I'm being dumb, just found the sha256sums file :)11:55
afidegnumtomreyn: https://dpaste.de/Jd0h11:55
TJ-tds: you're effectively manually inside the archive. The signing root begins at http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/InRelease (Release, Release.gpg)11:55
tomreynafidegnum: now make it so you no longer have repetitions11:56
TJ-tds: it should also have an 'images' sub-root with hashes http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/11:57
tdsah yes, that was the set of hashes I just found11:57
afidegnumi m at a loss... what do i delete to avoid the repetiitons?11:58
TJ-eekhoorn: that sounds like a possible hardware related issue. I'm wondering if the reading of the USB device is suffering I/O errors. As a test, if you can do this fast enough, as soon as the Try Ubuntu desktop loads press Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal and type/paste "journalctl -bf" which will follow the boot log... if there are problems you'll then see clues11:59
afidegnumtomreyn: should i delete all $PATH ?11:59
pixelspaceshipstrying to put Ubuntu Desktop on a 2GB USB flash drive but the 19.04 image is 50MB too large and the 18.04 image is 34MB too large, any ideas? :D11:59
tomreynafidegnum: no, but you really only should list what you strictly require.12:00
afidegnumcan you pls post an example ?12:00
lotuspsychjepixelspaceships: burn the mini iso on it, then install all your likings from desktop12:00
tomreynafidegnum: you can see the defaults in /etc/skel/.profile12:00
tomreynafidegnum: i guess i can help and fix it up for you, but then you learnt nothing about it, and you really should since you seem to be a developer, and need to develop on a properly configured system.12:01
pixelspaceships@lotuspsychje I want the standard desktop though and I'm not sure which packages those are12:02
tdsTJ-: do you know if the netboot images are built once per release, or if they're regularly updated (am I better off using xenial rather than xenial-updates if I want the former)?12:02
eekhoornTJ-: I can type that, but journalctl -bf does not work. It says it cannot parse the f.12:02
lotuspsychjepixelspaceships: another alternate could be booting the desktop iso from grub method12:03
tds(in other words, how terrible of an idea is it to hardcode the sha1sum checks in my ipxe config? ;)12:03
lotuspsychjepixelspaceships: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot12:03
afidegnumtomreyn: i will take note, of the modifications, but i don't have an idea of what's causing the repetitions and /etc/skel/.profile contains the bare displayed at the top of the current .profile12:03
pixelspaceships@lotuspsychje that might be doable, grub is already installed. Thanks12:04
tomreynafidegnum: normally, the PATH variable of a logged in user "myuser" would be set to this on 18.04 LTS: /home/myuser/bin:/home/myuser/.local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/snap/bin12:05
tomreynafidegnum: if you can post your current ~/.profile i can see if i can improve upon it.12:06
afidegnumtomreyn: https://dpaste.de/8LEb12:08
truexfan81wow someone made a video about the first version of ubuntu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLX3vJgLdrw12:09
lotuspsychje!discuss | truexfan81 come join @12:09
ubottutruexfan81 come join @: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!12:09
diverdudeHi, what is 675/systemd-resolve that is bound to my port 53? I want to install bind9, but 675/systemd-resolve is blocking port 5312:10
satanisthi what is the best way to extend the size of a mbr extendet partition? (best on running system)12:10
tdsdiverdude: it's a local caching stub resolver - it should only listen on, so you can configure bind9 to listen just on your interface's IP if you'd like to run both at once12:11
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diverdudetds: but i think bind9 binds to
diverdudetds: "local caching stub resolver" <--- whats that?12:14
tdsit'll forward queries to the dns resolver your machine is using, and cache the replies, and can also be configured to validate dnssec12:14
tdsif you want to just send all queries directly to your own resolver, you can stop and disable the service, and reconfigure /etc/resolv.conf and nsswitch.conf to stop using resolved12:15
MikizHi all I'm having a problem on Ubuntu 19.04 with Slack links. I have Slack installed and in settings it looks to be set to open slack:// links but when I open a link in web browser and I get the Open xdg-open dialog and click to open nothing happens.12:21
MikizI don't know much about xdg-open, does anyone know how I might investigate this?12:21
cluelesspersonis there a way to completely rip out this on screen keyboard?12:22
cluelesspersonI want it to stop appearing12:22
cluelesspersonand yes, it's disabled12:22
afidegnumtomreyn: have you gotten it?12:23
tomreynafidegnum: still working on it12:24
afidegnumok, thanks a million12:24
diverdudetds: but /etc/resolv.conf should not be configured directly right? I guess thats some setting that will be overwritten then ?12:26
tdsdiverdude: what's currently managing resolv.conf? is it a symlink to one of the files provided by resolved?12:28
diverdudetds: im not really sure. how to find out?12:28
tds`ls -l /etc/resolv.conf`12:28
leftyfbcluelessperson: can you show the screenshot of the onscreen keyboard being disabled? Also, I see it still running in the top right of your screen12:28
diverdudetds: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 39 Sep  9  2018 /etc/resolv.conf -> ../run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf12:28
cluelesspersonleftyfb, that's a different onscreen keyboard software entirely12:29
cluelesspersonnothing to do with this one12:29
cluelesspersonleftyfb, https://i.imgur.com/RrS7RPe.png12:30
tdsdiverdude: so that's a file provided by resolved to make things use its stub resolver - you could keep using resolved by disable its stub listener by putting "DNSStubListener=no" in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf and then rming that symlink and pointing it at /var/run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf12:30
tdsthat way resolved keeps managing resolv.conf for you, and applications that go via nss will still use resolved directly over dbus, but it'll stop listening on udp/53 and allow you to start bind12:30
leftyfbcluelessperson: what version of ubuntu?12:31
ioriadiverdude, i think (not sure) you need to add  ' DNS=  ' to /etc/systemd/resolved.conf and restart  systemd-resolved12:32
leftyfbcluelessperson: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1326/block-caribou/12:32
cluelesspersonleftyfb, Ubuntu 19.0412:33
cluelesspersonleftyfb, that brings me to another problem12:33
cluelesspersonsometimes clicking on links, crashes chrome, or whatever browser12:34
leftyfbcluelessperson: ok, report a bug12:34
leftyfbcluelessperson: https://askubuntu.com/questions/960704/how-to-disable-the-on-screen-keyboard-in-17-1012:34
cluelesspersonleftyfb, how do I rip rout / uninstall caribou entirely?12:34
leftyfbcluelessperson: you don't know how to remove packages?12:35
cluelesspersonleftyfb, there is no package named "caribou" installed12:35
leftyfbcluelessperson: I don't know. If it's that ingrained in the system, it's probably not a good idea to "rip it out".12:37
MikizIf anyone can help with my slack links problem, I've found this error in logs: 14:35:04 gnome-shell: user-open error: Supplied URL scheme "slack" is not allowed12:37
cluelesspersonleftyfb, nothing should be "that engrained" it should all be modular12:37
tomreynafidegnum: https://termbin.com/04x612:39
leftyfbcluelessperson: I don't think it's caribou12:40
tomreynafidegnum: mv ~/.profile ~/.profile.beforetomreyns; curl https://termbin.com/04x6 > ~/.profile12:40
tomreynafidegnum: then review it, then logout and login, then run    echo $PATH12:40
tomreynafidegnum: make it this instead (sorry): https://termbin.com/yh0y12:41
afidegnumok, thanks,12:43
ioriacluelessperson,  that thing should be managed by gsd; disable it in universal access and maybe pkillall orca if running12:46
afidegnumtomreyn: thanks, i will make sure it sticks into my head12:46
tomreynafidegnum: i did not actually change much, so i'm not yet convinced that your effective PATH is now clean after logout and login.12:47
afidegnumthat's what i m doing now12:47
tomreynafidegnum: i.e. i suspect that you also modify systemenvironment variables elsewhere.12:47
afidegnumthis is what i have in my bashrc https://termbin.com/zu6o12:49
tomreynafidegnum: those last three lines really should be in ~/.profile instead12:50
afidegnumtomreyn: before i reload profile, this is the entry suggested to add to the current profile, is this correct? GEM_HOME="$HOME/gems"       PATH="$PATH:$HOME/gems/bin:$PATH"12:59
afidegnumtomreyn: no, this  GEM_HOME="$HOME/gems"       PATH="$PATH:$GEM_HOME/bin"13:01
leftyfbioria: orca is a screen reader (audio).13:06
tomreynafidegnum: here's how i'd do it: https://termbin.com/cywi   - also note that i made another mistake, which i just fixed up - I had appended those compoentns to the existing PATH, but should really have preprended them.13:09
Nothing4Youhow do i report a bug with ubuntu one if i can't login with ubuntu one?13:09
tomreynafidegnum: this explains what to watch out for when you edit your environment variables: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/26047/how-to-correctly-add-a-path-to-path13:10
Nothing4You"Report a bug on this site" redirects me to the login form13:10
lotuspsychje!one | Nothing4You13:10
tomreynNothing4You: /join #canonical-sysadmin     and read the channel topic13:10
ubottuNothing4You: one is letting me eat my lunch in peace here today13:10
lotuspsychjeNothing4You: create a launchpad account?13:11
Nothing4Youlotuspsychje: i'm trying to reset my password but it doesn't work13:11
TJ-Nothing4You: you could try in #canonical-sysadmin (see that channel's topic for how to report via the RT issue tracker too13:11
Nothing4You> Invalid characters in password13:11
Nothing4Youbut it has no list of unsupported characters13:11
Nothing4Youtried 5 different passwords, all rejected13:11
Nothing4Youi'll try in #canonical-sysadmin, thanks13:12
TJ-Nothing4You: could you tell what specific characters it was refusing?13:12
Nothing4Youi i knew that13:12
Nothing4Younone of these passwords are accepted ·ó®.~»]H¦'éª7]H´¬æQd-Fä`³UÊÀó*X$u¥6ÝÅØDÏ&Q_añ¨(!©Õ - ÊØWä(\D¢Ø¼=Vz2BÂÑó'¯_meV.Gs9,i´ÃÇagb¡n:`¶D=6×}\å3u - íM_÷"%?s]×%{7Z{qÔA,?8zQÈô]{õDezHsU¢¦;ß¹æÄn4ÀiÔ+¿-w - ür§:##è"ñtèëåúú/iä²äV»ñú3'Ò=º[Í7AÖ>æ¡BΫ"Æ\EGF:cض -13:13
TJ-Nothing4You: usually its to do with using punctuation, digits, 'special' characters13:13
TJ-Nothing4You: looks like you have an abundance of UTF-8 there, which may well cause issues13:13
Nothing4Youif the allowed characters are restricted the restriction should be listed on the pw change site though13:14
Nothing4Youwhich they're not13:14
TJ-Nothing4You: strictly, those aren't pass "words" but arrays of random byte values :)13:14
Nothing4Youbtw it's still extended ascii, doesn't require utf813:15
ikanoboriutf8 is still an extended ascii set.13:15
afidegnumtomreyn: this is waht i have https://dpaste.de/N1bQ13:15
ikanoborithere's like 300 extended ascii encodings ;)13:16
afidegnumtomreyn: https://termbin.com/l96o13:16
Nothing4YouTJ-: strictly, p3nrAGKbytAT2ZxC wouldn't be a password either, since it's not words :P13:17
afidegnumno, wait13:17
afidegnumok, this is the last one https://dpaste.de/amap13:19
TJ-Nothing4You: indeed that was my point... some systems can be very restrictive over what is accepted. However, in your case, I suspect length first, followed by use of some diacritics13:20
tomreynafidegnum: did you actually logout and login?13:21
afidegnumor should i reboot the system ?13:21
Nothing4YouTJ-: either way it's a bug, i'm reporting it via mail now. restrictions should either be lifted or documented13:21
tomreynafidegnum: no need to reboot, no. so you'll need to find out where else these are defined. see the stackexchange link for some suggestions.13:22
afidegnumhow do i find additional sources ?13:22
afidegnumlet me try rebooting, maybe it might correct it13:24
TJ-tomreyn: afidegnum  looks like additional scripts being sourced on log-in ... what a mess!13:24
tomreynafidegnum: the pam_env(8) man page has suggestions, too. see also environ(7).13:25
eekhoornI was trying to install ubuntu 18.04 but during installation after ~10 seconds my mouse and keyboard stopped functioning. It was suggested that it might be a hardware error .After I tried to install windows and this worked fine. However, I still want ubuntu so does anyone know what could be the problem?13:25
tomreynTJ-: here's what we started with:  echo $HOME $USER $PATH | nc termbin.com 9999 # https://termbin.com/rp1x13:27
tomreyn<afidegnum> that's my .profile https://termbin.com/5f5s13:27
TJ-tomreyn: have you tried "grep -n PATH= .* " ?13:27
tomreynTJ-: no. i just rewrote afidegnum's ~/.profile: https://termbin.com/cywi13:28
lotuspsychjeeekhoorn: did you reply on the earlier advice volunteers gave you?13:29
eekhoornlotuspsychje: but they did not reply back. They said that typing journalctl -bf could help with debugging the problem. However, the f is not a legal flag. So I tried journalctl -b and it did not show errors. There was something about safe boot. So I tried enabling and disabling safe boot but the same thing happened.13:31
lotuspsychjeeekhoorn: can you boot into a live usb session and try the journalctl ?13:31
TJ-tomreyn: those repeated "to the *end* of my PATH" comments don't match what the code is doing - is that intentional?13:32
eekhoornlotuspsuchje: So my keyboard and mouse stop working after 10 seconds. But if I am quick I am able to type it yes.13:32
tomreynTJ-: i made a mistake initially, I had appended those user / application specific PATH components to the existing PATH, but should really have preprended them, so they don't override system binaries. but then i forgot to update those comments to state so.13:35
TJ-eekhoorn: my fault, it should have been "journalctl -fb" (got the letters the wrong way around)13:35
TJ-eekhoorn: the aim is to 'follow' (-f) the 'boot' (-b) log13:35
cluelessperson Question, how do I make ACPI actions run as a specific users?13:35
cluelesspersonuser*,  for example, I can't change xinput without doing it from the user's shell apparently13:36
tomreynTJ-: so my goal in rewriting afidegnum's ~/.profile is to have the custom paths prefix the system wide PATHs so that binaries in the system wide PATHs will override those in the user configured ones13:37
cluelesspersonNo protocol specified13:37
cluelesspersonUnable to connect to X server13:37
TJ-tomreyn: aha ... it looks like a can of worms !13:38
tomreynTJ-: if you have a better way to do it, suggestions welcome. :)13:38
tomreynpersonally, i like to keep my $PATH as short as possible.13:39
TJ-tomreyn: from what I could see the same or similar command was called 4 times, since I noticed what is usually the last entry added by system "/snap/bin" at various points13:39
TJ-tomreyn: I always install to /usr/local/  rather than $HOME; looks like it needs an overlayfs on top of $HOME/bin/ to bring all those external packages into one PATH directory !13:41
tomreynhehe, yes, probably13:41
lotuspsychjeeekhoorn: wich brand of computer is this please?13:42
tomreynTJ-: i actually do it the other way around, keep /usr/local as empty as possible and place stuff in ~/.local/bin or elsewhere in $HOME where possible13:42
TJ-tomreyn: I guess you only operate from a single user/system; I have /usr/local replicated across the network for multiple systems and users13:43
tomreynTJ-: i see how that makes sense then, yes13:45
afidegnumtomreyn: this is what I've got so far https://dpaste.de/PqEh13:50
afidegnumbut i can't seems to call navicat from .local/bin13:51
tomreynafidegnum: the comments i added to your ~/.profile were incorrect, you can fix them by running:   sed -i 's/\*end\*/\*start\*/g' ~/.profile13:52
afidegnumwhat will it modify?13:53
TJ-afidegnum: tomreyn  repeats of "/home/isodec/Android/Sdk/flutter/bin" so I'd guess the entries in .profile are not required since something like .bashrc is sourcing another file that is also adding those13:53
TJ-afidegnum: tomreyn actually, "/home/isodec/gems/bin" repeats, which suggests .profle is being sourced twice13:54
afidegnumit's been sourced on .bashrc but i removed it and added it to .profile13:55
tomreynafidegnum: what this command i just gave you would change is the comments which currently would say  "Add my ... binaries path to the *end* of my PATH (not overriding system binaries)" - the command would replace "*end*" by "*start*" on these comments.13:55
TJ-afidegnum: something is still being sourced to add those, so check .bashrc (and any files it sources and so on)13:59
tomreynTJ-, afidegnum: the output at https://dpaste.de/PqEh (lines 2 to 10) shows what repeats - which is all the custom PATH components, so i agree ~/profile seems ot be sourced twice.14:00
tomreyn* ~/.profile14:00
WiseMonkHello,I created a new user on Lubuntu 18.04, and now when I connect to the internet it popups to create a new keyring. How can I set it to use the login-keyring instead?14:00
afidegnumok, i think there is a script sourcing .profile  initially, when ran to check the occurances of echo $PATH it returned nil14:01
afidegnumtill i manually sourced .profile14:01
afidegnumthat's how you get 2 occurences14:01
afidegnumI have fixed the navicat issue too... i added sh /navicat-path and it works14:01
afidegnumbut the terminal hangs. how do should the application be detached from the terminal so i can use teh terminal for something else, ?14:02
TJ-afidegnum: no script should source .profile, bash does that itself at INVOCATION for log-in/interactive shells14:03
tomreynyou probably needed to    chmod +x ~/.local/bin/navicat14:03
eekhoornlotuspsychje: It is an HP Zbook. I had ubuntu 16.04 on it. Worked fine, but I though Gnome would be nice.14:03
afidegnumi did chmox +14:03
afidegnumbut it returned empty14:04
lotus|i5eekhoorn: could be a kernel thing, perhaps try a !nomodeset to bypass?14:04
teryxeonhello guys14:05
lotus|i5welcome teryxeon how can we help you?14:05
teryxeoni just found out about this irssi14:05
tomreynTJ-: can you recommend a good summary of how dotfiles work / are sourced and on how PATH should be built? I was looking for a good summary in man pages and online but could only find https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/26047/how-to-correctly-add-a-path-to-path14:06
TJ-tomreyn: "man bash" INVOCATION ... " When bash is invoked as an interactive login shell..."14:07
tomreyni think i am aware of the major pitfalls but someone who has a lengthy path and supposedly develops software (like afidegnum) should really get to know how this works.14:07
lotus|i5!chat | teryxeon welcome to the ubuntu community14:07
ubottuteryxeon welcome to the ubuntu community: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:07
tomreynTJ-: hmm, yes, the (obviously bash specific) 'INVOCATION' section in bash(1) is not exactly easy to understand for new users but at least should be correct.14:09
WiseMonkhow can I create a login keyring for new user?14:09
TJ-WiseMonk: I *think* you need to start 'seahorse' the application that deals with Certificates and Passwords (has differing names in GUI menus but is "seahorse" in terminal )14:11
tomreynafidegnum: it's "chmod +x path/to/file", and commonly, when a command which does not need to provide output succeeds, it will create no output.14:11
WiseMonkTJ- I just installed seahorse,but it has no entry called "login.." is it just enough to create one with that name?14:12
TJ-WiseMonk: I don't know; I haven't used Gnome in 10 years but we do see issues with it when a user manually changes their password and it gets out of sync with the seahorse user keyring password14:13
WiseMonki use LXDE14:13
TJ-WiseMonk: Maybe LXDE doesn't handle it automatically. Might be worth asking in #lubuntu14:14
WiseMonkI use lubuntu.is there a remintal command to solve it?14:14
WiseMonkok ill try there14:14
afidegnumtomreyn: i moved to the location of the file that's after i edited it and added chmod +x :)14:15
tomreynafidegnum: so   ls -l ~/.local/bin/navicat    should now should that it has mode 'x' set14:17
tomreynafidegnum: and you should be able to run it as    navicat    as the "isodec" user14:18
afidegnum-rwxr-xr-x 1 isodec isodec 74 Oct  6 13:58 /home/isodec/.local/bin/navicat14:18
lotus|i5WiseMonk: lubuntu has not seahorse installed by default, start from terminal instead if you dont see a menu item14:18
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afidegnumbut this is not a symlink rather ... #!/bin/sh\n sh /navicat/navicat/start_navicat  where navicat is also +x14:20
afidegnumtomreyn: if i move to the real navicat folder, i can start it via the terminal but even that the terminal does not output a new line when the interface is launched14:21
WiseMonkI starte from terminal vial "seahorse" command,it doenst list a login keyring14:21
tomreynafidegnum: i do not know what "navicat" is or does, so i cannot tell what output it should (not?) generate.14:22
lotuspsychjeWiseMonk: https://help.gnome.org/users/seahorse/stable/14:23
tomreynafidegnum: if you have this \n character verbatim in /home/isodec/.local/bin/navicat then that's a mistake14:23
afidegnumi personally added the new line14:23
afidegnumthat characther is not in hte probram14:23
afidegnumnavicat is a database mamangement Software,14:24
afidegnumit's ok, i will manage it like that :)14:26
afidegnumtomreyn: thanks a lot for the refined assistance given14:26
tomreynafidegnum: you'Re welcome. i recommend you read up a lot more oin how shell invocation, dotfiles and the environment work in Linux userland, this is essential to understand when you develop software, or you will create insecure software and harm its users.14:27
tomreyni.e. you have a responsibility there.14:27
WiseMonklotuspsychje I just solved the problem, by creating an admin-user instead of desktop-user, seems to be a bug in Lubuntu 18.0414:32
lotuspsychjeWiseMonk: great, did they hand you the bug url?14:33
WiseMonknot yet14:43
WiseMonknot sure if only Lubuntu, could be other ubuntu variants as well, but I dont have them installed to check14:45
omega_doomhello. Could someone shed light on clipboard in ubuntu?15:08
EriC^^!ask | omega_doom15:10
ubottuomega_doom: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:10
omega_doomIf i copy some text in vim to prinary or to clipboard then i can paste it to the other vim instance. But i cannot paste it to the terminal or other editor.15:10
omega_doomLooks like vim uses different clipboard.15:12
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/15:13
imbezolomega_doom: are you using vim in a terminal? or gvim?15:14
omega_doomFor instance if i copy text via "*y or "+y then i cannot paste it to a terminal by using middle mouse button or paste menu.15:14
omega_doomimbezol: vim15:14
imbezolwhat terminal?15:15
imbezolare you running vim in, i mean15:15
ioriaomega_doom, vim --version | grep clipboard   (you want +clipboard, not -clipboard)15:15
omega_doom-clipboard         +jumplist          +persistent_undo   +virtualedit -ebcdic            -mouseshape        +statusline        -xterm_clipboard15:16
iorianot enabled15:16
omega_doomioria: How can i enable it and why i can paste to an other vim instance?15:17
ioriaomega_doom, you don't access the system clipboard when you copy on another intance15:18
imbezolbasically you have the option of using vim's own clipboard, which remembers other vim specific information about the cut, or the option of using X's clipboard15:18
ioriaomega_doom, you have to use another (gnome) version of vim15:19
omega_doomOh, is it really vim's own clippbard that allows to copy/paste between instances?15:20
omega_doomioria: gnome version? Is it gui version?15:21
omega_doomI want to use terminal vin.15:21
ioriaomega_doom, coplile from source15:23
omega_doomI installed vim-gtk and now vim --version | grep clipboard shows  +clipboard +xterm_clipboard15:27
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Sbur3I think I messed up an upgrade to 19.10. How do I get to a shell instead of the desktop? I want to try sudo dpkg --configure -a; but I can't16:30
gkhSbur3 Does <C-A-t> work?16:33
Sbur3gkh: Control Alt ... you mean the letter "t"?16:33
tomreyn!ubuntu+1 | Sbur316:34
ubottuSbur3: Eoan Ermine is the codename for Ubuntu 19.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+116:34
Sbur3tomreyn: Ok, sorry16:35
Sbur3gkh: Tried  the thing, but it didn't work16:35
gkhcontrol alt the letter t, indeed16:37
gkhWhat does your computer do now?16:37
gkhMaybe <C-A-F3> works? control alt, and the F1 key.16:38
tomreyngkh: you could join #ubuntu+1, where Sbur3 is still active16:49
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=== aiispassw78 is now known as aiispassw
B|ack0pmay i ask about lubuntu?17:10
tomreynB|ack0p: if it's generic for all ubuntu flavors, here's a good place. if it's lubuntu (GUI / dekstop) specific, #lubuntu may be better suited, but here it's fine, too.17:13
B|ack0ptomreyn: thx i already asked in #lubuntu but they seem to be sleeping.. i am having issue with desktop..17:14
B|ack0plubuntu is weird looking :S17:15
B|ack0ptweak tool doesnt work17:15
tonytB|ack0p you can probly also seek help in ##linux17:16
B|ack0pi will install back ubuntu ..17:16
B|ack0pit is light and fast but weird..17:16
B|ack0pmany things dont work17:16
tonytwith lubuntu you can also install alternative desktop enviroments17:17
tonytlxde, kde etc17:17
B|ack0pi did17:17
B|ack0pinstalled gnome classic flashback17:17
B|ack0pbut i cant login with gnome at login screen17:17
B|ack0pit doesnt show it17:17
B|ack0pactually it doesnt show me any option to choose desktop17:17
tonythad a simular problem when i install lubuntu. i install lxde and didnt see the option so installed lxsesion17:19
tomreyn!crosspost | B|ack0p (##linux)17:20
ubottuB|ack0p (##linux): Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.17:20
B|ack0ptomreyn: right sorry i was impatient..17:20
tomreynjust don't make it a habit, please ;)17:21
tonytB|ack0p do sudo apt-get install lxsession. log out17:22
LutinmalinHi folks! I'm having this three year old bug, any idea to fix it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upower/+bug/160615917:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1606159 in upower (Ubuntu) "Battery not recognized on HP Pavilion Detachable X2 10-N123NF" [Medium,Confirmed]17:22
tonytthat should/will add the option to chnage DE's17:22
B|ack0ptomreyn: ok..17:22
B|ack0ptonyt: thx someone is responding me in #lubuntu17:23
B|ack0pi thought they were sleeping :p my mistake17:23
tonytk. what i suggested works for me every time17:23
B|ack0pi will do it.. but probably gnome shell is not installed.. instead gnome session installed17:24
Lutinmalinsome details about the bug: https://pastebin.com/ynscXsH217:26
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monstercois it possible to move an LVM from one physical drive to another?17:51
monstercoI have a failing HDD and installed a new one17:51
B|ack0ptonyt: sorry tabbing you but what was the command you suggested earlier?17:56
TJ-monsterco: Yes; create a PV, add it to the VG, then use lvconvert --replace or --replace17:57
lenny_lemonhi. I play music after converting to flac format from rhytmbox and application just disappear but music still plays. How can i stop it? ubuntu 16.0417:58
TJ-monsterco: err... or --repair !17:58
TJ-monsterco: see "man lvconvert"17:58
monstercoTJ- so add to the same virtual group?17:58
monstercowhat is the command to add to same vg17:58
TJ-monsterco: if you've not done this before I suggest practicing in a virtual machine on another system first; it is easy to break it17:59
B|ack0pnevermind.. i will install ubuntu back18:00
TJ-monsterco: pvcreate <new-device> && vgextend MY_VG <new-device>    then use the lvconvert to move the LV to <new-device>18:01
lenny_lemonhow can I stop music from rhytmbox in background as application disappeared? in ubuntu 16.0418:02
monstercolvconvert is to move?18:04
monstercoTJ- I did extend and see 1.8TB instead of 931GB so this is good but I don't see the new drive showing in GUI (this is proxmox). Is there something else I have to do as well?18:09
TJ-monsterco: you'll need to use lvconvert with an appropriate option to move the LV(s) to the <new-device> PV from the <old-device> PV18:15
monstercoroot@pve1:/var/tmp/1# lvconvert -m 1 /dev/pve/vm-20245-disk-1 /dev/sdb118:15
t0th_-hi, how i can a copy a dvd with menus in linux? i need do this backup and pass it to pendrive.18:18
monstercoTJ- is my command switches for move of lvm wrong?18:19
nanthencodeneethi cannot install libpulse-dev on ubuntu 16.04 it is throwing error as https://pastebin.com/raw/euupH3L418:23
nualalenny_lemon: whats the output of 'ps aux | grep rhytm'? last column is important18:27
nanthencodeneethplease help me18:28
blb4393nanthencodeneeth: could it be that you marked some packages to hold?18:30
kostkonnanthencodeneeth, apt policy libpulse-dev libglib2.0-dev18:30
tdsmonsterco: are you using plain LVs or lvm-thing? iirc pve will use the latter by default18:30
tdslvm-thin even!18:31
monstercotds - lvm-think apparently18:31
monstercoand lvconvert mirror complains that it doesn't support it18:31
tdsyou might be able to move the entire thin pool to the new vg, but I don't think it's possible to move thin LVs between thin pools18:32
tdssorry, to the new pv18:32
nanthencodeneeth@kostkon i tried that and i am getting error as https://pastebin.com/raw/zyNTzeHS18:32
nanthencodeneethsorry output* as18:32
Phruiswhen i try to fullscreen a youtube video my screen freaks out18:36
lenny_lemonnuala, thanks. but killall rhythmbox solved the problem...18:37
kostkonnanthencodeneeth, open Software & Updates and make sure all the main repos are enabled18:37
kostkonlenny_lemon, you can access it from the speaker icon18:37
nanthencodeneeththanks kostkon . let me ceck18:38
OerHeksnanthencodeneeth, hi, welcome back, last time we found out that packages stay behind,  your install want 1:8.0-0ubuntu3 but the repos are at 1:8.0-0ubuntu3.10, no updates pending..18:38
lenny_lemonkostkon, wawww. silly meeeee... i didn't know that... thanks... not experienced with linux, still learning...18:38
kostkonlenny_lemon, np18:39
OerHeksmulti arch setup ..18:39
lenny_lemonwhat is good program to burn flac files to blank cd in ubuntu?18:40
nanthencodeneethis  thereany way to install   1:8.0-0ubuntu318:41
nanthencodeneeththere any*18:41
lenny_lemonor how can I burn flac files to blank cd to make audio...? is there any other files recommended to convert mp3 to make audio cd than flac files?18:44
rud0lfyou would lose quality converting to mp318:45
lenny_lemonrud0lf, no I have mp3 but need to convert it to some audio files...18:46
rud0lfBrasero is simple, nice burning app for ubuntu18:46
rud0lfit should accept and convert mp3's too18:46
rud0lfor rather, i would be surprised if not18:46
lenny_lemonwhat file type I should convert it to?18:47
lenny_lemonI have converted it to flac files...18:47
rud0lfwhat do you have initially?18:47
rud0lfi can see (have it running now) it accepts mp3, flac, ogg, wav, and wma18:48
lenny_lemonmp3 and flac... but mp3 does not recognize in mini system, probalby because mp3 is 1h relaxing music so big file...18:48
rud0lfno more formats on my disk18:48
OerHeksnanthencodeneeth, when i look back at your last visit, all your packages are old, https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/S5dPfJmmtb/18:48
lenny_lemonother mp3 like 3-8MB plays fine...18:48
rud0lfohhh so you don't mean "cd-audio"18:48
OerHekslinux-image-generic-hwe-16.04 should give but you have
lenny_lemonrud0lf, I want to make cd-audio18:49
rud0lflike the regular, old-school cd-player?18:49
lenny_lemonkind of...18:49
OerHeksi think your mirror is old, change it to main?18:49
rud0lfyou sure what CD-Audio is?18:49
rud0lfbecause when you're sure that's mp3 what is burned, it may be refular data disk, and your audio systems simply recognizes mp3 files18:50
rud0lfCD-Audio is 60-70 minutes of audio tracks18:50
rud0lfregular, not refular18:50
lenny_lemonMCM240 micro system Philips18:50
rud0lflet me google it18:50
lenny_lemonrud0lf, but other mp3 I burn the same way long ago it plays fine on same disc...18:51
rud0lfi guess that's a nickname for regular data disk with mp3 on it18:52
rud0lfoh, here's the answer "Audio files on an MP3 CD are stored like any other file on a regular CD-ROM, using the Yellow Book CD standard."18:52
lenny_lemonwhat does it mean?18:53
rud0lfso all you need is "data disk project" in Brasero and drop your mp3s there18:53
lenny_lemonI want to burn it into Verbatim CD-R 700MB 52x 80min18:53
rud0lfit means that mp3s are stored like a normal data on cd-rom/dvd, like games or galleries on cd are18:53
rud0lfi just said what you need :)18:54
tatertotzone day CD's for audio will truly be a thing of the past18:54
lenny_lemonI'll try to install brasero and burn it again as mp3, what you think?18:54
rud0lfi'm surprised cds are still popular and apps/drivers come in that format18:54
rud0lfyes, but remember to chose "data disk" not "audio cd"18:54
rud0lfbrasero should be in default ubuntu program repository18:55
nanthencodeneethis it possible to open Software & Updates for ubuntu xfce18:55
lenny_lemonrud0lf, don't have it on 16.0418:56
lenny_lemonalready installing18:56
rud0lfnanthencodeneeth: it's there18:57
nanthencodeneethyes it is possible i found out i sould have checked how to open software & updates before asking.Sorry for the silly question18:57
rud0lfno question in need to find a wanted solution is silly18:58
lenny_lemonSome files don't have a suitable name for a fully Windows-compatible CD.18:58
lenny_lemonThose names should be changed and truncated to 64 characters.18:58
lenny_lemoncould be that a issue?18:58
rud0lfi mean18:59
rud0lfyou need to fix it :)18:59
rud0lfi don't know what your audio system accepts18:59
rud0lfi quickly searched for manual for it, but all it's "DUH. it plays music, right?"18:59
lenny_lemonjust went through it and going with recommendations...19:04
lenny_lemoni tried other burned cd with mp3 and works fine...19:04
rud0lflenny_lemon: so "some" of mp3 does not play? or just the 1-hour one?19:05
lenny_lemononly the 1h... i got 4 of them on cd and play it on laptop but not micro system... but other mp3 files it plays fine...19:06
lenny_lemoni have started burning process as data disk as you recommended... will let know after burn...19:08
TJ-lenny_lemon: could it be the micro system has a file-size limit?19:08
lenny_lemonTJ-, that what I was thinking but how can I check it or find out?19:09
rud0lflenny_lemon: a proper datasheet from philips19:09
monstercotds - what is the command to move the entire pv?19:09
TJ-lenny_lemon: trial and error! I was working with some CD duplicator towers a few months back... had to use trial an error to discover that despite the CD-audio red-book standard requiring support for 99 tracks... they limited it to 43 tracks... and I was struggling to understand why my 46 trac masters were being duplicated into coasters19:10
lenny_lemonrud0lf, what is datasheet? you mean like supporting files or?19:11
rud0lflenny_lemon: i mean specification of accepted formats19:11
lenny_lemonTJ-, you mean like simulate before burn process?19:11
rud0lf"mp3" is a broad term19:12
rud0lflenny_lemon: it's like buying new tv and been told "it displays picture"19:12
rud0lfyou could search for some tool that recodes mp3 into "most common" and strips weird metadata19:13
lenny_lemonrud0lf, like you mean in more detailed way...?19:13
rud0lflenny_lemon: yes19:13
tdsmonsterco: pvmove is probably what you want, but I'd want to test it in a vm or something before doing it on a live thin pool19:13
rud0lfit's strange but mp3 interpreter/library is technically stream-oriented19:14
rud0lfit means it shouldn't be surprised by a big size19:14
TJ-lenny_lemon: no, as in create files of different lengths up to the size you know fails and try playing them on the micro system until you discover if a particular size triggers the failure to play19:14
TJ-lenny_lemon: the other thing to ensure is all files are encoded the same way ... some used a constant bit rate (CBR) others variable (VBR) - some players might have problems with particular combinations of rate or variablility19:15
rud0lflenny_lemon: found it!19:17
tdsmonsterco: also, if you don't need to do this live, you can avoid all the manual poking by just adding it as a new pv + vg + thin pool, adding it as storage to pve, and moving it through the ui19:17
monstercohow to move through UI?19:17
monstercothis is Proxmox 4.2 and I don't see any move but I see Backup and Restore which works for each and every container (one by one)19:18
rud0lfISO9660, Joliet, UDF-1.5; maximum title number 400, maximum album number 40, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48 kHz sample rate supported, 32-256kbps bitrate19:18
rud0lfsays nothing about file sizee19:18
monstercotds - but I have a problem of bad sectors on HDD so need to find a way to add the new HDD to allow them to get backedup to new HDD19:19
InnovAnon-IncI am dual-booting windows. Hardware clock is set to local time. The clock app displays the correct time. `apt update` says the release file is not valid yet. I tried `timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 && timedatectl set-timezone <timezone>`. Now clock app is wrong.19:19
rud0lflenny_lemon: are you familiar with using linux terminal? navigate to the directory where your 1-hour mp3 is, and issue a command: file <mp3-filename>19:19
rud0lfshould give you basic info about that file19:19
lenny_lemonit works now...19:19
tdsmonsterco: select your vm -> resources -> select the disk -> move volume should do it19:20
rud0lfcan you be more specific, lenny_lemon ?19:20
TJ-InnovAnon-Inc: better to set hardware clock to UTC and tell Windows to use it properly19:20
tdsi'm not sure if that'll just dd it over or rsync though19:20
lenny_lemonmaybe I burned it as audio instead data19:20
TJ-InnovAnon-Inc: unless there's an option in the GUI clock to compensate19:20
InnovAnon-Incyes, but I'm not really supposed to mess with the hard drive, BIOS/EFI or other persistent settings19:20
lenny_lemonso it supports long mp3 too...19:20
monstercotds - Move Volume doesn't exist where you said19:20
rud0lflenny_lemon: bingo!19:20
tdsmonsterco: oh, maybe it was only added in pve 519:21
tdssaying that, pve 4 is pretty ancient at this point, no?19:21
monstercoProxmox 4.219:21
monstercoprobably but i am stuck with it19:21
monstercountil i have time to wipe it out....19:22
tdsi suppose it's jessie, so still debian-supported for a bit19:22
rud0lfif you burned that mp3 as audio, it would be converted to plain data, and take 90% of space of audio cd19:22
rud0lfand would work with no problem19:22
lenny_lemonrud0lf, but what did you mean by mp3 is broad term?19:22
lenny_lemonwhat kind of mp3 there are?19:22
rud0lfmp3: various tags, metadata - album art for example, various encoding way19:22
monstercotds -19:22
TJ-lenny_lemon: CD-audio stores raw PCM data, it doesn't do compression like MP3. It requires 44.1KHz 16-bit  PCM data (usually read from WAV files)19:23
lenny_lemonTJ-, because it plays mp3 know is more convenient to use it as I store more music on cd than in audio files19:25
tdsmonsterco: oh yes, it was only implemented in 2018 https://git.proxmox.com/?p=pve-container.git;a=commit;h=3c0f680645fea5284c88c0bfcf0b6b23fc30ce2f19:26
tdsand your version of pve-container will be from 201619:27
monstercoah I see - shame for my server19:27
monstercoI am doing a dd on one of the containers just to make sure I have a backup19:27
monstercoand I think it's showing some bad sectors19:27
monstercois this so?19:27
monstercodd: error reading ‘/dev/pve/vm-20121-disk-1’: Input/output error19:27
monstercoabout 14 records are bad?19:27
TJ-lenny_lemon: that's the use-case for them... a regular ISO9660 level-2 file-system allows 212 character paths (directory + filename)19:27
tomreynmonsterco: are you actually running ubuntu there?19:28
doug16kmonsterco, check dmesg19:28
tdstomreyn: pve is ubuntu-ish :)19:28
monstercodoug16k - it's a failing HDD and dmesg shows19:29
doug16kmonsterco, use ddrescue to dd a bad drive, it will tolerate errors without quitting so easily19:30
monstercodoug16k - for your entertainment: https://termbin.com/ctsu19:30
monstercodoug16k - do you think this will quit? it has been going on for a while19:30
monstercoMy problem is that after the move everything is still bad which it will most likely be. MySQL inside the container was not running :(19:31
doug16kmonsterco, SATA right? linux error handling with NCQ is sloppy. it fails all outstanding commands on error. I'd suggest disabling NCQ on that port19:32
monsterconot sure if sata or scissi - how can I tell? but i think it is sata19:32
monstercodoug16k - do you think this will get to the 95gb mark?19:33
monstercoor am i wasting time19:33
monstercop.s. what does that +14 records in mean? that is 14 bad sectors?19:34
doug16k14MB/s? ouch19:34
doug16kmonsterco, should be nearly two hours, assuming speed stays about there19:36
monstercodoug16k - yeah and that is excruciating. Going from one HDD to another. Is there a faster way?19:36
doug16kfailing drives retry a ton of times before reporting failure. not much you can do if you care at all about recovering something19:37
doug16kit's doing its best19:38
monstercoso if MySQL still fails after I turn ON this container, is there anything I can do or it's pretty much gone?19:39
TJ-monsterco: was the data not on a RAID mirror? not backed up (dumped) or snap-shotted?19:42
TJ-monsterco: then, as the saying goes, that data wasn't important19:43
InnovAnon-Incok I figured it out. if your hw clock is set to local time, and you can't make persistent changes to the system, then `timezonectl set-timezone <tz>&&timedatectl set-local-rtc 0&&timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 --adjust-system-clock` then `apt update` will work19:44
TJ-InnovAnon-Inc: great find :)19:44
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um1b0zuhey hey. I have a vpn that I'm connected to but I don't think all traffic is being routed through that. How do I set all my traffic to route through it?19:50
akemhpum1b0zu, With ufw.19:51
akemhpum1b0zu, Here is some example stuff that may be usefull for you: https://pastebin.com/xpW0ViAN19:54
TJ-um1b0zu: ensure the VPN is set as the default gateway and has lowest metric (highest preference)19:55
akemhpJust pick up the important stuff like "default deny", and "allow in/out" for tun019:55
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um1b0zuTJ- do you know of a tutorial that explains this?20:36
monstercoso guys what does this mean?20:38
monsterco79858+14 records in20:38
monsterco14 bad sectors or more?20:38
vltmonsterco: No, I think +14 means bytes at the end that didn’t fill a whole block.20:41
monstercovlt - thanks - how do I know if there were bad sectors in that copy?20:42
monstercodidn't fill a whole block means what?20:42
monstercogood or bad?20:42
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monstercoroot@pve1:/etc/pve/lxc# lxc-start -n 2012120:49
monstercolxc-start -n 20121 -F20:49
monstercoto setup the automatic mounts for '20121'20:49
monstercocontains a filesystem in use.20:49
monstercowhy is that in use? ^^^20:49
monstercowhat part of system is using the lvm I created?20:54
monstercotds ^?20:54
fastpenguinI'm having an impossible time trying to join a public wifi via Ubuntu...  Is there an easy way to get through to the "captive portal" that public wifi's use  on Ubuntu?22:21
fastpenguinI can't even connect to the network to get to the captive portal... Just says "activation of network connection failed"22:22
akemhpMaybe your Wifi signal is too low.22:23
fastpenguinHow do I check that? I'm pretty sure it's fine...22:24
fastpenguinI haven't booted into my windows to check if that works.22:24
akemhpfastpenguin, I think you should see it when chosing the network to connect to. The %% level. I don't see any other reason why it would not connect to an open Wifi AP.22:25
fastpenguinakemhp  I have a similar problem at a different wifi spot... At my school I have to log into Ubuntu's default DE, and sign in.. then log out, then log into i3 and connect... because I can't connect using i3 for some reason.22:27
fastpenguinakemhp I'll try I have to login to an irc on my phone (and find an app that isn't a worthless POS that allows me to connect)22:28
akemhpThere is AndChat on Android.22:29
akemhpWell i don't know for your Wifi issue, sounds strange.22:29
fastpenguinakemhp on iPhone unfortunately lol.22:29
fastpenguinakemhp:  it's apparently a pretty common problem.  Ubuntu refuses redirects when the browser(?) tries to send to the captive portal.22:30
akemhpfastpenguin, No idea, i never used captive portals on Ubuntu, but maybe it's a browser issue, try Firefox and Chromium.22:32
fastpenguinakemhp:  I'm not intentionally using a captive portal. It's what this starbucks is using... or my School uses to force you to accept the terms and conditions.  It's not something I believe I can get out of.22:34
fastpenguinsigh... oh well. Fuck ubuntu I guess. Piece of garbage.    Or maybe I'm just stupid. ugh.22:36
brendantccmaybe you should bring along a windows 10 tablet or something and make use of the "mobile hotspot" feature to bypass the issue fastpenguin :p22:37
* extor has a laptop with an AMD A6-9200 processor and the video card shows up as an AMD/ATI "Stoney" [Radeon R2/R3/R4/R5 Graphics] [revo c0]. Where can drivers for this be obtained so that openGL support is enabled? 22:48
Bashing-omextor: The kernel has the driver - what shows ' lsmod | grep amdgpu ; sudo lshw -C display' ? Is the driver loaded ?23:05
extorI am currently in knoppix not ubuntu, I wanted to make it work in ubuntu first and then port it to a remasteted custom knoppix23:45
Bashing-omextor: Better results where you are in #linux channel :)23:47
extor* Cannot join #linux (Channel is invite only)23:48
in_cognitohello, 1144 people. Anyone feel like offering some advice on setting up a Live USB with persistence?23:48
in_cognitoI have had no issues setting up a live drive 18.XX TLS but the moment I try and add a partiton I can't log in23:49
Bashing-omin_cognito: Seen this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1958073 <-sudodus/Howto make USB boot driveshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1958073 <-sudodus/Howto make USB boot drives ?23:49
extorMy laptop is a Dell Inspiron 3565 which ubuntu says is an approved hardware platform. It even says sometimes Dell shipped ubuntu pre installed on this laptop but when I went to Dell.com to look for linux related stuff the downloads for ubuntu were ZERO!23:49
in_cognitobashing, thanks. I will look through them. I cannot tell you how many I have already read, and each advises a different set of tools, be it, RUFUS or PenDrive Or Unetbootin,23:50
Bashing-omin_cognito: sudodus gives a good tutorial on the process :)23:51
Bashing-omextor: ubuntu and AMD provide AMD drivers in the kernel.23:51
in_cognitoreally quick question, I have downloaded the ISO on my HDD and I am using a tool like RUFUS or MKUSB. do I need 2 USB drives for the process? Can I just tell the software to use the ISO on the HDD and install with persitence on the USB drive?23:52
extorBashing-om, are these kernel only and not modules? How do I know if my kernel has these drivers already or do I need to custom compile them23:53
Ben64extor: any recent kernel would have support23:56
Bashing-omextor: FYI You are listed in the #linux channel as active - and to see if a module (driver) is available: ' lsmod | grep amdgpu ' in this use case.23:56
in_cognitoman, this SUKS, it seems as if I do need 2 USB drives to get one up and running. I thought it would have been sufficient to have the ISO on my HDD and use that to install to the USB. Does anyone know why exactly it requires a full functioning version of UBUNTU to create another? Am I reading this wrong? Also, once and if I get the persistent drive23:59
in_cognitoup and running can I then use that to clone other USB drives?23:59

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