wonkoOvenWerks: all good to know. I'll try to look into things Monday.00:03
deen77hi,  anyone have some xp  with u-studio and bitwig ?14:29
deen77well, i will rather describe  my problem, wich i get with linux mint 19.2 : working almost fine with bitwig , a NI kmplet Kontroll audio usb interface,i can record my guitar , jack start at system and is relatively good configurated, but, i have some crackles , whil eplaying14:40
deen77i even got a fast sdd as the crackles sound always semms to be at sdd read / write process. especially bad when i use firefox while playing ( for ex . studying a backingtrack.)14:42
* OvenWerks is begining to hate USB audio devices :P16:38
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