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bashtuxhi guys, i asked a few days back on how to snap a window to a custom size of my choosing in XFCE, was not able to get help on this and after some digging around i found a nice way to get what i need : https://gist.github.com/bchuter/ac5c866e91ca118aef394bda6154027f12:08
kadirobashtux> I think you want something like xdotool12:33
kadirolol i didn't read that link, it say exactly what i suggested :)12:34
kadirosee ya, i have to go, if i come back i can help with xdotool12:36
Regorwhats best available application for bootable USB ? . bionic13:05
sublevelI like mkusb13:17
Regorok  i check13:53
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ausitinanyone help me to install spidev in Xubuntu?14:09
diogenes_ausitin, what difficulty you have?14:12
Regori am unable to add PPAs . first i guessed it might be outdated  but now now it happens with other ppas too.14:15
Regori added weechat ppa earlier within seconds. i think i see this after system upgrade few days back14:20
ausitinwhen I command  $ pip install spidev  , but it doesn't work14:27
ausitindiogenes_when I command  $ pip install spidev  , but it doesn't work14:27
ausitinisn't is needed to install pip first ? , I checked my fault when I was process pip command without install pip first14:29
ausitinnow it's successfully install spidev 3.414:30
tomreynRegor: this is probably a network issue. it can be just temporary - should work if you retry.14:40
tomreynRegor: but you may have an unrelaible network connection or resolver configuration, which may be worth exmining.14:41
Regornow i get details ..using apt update ..14:46
tomreynthis is expected. since downloading those gpg signing keys for these apt repositories (PPAs) failed, apt is now unable to verify these repositories.14:49
tomreynThe apt-secure(8) man page has details on how apt repository signing works.14:50
Regoryeah i see it14:50
Regornow i got it completely ... i added weechat ppa after adding GPG key .14:57
Regortomreyn: thanks :) now its fixed15:05
tomreynRegor: you're welcome :)15:31
ahwkshey, im having any issue updating the system with an ui dropdown menu, asking me to select how to proceed with a changed grub-pc ,  but the options are in japanese for some reason19:07

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