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ktt___Hello all. Lubuntu 19.10 beta (downloaded today) and VirtualBox 5 (as in Lubuntu 18.04): has someone managed to install the 19.10 beta into a virtual machine?09:53
ktt___In my experiments, the installation has now crashed twice and the virtual machine has just "aborted".09:54
ktt___4096 MB memory, 4 cores, 40 GB disk.09:54
ubottuEoan Ermine is the codename for Ubuntu 19.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+109:55
tomreyni wouldn't recommend using virtualbox as packaged in ubuntu, though, better use kvm-qemu or upstreams' virtualbox packages.09:56
tomreynthere are numerous bugs in 5.x09:56
ktt___Ok, so it seems. On Windows, virtualbox 6.0, the installation went through pretty much fine. Now I'm installing Vbox 6.0 to Linux and testing there.10:06
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treekekosnap installs dont work, how come?17:59
lubot<teward001> unless you've installed snapd you can't run snaps18:00
lubot<teward001> I don't think Lubuntu ships `snapd` by default18:00
treekekoapp gets installed but wont run18:00
lubot<teward001> and you've tried to run it?18:00
treekekowont run18:00
treekekothis output:18:00
treekeko/snap/jdownloader/7/wrapper: 3: /snap/jdownloader/7/wrapper: /usr/lib/jvm/default-java/bin/java: not found18:00
treekeko2019/10/07 20:01:34.539984 cmd_linux.go:85: cannot open snapd info file "/snap/core/current/usr/lib/snapd/info": open /snap/core/current/usr/lib/snapd/info: permission denied18:02
treekeko(now - after installing snapd - i get the second one)18:03
treekekosnapd = snappy-debug ?18:03
lubot<teward001> no18:03
lubot<teward001> snapd is the thing that runs snaps18:03
lubot<teward001> you weren't precise with your issue earlier18:04
lubot<teward001> > /usr/lib/jvm/default-java/bin/java: not found < that's your issue with your jdownloader snap18:04
lubot<teward001> it needs Java available/installed and you don't have it installed18:04
treekekobecause i installed snappy-debug but then it said snapd was installed18:04
lubot<teward001> you don't need snappy-debug.18:04
lubot<teward001> but you DO need Java installed18:04
lubot<teward001> which you don't seem to have installed based on that error18:04
treekekoso what is everything i must do now?18:05
treekekonow i only get the second one: 2019/10/07 20:01:34.539984 cmd_linux.go:85: cannot open snapd info file "/snap/core/current/usr/lib/snapd/info": open /snap/core/current/usr/lib/snapd/info: permission denied18:06
treekekobut i didnt install java18:06
treekekowhat does this mean?18:06
treekekois the java package called "java"18:07
treekekoso if i understood correctly i must first install java and then snapd, right?18:09
lubot<teward001> you already have snapd installed18:10
lubot<teward001> you need Java18:10
treekekoi think snaps should be made easier, they should work right away, i tried 4 or 5 and none worked right away...18:11
lubot<teward001> not all snaps are made the same18:11
lubot<teward001> nor does Lubuntu or Ubuntu have any control over them directly 😜18:11
lubot<teward001> you can attempt to install default-jre to see if that works18:11
lubot<teward001> but it might not with that version of JDownloader in the snap18:11
treekekoit might not?18:12
treekekoso how to do it?18:12
lubot<teward001> very hard to explain to a non-developer - but under the hood it may use Java things that're too old or too new depending on what's installed.18:12
lubot<teward001> try and install default-jre and see if it works18:13
lubot<teward001> if it still doesn't work/run then you'll have to contact the developers of that snap itself and get assistance from them18:13
lubot<teward001> because it could be a problem with the snap itself18:13
treekekowhat about that wrapper thing, what does that mean?18:13
lubot<teward001> that's the program that is inside the snap being run.  Its error was actually stating this: /usr/lib/jvm/default-java/bin/java: not found18:14
lubot<teward001> which is why I said you don't have Java installed/available18:14
treekekook i'll try with default-jre18:15
treekekoshould i uninstall snappy-debug?18:16
lubot<teward001> yes18:16
treekekowhat's the command to remove snap?18:17
lubot<teward001> `sudo apt remove snappy-debug`18:17
lubot<teward001> you don't need to remove snapd or the JDownloader snap necessarily though18:17
treekekowhen you install snaps from the software center there's that permissions button... nothing needs to be done there?18:19
treekekoi havent touched it18:20
tomreynno i dont think you need to change it18:20
treekekook thanks18:21
tomreynthose two options should be fine there by default https://i.imgur.com/o8sDwzp.png18:21
tomreynbut indeed this is not so useful:18:22
tomreynx@x:~$ /snap/bin/jdownloader18:22
tomreynSegmentation fault (core dumped)18:22
treekekoi dont understand18:22
treekekoim beginner18:22
tomreynit crashed on a default ubuntu installation18:23
treekekoi tried many snaps and none work18:23
tomreynthen i suggest you draw your own conclusions from that18:23
treekekosnap sucks :)18:23
lubot<teward001> or those snaps are built for newer OSes or other libraries and software that are not available for your system.  Or those specific snaps are just poor.18:24
lubot<teward001> ... or Lubuntu and Snaps just don't get along18:24
lubot<teward001> which is @tsimonq2's viewpoint on the subject18:24
treekekolife was easier before (snaps)18:24
treekekoalso i dont understand why some software is only available as snaps18:25
treekekosome has both options, but some only snaps18:25
treekekowe need lubuntu to be easy if we want it to conquer the world :)18:26
treekekothis stuff is too complicated for most people18:26
treekekoincluding me18:27
treekekowe just need it to press the button and work right away, like everything was before18:28
lubot<HMollerCl> snaps supposedly are made for simplicity for the developer. \me don't like snaps so can't help, consumes to much resources.18:29
treekekook im going, thanks all18:31

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