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ktt___Hello. I experimented 19.10 with VirtualBox 6.0, under both Linux and Windows. On Linux (Lubuntu 18.04), the installation crashes so severely, that it takes the whole VirtualBox with it.10:40
ktt___On Windows then, the installation goes through well. On both sides, I defined 4GB memory, 40 GB disk and 4 processors.10:41
lotuspsychjektt___: at wich point did it crash, and was it the 19.10 beta iso you tested?10:42
ktt___Yes, 19.10 beta, downloaded today.10:42
ktt___It was on "Filling up filesystems", on 18%.10:42
lotuspsychjektt___: did you compare with a live session, instead of the install?10:43
ktt___On the Linux side, with VirtualBox 5.0, the virtual machine just crashed. But when I installed VirtualBox 6.0, it took the whole machine with it for about 5 minutes.10:43
ktt___The live session works just about ok.10:43
lotuspsychje!info virtualbox bionic10:44
ubottuvirtualbox (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 5.2.32-dfsg-0~ubuntu18.04.1 (bionic), package size 16828 kB, installed size 77924 kB10:44
lotuspsychjektt___: did you install vbox from a ppa?10:44
ktt___The 5.0 was from Lubuntu 18.04 ppa, and the 6.0 was from Virtualbox own ppa10:44
ktt___virtualbox-6.0/unknown,now 6.0.12-133076~Ubuntu~bionic amd64 [installed]10:45
lotuspsychjektt___: we cannot support packages from external ppa, and we highly reccomend using package versions specific for your ubuntu version10:45
ktt___Yes, with the 5.0 version, from the 18.04 repo, it crashed also.10:45
lotuspsychjektt___: could you check if you get crashes from the 18.04 vbox?10:45
lotuspsychjeok tnx10:45
ktt___On the 18.04 repo version, the crash was "better" as it did not freeze the host machine.10:46
lotuspsychjektt___: how about you reach the live session first, then open a bunch of debug methods, like: journalctl -f10:46
ktt___On which version, 6.0 or 5.0?10:46
ktt___Virtualbox I mean10:46
lotuspsychjektt___: try also starting vbox from a terminal in lubuntu, maybe we can catch useful errors10:47
ktt___That is what I have done10:47
lotuspsychjektt___: we can only support you with the official package versions10:47
lotuspsychje5.2 for bionic10:47
tomreynthere's #vbox also which is virtualbox's support channel10:47
ktt___OK, I'll get back to the official PPA version10:47
ktt___This is more like 19.10 issue, as I have used the VirtualBox (18.04 PPA version) happily for many other purposes, including runnign Windows 10.10:48
lotuspsychjektt___: lets find out on the journal logs, maybe its soemwhere in ubiquity10:48
lotuspsychjethe more you can pastebin us, the better volunteers can take a look/debug10:49
tomreyni'm using virtualbox's upstream packages with a 19.10 beta just fine, but as lotuspsychje pointed out, that's off topic here.10:49
ktt___Yes. Just a while, I'll get back to 18.04 ppa version.10:49
lotuspsychjektt___: your harddisk doesnt have IO warnings on the physical install for example?10:50
ktt___I'm not able to make physical install on the 19.10 beta10:50
lotuspsychjektt___: can you also give us info about what kind of partitioning you chosen?10:51
ktt___The default i.e. everything to installation10:51
lotuspsychjektt___: no what i mean is, your 18.04 physical install was lubuntu right? your hd isnt failing or so?10:51
tomreynwhen you say "18.04 ppa version", do you mean the version of virtualbox that is part of ubuntu (universe repository, so not a PPA)?10:52
lotuspsychjejust brainstorming what could freeze your setup10:52
ktt___My computer is having 18.04 physical install yes. There are no HDD or other HW related problems.10:52
lotuspsychjeok tnx10:52
ktt___By the "18.04 ppa" version I mean, that I'm just using the Ubuntu normal repository, no any external PPA10:53
ktt___sorry aobut that10:53
tomreynno problem, i'm just making sure i understand your setup10:54
tomreyna PPA is really just what's hosted on ppa.launchpad.net, other repositories we call either 'ubuntu archives' (the official ones) and 'third party repositories'10:55
tomreyni rmemeber now i also had some issues installing the 19.10 amd64 desktop beta on vbox 6.0 running on ubuntu 18.04 amd64 (5.0 HWE kernel) initially. what i did to make it work was to enable 3d acceleration and increase vram above 64 MB10:58
ktt___Now I have VirtualBox 5.2.32_Ubuntu r132056 installed. The virtual machine has again 4GB RAM, 40 GB HDD, 4 processors, and CD-ROM was mounted as Lubuntu 19.04beta (eoan-desktop-amd64.iso, md5sum 22a86982e86962d1907e9f785172e6a7, downloaded today)10:58
tomreynhmm this mad5sum matches neither yesterdays' nor todays' daily-live11:00
tomreyni'm looking at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/ and more specifically at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20191007/MD5SUMS and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20191006/MD5SUMS11:01
ktt___It was downloaded from here: https://lubuntu.me/downloads/ --> 19.10 Eoan Ermine Dailies, Desktop 64-bit11:01
tomreynoh *l*ubuntu11:01
ktt___I'm using L ubuntu as I still hate the new Gnome11:02
lotuspsychjektt___: you should have mentioned it was a lubuntu daily11:02
ktt___Yes I mentioned :)  on the first coment11:02
ktt___sorry not in this channel, I was first on the #ubuntu channel.....11:02
ktt___from there I was instructed to come here11:02
lotuspsychjektt___: you say there you were 'on linux lubuntu 18.04'?11:03
ktt___Yes. The host computer is Linux Lubuntu 18.04.11:03
tomreynhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/20191006/MD5SUMS matches your MD5SUM11:03
tomreynhave you also tried the beta?11:04
tomreynsince the dailies are untested snapshots11:04
tomreynbeta downloads as found on https://lubuntu.me/downloads/ : http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/19.10/beta/lubuntu-19.10-beta-desktop-amd64.iso http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/19.10/beta/MD5SUMS11:05
ktt___Ok, not yet. On the Download page, it was mentioned, that dailies are recommended. :)  I'll check the beta.11:06
ktt___Do you need some information from the virtual machine instance? 11:06
tomreynoh right, it says "recommended"11:06
tomreyn...for the dailies11:07
lotuspsychjei wonder why they say that?11:07
tomreynthe only situation i can think of is that they tested the beta and found it to be broken11:08
ktt___I'll try to configure this live image instance so, that it redirects its syslog to my host computer, so we would get the syslog from the moment of crash.11:13
lotuspsychjektt___: use journalctl -f instead11:13
ktt___No use, as when the installation crashes, the VirtualBox window disappears.11:14
lotuspsychjeor maybe start ubiquity setup from a terminal aswell11:14
ktt___Ok now the syslog streams to my host computer11:15
tomreyni'm just installing using the same image you used (matching md5), using upstream virtualbox Version 6.0.12 r133076, host is ubuntu 18.04.3 (fully patched) with kernel 5.0 (from LTSE). guest specifications are: BIOS installation, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB storage (dynamic allocation), everything else is default.11:17
tomreynit was also very busy at the 18% step but got past it11:17
lotuspsychjetnx for testing tomreyn 11:17
tomreynso the 18% step is when the storage buffer runs full and the host actually gets to shell it out to disk, i guess.11:17
tomreynnamely much I/O is going there.11:17
ktt___Ok, now I have enabled openssh server on the live CD, so I get the journalctl output to host machine also11:18
ktt___What else would you want to be streamed?11:18
tomreynas long as you catch the host and guest kernel and vbox logs that's probably good enough11:19
tomreynthere's probably also an installer log at /var/log/installer on the guests' installer target device11:19
tomreynbut if the VM process crashes this is probably not so relevant.11:20
tomreyndid you install in bios or uefi mode?11:21
tomreynktt___: ^11:22
ktt___Bios most likely11:24
ktt___I'm just selecting default settings from Virtualbox11:24
tomreynyes bios would be default11:24
tomreyni'll retry with 4 cpu cores and 4 gb ram as you did11:25
ktt___Now the installation started. It reached 18%, on the logs it says, that it mounted sda with EXT4-fs.11:26
ktt___My Lubuntu host computer is now frozen.11:26
ktt___And now the virtual machine crashed and died.11:27
tomreynoh even the host freezes, i hadn't seen this mentioned. then #lubuntu or #ubuntu would actually be the right place to discuss this part (but i also dont want to chase you around more)11:28
ktt___The last log lines from the Virtual client are:11:29
ktt___Oct  7 11:25:40 lubuntu kernel: [ 1768.943132]  sda:11:29
ktt___lubuntu kernel: [ 1770.010583] EXT4-fs (sda1): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)11:29
ktt___thread 1610 of process 1549.11:29
ktt___After the "Demoted 3 threads" the virtual client froze, it just hogged all resources. The host killed the process.11:30
tomreyngood job, host.11:30
ktt___I need to go for lunch now.... I'll get back here after 30 minutes or so.11:30
tomreynso it seems the issue you're seeing is really with virtualbox.11:31
tomreynmy second installation worked fine, too.11:31
ktt___And specificly, on Linux virtualbox. On WIndows host, it worked.11:31
ktt___Hmm, I could test on another host, also having Lubuntu 18.04. I'll check that after lunch.11:31
tomreyngood plan, could be buggy firmware bug, defective hardware etc.11:35
ktt___Now the installation is proceeding on another Lubuntu 18.04 host. It is running the same VIrtualbox version as the other one. Installation went past 18% happily.12:05
ktt___This kind of randomness is annoying. :(12:07
ktt___And the installation went through fine.12:09
tomreynktt___: do a firmware (bios/uefi) upgrade on the system where it fails, might fix it if it's an issue with the VT-x / AMD-V implementation there.12:27
Sbur3I'm back with the upgrade issues.  Did a partial upgrade to 19.10. Now the system refuses to run.  I have a Live CD running. Where the keyboard didn't permit me to go into shell in the broken system, it works in the Live CD. The question is "Can I recover and repair the system with my Live CD?"14:11
Sbur3I see that TJ- and tomreyn are there14:12
Sbur3from yesterday14:12
Sbur3TJ-: Hi, how are you doing ... and can you have patience with me today?14:14
Sbur3tomreyn: Same question for you14:14
jatton eon upgrade I'm getting http://dpaste.com/33PHJ6N14:32
jattis this a known issue?14:32
tomreynit's probably just what it suggests it could be, a mirror sync in progress.14:34
tomreynyou could try a different mirror server in the meantime.14:35
jattok thanks will try later then14:35
AavarWhen is a good time to upgrade to 19.10 to minimize the possibility of a failure? Im a keen to upgrade, but not if it breaks my system :)18:28
lordcirth_Aavar, after it releases? Depends on your threshold.18:29
Aavarlordcirth_: Yeah, but should I wait longer that that?18:29
AavarI'm on 19.04 now.18:30
lordcirth_A week or two, maybe.18:30
Aavarlordcirth_: ok, thanx :)18:30
denza252Hi, will *ubuntu 19.10 have support for Zen2?19:52
denza252specifically the 3700U if that makes any difference 19:52
lordcirth_denza252, Zen2 has been supported at least since kernel 4.2119:52
lordcirth_Or 5.0, as it was released as.19:52
denza252ah ok, and the RX Vega 10?19:53
denza252I assume that too is supported but i just want to make sure19:53
lordcirth_It looks like support for that came out a while ago.19:55
denza252Alrighty, thank you. I am looking forward to putting Kubuntu 19.10 on my shiny new lappy. Good luck with the release and such!19:57
tomreyndenza252: you can try the beta or a daily already, if you already have the hardware20:07
denza252it's en route, i think it'll come a day or two before the release and such20:08
tomreynah nice, have a nice early christmas eve (or whatever similar event you may have there) ;)20:09
denza252Thank you 20:10

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