jibelmorning all05:17
dufluMorning jibel05:20
jibelaudio is getting worse on eoan. The list of output channels is empty and I've no sound at all this morning05:27
jibeland it's populated after a restart of gnome-shell05:28
jibelbut still no sound05:29
jibeltime for a reboot I suppose05:29
didrocksgood morning06:14
dufluMorning didrocks06:30
didrockshey duflu06:38
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:48
oSoMoNhappy Monday!06:48
WimpressMorning o/06:51
oSoMoNhey Wimpress06:53
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didrockshappy monday oSoMoN, Wimpress07:14
oSoMoNsalut didrocks07:16
marcustomlinsonmorning jibel duflu didrocks oSoMoN and Wimpress07:19
oSoMoNhey marcustomlinson07:19
didrockshey hey marcustomlinson07:20
seb128gooood morning desktopers07:29
oSoMoNsalut seb12807:29
seb128lut oSoMoN, en forme ? passé un bon w.e?07:30
oSoMoNI caught a big bad cold that knocked me out on Saturday, but I used it as an excuse to sleep a lot more than usual and not do much, so all in all it wasn't a bad week-end :)07:32
oSoMoNand I'm feeling much better already07:32
seb128ah, good to read that you feel better!07:32
marcustomlinsonoSoMoN: that was just an excuse to be left alone I'm sure ;)07:32
seb128sleeep is the best :)07:32
didrocksoSoMoN: sick on week-end? Not good planning :p07:32
* marcustomlinson hearts sleeping07:33
oSoMoNmarcustomlinson, if only… (left alone)07:33
didrockshey Trevinho07:41
oSoMoNgood morning Trevinho07:41
marcustomlinsonbuongiorno Trevinho07:43
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dufluMorning oSoMoN, Wimpress, marcustomlinson, seb128 and Trevinho07:46
seb128hey duflu Trevinho, how are you?07:47
dufluseb128, strangely tired but OK. At least it's no longer jet lag or a virus. How are you?07:47
Trevinhohey everyhone07:47
Trevinhoseb128: I'm good, thanks07:47
oSoMoNhey duflu07:48
seb128duflu, I'm good, had a nice relaxing w.e07:48
Wimpressduflu: Did the Canoniflu get you too?07:54
dufluWimpress, nah it started over a week after the sprint07:54
dufluOh, actually07:55
dufluNo it would have been a bit under07:55
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WimpressAh, OK. Glad you're on the mend.07:58
seb128hey Wimpress, had a good w.e?07:58
Wimpressseb128: Yes, thanks. Spent most of it playing Lego Worlds with my daughter 🙂07:59
seb128Wimpress, nice, what did you build? we had a relaxing family w.e as well, it was great :)07:59
WimpressWe flattened an island and built Ninjago City 😁08:00
willcookemorning all08:01
oSoMoNgood morning willcooke, Laney08:02
seb128hey willcooke, Laney, how are you today? had a good w.e?08:03
willcookePutting Ikea stuff together, so.....08:03
seb128relaxing activity for rainy days :p08:04
didrockshey willcooke! Wimpress to Lego worlds, will to IKEA, same world :)08:04
Laneyhey oSoMoN seb128 willcooke08:04
oSoMoNgiven the choice, I'll take the Lego08:04
Laneyyeah was good, went to a fancy restaurant on saturday08:04
didrocksmorning Laney08:04
Laneyand then yesterday we did apple picking up at the allotment08:04
Laneyyo ho ho didrocks08:05
didrocksoSoMoN: hum, I'm not sure, I like both :)08:05
Laneyyou well?08:05
seb128we were in France, nice relaxing w.e there yes08:05
didrocksI'm fine, thanks, but I didn't go to any fancy or unfancy restaurants :)08:05
seb128and road back was fine yesterday, just lot of rain08:05
seb128was the restaurant fancy enough to have snails? ;)08:05
didrocksLaney: compote time!08:05
seb128what's this blue sky? that's not your place :p08:07
LaneyNO SNAILS08:07
Laneywouldn't have been surprised to see them actually08:07
Laneyit was 'world tapas'08:07
willcookeThat looks like an old tree.  very nice08:07
Laney= weird stuff, definitely includes snails ;-)08:07
Laneyyeah it's very old and gnarly08:08
LaneyI was trying to get those great looking apples poking out of the top08:08
didrockslooks really great08:08
willcookebig apples too.08:08
Laneytoo scary standing all the way up there08:08
Laneyneed some kind of grabber08:08
Laney7 mushroom crates just of the ones we already have off in that picture08:09
Laneyapple pressing day is on october 20th, going to get J U I C EEEEEEEEEEE08:09
dufluMorning willcooke and Laney08:09
willcookeafternoon duflu08:09
Laneypeace duflu08:10
WimpressLaney: Apple pressing? You making cider?08:10
LaneyWimpress: not sure!08:10
Laneysomeone just turns up with the machine08:10
Laneyyou bring your apples and containers, then what happens later is up to you08:10
Laneynever tried cider, could be fun ?08:10
WimpressMobile apple pressing service! TIL08:11
Laneythink it's one of the allotment holders08:12
Laneyor someone's mate08:12
WimpressI'd like to see photos of that.08:12
WimpressIt has been a recent topic in the pub.08:12
marcustomlinsonHey willcooke, assembling ikea stuff, ditto :)08:18
marcustomlinsonMorning Laney08:18
* Laney fist bumps marcustomlinson 08:18
Wimpressseb128: I have a favour to ask.08:32
* seb128 hides08:32
WimpressFound a bug in libpeas, specifically the Python 2 loader, over the weekend.08:32
WimpressHave analysis, test case and a fix.08:33
seb128ah, nice08:33
WimpressAs the last person to have touched libpeas, I wonder if you'd take a look and upload the debdiff we've prepared?08:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 1846890 in libpeas (Ubuntu) "Pluma: unable to enable plugins External tools, Python Console, Quick Open, Snippets) because of missed /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpeas-1.0/loaders/libpythonloader.so" [Medium,Confirmed]08:34
WimpressWill buy beer 😉08:34
seb128Wimpress, any reason you didn't mp that on gitlab/upstream?08:35
didrocksLaney: I confirm that jibel's patch fixes the ubiquity build (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ubuntu/transitions/+sourcepub/10594743/+listing-archive-extra): https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Zh4hBvRzYY/. As I don't have merge right, do you mind sponsoring it?08:35
seb128I'm happy to do a package upload but I would prefer to have it upstreamed so we are good citizen and don't carry a delta for long08:36
WimpressWe are working with upstream.08:37
Laneydidrocks: ok, in a bit, trying to make some upstream releases atm for the first time08:37
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seb128Wimpress, I don't see it on https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/libpeas/merge_requests08:37
WimpressThe distro patch is the simplest fix. But it is like upstream do intend to change the loader name.08:37
WimpressNot submitted yet. Will do this week.08:38
didrocksLaney: sure, thx :)08:38
Laneydidrocks: what about checking for the file that we're patching existing rather than listing the arches?08:38
seb128Wimpress, ok, let me know when you do so I can update the patch reference08:38
Laneyjust from a quick look, back to releases now ;-)08:38
Wimpressseb128: Sure thing.08:38
seb128Wimpress, if we don't do that then a year later we don't remember context and we have delta we don't know why they are there08:38
didrocksLaney: that would be a question for jibel, I think the arch is enough for now, even if I agree that testing the file would be better08:43
Laneyit's definitely enough, just a review to get to a better place08:49
jibelLaney, you want a MP?09:06
Laneyyes pls09:08
Laneyifneq (,$(wildcard path/to/file)) is the construction to do something if a file exists09:09
willcookeduflu, can you send me a link to your lightning talk slide deck?  I cant seem to find it (updating release notes and want to call out a few specifics)09:09
dufluwillcooke, there's no public link yet. Is that what you're after?09:10
willcookeduflu, private is fine, I just want to pick a few specific bugs09:10
dufluYeah Ok09:10
* duflu waits for login.ubuntu.com to respond09:12
willcookeduflu, ditto09:12
dufluwillcooke, anyway it's in the desktop shared folder09:12
willcookethanks duflu09:12
dufluHmm timeout09:13
willcookeI've gott it opened, ta09:14
jibelLaney, ok i'll change it to test the file instead09:16
Laneygnome .1 day!09:17
seb128Laney, I started on some, check the queue (or vcs) before starting on some updates, I will state on #debian-gnome or here when I start new ones09:19
Laneywill start with glib09:20
seb128I'm doing the n-m update atm, will look at merging gtk next09:20
Laneyjust wiped some olbas oil in my eye09:24
Laneydeary me09:24
Wimpressseb128: I'll get the upstream libpeas MR filed later today.09:25
seb128Wimpress, thx, I uploaded that debdiff meanwhile (and added some references to the .patch, at least a description and the ubuntu bug number)09:26
seb128Wimpress, once you mp it I will apply to Debian with the proper references and sync back to Ubuntu later09:27
Wimpressseb128: Nice one. Thanks.09:36
Wimpressseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libpeas/+bug/1846890/comments/809:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 1846890 in libpeas (Ubuntu) "Pluma: unable to enable plugins External tools, Python Console, Quick Open, Snippets) because of missed /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpeas-1.0/loaders/libpythonloader.so" [Medium,Fix committed]09:58
seb128Wimpress, thx11:18
seb128Laney, could you look at the upstream comment on https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/libgdata/issues/37 , I could use your input on this one11:20
gitbotGNOME issue 37 in libgdata "Installed tests failing (without internet access?)" [2. Needs Information, Opened]11:20
Laneythat's annoying isn't it11:22
Laneyyou could do (2) in the debian/tests script probably11:22
Laneylike, resolve squid.internal and then re-export it with the IP address11:22
Laneyor maybe it could be that the test works if you unset the proxies11:24
Laneyif it doesn't actually use them in reality and that fake HTTP server covers everything?11:24
seb128oh maybe, let me try that11:24
Laneyjibel: can haz MP?11:42
jibelLaney, yeah, testing a build12:12
jibelLaney, https://code.launchpad.net/~jibel/ubiquity/+git/ubiquity/+merge/37373512:18
jibeland test build: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ubuntu/transitions/+packages?field.name_filter=ubiquity&field.status_filter=&field.series_filter=eoan12:18
oSoMoNkenvandine, can/should we put this on our roadmap? https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/how-to-expose-desktop-files-created-by-snaps-to-the-de/2853/1212:33
jibelLaney, did you figure out how translations of ubiquity work?12:41
jibeltkamppeter, my old but reliable HP D5560 just died, what model would you recommend? It's for personal use, i'd like to stay with HP, it works pretty well on Ubuntu.13:03
Laneyjibel: no, no idea, now seb128 is here he might know though13:11
seb128jibel, Laney, what's the actual question? I didn't see one in the backlog13:11
jibelseb128, you're excused, it's a backlog from Friday13:12
seb128let me check irclog :)13:12
jibelseb128, there are new strings to translate in ubiquity for zfs13:12
jibelseb128, and we were wondering how translation work for ubiquity13:12
jibelis it just extracted when the package is uploaded? but then since they ship with the packge how are they reimported?13:13
seb128jibel, is the string in ubiquity itself or in one of the bundled d-i components?13:13
jibelubiquity itself13:13
seb128let me check13:18
LaneyI can't see it on launchpad now13:20
Laneyso presumably I do have to re-generate the template somehow13:20
seb128ubiquity does bundle an export so translations need to be exported and included in the source13:22
seb128but at this point that one hasn't been imported, I'm checking to see why13:22
kenvandineoSoMoN: probably13:23
oSoMoNkenvandine, do you want me to create a trello card, or will you handle it?13:25
kenvandineoSoMoN: can you please create the card and I'll assign it?13:25
oSoMoNsure thingr13:25
kenvandineoSoMoN: thx13:26
oSoMoNkenvandine, https://trello.com/c/Et88ApUA/366-snapd-userd-api-to-expose-desktop-files-created-by-snaps-to-the-de13:27
kenvandineoSoMoN: great13:27
seb128jibel, Laney, k, took me a while to find that back, but I think you need to run 'debconf-updatepo' in the sourcedir and commit/upload that, I just tried and it updates the debian/real-po/*.po to correctly include the ZFS string, launchpad should import that then on package upload13:34
Laneyah, great, thanks!13:34
tkamppeterJibel, most modern HP's would do, make sure it is a network printer capable to print from cell phones and it prints driverless. I use the HP OfficeJet Pro 8730, works great, has separate cartridges and the cartridges have last long for me.13:36
jibeltkamppeter, thanks, the 8730 seems too much for my needs. i'll search their list of products with the criteria you mentioned13:48
hellsworthgood morning desktopers :)13:51
willcookemorning hellsworth13:52
oSoMoNhello hellsworth13:52
hellsworthjibel, i'd like to help out on the iso testing effort that you emailed aobut last week. are the latest isos just here? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/406/builds13:53
hellsworthi feel like i can find some time every day to do some release testing13:53
Wimpresshellsworth: o/13:54
jibelhellsworth, great, thnaks. latest daily builds are published here http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/404/builds13:54
jibeldirect dl link http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/pending/13:54
hellsworthjibel, thanks! how often are there new isos?13:54
jibeldaily isos are built ... daily ;)13:55
kenvandinegood morning hellsworth13:55
hellsworthdaily at the same time?13:55
hellsworthhi :)13:55
jibelhellsworth, yes, around 8AM UTC13:55
jibelhellsworth, there is actually only one image for ubuntu desktop13:56
hellsworthis there a build number or some unique ID for a build to identify if there's a problem?13:56
hellsworthoh i see the version columin in the builds link13:56
didrockshey hey hellsworth13:56
jibelhellsworth, it is the id on the tracker. Otherwise it's on the iso itself on /.disk/info13:57
Laneyif you download from the iso tracker then the ID is in there13:57
hellsworthperfect thanks13:57
Laneynot actually sure what happens to results posted on the daily milestone when a new image gets published13:58
hellsworthLaney, is the daily milestone you speak of the test cases? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/406/builds/200088/testcases13:58
Laneylike if you start from that link jibel posted13:59
Laneythere's a version column there13:59
Laneyit'll be updated when there are new images created tomorrow13:59
jibelthere is a report with all the bugs reported and attached to test results for a release13:59
Laneyprobably I am suggesting to use rls-ee-incoming as well as the iso tracker14:01
hellsworthdoes the http link found at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/406/builds/200088/downloads work for anyone?14:02
jibelnot all the bugs are worth tagging14:02
Laneyyes of course14:02
Laneyi'm trying to suggest a good process, no need to push back on it14:02
willcookehellsworth, 40414:02
jibelhellsworth, use 404 not 406 sa build number14:02
hellsworthLaney, i'm not trying to push back :) just trying to gather the process so thanks14:03
Laneynot you hellsworth14:03
hellsworthah ok14:03
jibelhellsworth, 406 was the beta, it's out and the candidate images are gone14:03
willcookehellsworth, jibel!  hahah!  I meant 404 error, not found :)  Funny that 404 is the right version14:03
hellsworthyeah 404 vs 406 is a bit cryptic14:04
jibelLaney, sorry, not pushing back. I agree bugs reported on the tracker should then be tagged -incoming when they are important enough for the releaes14:04
jibelLaney,my comment was that there is a lot of noise reported on the tracker14:05
jibelso I do review the bugs reported and tag them when appropriate14:05
Laneylike that report isn't a super great thing for everyone to be visiting14:05
Laneybut the rls process kind of is better quality, so people from this team could use that as well14:05
jibelthis way not everyone has to go to the tracker to figure out what has ben reported and should be fixed for the release14:06
hellsworthok now that i have all the things i'll make sure to do some testing every day and i'll be focusing on the test cases in a qemu vm14:09
hellsworthso thanks yall14:09
seb128hey hellsworth, how are you? did you have a good w.e?14:10
hellsworthi sure did!14:10
hellsworthwe didn't do anything on our todo list and instead went to the zoo and made zucchini bread. it was lovely :)14:11
hellsworthhow bout you seb12814:11
seb128I'm find, had a nice and relaxing w.e even if the weather was grey, cold & rainy :)14:12
seb128and today is GNOME .1 tarballs day, which is keeping me busy :)14:12
hellsworthooh grey, cold and rainy sounds nice. we're expecting snow this thurday - i am excite :)14:16
hellsworthGNOME .1 tarballs day - what is this? tell me more please.14:16
hellsworthoh my. all these people quitting... was it something i said? lol14:19
seb128IRC split :)14:25
RikMillsthe matrix disconnected14:25
seb128or that in that case14:25
RikMillswell, there are a lot of [m] there14:26
seb128hellsworth, https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointThirtyfive/14:26
daxand all of their hostnames say gateway/shell/matrix.org ;)14:26
seb128well it's a sort of split, the matrix server went away :)14:26
willcookeTrevinho, I've found a bug in the dock and I'm logging a bug for it now, but before I restart my session etc, do you want some extra debugging?14:26
hellsworthah that makes sense. matrix is giving me troubles this morn too14:27
Trevinhowillcooke: what kind of bug?14:27
willcookeTrevinho, dragging icons on the dock as stopped working14:27
Trevinhowillcooke: mh, ok.. well the journalctl should hopefully include the stacktrace for that14:28
Trevinhowillcooke: check if there's presency of @ubuntu.com over there14:28
hellsworthseb128, thanks for the link14:28
seb128hellsworth, you're welcome14:28
seb128Trevinho, willcooke, on a similar topic we have bug #184647714:29
ubot5bug 1846477 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu) "Dragging icons in launcher is slow until shell restarted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184647714:29
willcookeseb128, yeah that's what I was trying to recreate14:29
seb128the journal has quite some errors14:29
seb128st_label_set_text: assertion 'ST_IS_LABEL (label)' failed14:29
Trevinhomh ok thanks14:32
TrevinhoI've various branche I've to submit to the dock too14:33
willcookeI see errors like that one ^14:33
Trevinhobut I've to finish stuff with the desktop extension first14:33
Trevinhowillcooke: and no logging related to that?14:33
TrevinhoI mean trace of where these calls are coming from (js)14:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1847102 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu) "Dragging icons around on the launcher stopped working" [Undecided,New]14:33
willcookeI'll attach logs14:34
willcookeJS ERROR: TypeError: this.icon.label is null14:38
Trevinhomh, yeah, not enough... I wonder why the debug isn't enabled by default there... mhm14:48
seb128jbicha, hum, any idea about bug 1847107? the gir depends is there so unsure what's the issue14:52
ubot5bug 1847107 in gnome-tweaks (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/gnome-tweaks:ValueError:/usr/bin/gnome-tweaks@15:require_version Namespace Handy not available" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184710714:52
Laneyjibel: it's in, can you mail the translators please?15:47
Laneyin> proposed, suppose it'll be a little while before rosetta learns15:47
jibelLaney, I don't find the new translsation in LP. Is there a delay or something to do to publish them?16:39
jibelcyphermox, maybe you know?16:40
Laneyjibel: it's probably some job that imports it16:40
Laneywould expect it to appear 'soon'16:40
Laneywatch https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/eoan/+source/ubiquity/+imports16:40
jibelI didn't know this queue16:41
jibelI'll wait before sending the call for translation then16:41
Laneyas you wish16:41
Laneyjibel: I see it on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/eoan/+source/ubiquity/+imports?field.filter_status=all&field.filter_extension=pot16:54
Laneynot sure how to approve that though, seems I don't have permission16:55
Laneyseb128: can you?16:55
willcookenight all17:19
kenvandinegood night willcooke17:19
seb128Laney, jibel, template approved, it should import in the next hour or less18:38
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seb128Laney, jibel, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/eoan/+source/ubiquity/+pots/ubiquity-debconf/fr/259/+translate19:00
amurrayhey desktoppers, I just noticed if I use either communitheme-light/dark (via the communitheme edge snap) that a bunch of snaps have transparent window backgrounds - I assume this is because gtk-common-themes doesn't include these variants?22:58
kenvandineamurray: yes, please try gtk-common-themes from candidate23:24
kenvandinePlease let me know if that fixes it23:25
kenvandineamurray: that should be in stable tomorrow, but I'd love to confirm that it fixes this for communitheme users23:31
amurraykenvandine: hmm I was previously running gtk-common-themes from edge - will give candidate a go...23:32

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