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slashdI'll be back in 5 minutes-ish but I'll be attending the meeting19:01
sil2100We still need one more for quorum19:01
sil2100But even if we don't have quorum, I'd like us to discuss the DMB elections19:01
rbasakAs usual I'd like to call time and disappear if we don't get quorum by 1910 as this is my evening.19:02
sil2100Ok, since it's unlikely we'll get quorum today, just wanted to bring up the topic of the needed DMB elections for the two seats we have free19:07
rbasakClearly we need an election19:08
rbasakI'm not sure how that's normally operated19:08
rbasakWould it be a TB member usually?19:08
sil2100We have it in the KnowledgeBase, it's us that start the election19:08
sil2100But the TB then adds the elected people to the team19:08
sil2100So question now: any volunteers to drive the election?19:09
slashdI agree to go back on election, last time was in 2017 anyway19:09
sil2100I guess I could drive it, but I'm worried it might slip for after the release19:09
rbasakWe could just agree to do it after the release19:09
kenvandineHow often do you not get a quorum?19:09
rbasakAs we know that people are busy before19:09
sil2100kenvandine: very often19:09
sil2100kenvandine: we're discussing ways to make it better19:10
ddstreetquorum is at 45% so far this year19:10
slashdsil2100, I can have a look at it starting next week or we can wait after the release19:11
slashdrelease is soon anyway19:11
sil2100Ok, let's do it after release19:12
sil2100marcustomlinson: ok, so sadly it seems we can't really review your application - let's try doing that on the next meeting19:19
sil2100We're working on some process changes to make the lack of quorum less of an issue19:20
marcustomlinsonsil2100: alright, better luck next time hopefully :)19:20
sil2100Hopefully next time we might not have the same issue19:20
slashdmarcustomlinson, very sorry19:20
marcustomlinsonI appreciate that you guys showed up at least ;)19:21
marcustomlinsonI understand, no worries19:21
sil2100Thanks for appearing everyone o/19:22
MajBI just scheduled a re-verification for the Ubuntu-Arizona Local Community Team on the LoCo Council's Agenda page but it states that the next meeting is in August.  Obviously it hasn't been updated.  Is there something else that I need to do to ensure that our team gets voted on at the November or December LoCo Council meeting.22:45
sarnoldMajB: you'll probably need to talk to someone specific about it -- not many people pay attention to this channel outside of the meetings they themselves go to22:46
MajBThe reason I brought it up is we had some scheduling problems back in 2015 and again in 2017 and I wanted to get ahead of any possible problem .22:48
daxi haven't dealt with the LC in years and years, but back when i did loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com was the best way of getting a message to all of them22:49
MajBThank you22:49
MajBWell that email goes to a mod who will decide if it should be forwarded. :)23:09
daxyup, everyone on the LC is a mod of that list, so they should have gotten an email :)23:11
MajBSounds good to me23:12

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