OerHekssome say you can use a windows or ios machine too00:04
in_cognitoi am on a windows machine and I can create a live drive just fine with 1 USB stick. I used RUFUS, pointed to the ISO located on the WINDOWS HDD and then Pointed to the USB drive, selected MPR etc, not persistence and...voila....a perfectly good live drive, but with no persistence. When I used RUFUS and set persistence, it doesn't work. When I boot00:06
in_cognitoto the USB it says something about not being able to mount.00:06
OerHeksUbuntu Live ISOs created after August 1, 2019 support the persistent storage feature, so persistent partitions are only working with Rufus 3.7 and later using Ubuntu 19.10 and later.00:10
OerHeksso you are bound to persistence up to 4 gb including the iso i guess00:11
in_cognitohmm...that doesn't sound like a lot of space, perhaps for configuration files, but not storage. I read somewhere that multuple partitions can be used including a partition using NTFS. Man, this is a heck of a task.00:12
Ben64how much are you trying to do on a usb00:13
Ben64if you want an actual install, you should just do that00:13
in_cognitogood point. OerHeks thanks for the link, is it safe to assume that ubuntu 19.XX may not be as stable as 18.XX?00:15
OerHeksyou are free to asume what you want00:16
Bashing-omin_cognito: YMMV - 19.10 is in development - however -sold as a roack in my test bed install.00:16
OerHeks10 days to go00:17
in_cognitoBen64 what the heck really is the difference between having persistence on a live drive an a full install on a USB stick. I want to be able to plug into any random machine and get going with work. I understood from some readings that if in persistence I start to install drivers to suit one machine I may have issues with another. Actually, if there00:17
in_cognitois a difference between persistence and a full install on a USB, I'd like to try both. If full install means installing to an internal HDD, I am not looking to do that. I want portable computing.00:17
in_cognitoBashing-om, that's great. So I can just download that ISO and the latest vesion of RUFUS and only need 1 USB stick to get a drive with persistence. I will give that a try.00:18
Ben64in_cognito: there's a big difference. an install can be anywhere00:18
in_cognitodude, I am totally confused. So speaking about a USB drive, there are 3 options. 1.) Live with not persistence 2.) live with persistence and 3.) full install00:19
in_cognitois that correct?00:19
in_cognitookay, so then what's the main difference between 2 and 3. Why full install vs. Live with persistence?00:21
WoodpeckerHas anyone here setup a database on ubuntu, a server for it, and hosted it on localhost for development?00:21
WoodpeckerSorry for asking here, but ddg assumes that anyone who is a webdev is a windows or mac user00:22
OerHeksWoodpecker, sure, there is #ubuntu-server too00:28
Woodpeckerah good idea00:29
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.00:29
extorBashing-om, am I listed on the #linux channel or the ##linux channel as active? Because the former is invite only for me but I am in the latter.00:47
Bashing-omextor: You are in the #linux channel >> "7:56  * extor has a laptop with an AMD......" .00:52
extorIf you do a /whois on me as I just did you should see that I am not in #linux but I am in ##linux01:05
extorAlso, it tells me that you are in ##linux and #ubuntu and nowhere else when I do a /whois on you. Just sayin.01:05
Bashing-omextor: Nope -do '/names' in the #linux channel; and you will see "extor" in that list :)01:09
extorI could, if I were on that channel.01:10
Bashing-omextor: try and close out ##linux, then ' /j #linux ' // and could be that you must be registered to join - but #linux is not an invite only channel.01:14
extorI guess they are the same channel then01:15
Bashing-omextor: Me thinks ##linux re-directs to #linux.01:17
brendantccthe more you learn01:19
=== akemhp is now known as akem
akem* Cannot join #linux (Channel is invite only)01:26
akemI just identified with nickserv.01:27
akemI can join ##linux tho.01:27
brendantcctry doing /quote KNOCK #linux01:27
bqqwhen i trying to login to my account in X, it immediately logout, what possible reason?01:28
Bashing-ombqq: Two most likely reasons 1) sudo'n where you should not, and now root owns the desktop. 2) broke graphics driver.01:30
OerHeksstandard answer would be: check your logs?01:30
akembrendantcc, I did.01:31
OerHeksakem,  so you found out that ##linux is the right one01:33
akemOerHeks, I think yes... :)01:34
Bashing-omOH ouch extor OerHeks : Yeah the support channel is ##linux :D01:41
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wondowsis there any terminal replacements you'd recommend?03:06
XXCoderI guess you meant shell03:08
wondowsno I mean the terminal03:08
wondowsthe default is kinda meh03:08
Ben64what is a terminal to you03:08
XXCoderprogram for serial commucation I guess03:08
wondowsone thing that bothers me... everywhere else I use ctrl+backspace to delete a word... in the terminal I have to press alt+backspace.. wtf03:08
XXCoderfor commucating with other device03:08
wondowse.g. on the mac I use iTerm203:09
wondowsthat's what I mean by "terminal replacement", another terminal application03:09
wondowsalso in the terminal I have to use ctrl+shift+C to copy... ctrl+shift+V to paste...03:10
wondowsit's non-standard03:10
Ben64standard for linux03:10
wondowsI mean every other app does not behave like that03:11
wondowsI have to keep changing my behavior when the terminal has focus, annoying as hell03:11
wondowswhy complicate things? JfC03:11
Ben64ctrl+c already does a thing in a terminal03:11
Ben64so ... it's ctrl+shift+c03:11
OerHeksreally, design safety features are awesome03:23
brendantcci think wondows means a terminal emulator03:45
wilornel[m]what file would the error "Failed to lock apt for exclusive operation" be talking about? I think it might be one of these.... shell: "echo a ; >&1 sudo lsof /var/lib/apt/lists/lock || echo b ; >&1 sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock || echo c ; >&1 sudo lsof /var/cache/apt/archives/lock || echo d ; ",03:46
wilornel[m]I'm trying to check the status on unattended upgrades..03:46
wilornel[m]More specifically, I'm trying to run some provisioning using Ansible but some tasks are failing because they cannot get ahold of a lock.03:48
Bashing-omwilornel[m]: Maybe: ' sudo fuser -vvv /var/lib/apt/lock ' to find the files ?03:58
wilornel[m]let me try that04:01
wilornel[m]Bashing-om: the command gives an empty output..04:06
Bashing-omwilornel[m]: Maybe now the lock is not in effect: ps -ef |egrep "apt|dpkg" ?04:08
* wilornel[m] sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/DlniJWruYgZryVRvNKDCEivD >04:12
wilornel[m]I'll try what you just suggested in a minute04:12
wilornel[m]gah, it only outputtted the command itself and the grep subcommand ...04:16
wilornel[m]I'm lost, I think there's something I don't understand in the whole provisioning process of a Ubuntu Xenial AMI. There's something about systemd I guess, cloud-init, boot-finished...  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45269225/ansible-playbook-fails-to-lock-apt?noredirect=1&lq=1 and https://serverfault.com/questions/855872/how-to-wait-for-user-data-script-to-run-when-starting-ec2-instances-with-ansible/855898#85589804:17
Bashing-omwilornel[m]: Will take another that knows more about ansible than I :(04:32
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AndroUser2Hi! I have a problem with my Ubuntu budgie desktop. Every time I restart I either get Ctrl+alt+left or right or none working to switch workspaces. I can add a custom keybind with the command but it doesn't always work with restart either even though it's still there in my keybindslist.06:27
tomreynAndroUser2: have you asked in #ubuntu-budgie, yet? i'm not even sure which software it uses there.06:29
AndroUser2oh I'm sorry didn't know there was that channel06:30
tomreynAndroUser2: No worries, generally, here is generally fine, too, since there is a big overlap amongst the Ubuntu flavors. But when it's desktop specific questions, you're usually best served in the flavor specific channel.06:31
tomreynsee also the /topic there06:32
EmilI'm wondering if the issue with htop rendering is on my terminal (juicessh) or htop06:47
Emilhmm, I suppose it's not an Ubuntu issue though06:49
tomreynthere's also ##linux if it's not Ubuntu specific06:50
banisterfiendanyone here familiar with DBus? if so, what is a StatusNotifierHost? and how does it relate to a StatusNotfierItem and a StatusNotifierWatcher ?06:59
doug16kthe kernel is issuing an unsupported SCSI command to my WD Passport external drive: https://gist.github.com/doug65536/0d38503572ab3d0eb83fe9e3eae8870c07:15
doug16kis there a way to add a quirk with a kernel command line option or something to tell it not to try to use "WRITE SAME" operation code?07:15
doug16koops, meant to post this in ##linux. sorry07:17
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metnelHi guys, I am using 18.04 and after changing some dhcp settings on my router, my ubuntu machine fail the dhclient process. I tried to remove dhcp leases and flush the arp, but it still seems to fail. Windows machine seems to go with dhcp just fine.07:37
=== acheronuk is now known as RikMills
tomreynmetnel: so what's being logged about it?07:46
tomreynuse the pastebin given in the channel topic07:46
zambawhat is the relationship between pulseaudio, alsa and oss+07:48
zambawhich one is used when and why?07:48
metneltomreyn: I tried to use dhclient directly and it just seem to hang on DHCPDISCOVER07:50
tomreynmetnel: firewalling maybe?07:51
metnelThe firewall is the dhcp server, I haven't change anything firewall wise.07:51
metnel(Dhcp also works for windows machines)07:51
tomreynso there's no host firewalling on the ubuntu system07:52
metneloh, yes there is. this might be it? I will try and disable it07:53
catocalypsemornin` ladies and gentlemen07:54
metneltomreyn: disabling the host firewall still doesn't seem to do the trick.07:56
lotuspsychjezamba: we dont really take polls here, consider #ubuntu-discuss08:00
tomreynmetnel: so if iptables -L is now empty and     dhclient -4 -d INTERFACE    just sits there then it doesn't see any DHCP offer in response to its discovery boradcast.08:01
tomreynmetnel: you can then use network packet inspection utilities (tcpdump / tshark / wireshark) to investigate the traffic further.08:03
metnelyeah I suppose I will have to do that.08:03
catocalypseis there a separate channel for powerpc? (u16.04, ppc32)08:03
tomreynmetnel: i assumed you're on ipv4 there. it can work very differently on ipv608:04
metnelI'm using ipv408:04
trijntjeI'm trying to isntall vagrant on Ubuntu 18.04, but I get errors configuring lvm2: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/tTPcWsybYw/08:05
tomreyncatocalypse: #ubuntu-powerpc (doh!)08:05
catocalypsetomreyn, thanks, soz for the silly question :)08:06
tomreyn!alis | catocalypse, if it helps next time08:06
ubottucatocalypse, if it helps next time: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"08:06
lotuspsychjetrijntje: did you had to add ppa's for vagrant?08:08
tomreyntrijntje: so why is lvm2-lvmetad.socket masked?08:09
trijntjetomreyn, no idea, this is what I was able to find about that: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/469310/lvm2-service-is-masked-in-debian08:09
zambai'm attempting to install a package that says it requires version > 5 of python-tornado.. apt depends mopidy shows "Depends: python-tornado (>= 5)"08:09
zambabut when doing apt-cache show mopidy, i see the following line: "Depends: debconf (>= 0.5) | debconf-2.0, init-system-helpers (>= 1.18~), python (>= 2.7), python (<< 2.8), python-pkg-resources, python-pykka, python-tornado (>= 2.3), adduser, debconf, lsb-base, gstreamer0.10-plugins-good, python-gst0.10"08:10
trijntjelotuspsychje, I have  http://ppa.launchpad.net/ansible/ansible/ubuntu enabled08:10
zambai read that as just version 2.3 or above?08:10
zambai have installed mopidy on a different 18.04 machine just fine.. so what's up here?08:10
lotuspsychjetrijntje: not sure how its related to lvm yet, but dependency issues we see its mostly related to ppa's conflicting apt ways08:10
metneltomreyn: seems like a human error, cable management thingy. Still, thank you so much for the assist!08:11
tomreynmetnel: finally a good reason to get rid of management!08:12
tomreyntrijntje: well it's not masked on my operational 18.04 system. but you're saying this is during an ubuntu installation, or just while installing the vagrant package?08:13
lotuspsychjezamba: can you use a pastebin output of your apt result when installing python-tornado please, volunteers might be able to debug better08:13
trijntjetomreyn, just while installing vagrant08:13
tomreyntrijntje: which environment is this system operating in? is it a VM, bare metal?08:14
trijntjetomreyn, just a normal desktop PC, without full disk encryption08:16
tomreyntrijntje: i see. what if you purge lvm2 and reinstall it?08:17
trijntjelotuspsychje, I think our sysadmin added that ppa, so I don't want to just disable it ;)08:17
tomreyntrijntje: only do it if you're not actually using it08:17
zambalotuspsychje: i am able to install python-tornado, but apparently not the right version08:18
trijntjetomreyn, lotuspsychje: looks like purging lvm2 and reinstalling fixed it, I can now install vagrant08:19
tomreynzamba: apt policy mopidy    will likely show different available versions, some of which are from a ppaß08:20
zambatomreyn: yeah, i figured it out :)08:20
tomreyntrijntje: okay, unmasking the socket would probably have worked, too. i think this socket was masked on ubuntu 16.04 by default, but not on 18.04, so maybe it's a result of an incomplete upgrade of this system.08:21
akemWhat graphic tool can i use to show disk space used by a folder and the branches/files inside.08:27
trijntjeakem, baobab should be installed by default08:27
akemThanks trijntje08:29
tomreynakem: you can also right-click on a directory in nautilus and select properties08:29
tomreyn(then look, on the "Basic" tab, at "Contents"08:30
akemtomreyn, Ok, but i use Nemo, and i wanted something more detailled, i got what i was after with Baobab.08:30
lotuspsychje!yay | trijntje08:41
ubottutrijntje: Glad you made it! :-)08:41
prophecy04Hello everyone.  Can you tell me if Linus Torvaltds ever visits this channel?10:12
tomreynprophecy04: that's not an ubuntu support topic, which this channel is about10:17
Vonorfor an ansible playbook I need to fetch a file from an smb share. regardless whether i use the smbclient command to fetch the file or use the mount module to mount the share it doesn't work. strange thing is, that i can access the smb share via nautilus/nemo just fine. mounting manually works too, smbclient however gives me this>10:17
Vonorsmbclient server/path/directory {{ smb_password }} -U {{ smb_username }} -c "recurse;lcd /tmp/ansible/;get myfile.tar.gz"10:17
stane95Hello, any preseed gurus here? Im trying to rpeseed install for Ubuntu server 18 from ftp server, it looks like the file gets downloaded successfully, but then I get message "umount: cant unmount /root/dev: device or resource busy". Any idea why that would be? I have nothing to special in preseed file (language, auto partitioning, apt install with10:17
stane95some packages,...) and i know it works, at least when I put it in the ISO file10:17
VonorUnable to initialize messaging context10:17
tomreynstane95: /join #ubuntu-server10:19
stane95tomreyn oh sorry thank you10:19
lotuspsychje!samba | Vonor start here10:21
ubottuVonor start here: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html10:21
tomreynVonor: what i gather from reading https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13925 is that the message "Unable to initialize messaging context" this looks more like an irrelevant side effect (a leftover error message) which should not cause things to fail. but maybe i'm misinterpreting what i read, and it's actually failing due to it.10:27
ubottuError: Could not parse XML returned by bugzilla.samba.org: mismatched tag: line 100, column 4 (https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13925&ctype=xml)10:27
tomreynplease ignore what ubottu said10:27
Vonorlotuspsychje, erm. thanks? I asked something specific not a general newbie question about accessing windows shares10:34
Vonortomreyn, thanks. that actually helps in further research :)10:34
lotuspsychjeVonor: just widening your options10:34
Vonortomreyn, interesting. using sudo i don't get that message. but the commands specified via -c still don't work. even a simple smbclient host/share/path PASSWORD -U USER -c 'dir' doesn't show anything10:43
tomreynVonor: so i assume you're hitting another error condition, too, i just don't know which. anything ont he logs?10:45
Vonorapparently the logs are empty. using -d 9 i get some output but i can't see anything pointing to an issue either.11:01
tomreynGusj: hi there. you got messages pending from memoserv11:29
tomreyn(about our previous work on your laptop here)11:29
Gusjtomreyn: Hola Tom... ahhh wow, how can I check them? did not know, have not received any notice...11:29
Gusjtomreyn: Just saw the notice in the join msgs of server thank you11:31
tomreynGusj: so this 10s power button press is about clearing your mainboards' NVRAM, i think. and it seems to have helped others using your hardware.11:34
Gusjtomreyn: Hola Tom, Thank you for this alternative, I already have tried that many times before, disconnected, with battery out, and for more than one minute pressing the power button..11:40
teryxeonIf anyone has a solution for keybinds that doesn't work after restart sometimes could you email me on "noelhkleen@gmail.com". Thanks!11:42
tomreynGusj: ah, that's a pity then. something else TJ brought up is that you should make sure it's not due to a bad custom setting in your bios. i.e. make sure to reload vendor defaults, and only change what you strictly have to then.11:43
Gusjtomreyn: Yes, have looked at that profile very well and in detail as you can imagine, I have gone to defaults, etc.. I tried to update it from 1.40 to 1.50 (the latest ver) if you remember, was able to burn a cd form a windows copmuter inorder to update it, but when I tried, it gave me the same msg that it gave me when I tried to update it through windows, 'Wrong Model/version', even though I downloaded from the Toshiba page for my11:45
Gusjparticular model, So I think either they labeled it for my model when it is not or I don't understand11:45
Gusjtomreyn: but get this, I was able to make a freedos 1.1 USB before I tried the CD, and when the machine booted into freedos Tom, the keyboard did not work either, not the laptop keyboard of the external one..11:46
Gusjtomreyn: I know this is a long shot, but is there an open source GENERIC bios that gives you access to more stuff inside the bios that you can flash the motherboard with and not brick it?11:47
tomreynGusj: very unlikely for a laptop.11:48
tomreynthere's coreboot and linuxboot but neither of these will work with laptops unless specifically patched and tested to work with a specific laptop model.11:49
tomreynso we tried all we could, i'm afraid. good luck!11:49
Gusjtomreyn: I still onyl have, (with those grub commands that I managed to narrow it down) the FN+F2+F3 (brightness up/down) & FN+F11 (wifi on/off)11:49
tomreyni see11:51
Gusjtomreyn: was thinking of maybe updating to 19.04, I have Lubuntu 18.04 LTS  at the moment... as I thhought I would get a higher kernel11:51
tomreyni'm afraid i don't think there's any way to make this hardware work on linux for oyu.11:52
c03I'm trying to install freecad, from the maintainers PPA11:52
c03However, the freecad package points to the one in the official ubuntu repo11:52
c03How do I prioritize the launcpad.net ppa?11:52
Gusjtomreyn: Some ppl have reported a fix of update to a kernel 5.1xxxx11:53
tomreynwell, give it a try then Gus, but i'm not convinced11:53
tomreyn!pinning | c0311:54
ubottuc03: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto11:54
Gusjtomreyn: I am almost certain that it has to do with this toshiba module thing, "Failed to start fnfxd.service." I get that msg alot, whne trying to install input stuff11:54
tomreynGusj: you can always just uninstall the software rpoviding it.11:55
Gusjtomreyn: That service module cannot / does not start, Have tried uninstalling it and installing it, same result..  does not start, it is an apci module, I have a question for you Tom, if my external USB mouse and keyboard work, then it cannot be a apci problem right?11:55
tomreyn"fnfxd.service" sounds more like a systemd service to me. and one that is not part of ubuntu 18.04 LTS11:56
Gusjtomreyn: Yes but it is something Toshiba specific apparently.. and int he Synapt Pckg Manager it reads "You will need at least a kernel (v2.4.x, v2.5.x, v2.6.x) with ACPI and Toshiba support (CONFIG_ACPI and CONFIG_ACPI_TOSHIBA)"11:57
tomreynthere is https://packages.ubuntu.com/fnfxd11:58
tomreynso you could just purge this package11:58
tomreynhmm, it's i386 only11:59
tomreynso it's really unclear how you got it installed on your ubuntu 18.04 amd64 installation11:59
Gusjtomreyn: I have tried uninstalling and installing, and always get an error.. so you recommend removing it completely? right?11:59
Gusjtomreyn: IT got there byt itself originally...12:00
tomreynapparently oyu first tried installing it, since i dont think the ubuntu installer would have installed it for you.12:00
tomreynunless you installed a 32-bit version of 18.04?12:00
Gusjtomreyn: I don't think so Tom, it has been there since the beginning, after I saw its name in the logs etc,.. then I becamse aware of it, but I never installed it myself12:01
Gusjtomreyn: no no always the 64b version12:01
tomreynwell, purge it, see what happens.12:01
Gusjtomreyn: ok will do..12:01
Gusjtomreyn: Thank you12:01
Gusjtomreyn: Tom do you recommend that I update to the 19.04 lubuntu version?12:02
tomreynGusj: and if you can, run   dpkg -l fnfxd   and apt-cache policy fnfxd    before you purge it12:02
Gusjtomreyn:  ahh ok will do..12:02
Gusjtomreyn: Tom, here are the results of those two (1) commands.. ===> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tmfJ6sM2nk/12:16
tomreynthis i386 package is in state "half-configured", it was never properly installed.12:17
tomreynGusj: can you post this as well:   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)12:18
Gusjtomreyn: It gave me an error in synaptic pkcg manager.. yes one sec12:19
tomreynand this also:  sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -y update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog12:19
tomreynGusj: see above. and finally also:  ls -l /proc/acpi/toshiba/lcd12:22
tomreynactually make that  ls -l /proc/acpi/toshiba/12:23
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AlexPortableTrying to resize a windows partition, "Windows is hibernated, refused to mount"12:50
AlexPortablehow do I unhibernate it from ubuntu? It won't boot12:52
tomreynAlexPortable: i don't think you can from linux. you could try ntfsfix, but this may very well cause data loss.12:55
TJ-AlexPortable: not possible so far as I know, without deep tinkering. When hibernated the NTFS pagefile is used to store an image of RAM and cannot be moved or otherwise affected by a resize12:55
TJ-AlexPortable: there's a $hibernate file if I recall correctly alongside the $swapfile12:56
BluesKajHowdy folks12:59
tomreynAlexPortable: actually you could try to mount it read-only, this may work13:04
Gusjtomreyn: Hi Tom, here are the logs for the 2 commands, ==> https://termbin.com/sc0h  && https://termbin.com/sfvd13:08
Gusjtomreyn: For the comm "ls -l /proc/acpi/toshiba/" ==> total 0 -r--r--r-- 1 root root 0 oct  7 09:07 version13:09
AscavasaionHello there... I am running Hexchat in Lubuntu, and for some reason the bottom line, i.e. Tabs for channels and queries is underneath the Panel.  I have maximised etc and still nothing.  any ideas please?  It is not a matter of maximising etc.13:10
AscavasaionNo worries, sorted it out13:11
tomreynGusj: thanks for getting those outputs. so i suggest you purge fnfxd:i386 then13:12
Gusjtomreyn: Ok thank you Tom.. so  I will do a complete removal from Synaptic Pkg Manager? or is there a better way to do it?13:12
tomreynGusj: command line interface is always better since you'll not miss any warnings / errors.  sudo dpkg --purge fnfxd:i38613:13
Gusjtomreyn: Thank you will do it now13:14
Gusjtomreyn: I did it Tom and got no warning messages. Cannot reboot at the moment because wife is using the laptop but will do it as soon as I can and let you know13:17
tomreynGusj: sure. you should also run   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get full-upgrade    to make sure the system is fully updated now that this broken package is removed.13:22
Gusjtomreyn: ok thank you, will run that now, before rebooting13:22
tomreynyou havea kernel update pending amongst other, as seen here (where the upgrades were just simulated): https://termbin.com/sfvd13:22
tomreynGusj: you also have this error you should fix, a PPA is configured which does not support your current ubuntu release (18.04): E: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/colingille/freshlight/ubuntu bionic Release' does not have a Release file.13:23
Gusjtomreyn: I am having trouble seeing that for myself in the log... I searched for kernel and got no hit13:23
tomreynsearch for "linux-generic" instead13:24
AlexPortabletomreyn: well i order to resize it i have to mount it with read permissions13:26
tomreynAlexPortable: or recreate it smaller and copy the data, but i'm not sure how reliable that is, yes13:27
Gusjtomreyn: I did the update Tom, this was the result ===> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/w57VkPPV9Q/13:27
AlexPortablewell im not entirely sure if i need the data13:28
AlexPortablebut what i do know is that i need space now no my main partition, only hve 1 gb left or so13:28
tomreynGusj: right, it failed ("E: ...") due to the broken apt repository. fix this, run the whole series of commands again13:28
tomreynGusj: you will need to remove the configuration for this PPA manually by deleting the file which configures it off /etc/apt/sources.list.d/13:29
tomreynAlexPortable: i think we went over all the options you have.13:30
tomreyni.e.: good luck there!13:31
AlexPortablecan i just wipe it ?13:32
lotuspsychjeAlexPortable: when volunteers say all the options are considered already?13:34
tomreynAlexPortable: sure, you can delete the partition or zero the file system if you don't need the data anymore.13:34
AlexPortableAdding remove_hiberfile worked, thanks13:36
TJ-Gusj: when you did the power-off -remove-battery- exercise, on rebooting did you immediately enter firmware/BIOS setup by pressing F2 and then reset to factory default by pressing F9 and save with F10 ?13:36
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eipip1e0if i put xset in .xinitrc then next time i could not login due to lacking X resources. so where should i put xset in?13:45
LuckyManQuestion: does a version upgrade will unninstall my snaps?13:46
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: should not13:47
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: wich version to wich are you planning?13:47
LuckyManother: Will it change my Virtualbox configuration?13:48
LuckyManI'm on 19.0413:48
LuckyManplanning to upgrade to 19.1013:48
tomreyneipip1e0: what are you using it for?13:48
eipip1e0tomreyn: for keyboard rate setting13:48
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: i dont see a virtualbox snap?13:48
a90cWhich tools do you prefer to develop desktop app on ubuntu?13:48
eipip1e0a90c: qt?13:49
LuckyManlotuspsychje, not a snap13:49
LuckyManthe repository one13:50
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: oh they were 2 questions, nvm13:50
a90ceipip1e0: which version of pyqt?13:50
tomreyneipip1e0: hmm maype put "sleep 1;" in front or move the keyboard configuration to xorg.conf13:50
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: upgrades will take over your /home and its confs too and upgrade package versions13:51
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: its always wise to consider backups13:51
LuckyManI see13:51
Gusjtomaw: Will delete the file now and run the series of commands again... conocerning the nvram reset, yes I did that, will do it again just to be sure..13:52
eipip1e0tomreyn: what is the rational for "sleep 1;"13:52
a90ceipip1e0: oh sorry qt is different than pyqt.13:52
GusjTJ-: Hola TJ!! thank you for your help, yes I did, will do it again just to be sure..13:52
LuckyManlotuspsychje, I don't have much to backup but I have important work on a virtual machine13:52
tomreyneipip1e0: making sure it has time to initialize. it's ugly, i know.13:52
a90ceipip1e0: which one is better for beginners?13:52
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: ok, so backup your vbox data?13:54
GusjTJ-: TJ thank you for leaving me that suggestion with tom.. I really appreciate it...13:54
GusjTJ-: I also installed evdev with the help of another user Tenagra as an alternative13:55
GusjTJ-: I tried your solution of trying to boot off the generic mainline kernel 4.15, with same result as well.. at the moment, with the grub commands I have narrowed down to, I can FN+F2+F3 for brightness and FN+F11 wifi on/off and that is it.. I also tried a 'listen' command to see what kyes were giving outpout in terminal, and those were the only keys where I could see output in terminal when I pressed them..14:02
LuckyManlotuspsychje, how? (advise me)14:04
LuckyManlotuspsychje, I never made a VM backup14:09
LuckyManlotuspsychje, should I use export or clone?14:09
tomreynLuckyMan: if you want to make a one-time backup copy of your VirtualBox VMs you really just need to recursively copy   ~/VirtualBox\ VMs\   to a backup storage14:14
LuckyMantomreyn, ok So I would restore the backup copying back the files to ~/VirtualBox VMs14:20
EstovHi there, I am trying to set up a VM (Windows 7 64bit) using kvm / qemu/ gpu passthrough. Unfortunately the guest doesnt recognize the GPU properly. It says "Device cannot be started (code 10)."14:22
EstovStrangely it properly set up the audio chip of my gpu. Any experienced user here to help me ?14:22
tomreynLuckyMan: yes. you may also need to backup ~/.VirtualBox/ to save the global configuration as well as the list of configured VMs.14:23
tomreynLuckyMan: there could be more to it, read the manual at virtualbox.org and (if still needed then) ask in #vbox for further backup instructions.14:24
LuckyMantomreyn, ok thanks!14:24
tomreynEstov: and you host runs which ubuntu version? does it work with an ubuntu guest system (in a supported version)?14:25
EstovI run a kinda fresh install of Ubuntu: Description:Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, Release:18.0414:26
EstovI haven't tried Ubuntu as guest yet. Only Arch and Windows.14:26
tomreyndid arch work?14:27
tomreynwith gpu passthorugh, that is14:27
EstovI think so, because the lspci command in Arch showed me the same output for my GPU as my host does14:28
tomreynhow many graphics cards do you have?14:28
EstovI have 2: one Intel chip and a NVIDIA graphics card14:29
EstovIOMMU Group 1:14:29
Estov00:01.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v5/E3-1500 v5/6th Gen Core Processor PCIe Controller (x16) [8086:1901] (rev 05)14:29
Estov01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GP106M [GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile] [10de:1c20] (rev a1)14:29
Estov01:00.1 Audio device [0403]: NVIDIA Corporation GP106 High Definition Audio Controller [10de:10f1] (rev a1)14:29
tomreyn!paste | Estov14:29
ubottuEstov: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:29
Estovoops sry the iommu group copy paste wasnt intended14:29
jatton upgrade I'm getting http://dpaste.com/33PHJ6N14:30
tomreynwell if gpu passthrough works with arch this means it works on both the host and the virtualization. and you're looing for windows support.14:30
jattit this OK or could be a problem?14:30
tomreyn!eoan | jatt14:31
ubottujatt: Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) will be the 31st release of Ubuntu, scheduled for October 2019 ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EoanErmine/ReleaseSchedule ). It will be supported for nine months. Join #ubuntu+1 for support and questions.14:31
EstovSo what can I do ? :(14:31
jattok will ask there then thanks14:31
tomreynEstov: you can try to get windows support. there's ##windows here, and probably several other offerings elsewhere14:32
Estovmmh ok, thanks14:34
nicomachushi all. i have some nfs directories on an ubuntu server that are mounted on a raspberry pi (running raspbian Buster). The mounts have worked perfectly, but suddenly disappeared this weekend. I can see the mounted directories on the client, but not the contents of the directories.14:34
nicomachusis there a default lease time that perhaps I didn't change?14:35
bumblefuzzI'm on ubuntu server 18.04 and have set up my wifi14:42
bumblefuzzHowever, when I reboot my wifi does not automatically connect14:42
bumblefuzzif I plug in the ethernet, the wifi will connect14:42
bumblefuzzbut only after I plug in the ethernet14:43
bumblefuzzis there a way to make the wifi connect at startup regardless of whether the ethernet is connected?14:43
LuckyManbumblefuzz, I'm not answering your question but are you on a laptop and is the wifi card supported by ubuntu?14:52
bumblefuzzthis is on an RPi 314:53
tomreynand you installed ubuntu server there how?14:55
EstovMaybe you dont want that but ... you could try to install / set up networkmanager (sudo apt-get --no-install-recommends install network-manager). It always worked nice for me.14:55
ash_worksiIs there a place I can set the default PS1 for all users?14:56
nicomachusbumblefuzz: you got ubuntu server 18.04 onto a RPI3?14:57
bumblefuzztomreyn https://ubuntu.com/download/iot/raspberry-pi-2-314:58
bumblefuzznicomachus https://ubuntu.com/download/iot/raspberry-pi-2-314:58
nicomachusbumblefuzz: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=94571615:00
nicomachusbumblefuzz: the rpi3 has some issues with the interfaces, especially ethernet and wifi. this may be a tricky bug for you to track down. if you don't NEED ubuntu server, the recommend software is raspbian and works OOTB. There is also specific rpi support at #raspberrypi15:01
bumblefuzzwell, the wifi connects perfectly ONCE the ethernet cable is plugged in15:06
nicomachusbumblefuzz: yes... please see the link I shared.15:07
bumblefuzzso, I'm guessing it has to do with the mechanism that sets up the ethernet enabling the wifi to connect15:08
nicomachusI tried to re-mount my NFS shares on the client, and got an "access denied to server" error. I shouldn't have any access errors. the client hostname is specifically allowed in /etc/exports on the server.15:08
nicomachusbumblefuzz: again... yes. see the link I shared.15:08
nicomachusI'm even connected to the nfs server via ssh tunnel from the client, so I'm not sure how access is an issue here.15:09
bumblefuzzthe link that you shared was written in 201615:09
bumblefuzzI'm using ubuntu 18.0415:09
bumblefuzzalso, my problem isn't the same as theirs15:10
nicomachusbumblefuzz: yes, and you're using hardware that is older than that.15:10
bumblefuzzthe wifi will work when the ethernet is unplugged15:10
bumblefuzzbut it only initializes after the ethernet is plugged in15:10
bumblefuzzI think this is something to do with service permissions or something15:11
nicomachusbumblefuzz: literally the same issue in the link. please read the thread and try some of the solutions and investigatory stuff.15:11
tomreynbumblefuzz: ah sorry, i wasn't aware there's supported preinstalled server images for those.15:16
bumblefuzzthis is nothing to do with that 2016 thread15:17
bumblefuzzifupdown has been replaced by netplan in 18.0415:17
bumblefuzzthis is to do with netplan15:18
bumblefuzznetplan setting up the ethernet connection somehow enables the wifi service15:18
tomreynso does netplan use the systemd-networkd (default on 18.04+ server) or the network-manager renderer then?15:19
tomreyndefault on a fresh installer based installation, that is, i don't know how it's setup on these images.15:20
bumblefuzzI don't even know how to check that15:21
bumblefuzzI have no experience with netplan15:21
tomreynnetwork-manager makes a lot more sense for wireless, i think systemd-networkd's capabilities in handling wireless ocnnections are limited15:21
TJ-bumblefuzz: "cat /etc/netplan/* | grep render"15:21
bumblefuzzTJ- no such file or directory15:22
TJ-bumblefuzz: then it is not using netplan15:22
TJ-bumblefuzz: "systemctl status NetworkManager"15:23
tomreynjournalctl -b should also say that systemd-networkd is either choosing to manage it or not. and if it doesn't then network-manager should say it's doing it15:23
bumblefuzzTJ- active(running)15:23
TJ-bumblefuzz: you should see "Active: active (running) ..." in that output if NM is handling network15:23
TJ-bumblefuzz: OK, so we're making progress15:24
TJ-bumblefuzz: just to check there isn't a conflict, check "systemctl status systemd-networkd", you should see "Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.service; disabled; ..." and "Active: inactive (dead)"15:25
bumblefuzznetworkd is activating the ethernet15:26
TJ-bumblefuzz: aha! so you've 2 separate tools both managing aspects of the network. My guess right now is NM is for Wifi and systemd-networkd for wired15:26
bumblefuzzit shows "eth0 DHCP4" and "wlan0 not managed by us"15:26
TJ-bumblefuzz: so firstly I'd recommend using only NM to avoid problems15:26
bumblefuzzI don't know how to set up an ethernet connection via nm15:27
TJ-bumblefuzz: but more specifically, to check why NM isn't bringing up wifi immediately, check its logs with "journalctl -u NetworkManager --since='yesterday' "15:27
TJ-bumblefuzz: same as for setting up wifi, but you probably need to override the NM policy that has it ignore wired connections15:28
TJ-bumblefuzz: so, to allow NM to manage wired interfaces do "sudo touch /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-globally-managed-devices.conf"15:29
bumblefuzzI'm not 100% comfortable doing that yet since the only way to connect to the machine require networkd setting up the ethernet15:29
bumblefuzzwhich somehow allows the wifi15:29
bumblefuzzI'm doing this all via ssh15:30
TJ-bumblefuzz: OK ... let's get wifi to start automatically before we change that?15:30
TJ-bumblefuzz: find out the options of the wifi connection... specifically check it is set to be Available to all users, and is set to Automatically Connect. Use "nmtui", choose "Edit Connection", choose the wifi connection15:31
=== BurekF is now known as Burek
TJ-bumblefuzz: if you make changes use Tab key to choose the OK 'button' and so on to save those changes15:32
TJ-bumblefuzz: also, can you show us " pastebinit <( journalctl -b 0 -u NetworkManager ) "15:33
bumblefuzzso, nmtui shows autoconnect and available to all15:34
bumblefuzzI didn't have to change anything for that15:34
bumblefuzzinstalling pastebinit15:35
TJ-bumblefuzz: thanks, now I need to compare that to systemd-networkd, so " pastebinit <( journalctl -b 0 -u systemd-networkd.service ) "15:39
TJ-bumblefuzz: timings look to give clues. NM starts at 14:52:05 ... 5 seconds *after* SN reports "14:52:00 ubuntu systemd-networkd[1217]: eth0: Configured"15:44
KOLANICHHello. Could anyone explain libdnf depends on libpython3.7 (>= 3.7.5); however: Version of libpython3.7:amd64 on system is 3.7.5~rc1-1. ?15:45
TJ-bumblefuzz: so right now it appears that NM service isn't started by systemd service until SD-ND sees a carrier15:45
bumblefuzznot sure what a carrier is15:45
bumblefuzzbut it's obvious starting the ethernet connection somehow enables nm to start wifi15:46
bumblefuzzI'm learning a lot right now15:46
lotuspsychjeKOLANICH: tell us some details what you are trying to do today please?15:46
lotuspsychjeKOLANICH: ubuntu version is always handy to know15:46
KOLANICHlotuspsychje: I am trying to create a package. How are the versions of dependencies matched?15:47
lotuspsychjeKOLANICH: we dont really support own compiling, but whats the real reason you are making the package?15:48
TJ-bumblefuzz: let's dig deeper. " pastebinit <( systemd-analyze critical-chain ) "15:49
KOLANICHlotuspsychje: I mean why 3.7.5~rc1~1 is not matched by >=3.7.515:49
TJ-bumblefuzz: 'carrier' is the electronic signal that shows another network device is connected15:49
KOLANICHlotuspsychje: because there should be a package for that software.15:49
lotuspsychjeKOLANICH: wich package are you trying to make work on wich ubuntu version?15:50
TJ-KOLANICH: because ~ has a special meaning of "less than"15:51
bumblefuzzTJ- http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vf3H8pq95s/15:51
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KOLANICHlotuspsychje: there is no deb package at all.15:52
KOLANICHTJ~: Thanks. Should I fix it like >3.7.4 ?15:53
TJ-bumblefuzz: no clue there, or rather, absense of a clue is the clue! My suspicion is systemd-networkd is waiting for the eth0 interface to come up and until cable is connected it can't reach network.target15:53
TJ-bumblefuzz: so again this is mostly to do with mixing network management tools15:53
TJ-bumblefuzz: lets see if we can find the SD-ND config file for eth0: "grep -rl eth /etc/systemd/network"15:54
bumblefuzzalso, what's SD-ND15:56
TJ-bumblefuzz: short for SystemD-NetworkD15:56
TJ-bumblefuzz: saves me typing15:56
TJ-bumblefuzz: try "ls /etc/systemd/network/" -- any files listed?15:58
TJ-bumblefuzz: if not, try "ls /run/systemd/network/ "15:58
* TJ- wonders if cloud-config is involved here15:58
bumblefuzz2 files for the last one15:58
bumblefuzzthere is a cloud config file for netplan15:59
TJ-bumblefuzz: ahhh!!16:00
TJ-bumblefuzz: show us " pastebinit <( grep . /etc/netplan/* /run/systemd/network/* ) "16:01
bumblefuzzso, there was no renderer line in the cloud config file16:01
bumblefuzzI just added " renderer: NetworkManager"16:01
TJ-bumblefuzz: so netplan is implicated, albeit from a cloud-init config. netplan renders a runtime only SD-ND config in /run/systemd/network/16:01
TJ-bumblefuzz: that'll break things. The default renderer is systemd-networkd16:02
TJ-bumblefuzz: and currently NM is configured NOT to touch wired interfaces16:02
ash_worksiwhat does `\[\e]0;\u@\h: \w\a\]` do at the beginning of the default PS1 ?16:02
bumblefuzzsooo, I'll just change that back...16:02
TJ-bumblefuzz: so, to allow NM to manage wired interfaces do "sudo touch /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-globally-managed-devices.conf"16:02
TJ-bumblefuzz: if you leave NM as the renderer and do this ^^^ that should make NM manage both wired and wireless16:03
ash_worksiI mean, I get \u@\h: \w\a expanding to "username@hostname: workdir[bell]"16:03
ash_worksibut it16:03
ash_worksibut it's wrapped in an escape sequence "16:03
ash_worksiomg, I cannot keep my fingers off "enter" today >:{16:03
ash_worksianyway, between \[ and \]16:04
bumblefuzzadding the renderer line back in.....16:04
TJ-ash_worksi: I *think* \e]0; cancels any existing colour codes16:04
ash_worksithat's neat... but not what I mean16:05
=== mmidgett is now known as mTeK
bumblefuzzok, so how to we test this in a way that I can definitely ssh back into16:05
ash_worksithe whole thing is within \[ \]... then theres a debian-chroot expansion, then the real \u\h\w stuff16:05
ash_worksi\[\e]0;\u@\h: \w\a\]${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]\$16:05
TJ-bumblefuzz: in *theory* now on reboot SD-ND will start but not manage any interface, and NM will start and manage both eth0 and wlan016:05
ash_worksiis the whole thing16:05
TJ-bumblefuzz: the other option is to restart both services at the same time and hope!16:06
ash_worksiyou can see in the "real deal" part that only colors are between \[ and \]16:06
TJ-ash_worksi: well \[ and \] are literal [ and ] characteres16:06
bumblefuzzI take it there's no way to ssh if we're wrong?16:06
bumblefuzzalso nmcli still shows eth0: unmanaged16:07
TJ-bumblefuzz: stopping/restarting SD-ND shouldn't cause the wired interface to drop. But, I'm not sure how NM will behave if it finds eth0 already connected16:07
ash_worksiTJ-: that doesn't seem to be true16:07
TJ-bumblefuzz: it will ... until we tell the service to restart and it re-reads its config16:07
bumblefuzzso, what's the safest way to proceed16:08
TJ-bumblefuzz: which interface is the SSH on now? wired?16:08
ash_worksiTJ-: PS1='\[' results in no prompt; PS1='\[' is a literal [16:08
bumblefuzzif I can't ssh, I'll have to reflash and start from scratch16:08
bumblefuzzI can ssh into either16:08
ash_worksiis there a better channel for this?16:08
TJ-bumblefuzz: let me test here if restarting NM drops the existing wifi connection... stand by16:09
TJ-bumblefuzz: afraid it does drop and reconnect16:10
bumblefuzzbut if I ssh into eth0?16:10
TJ-bumblefuzz: you've got the cable connected haven't you? so NM should restart wifi anyhoe16:10
giacohello. I have an AT modem connected to /dev/ttyS0, it works with "sudo screen /dev/ttyS0 115200", but I want it to run as normal user, so I've added it to the dialout group16:10
giacoit has been working for a while but now it stopped16:11
bumblefuzzethernet is connected16:11
bumblefuzzand I have 2 ip's: 1 for each interface16:11
TJ-bumblefuzz: also, you wouldn't need to re-flash as you put it - simply put the SD-card in another PC, mount the file-system, and edit the files.16:11
bumblefuzzso I can ssh into either16:11
bumblefuzzI only have windows machines here16:11
bumblefuzzand they can only read the boot partition16:12
TJ-bumblefuzz: OK ... I think, if we issue a single command to restart both SD-ND and NM at the same time it'll work16:12
TJ-bumblefuzz: ahhh!16:12
giaco/dev/ttyS0 is rw-rw---- root:dialout, but users in the dialout group keeps getting permission denied16:13
TJ-bumblefuzz: you DID use that 'touch ...' command earlier didn't you? check that file exists with "ls /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/ " and make sure you see '10-globally-managed-devices.conf'16:13
TJ-giaco: what does "groups | grep dialout" report ?16:13
bumblefuzz10-globally-managed-devices.conf  default-wifi-powersave-on.conf16:13
TJ-bumblefuzz: good - that file cancel's the default NM setting that has it ignore wired interfaces, so NM should try to manage eth0.16:14
giacoTJ-: <myuser> adm dialout cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare docker16:15
giacoTJ-: so it is there. Also "id" confirms it in current shell16:16
bumblefuzzso sudo systemctl restart systemd-networkd NetworkManager ??16:17
TJ-bumblefuzz: so, if you set the netplan renderer to 'NetworkManager', I think this single command-line will do it all  "sudo netplan apply; sudo systemctl restart systemd-networkd && sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager"16:18
bumblefuzzdo I have to "netplan generate" ?16:18
TJ-bumblefuzz: HOWEVER, before you do that, lets manually delete the current SD-ND files16:18
giacoTJ-: wait a moment. Now suddenly they are working agains16:19
giacoI don't understan16:19
TJ-bumblefuzz:  no, 'generate' is included in 'apply' -- "sudo rm /run/systemd/network/*" to delete those runtime configs before SD-ND is restarted16:19
TJ-bumblefuzz: then the  "sudo netplan apply; sudo systemctl restart systemd-networkd && sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager"16:20
TJ-giaco: weird!16:21
giacoTJ-: very weird16:21
giacoTJ-: I smell systemd16:22
TJ-giaco: was it access-denied specifically to /dev/ttyS0 or to some file screen needs access to? running screen as sudo may be writing files with 'root' ownership in the $USER home directory, so when screen is then run by $USER it cannot access those16:23
bumblefuzzTJ- all done; still connected16:23
TJ-giaco: did you try "strace -f screen /dev/ttys0 115200" and see where it gets the Denied from16:24
bumblefuzznmcli shows both interfaces16:24
TJ-bumblefuzz: progress then :)16:24
TJ-bumblefuzz: is NM reporting it has activated both as well?16:24
bumblefuzznot sure about that but eth0 doesn't say unmanaged16:25
bumblefuzzit shows the ip16:25
TJ-bumblefuzz: generally the activated connections are shown in green text from "nmcli con"16:25
bumblefuzzthen, yes16:26
TJ-bumblefuzz: :)16:26
bumblefuzzit shows a 3rd connection netplan-eth016:26
TJ-bumblefuzz: in theory then, even when cable is not connected, wifi should connect16:26
TJ-bumblefuzz: eeek16:26
TJ-bumblefuzz: is the netplan-eth0 showing as 'green' connected, or just an 'eth0' or "Wired Connection 1" ?16:27
TJ-bumblefuzz: probably best to show me "pastebinit <( nmcli con )"16:27
bumblefuzzthe first 2 are green16:28
bumblefuzzthe 3rd is white16:28
heller_how can i install ubuntu to two 1Tb disk with mdraid1 ?16:29
heller_It requires me to have a separate boot partition?16:30
bumblefuzzis it safe to delete the netplan-eth0 connection?16:31
bumblefuzzand leave the eth0 connection?16:31
giacoTJ-: sadly I cannot reproduce now16:31
whislockheller_: Which version are you trying to install?16:35
ash_worksiTJ-: eureka16:36
ash_worksiit sets the "icon name and window title"16:36
whislockheller_: Using the live installer media?16:39
ash_worksiTJ-: so I found out what it does16:39
ash_worksiTJ-: it sets the "Icon Name and Window Title"16:39
OerHeksheller_, see the raid wiki https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/advanced-installation.html16:40
ash_worksiTJ-: \e is a literal escape to start an xterm escape sequence16:40
whislockheller_: If you want to boot from an mdadm raid1, you'll need the alternative server installer. See the link that OerHeks posted.16:42
ash_worksiTJ-: the ]n;x\a part is the format for setting text parameters in xterm16:42
ash_worksiTJ-: where n designates what to change and x is what you're changing it to16:44
queskerwhy doesn't logging out and back in update my groups?17:04
sarnoldhow did you change your groups?17:05
queskerinstalling libvirt added me to one of them somehow, the other I edited /etc/group17:06
queskersu - myself picks them up.  but logging out and back in from the gui does not17:07
tomreyni don't remember the details, but i think that logging out graphically (returning to the login manager) is no longer sufficient to apply those changes because the systemd session continues to be active at this point?17:09
queskerkeyword there.  systemd17:09
sarnoldtomreyn: ew really? so .. if you log in via ssh from elsewhere, what's ps auxw on that login manager report?17:10
tomreynsarnold: i am maybe misremembering this. but it was something along these lines. i would not expect a process other than the shell running though in your scenario.17:11
tomreynfor the same restricted user17:11
tomreyni'm just spreading FUD, lets test it17:11
tomreynsorry :/17:12
=== jhutchins_wk1 is now known as jhutchins_wk
tomreynso *maybe* the user owned "/lib/systemd/systemd --user" process keeps running?17:15
tomreyni didn't login by ssh but on a different tty17:15
queskersystemd --user   there are 2, one gdm and one me17:16
queskermaybe I should log out and see17:16
tomreynwell those processes really swpan upon login to the tty for me, so no processes keep running as this user. but i do seem to remember that something changes with respect to how far you need to go to apply group changes17:17
queskerboth still there after logout17:18
queskerI guess I can kill mine and see what happens17:19
tomreynoh okay, so maybe my hunch wasn't wrong.17:19
queskeryep now I am in the groups17:20
tomreynby the way, you should have used "sudo adduser $USER somegroup" or "vigr" to modify the group database, not edit /etc/group directly.17:20
queskerdoes apt-get modify groups?  I didn't edit it directly for that one17:20
tomreyninstalling new packages and removing them can create and remove groups, yes17:21
queskerwell I didn't pick that one up either17:21
tomreynhmm, you did not pick up what?17:22
queskerI think someone loves windows so much they want to make you reboot for any change at all17:22
queskerthat group, on logout/in17:22
queskerI just wanted a no hassle way to mess with qemu.  every time I have tried this distro over the years I have instantly regretted it17:23
tomreynsarnold: ^ trying to save my honesty here17:23
sarnoldtomreyn: nice find, thanks <317:23
queskeranyway thanks for the process to kill17:24
=== mnemonic is now known as Guest48282
tomreynyou're both welcome and i'm relieved. ;)17:28
ash_worksiI know this is more of a chromium issue (good luck getting anyone answers in a google channel) but my chromium icons are suddenly very tiny as of about a week ago17:30
ash_worksigoogling `background chromium tiny icon` doesn't get me anywhere close to a suggestion17:31
tomreynash_worksi: icons where? can you share a screenshot? and your ubuntu version=?17:32
ash_worksinext to the clock17:32
ash_worksiright of the clock17:32
tomreynon my screen, to the right of the clock there's my screen edge17:32
ash_worksinext to the network/sound/battery/dropdown arrow in the top right17:32
ash_worksiit's 18.0417:33
tomreynmine, too ;) also gnome-shell, yes.17:33
tomreyni'll check how it is by default, maybe that will help17:33
ash_worksitomreyn: its like this by default:https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/img_5ade543db175a.png.pagespeed.ce.SQH18Q9MqV.png17:34
tomreynso the clock is centered on the top panel by default17:34
tomreynand to the right of the clock you have application icons?17:34
ash_worksitomreyn: yes, skype for example17:34
tomreynis this some gnome-shell-extension doing this?17:35
ash_worksitomreyn: like so: https://www.lifewire.com/thmb/4aw0tXPha1K2PXXTD3ejz6b8xPA=/768x0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc():format(webp)/ubuntuskype-56a5ab213df78cf772895555.png17:35
ash_worksium... hmm.. idr17:35
tomreynah those would be indicators or something17:35
tomreyni'm not sure what gnome-shell calls it ;)17:36
ash_worksiwell, indicator icons I think is close17:36
ash_worksiany suggestions? perhaps on what to google for tiny icons17:36
ash_worksiwhat used to look like a chromium icon is now white dot the size of a period (with a blue stroke about .5 that size)17:37
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=== beaver_ is now known as beaver
ash_worksiI guess I could try purging the package and reinstalling17:39
ash_worksiI feel like I'll loose some customizations though17:39
tomreynash_worksi: so i just installed chromium-browser on 18.04.3 nad it doesn't show up as an icon there17:39
tomreynit only shows up as a running application top left17:39
tomreynash_worksi: https://i.imgur.com/xSCOXk6.png17:40
ash_worksitomreyn: the chromium icon appears only when there are chrome applications running in the background (if they are allowed to without the browser open)17:40
tomreynthat's a fresh 18.04.3 installation17:40
tomreynoh ok17:40
tomreyncan you give an example for such applications, ideally ones which don't require registration?17:41
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
ash_worksitomreyn: google hangouts?17:41
tomreyni thinkthis does require registration17:42
ash_worksiI actually don't use it for any other reason :\ (but it's nice to have there so you can exit everything with 1 selection)17:42
ash_worksitomreyn: I mean, anything that would make sense will all be tied to the google user's account, so probably not :\17:43
tomreynyou use it, you should know :)17:43
ash_worksitomreyn: yeah, but just for hangouts :P17:43
ash_worksi(which, btw, is also tiny)17:44
tomreynit does require login, just checked17:44
ash_worksi(compared to a week or so ago)17:44
ash_worksi"probably not :\" => "there probably isn't any google app that would show an indicator which doesn't require a login"17:45
tomreynash_worksi: so my guess is that *maybe* you replaced the chromium-browser debian (.deb) package installed through apt by the chromium-browser snap.17:46
tomreyn..and that the snap displays those differently17:46
tomreynbut that's really just a wild guess17:46
ash_worksiit's better than no guess at all, but that would have to have happened completely inadvertantly17:47
ash_worksiinterestingly I think this happened about the time they added the distiller icon to the URL bar17:48
ash_worksiI was going to say I think I enabled something in the chrome settings which was tempermental17:48
ash_worksispecifically for distilling17:48
ash_worksibut I think I only did that on chrome-mobile on my phone17:48
ash_worksithere was one change I made to the launcher button17:50
ash_worksiwhere selecting "new window" always asks which profile17:50
ash_worksi(instead of opening in the last used profile)17:50
ash_worksithanks for the attempt tomreyn17:51
LuckyManso, who is going to Ubuncon Europe?18:05
tomreynLuckyMan: this is just a support channel really, there's #ubuntu-discuss and (not applicable here #ubuntu-offtopic) also18:07
tomreynno worries, hope you'll still go ;)18:08
repzhi there, does anybody know if it's possible to retrieve the CI/build steps for a package on launchpad ?18:11
tomreynrepz: maybe that's a question for #launchpad (but read the channel topic first) or #ubuntu-devel18:12
repzhmm ok, thanks18:12
TJ-repz: launchpad builders use sbuild, which utilises schroot18:25
repzthat's what i see, I was a hoping to finsd 'simple' CI biuld step18:27
twobitspriteis there a way to tell how recently a package was last updated in the repos? i.e, if I'm curious how "new" an upgradable package is....18:31
tomreyntwobitsprite: apt changelog PACKAGENAME18:32
tomreynthis only tells you when the package was built, but it usually gets released shortly after that18:33
TJ-repz: well, once local sbuild is configured with the required release, just "sbuild -d <release>-<arch>" in the package source directory  - see http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/setting-up-sbuild.html18:37
TJ-repz: sbuild can be integrated with Jenkins etc. too18:37
=== Skunkie_ is now known as Skunkie
repzalright thanks18:43
=== Anon00110001 is now known as Anon0011
thebishophi friends, i have a cloud hosted VM running ubuntu 18.04.  it cannot completely boot due to an fstab error, but i don't have the root password to log into a web ui (using ssh keys for access).  is there any kernel option i can enter in grub to bypass fstab, or maybe is it possible to edit the fstab file from the grub command line?18:54
tomreynthebishop: boot to recovery, or use init=/bin/bash kernel parameter in the grub menu18:56
thebishoptomreyn, thanks i'm trying that now18:56
tomreynthebishop: is there a root password at all? normally there would be none18:56
thebishoptomreyn, there might not be.  i didn't provision the server, but typically we make an "ubuntu" user with a strong, and then throw out the password once we have the pubkeys configured18:57
lordcirth_If no root password is set (the default) then IIRC recovery will let you get a root shell.18:58
tomreynright, a restricted user with sudo access and root without a password would be the 'ubuntu way'18:58
thebishopinteresting lordcirth_ i wasn't seeing that.  the emergency shell was asking for a root password or "control+D to continue"18:59
TJ-thebishop: do you know which mount device is the problem?18:59
thebishopTJ-, yep, if i can get in i know what to change19:00
thebishopi just did a secure delete with hdparm and reboot without changing the mount options19:00
TJ-thebishop: you can disable systemd-fstab-generator entirely (thus ignoring all fstab entries) with "fstab=no" on the kernel command line from GRUB menu19:01
thebishopTJ-, oh that might be exactly what i need19:01
thebishopbooted with init=/bin/bash now, and root is read only so i can't modify the file.  might be able to get past it by making a valid partition on the disk (appears that the secure wipe was successful :D), but skipping fstab would be better19:02
TJ-thebishop: "mount -o remount,rw /"19:02
thebishopTJ-, thanks, lemme try19:02
=== \\rud0lf|| is now known as rud0lf
thebishopphew looks like it worked.  i should've known that one tbh19:03
wilornel[m]Hi #ubuntu! I'm back with questions on how to setup Ubuntu AMIs19:03
leftyfbwilornel[m]: you probably want #ubuntu-server19:06
heller_im using this image ubuntu-18.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso19:09
heller_sorry had to go afk19:09
lordcirth_heller_, are you trying to install with BIOS or EFI?19:14
heller_currently in vmware19:14
tomreynthis does not seem to answer the question.19:15
lordcirth_heller_, also, why do you need to use mdraid inside a VM?19:18
heller_testing before installing19:19
wilornel[m]leftyfb: thanks tons19:21
lordcirth_heller_, ok. so, BIOS or EFI?19:21
nualasome easy sound equaliser for ubuntu 18.04 (base box could soon angry neighbours <,< ) … pulseaudio-equalizer is kinda hmmmmm… 70MB install, msql dependency… rly? <.<19:35
lordcirth_nuala, --no-install-recommends ?19:37
lordcirth_giaco, welcome19:37
giacomy laptop doesn't see sdcards anymore. It was working 2 weeks ago19:37
giacolsusb says: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:0129 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTS5129 Card Reader Controller19:37
giacomy dmesg is silent when I insert a sd card19:38
tomreynnuala: there's no dependency of pulseaudio-equalizer on mysql-common on ubuntu 18.04 LTS amd6419:38
lordcirth_giaco, did you make any config changes or major updates?19:38
giacosame sdcard is working on another pc19:38
giacolordcirth_: no, just followed proposed updates, no other issues19:38
lordcirth_giaco, I bet your SD card reader is just broken, or internally unplugged.19:39
giacolordcirth_: but I see it in lsusb19:40
ioriagiaco, try to reboot with the card inserted19:41
giacoioria: ok19:42
nualalordcirth_: tomreyn  ty TIL :)  …anyhow still 65… *eyes libqt4*19:42
=== rud0lf is now known as gtav
tomreynnuala: what size is your storage? how expensive is storage?19:43
giacoioria: done, now I see the sdcard. What happened?19:44
ioriagiaco, rtsx issue; the RTS5129 has been removed from the kernel19:45
giacoioria: is it a module now?19:46
tomreynnuala: ubuntu 19.10 will have https://packages.ubuntu.com/eoan/pulseeffects available, which does not depend on libqt*19:46
ioriagiaco, should be the 'rtsx ' module19:46
tomreynnuala: until then, you could use a PPA https://github.com/wwmm/pulseeffects/wiki/Package-Repositories#debian--ubuntu19:46
crisedI can't change the layout of the keyboard (I want to have 2), ubuntu 19 here. I get a weird message about imbus19:54
lordcirth_crised, please provide the exact message.19:55
crised  Available input methods: https://gist.github.com/crised/d225acc18d0b584af36cc5b9a2b1e77319:55
giacowell, I've solved the sdcard problem with a reboot. Same reboot broke my hdmi external monitor functionality19:56
giacoit is so fun to use linux19:56
giacousual time waste19:56
shredsHi! I'm using systemd' standardoutput to get logs of one of my services. But when I restart the service it does not clear the log entirely. There's parts remaining in the file, it's like the file gets overwritten line by line and there's lines from before the restart at the bottom. Does anyone knows how to make sure the log gets cleaned when systemctl restart is called?20:24
lordcirth_shreds, do you mean that you are configuring the service's stdout to be logged by journald?20:31
shreds@lordcirth_ yes I created a service in /etc/systemd/system/ and I use StandardOutput=file:/var/log/test.log to get the output logged20:32
lordcirth_shreds, hmm, systemd.exec does say that it doesn't truncate20:35
lordcirth_shreds, alternatively, you could use append: to keep appending rather than overwriting?20:35
shredsoh ok I did not know that, I'll check these docs. I wish it would clean before writing but appending would still be better than what I have now hehe20:38
lordcirth_I was reading here, btw: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.exec.html20:40
lordcirth_You can of course also read the manpage locally.20:40
shredsjust found the same20:40
shredsoh these are available through man as well? how? man systemd.exec? lemme try20:41
shredsoh nice!20:41
shredsI didn't know where to look for these particular docs since systemd is so huge20:42
shredsthx for the help20:42
lordcirth_No problem.20:46
LLIypukevening. Where do someone to ask questions regarding ubuntu mini.iso installer?20:48
Sven_vBprobably here, also depends on the version. do you have a link to the mini iso info page?20:50
LLIypukinfo page? smth new, i guess. No, i don't have such a link20:52
LLIypukare you referring to download page?20:52
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
LLIypukSven_vB, ?20:56
Sven_vBI'm not sure, but the download page probably has at least some info.20:59
wonkoHow does git.launchpad work? Can I fork a project and submit PRs like you can with other git services?21:00
sarnoldshreds: btw there's a systemd.index(7) manpage too :D21:00
sarnoldshreds: I *really* wish there were a systemd-all-in-one manpage, there's too many bloody docs and I almost never find what I want in the first one or two manpages :(21:01
shredsthanks for letting me know sarnold! that'll be useful! I wish the same thing about the all-in-one manpage hehehehe21:02
Sven_vBLLIypuk, basically any page that could help lurkers identify what iso you're talking about.21:02
LLIypukSven_vB, talking about http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/disco/ ?21:03
LLIypukam talking about http://<regional_code>.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/disco/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ file21:04
tomreynLLIypuk: so what's your question?21:13
hypercorecould having 0K swap cause apps to not work?21:26
Sven_vBhypercore, yes, ones that need more RAM than you have, and of course defective ones.21:27
hypercoreSven_vB: cool thanks, how can i give myself swap and how much should i give?21:28
Sven_vBhypercore, you can create swap partitions with partition managers like gparted. you can activate/deactivate them with swapon and swapoff. I prefer to have no swap at all, and instead pack enough physical RAM.21:29
Sven_vBhypercore, you can use other swap storages like files, but that may be really slow due to overhead if the storage method isn't optimized for swapping.21:29
hypercoreSven_vB: thing is my server isn't showing that i'm using any ram, like 1% or something21:30
hypercoresorry 1.5/4GB is used21:30
hypercoreCPU is at 2%21:30
Sven_vBhypercore, that's odd. maybe it hasen't been used much yet? after a while, usually all your RAM should be in use. (in linux, RAM being "used" can still be avaiable for use.)21:31
hggdhhypercore: what exactly was the error you saw?21:31
hypercoreSven_vB: is ram allocated even when it's not being used?21:31
sarnoldhypercore: you can create a swapfile; the kernel can make significantly better memory management decisions if you have one, but it doesn't need to be large. one gigabyte should be sufficient for most people21:32
bogdomaniaHi folks, I;m in trouble.. ( I know is not the designated channel.. but..) I just managed to install linux mint (mate) on my lenovo ideapad ( due to no space for updates on Win 10 ) all works ok, just the touchpad stops working after a while after booting in to desktop. It recovers if I use the mouse utility ( via Tab and check/uncheck tactile21:32
bogdomaniaarea/zone field). And yes, I have search google ( I even tried linuxmint channel ), I installed --reinstalled xorg-input-libinput, synaptic, etc. No luck, whatsoever. Any advice?21:32
hypercorehggdh: i'm running a drone ci server, but it's stuck on "pending"21:32
tomreynbogdomania: install ubuntu, then we can help you, too.21:32
Sven_vBhypercore, explained wrongly for simplification: linux tries to not waste effort to actively "free up" RAM, it only has a list of which RAM isn't needed anymore. when some process wants more RAM, it can grab some from there.21:33
bogdomaniatomreyn, I would gladly, but it seems the touchpad problem ( after googled it) is only on debian based distros...21:34
hggdhhypercore: is it currently in "pending"? If so, do you still have a lot of memory free?21:34
Sven_vBhypercore, for details, see "man free"21:34
tomreynbogdomania: ubuntu is a debian derivative, mint is an ubuntu derivative. then why would you use mint?21:35
hypercorehggdh: htop never shows my memory being at 100%, or even that cose21:35
bogdomaniatomreyn, I wasnt aware of the problem, until after the install21:36
hggdhhypercore: then it would stand to reason it is not a memory starvation issue21:36
tomreynbogdomania: i see. i doubt this is only an issue on debian derivatives, though. anyways, until you run ubuntu we won't be able to support you here (or try to do so). there's also ##linux if you can't get support in the channel of the distro you chose to install.21:37
bogdomaniafair enough, I will install ubuntu21:38
bogdomaniais MATE ok, as DE?21:38
bogdomaniasince I have a low power cpu21:38
hypercorehggdh: think it might be21:39
hypercoreman servers aren't cheap21:39
hypercoresurely 4GB would be enough to handle a couple of apps21:40
hggdhhypercore: then the easiest way to check is to create a swapfile, and see what happens. If your server has 4G of main memory, try a swapfile of 2G21:41
LLIypuktomreyn, sorry, been away for a while. There is that nice installer option - "Encrypt home directory" (unmarked by default)21:42
tomreynLLIypuk: welcome back. this is not a question, though.21:43
LLIypuktomreyn, enabling that option your couldn't login after fresh install21:43
LLIypukhow come? - thay is the questing21:43
tomreynLLIypuk: yes. so you got the decryption passphrase prompt during boot, and entered it, and then what happened?21:44
LLIypukbogdomania, low power cpu? xubuntu would be great (btw, my choice - i've got intel e7200 core 2 duo)21:45
LLIypuktomreyn, i =don't= have that prompt21:45
tomreynbogdomania: mate should work, too, yes21:46
bogdomaniaLLIypuk, xfce doesn't work by default with multimedia keys, on my keyboard :)21:46
LLIypukjust plain gui xubuntu login session screen21:46
bogdomaniamate & gnome do21:46
LLIypukbogdomania, man xmodmap21:46
hggdhLLIypuk: you encrypted the *home* directory, not the root, correct?21:46
LLIypukbogdomania, i mean, google://xmodmap examples21:47
LLIypukhggdh, yeah21:47
hypercorehggdh: hmm i set my swap to 2GB, still not working21:49
hypercorei think if i remove one of the apps i'm using, it will work again21:49
B|ack0pi am having some errors on dmesg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HV9qh7BPyH/21:49
tomreynLLIypuk: so you're saying you installed using ubuntu 19.04 mini.iso, and there was some option to have full disk encryption there, which you enabled (was this manual partitioning or just a yes/no switch?) and you set your passphrase by entering it twice then, and after the installation was done and the system rebooted, there was no passphrase prompt and it just booted up to the login prompt?21:49
tomreynoh you encrypted home, not root, ok21:49
B|ack0pmostly: [23807.943973] mei_me 0000:00:03.0: timer: init clients timeout hbm_state = 3.21:50
B|ack0p[23807.943989] mei_me 0000:00:03.0: unexpected reset: dev_state = INIT_CLIENTS fw status =21:50
B|ack0pCould not read FW version21:50
tomreynhggdh: does mini.iso even support ecryptfs?21:50
tomreynLLIypuk: do you know which type of encryption you used? ecryptsfs (file system encryption) or dmcrypt-LUKS?21:51
tomreynthe latter is block device encrpytion21:51
LLIypuktomreyn, there were no choice back there21:51
tomreynLLIypuk: but did you do manual partitioning?21:52
LLIypuktomreyn, no, the whole disk was occupied by ext4 root partition21:54
LLIypukactually. it's a qemu image21:54
tomreynB|ack0p: i think mei_me is the Intel ME interface. If you want Linux to work with and it (apparently) currently can't then you may need to install a BIOS/UEFI upgrade.21:54
B|ack0ptomreyn: bios already up to date :/21:55
tomreynLLIypuk: hmm, have you considered using the full desktop or server installer instead?21:56
tomreynB|ack0p: okay, then i guess you can try to blacklist the module, or just keep it as it is - it shouldn't do any harm.21:56
B|ack0ptomreyn: blacklist how?21:57
LLIypuktomreyn, i'm using xubuntu 19.04 live right now, no encrytion. Was just curios about that enc stuff, desided to give a shot it with qemu21:57
LLIypuksmth went wrong :)21:58
tomreynB|ack0p: echo -e "blacklist mei\nblacklist mei_me" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-mei.conf >/dev/null22:00
B|ack0ptomreyn: as root?22:01
tomreynB|ack0p: no, note the 'sudo'22:01
B|ack0pthank you tomreyn22:01
tomreynLLIypuk: i would not recommend ecryptfs for new installations. dmcrypt-luks is fine22:01
tomreynyou're welcome, B|ack0p22:02
B|ack0pnothing changed still getting mei_me errors22:02
tomreynB|ack0p: you rebooted already?22:02
tomreynB|ack0p: i think i should have said thatr you need to22:03
B|ack0pno reboot22:03
B|ack0plet me reboot22:03
B|ack0pthanks again22:03
LLIypuktomreyn, would it be wise if i ask to take a look at some logs?22:03
LLIypukask you*22:04
tomreynLLIypuk: there should be a /var/log/installer* log file on the target device. i'm a bit tired and would likely miss something important, but you could have a look at it and then ask about things which look like errors.22:05
tomreynbut so far i'm not even sure there was an error (you could note down the exact process you took while installing so we could try to rreproduce it)22:06
LLIypukthere were no error during installation22:07
tomreynLLIypuk: then i don't think we need to review any logs?22:08
tomreynLLIypuk: maybe i'm just failing to understand wat you're telling me since i'm tired, sorry if so.22:08
LLIypuktomreyn, auth.log might be of interest22:09
LLIypuktomreyn, there is no urgency, we could postpone that issue22:10
tomreynokay. if oyu can sum up what you're trying to do and what's not working as expected again here maybe someone else can help out.22:10
B|ack0pafter blacklist i am getting mei_me error again:22:14
B|ack0p[    4.871842] mei mei::55213584-9a29-4916-badf-0fb7ed682aeb:01: Could not read FW version22:14
B|ack0p[    4.871847] mei mei::55213584-9a29-4916-badf-0fb7ed682aeb:01: FW version command failed -522:14
B|ack0ponly 1 error about it22:14
B|ack0panother error is about bluetooth since bluetooth is working i dont know why i am getting this error:22:15
B|ack0p[    6.116479] bluetooth hci0: Direct firmware load for brcm/BCM20702A1-0a5c-21e6.hcd failed with error -222:15
B|ack0p[    6.116482] Bluetooth: hci0: BCM: Patch brcm/BCM20702A1-0a5c-21e6.hcd not found22:15
Mekelyi love ubuntu22:15
Mekelyjust wanted to say that22:15
B|ack0pMekely: who doesnt :p22:15
jeremy31B|ack0p: The bluetooth may need that firmware file for full functionality22:16
B|ack0pjeremy31: how can i install firmware for linux?22:16
Mekelyso i work at a cafe as a barista and i actually have noticed they run some modified version of ubunut on the registers22:16
Mekelyits a simple gui22:16
jeremy31B|ack0p: copy https://github.com/winterheart/broadcom-bt-firmware/raw/master/brcm/BCM20702A1-0a5c-21e6.hcd to /lib/firmware/brcm22:17
B|ack0pjeremy31: thx22:18
Mekelydoes the raspberry pi 3 come out of the box with a chipset that supports monitor mode?22:18
B|ack0pcp -r ?22:18
Mekelyi have seen some firmware updates that makes it support it but i have yet to see a simple no.22:18
Mekelyi want to assume it does.22:18
jeremy31B|ack0p: cd /lib/firmware/brcm && sudo wget https://github.com/winterheart/broadcom-bt-firmware/raw/master/brcm/BCM20702A1-0a5c-21e6.hcd22:19
sarnoldMekely: what's monitor mode?22:20
jeremy31sarnold: I think something needed for kali tools22:21
Mekelyyeah its for kali22:21
sarnoldaha, interesting22:21
B|ack0pjeremy31: should i reboot?22:21
B|ack0pstill getting error on dmesg22:21
jeremy31B|ack0p: yes reboot22:21
* Mekely is aware she is prolly going to get made fun of for using kali, dont worry its not always in root.22:22
B|ack0pjeremy31: thx a lot !22:22
B|ack0pbrb to reboot22:22
jeremy31Mekely: this in not support for kali22:22
Mekelyis it supported for raspdebian?22:23
Mekelyi can litterally get all the programs kali has on any debian based system.22:23
lordcirth_Mekely, this channel only supports Ubuntu and official Ubuntu flavors.22:23
Mekelyoh im sorry.22:24
Mekelyis there a raspberry pi based channel?22:24
jeremy31Mekely: search the internet as there is likely a rasp pi and kali room on freenode22:25
cpareHelp - All of my browsers (Chrome, Firefox) are crashing multiple times daily, I did a complete re-install hoping to resolve this issue, but it was back almost immediately22:25
Mekelythe ubuntu wsl doesnt support zooming in and out while in nano?22:26
sarnoldMekely: heh, 'zooming'? :)22:27
hggdhtomreyn: don't know, but think not22:28
Mekelyi want to edit my irssi config on it and im on a mouse pad it wont let my zoom out so i cant select all the config at one time and copy and pasta my config in22:28
Mekelyfor the first time i might have to use something besides nano!22:28
Mekely:crying face:22:28
sarnoldMekely: ahhhhh, I *think* I get it.. try cat, maybe your terminal will let you scroll to select the whole thing22:29
sarnoldMekely: most X terminals let you start your selection at the top of the content and then use the right mouse button to *extend* the selection to that point, so you don't have to keep scrolling to get the whole thing. but I'm not sure if WSL terminals do that correctly or not22:30
Mekelyi have accidentally zoomed in now on my webroswer22:31
Mekelythis is annoying lol22:31
B|ack0pjeremy31: thx a lot! it works22:36
jeremy31B|ack0p: one of the two things I am useful for, wifi and bluetooth22:37
B|ack0pthank you :) i am having wifi problem too but not sure if it s because of ubuntu or not22:38
B|ack0pafter sleep mode it takes too long to reconnect to wifi22:39
B|ack0pi dont know why22:39
jeremy31B|ack0p: see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2354328&p=13614520&#post1361452022:44
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B|ack0pmaybe it is related with thinkpad TLP power management22:50
jeremy31B|ack0p: TLP is not installed by default.  Wifi power management causes some strange issues at times22:52
B|ack0pjeremy31: thx23:03
B|ack0phow can i connect 2 laptops wirelessly for file sharing?23:03
B|ack0pon same wifi?23:03
B|ack0pwhen i check ifconfig it shows several ips on wl3  inet:192... netmask:255... broadcast:192...23:04
B|ack0pi take inet for server and client23:04
B|ack0pwhen i do "ssh ip" it gives "no route to host" error23:04
jeremy31B|ack0p: do you have ssh client installed23:05
B|ack0pjeremy31: yes both installed openssh-server and openssh-client23:06
B|ack0pon both machines23:06
jeremy31B|ack0p: I think it needs ssh user@ip23:06
B|ack0pjeremy31: i tried that also "ssh user@ip 22"23:07
B|ack0pbut same error23:07
jeremy31B|ack0p: do you have a wifi router?23:07
B|ack0pjeremy31: i have standard adsl router which provided by ISP23:08
B|ack0pTP Link or something23:08
jeremy31B|ack0p: is the netmask and broadcast the same in ifconfig on the 2 computers23:09
B|ack0pjeremy31: nope23:09
B|ack0pjeremy31: sorry let me check23:09
B|ack0pjeremy31: yes same23:10
B|ack0pnetmask and broadcast same for both machines - just inet is different23:10
jeremy31B|ack0p: use the inet of the other machine for the IP address for ssh23:10
B|ack0pjeremy31: getting same error23:10
B|ack0pno route to host23:11
jeremy31B|ack0p: can you ping the other machine?23:11
B|ack0pjeremy31: how to ping? ping ip ?23:11
jeremy31in terminal ping -c3 IPaddress23:11
B|ack0pjeremy31: Destination Host Unreachable23:12
jeremy31B|ack0p: using UFW?  Any ports blocked on the router?23:12
B|ack0phmm not sure23:12
B|ack0pi dont think so23:13
B|ack0pi dont remember installing ufq23:13
jeremy31B|ack0p: I haven't had any issues with ssh on my local network with Ubuntu, so I am running out of ideas23:16
Bashing-omB|ack0p: WIFI enabled in the modem/router ?23:17
B|ack0pBashing-om: ofcourse.. i am connected to internet wireless on both machines23:18
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akemhpHey, i try to unmount my USB HDD, but it says drive is busy though i cannot see anything using it, and 'lsof | grep <mountpoint>' don't show anything, any idea?23:59

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