valorieI know what it IS, I just find it bizarre that any traces remain00:40
BluesKajHi folks11:05
genii_valorie: That weird message when trying to boot Eoan iso image from GRUB https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/VhP6NBTHVK/14:02
valoriegenii_: how weird! esp. as it assumes that you can boot into windows20:13
valorieRikMills: what do you think?20:13
genii_valorie: Strangely, after I zsynced that image with today's, it boots using the same parameters as the other previous images. But for some reason the Lubuntu daily is giving the exact same symptoms now20:16
genii_( got stuck tinkering with that, haven't tested the Xubuntu)20:17
valorieI picked up from the +1 chan that the latest installer changes are not always making it to the latest ISOs20:17
valorienot all read up yet today20:17
genii_Yeah, probably it20:18
genii_Last visible changes to casper on launchpad I could find were from like 10 years ago, ironically Riddell20:21
valoriethis was ubiquity20:24
valorieI dunno much about casper20:24

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